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  1. It took a total of about 4 hours...I got it done at Stuff's Body Art in Clinton Indiana.
  2. It's a chihuahua....He's tan, looks like an overweight version of the Taco Bell dog.
  3. I can think of "Roseanna", but I don't recall who sings it. It was an 80's song if I remember right.
  4. I run derbies in your local redneck festivals, a.k.a. county fairs for the last couple of years, I also own a pretty decent size die cast collection. About 4,000 cars or so, and of course I have every General I can get my hands on!
  5. Thanks for the compliments....I showed it to the woman that runs Cooter's down in Gatlinburg, and she said in the whole time she had worked there she hadn't seen one like it.
  6. I'll have to get some Dukes avatars and stuff like you guys have so I can fit in. I think I found a home...LOL...all my buddies crack on my for bein' such a big Dukes fan....guess I'll have to go Boss Hogg on em' and repo their farm...LOL. I am truly amazed at some of the stuff people know on here, as far as the trivia thread and what not....Makes me look like a rookie! Thanks for making me feel welcome. PS..I forgot to mention, my dog's name is Cooter!
  7. I'm sure most of ya know, but this was taken from the jump in the theme song...
  8. Stumbled upon this site late one night and thought I would check it out....See how many other Dukes nuts there are out there....
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