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  1. Welcome! What type of dog do you have? Mine is a beagle.
  2. They made a "Walker movie"? I didn't know that! Well, for all the lovers of Trent and Carlos, here another photo
  3. Well, I'm not a moderator here but I did a moderator of another website, so maybe I can answer to 1 of your question. For signature, I suppose they mean the line you can add in every of your post; for example, my signature is "Luke, it ain't funny", that you can find at the end of the rectangular post.
  4. I drive a green, almost 14 years old, Fiat 500. But I guess I'll have to change it next year, for "environmental problems"
  5. I didn't find the time yet to see if it's out here in Italy, too. Only for curiousity, 'cause I just have it.
  6. Welcome! Where are you from?
  7. You just know what I think about that! I was so jealous when you told me
  8. Welcome! The 2nd new european member I see today!
  9. Welcome Playmouth!! Good, another european fan!
  10. Ok, this week is a "transition week": the last one lots of series ended, for example "Criminal minds", "Cold case", "CSI ny and Miami", "DR House". This one began the 3rd season of "Lost", the 2nd of "Ghost whisperer", "24", "Medium" and today we'll have the 6th of "Smallville"
  11. morgan


    Yes, I found that link some times after my post, thanks! Can't wait to see the new episodes, I hope there'll be more than 7
  12. I guess I can see it only next year: I looked for some photos in internet but didn't find anything
  13. I haven't the album but I have most of the songs and they are beautiful
  14. I haven't horses but, a couple of months ago, I tried for the 1st time to ride one. It was only for a few minutes (it was a sort of...promotion) but it was very good and funny. Don't know the race, he was a white horse
  15. I don't remember when I started to watch Hazzard: I was 5 in 1979! I know my parents watched it and I started to, and continue during the years. Then, for a lots of time, here in Italy we hadn't replies. It's only for a case that, last year, I started to think about the show and decided to buy the dvd boxes: and the love...restarted!
  16. morgan

    Nascar Race

    I found the link of the video, if you want to take a look...John has a beautiful voice!
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