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    young lady 23 years Lyonnaise,like sharing his passions
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    France, Lyon
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    TV western movies,My passion collection photos,books, model American cars of 1950s,1970 to Today
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    Work, and then travel to make photos of American cars

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  1. Hey there how are doing today.

  2. It's very nice RogerDuke! THE DUKES OF HAZZARD "FAMILY FEUD"
  3. Hello to all, There is a good time that I did not post pictures about Rosco James Best ... It is a pleasure to be here! Here are new pics. JAMES BEST THE DUKES OF HAZZARD "FAMILY FEUD"
  4. Hello Mr James Best, I would ask you, how many uniforms Sheriff did you wear? and you know how many real shirt used in the show remains now? Huge thank you for your reply, Mr James. Fan, Solange
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