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    I own a Knight Rider replica KITT Transam.
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    Isle of Man, UK
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    American cars, Knight Rider, Starsky & Hutch, the A-Team and the Dukes!
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    Shuckin' and jivin'

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  1. well mine is going to talk, not sure about driving itself though!!!! A remote starter is a definate option.
  2. come on y'all, someone must know a guy who's had 4 GL's....have you all got your ears on?
  3. In the UK a CV is a pretty rare care, espescially a P71 Cop Spec with lights and sirens! Nice to drive, I love it!

  4. hey would you like join me on my Round robins?

  5. Hey there cool collections of cars you have. My Parents own a plain jane silver 1999 Ford Crown Victoria but everybody seems to think it's a undercover car now.

  6. Hi Y'all. I drive KITT 83 T/A, a 2001 Crown Vic retired Sheriff's car, imported to the UK and I have put all the lights and siren back in, I also have a 1972 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow. My cars are on here www.starsky-iom.com - I used to have the starsky & hutch Gran Torino but its gone now. I may sell KITT and save for a General...
  7. well, Starsky is gone now, I still have KITT which is getting near to finishing. When its finished I'm gonna sell KITT and look out for a General....
  8. Hi, I have jsut come back from Las Vegas where I attended the "Knight Rider Festival" put on by Paul Casey. While I was there I was talking for some time to a guy from vancouver who has owned 4 General Lee's and is now building a Fall Guy Truck. He also owns a Crown Vic (as I do too) and I wondered if anyone knew who he is and if so could they put me in touch with him as I'd like to keep in touch and speak to him again. Many Thanks, Steven.
  9. http://www.nbc.com/Knight_Rider/ NBC Website for new KR You guys will see it long before we do in the UK. Will it be worth the wait I wonder?
  10. Well, as a KITT replica owner, I obviously would have loved to see the old Transam back on teh screen, and as a cameo, we will. The Hoff and "KITT" will make a very brief appearance, but I shall reserve my jusgement until I've actually seen it, but not holding out much hope, smells like a rush job to me. Glen Larson, the original series creator, is making a Knight Rider movie which should be out in 2009. His script is nearly finished but cannot complete it due to the writers strike. He is making a modern day version of his Pilot Episode, so, again there will be no 82 transam, or no Hoff either. Maybe William Daniels voice will make it into Glen's film???? For a knight Rider fan, it is what we have been waiting for, a TV series and a film, I just hope it's worth the wait, but I doubt it. Nothing ever matches the original.
  11. I drive KITT, my Knight Rider replica (Its an 83 Transam 305 Crossfire, 700R4 Trans), and I also have a 75 Gran Torino "Starsky & Hutch" replica. One day I will have a General....hopefully!
  12. daisy, Bo and Luke were on the Graham Norton show on BBC here in the UK last night and is repeated (uncut version) later this week. You can see some of the footage by following this link.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/grahamnortonshow/shows/show_seven.shtml#catherine_bach
  13. Now come an y'all, the link in my profile to the TV/Movie car Map of the World ain't getting used by you Duke boys! There are so many Knight Riders, Starsky's, even a couple of orignal Christines, a Back to the Future Delorean, an A-Team van on the map, but not one General Lee! Come on boys and girls, let's get the General on the Map! Use the link in my profile!
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