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    Not Much To Tell Really, I Love My Music and The Dukes Ofcorse Hehehe
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    DUKES!!! nascar and country music
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  1. Hot Dawg!, it's been ages since i last posted anything here, better RE-introduce myself HNet Name - Mini hogg Name - Richard Age - 20 Location - London, England Occupation - Student Married or Single - Single Children - None Favorite Movie - Bullit, Vanishing Point, Crazy Heart Favorite group - Waylon Jennings, Brad Paisley, Anita Cochran, Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton Favorite TV show - Dukes of Hazzard, Knight Rider, Smallville, Top Gear
  2. This Truely is sad news to hear, my heart goes out to her family and friends.
  3. I must have missed that, watch the majority of the super bowl, That is so awesome!!!!
  4. hey im in the chat room now

  5. howdy Me! lol...I talk to myself in the chat so it don't kick me out well time me out automatically....lol...but my computer was bein dumb...n wouldnt bring the chat up till y'all were gone...lol...

  6. listen im sorry for tonight, if your gonna delete me from your friends or not talk to me ever again, then go ahead, i was bein stupid

  7. Happy Birthday...I hope u had a great day!

  8. Happy birthday Mini! I hope that your special day was a great day and that the new year that lies ahead for you will be filled with everything good and happy - you deserve it! Have a great birthday, Mini Hogg!

  9. fine then don't say hi...lol.

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