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  1. Ringo decided to take Bronx on a walk to the small creek that ran over the Duke family property. They walked slowly across the three empty now unused fields that were once fertile and very productive. He walked slow at first and then broke into a flat out run back toward the house. He'd forgot to call Mindy. Mindy was Ringo's longest relationship and possibly his best too. They had an extremely physical relationship even though Mindy lived clear on the other side of town. Now with Aiana pregnant he wasn't quite sure how his father would react to him having a child as well. He didn't really care what Bo thought anymore. Ever since Jessica had died he hadn't been the same and probably never would be. He loved Mindy Reeves with all his heart and soul and not even Bo was going to tamper with that.
  2. Bo's daughter, Aiana, at this point in time has left Hazzard far behind her. Bo and His Late wife Jessica fully supported the decision she made 5 long years ago to go Hollywood in hopes of a singing career. She made it into the singing buisiness by a thin rope by joining the band Dancing With the Devil as a back singer and base guitar player. Bo and his 3 sons still lived in their yellow clapboard house just outside of town. And now with Jameson going off to OSU there was no hopes in having enough money to move around. Bo nearly collapsed when Levi said that there was a letter from Aiana. He grabbed the letter out of Levi's hands and tore open the envelope like a hungry wolf. Without further adue he began to read the letter.It read: Hey Daddy, It's been a while since we talked. I really miss you and the boys and Bronx. Hows Daisy,Luke, And everbody else been? I can't wait. I was gonna wait and make this a surprise, but I just can't wait no more. Daddy, I'm comin home! For good! I'm done with hollywood. I'm engaged and so very much in love its almost surreal. Me and Jack are movin to Hazzard. More good news Is that your gonna be a Grandpa. Well, I better get back to packing. Love You, Aiana R. Jackson Bo felt a huge smile spread across his face and felt a "Yee-Haw" coming on. He fought back the urge to yell and carefully folded the letter and put it back in the envelope. The only question was, Who was this Jack guy who'd gotten his daughter pregnant pre-marriage?He was a bit irratated but that wouldn't stop him from being excited. He stuck the letter to the fridge door and opened it to pull out a beer. He ran his fingers through his silver and blonde hair as he sat down. Ringo walked into the kitchen with Bronx following right behind him. Ringo pulled out a chair and the dog hopped up on the chair beside him. Ringo plopped into the chair and put his hands behind his head. Bo took another swig and said: "Your sisters comin home." Ringo sat up a little straiter,"She bringin Jack with 'er?" Bo looked confused,"You know em?" Ringo gave a look just as confused if not more,"Sure he's the lead singer of her band. Why?" Bo sighed deeply and picked at the edge of the table,"She's engaged to him and he got 'er pregnant too." Bo replied Dryly. "Oh my God. He got her knocked up? AND their engaged?" Ringo said, standing up this time. "I can't believe this. He's a tatoo billboard and he's got lots of peircings and he's got really whacked out hair. He's awesome." Bo sighed a worried sigh and slouched in his chair. He swigged down the rest of his beer and stepped outside. The General Lee was parked outside and he slid through the open window. He drove into town and stopped at Cooters. "Aye Bo wassa goin on?" Cooter yelled out from undernath the hood of Enos's patrol car. Bo looked down and breathed deeply. "Oh not much. Aiana's comin home finally. Shes bringin her fiance with her. And guess what else?" "What else could there be?" Cooter asked somewhat curious. "She's pregnant with the guy,too." Bo added. "Holly-,What the-, Little-Little-Little ole Aiana, Pregnant?" Cooter stuttered, dropping his wrench and closing the hood of the car. "Yep. Pregnant." Bo replied staring off into space, not really looking at anything. "I just cain't believe it. Well, she was only 16 last i saw of her." Cooter breathed. "I just can-not believe it. It's crazy. She's still real young and all." "I know it. I know it." Bo replied. Back at the house...
  3. Bo was at home with his wife Mable when the phone rang. "I'll get it." Bo said getting up from where they were sitting in the living room. "Hello?" he answered. "Mr. Duke?" The secretary aksed. "Yep, what've ya got?" "Well today someone noticed some very suspicious cuts on your daughter Madison's arm. They also appeared to be infected. The nurse and counselour both agree she has been cutting herself." she said. Bo was silent for a moment shaking in dissbelief. He felt the anger boil inside him and then he spoke. "I wasn't aware of that. Thank you for notifying me." Bo said. "Mmm hmm. Though we do suggest you come and pick her up and take her to the doctor. To lower the risk of infection." The woman finally finished. "Yep will do. Bye now." Bo said slamming the phone down on the reciever. "Bo, honey, what was all that about?" Mable asked.
