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  1. Happy Birthday! Hey I wished you one last year! lol...I hope that you had a great day!!

  2. I see that the show is aired on Sky or another digital tv here in Italy
  3. Thanks. I tried to go to his old website after long time and found it offline
  4. I saw the movie and didn't like it, but John was really good!
  5. Actually, I didn't like it: there were some absurd situation like person who vanished and nobody notices it, they seemed scenes put together without lots of... attention. If it wasn't for John...he was good!
  6. On Sunday 13th, on italian tv Canale 5, there'll be "shark swarm" with John!! I couldn't believe my eyes when I read it!!
  7. morgan


    Yesterday I saw the 5th and 6th episode and noticed that Sam had a broken arm (actually, in the previous one he told that maybe he broke his hand) so I thought: there isn't a particular reason to make it happen 'cause they don't talk about that during those episodes, so maybe the actor Jared Padaleky broke his arm, too? And, if yes, do you know how it happened?
  8. Good to know that John is doing another good job!
  9. morgan


    Finally it's began! I saw the 1st 4 episodes and it's absolutely wonderful! I like this "contrast" between the 2 brothers and the way Dean try to menage his feelings. An "off topic" question: the name "Dean" is the short for?
  10. I think that, if they did a reunion with the 3 guys yet at home, we'd found it strange! For example, it they will marry, how could all 3 remain in the farm? One has to leave home one day! But, if I don't wrong, Luke remains to Hazzard, even if not in the farm...
  11. morgan


    We are always late!
  12. Wow!!! I love Paul Walker and absolutely love the 1st 2 movies!! I didn't see the 3rd, instead
  13. Maybe one day, when I'll go over my fair to fly
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