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  1. Oh yes, I hope you had a great BD yesterday MM! Thanks for the reminder Hoss. We made it through the storm without losing electric although a lot of people weren't so lucky. Buffalo is 100 miles northeast of us and is still getting pounded with a deadly historic blizzard. Lake effect snow around Lake Erie can be pretty crazy.
  2. NASCAR (if ya don't capitalize NASCAR you don't belong here)
  3. With Garrett and Spike both here we're going to be the best informed NASCAR site in Hazzard County! Sweet!
  4. I remember the first time I heard of them being out of order. It was many years later and right here on HazzardNet. When the series originally aired, I guess I just never noticed that Daisy's car came back after going off Kissing Cliff and then her Jeep was given to her and then the car reappeared and disappeared again. I've never been one to pay attention to details...even though that's a pretty big detail. I've seen the entire series so many times after acquiring my DVD collection that I probably would have noticed it eventually. But hey, I've learned thousands of things about Dukes in all my years here....and I ain't done.
  5. Merry Christmas everybody. We are more than half way through the storm and still haven't lost our electric. I hope it stays that way. Our daughter and her family are visiting from out of town so electricity is always nice with a full house!
  6. Just found out our daughter and her family will be here around then.
  7. I'm not doing that. When people see I don't look like Jesse, their image of me will be shattered. It could even ruin their Christmas...lol
  8. Rosco called Christmas Carol author "Little Charlie DICKENS"
  9. I think he might have been the helicopter pilot in the very last scene too. Anybody know?
  10. Sounds good to me but that's too late for Hoss. If he wants to do another one he can suggest a time. It's 8 EST for me. I might get an interruption during the party. My daughter and her family are due in but I think it will be later than that.
  11. Thanks Boss. You too. We are going to have one heckofa white Christmas. It sounds like major weather problems are in store for much of the USA. Stay safe everyone.
  12. Sounds good. You suggest a day. I can't do it tomorrow night. Edit: tomorrow, meaning Wednesday. Anytime Thursday works.
  13. It didn't happen anyways. Hobie couldn't make it and I forgot it too. Normally I wouldn't forget something like that but I got a call in the morning that my new motorcycle was in and couldn't focus on anything else all day. Anybody want to suggest some other time? Even if 3 of us can make it, we'd have a party. I'm just trying to keep the old tradition alive. Tomorrow (Mon) is out for me.
  14. Lucas K Duke...VIETNAM VET (Edit: just noticed High Octane in the last post. Coincidentally, that's where Luke's middle initial was revealed)
  15. Welcome to the HazzardNet Volobrian. Were you here before under a different name? Either way, we're happy you're here.
  16. If you were as low tech as me you wouldn't have the ability to post pictures anywhere. No matter how many times I'm told how to do it on other forums I still can't figure it out.
  17. Today is Friday. If you go back 10 posts you'll see it got moved to Saturday. LOL
  18. I sure wish Jesse would have popped the QUESTION to Emma.
  19. I'm surprised Skipper hasn't chimed in. I'll send him a PM later.
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