  4. "But I don't care. He's not my real father I look nothing like him at all." Madi replied. A look of shock and horror overtook Daisy's face. "And just how are you so sure he isn't?" Daisy prodded.Madi rolled her eyes in dissmay. She walked to the door and began to open it but then she reclosed it keeping her hand on the knob. "Daisy, ain't you seen the birth certificates? It says the father is Trenton Tomlinson. You think about all the lies you told to me, " Madi said replacing her hat, "I gotta go and help an deliver my damn horses baby." Madi finished, slamming the door hard behind her. Daisy, shocked, slid into one of the kitchen chairs. Never had she seen madi so unwilling to cooperate and just believe in something. Her mind shot back to another time, another place. Madi breaking her first horse... "Come on girl, Dawn you can do it." Daisy heard Madi cooing to Dawn. "Just don't buck. We're gonna work on the trot, ok?" "She used to be so loving," Daisy thought,"What changed her?" Just then she heard Madi yelling that it was a boy. Daisy smiled, she could tell it was one of Madi's sweeter moments.
  5. anybody else here have horses as a hobby? well actually i wouldn't consider horses as a hobby either. i'd consider them what my life revolves around.
  6. "You watch your languege little miss!" Daisy scolded," What if your father heard you talking like that?" "He'd skin me then tan my hide in the sun." Madi said. "That's what i thought you'd say." daisy replied
  7. The Next Day.... The talephone rang at Cooters shop just as he got in. "Hello? Hazzard County Garage." He answered. "Cooter, you gotta help me. I cain't find Madi. I found Drew and their horses but Madi wasn't no where to be found." Amber rushed over the phone in a sobbing tone. "Well last time I saw her was about 5 yesterday afternoon. She went out looking for you." Cooter said. "Well, I need you to come and get Drew he's so shocked about everything I still cain't geta a single word out of him. He just sits and stares at the wall." "Don't worry darlin' I'm down and i'm out. You can reach me on the CB." He said. "Oh thanks Cooter. Thank you so much." Amber said. Cooter slammed the phone down on the reciever and jumped into his wrecker. He turned the keys and gave it a start. He gave it all the gas it could handle and he sped thru town.
  8. I love the Show InuYasha. How about everybody else? I also like the books.
  9. 1) I am 14. 2)I love to E-bay! 3)I have a strange obsession with the comic series "Inu- Yasha" 4)I love horses 5)I hate indoor cats 6)I have a boyfriend 7)I am not a virgin 8)I love pumpkin pie. 9)I like fairies 10)I want to be an actress
  10. Real Name - Renee Age - 14 Location - Jackson Occupation - Student (Duh) Marital Status - Not married but seeing somone Children - yes, one. but since i'm only 14... i only had one option for their best future. Sadly i have only seen him in pictures. Favorite Movie - Bevis & Butt-Head do America Favorite Music groups -Favorite TV show - DOH, of course Favorite Ice Cream - Neopolitan
  11. Toby Kieth, Kenny Chesney, The Wreckers, Josh Turner,Rodney Addkins, Johnny Cash. Pe-ri-od.
  12. "Okay." Drew said, bending over to pick Maverick's hooves. "You do this while I go and look for Amber. And when your done, if I'm not back yet, saddle up Maverick here and take 'em after me and Amber, K?" Madi asked Drew. "Yes, Madi. I won't let you down." Drew said holding the pick in his hand and looking up at Madi as she stretched back up to her full height. "And when we get back we can have a horse groomin' party. How's that sound?" Madi asked. "Awesome. Can I put the buckets together? I mean with all of the brushes and combs in them, can I?" Drew said. "Sure thing."Madi said, ruffling his hair. Madi went in the barn and got out James's tack out. She carried it out to the pasture and sat it on the fence. Madi sat on top of the fence and whistled for James to come. He trotted up to the fence and nudged the saddle. "Okay, Boy. We'll go for a run. Don't worry." Madi said, sliding off of the fence. She grabbed the tack and began to put on the saddle.James whinnied loudly. "Your right. I was testing you. But what exactly did I forget? Was it the bridal? Or was it the saddle blanket?" Madi asked James. "One or two?" James stomped out the number two in the dirt and whinnied loudly. "Good Boy." Madi said taking off the saddle and putting on the saddle blanket. She replaced the saddle and put on the bridal. She mounted and took off at a gentle pace. Soon after she looked back and saw Drew on Maverick. She stopped James and waited for Drew to catch up. "Got done early?" Madi asked. "Yep. And I watered the cows and I let the dogs out to run. And I fed the Chickens and Goatses and I watered the Goatses and dogs." Drew said. " Good. Now lets find your sister." Madi said. "Can we run?The horses have been in the stable most of the day. Me and Amber turned the horses out a little before she left." Drew said. "Sure Thing little buddy." Madi said, coaxing James into a run and Drew did the same.
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