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Welcome to HazzardNet - Introductions


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Great site, I've been browsing it for a while, figure I should finally join.

HNet Name: Bridge Out

Real Name: Andrew

Age: 35

Location: Milwaukee

Occupation: CAD Designer

Staus: Bound, uhh I mean married

Children: 2, 1 of each

Favorite Movie(s): Bond, James Bond

Favorite Music: Country

Favorite TV Shows: DoH, CSI, Simpsons, Futurama

Hobbies: R/C Cars, working on full size vehicles, sketching

Been a fan of them Dukes since day 1. I was Bo and my older brother was Luke.

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Name - Marama

Age - 17 for about another 2 months

Location - New Zealand, home of the...Kiwi....oh, and that other little thing...umm...that's right! Lord of the Rings and Narnia...the movies, that is...

Occupation - I'm a student

Married or Single - Single

Children - Uh...no. I do have a Niece (2) and a Nephew who's on the way.

Favorite Movie - Aww, geez...actually...I'm not sure, I like quite a few movies but...for some reason I can't seem to say that one is a 'favourite'...yeah, call me weird...whatever....

Favorite group - blinkity...huh...see above

Favorite TV show - Dukes of Hazzard...yeah, yeah, that'll do...

Actually, to be perfectly honest, I am extremely new. I'm a Newbie-Newbie :o . I only started watching Dukes of Hazzard about a month or so ago, when my best friend was watching them, and I seemed to dive head-first into Hazzard county. I used to be a mad Harry Potter Fanatic, but The Dukes totally overrode that. I still love HP, but, Dude, I LOVE the Dukes more!

I then promptly stole...(ahem!)borrowed...her DVD's and have now seen the first two seasons, which is all we have we have Here in New Zealand so far...which isn't good, I'm going through Dukes Withdrawal....

My greatest ambition now is to save up to get me a General Lee...(or I could just win the Lotto, that could work as well...) :p

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Hi their.

Name: Dan Snell

Age: 18

Location: Exmouth, Devon, UK

Occupation: A Cleaner at my old college.

Married Or Single: Single

About Me: Well sir, i have loved the Dukes Of Hazzard ever since i watched it on Granada Plus on Sky digital in 2001, loved all the characters, cast, vehicles and sets.

Currently own all four seasons, coming up to season 5 next month, and hopefully will be saving up to get a Dodge Charger and paint it up as god ol General Lee. :)

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Name: Alice

HNet Name: DukesFan82

Age: 23 1/2 will be 24 next Thursday

Birthdate: 03/09/82

Siblings: Jeffrey, 35, Jason, 31 - (my 2 step brothers), and my younger sister Katie is 20.

Location: Wilmington, OH

Status: Single

Children: no, but someday

Fav Movie: Mr. Holland's Opus, Home Alone 1 and 2, My Girl

Fav Music: none

Fav tv show: DOH, Everwood, 7th Heaven

Fav actors: John Schneider, Gregory Smith, Ryan Merriman, Joseph Mazzello, Macaulay Culkin, Kieran Culkin, Lucas Black, Barry Watson, David Gallagher

Fav actresses: Marlee Maltin, Linda Bove, Mackenzie Rosman, Beverley Mitchell, Jessica Biel

I've been a Dukes Fan since I was a baby like months old to 3 years old in '85 but I was born on March 1982 plus reruns, too.

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Hi, my name is Euclide Richard, I am from a small town, born in Richibucto, New Brunswick canada!

I am 41 years old and been a duke fan since the age of 1981.

My first attraction to the show was the General Lee, then I grew to love the duke familly,their moral and family values meant a lot to the show.

As I grew older,I noticed Daisy even more,what a sexy smart lovable woman.

The more I watched the dukes,the more I could not get enough of Roscoe and Boss hogg.

This show was like an escape from reality for me,I always felt better about things after watching each show.

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HNet: Dusty Rose Duke

RealName: Tara Lynn Thompson

Age: 20 will be 21 next Wednesday

Birthdate: 03/08/1985

Location: New Brunswick Canada

Status: single

Fav Movie: Smoky and the Bandit, Gator, White Lighting, The Longest Yard, Maverick, Top Gun

Fav Singers/band: Areosmith, Green Day, John Schneider, Tom Wopat, James Best, Lobo, the Bee Gees, Bonnie Tyler, Heart, Duran Duran, The Backstreet Boys, Byran Adams, Rob Stewart, Barry Manilo, Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings

Fav Tv show: Big Valley, High Chaparrel, Dukes of Hazzard, Mash, Hawaii Five-0, Night Court, Six Million Dollar Man, Wonder Woman

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NickName: The_Dukes_Generl_Lee01

Real Name: Garrett Lemieux

age: 18 but turning 19 november 16

Obsessions: DOH stuff, and computers

Favorite TV Show: TDOH

only show i watch cause most of the tv shows/cartoons on now are all horribly bad reality shows and i hate quite a few especially SURVIVOR, they've had way to many survivors!

Location: Barre, VT

Kids: NONE and don't really want any

Hobbies: Computers, watching Dukes, and r/c cars

Music: Calssic Rock, Country, and few others that i can't think of now but i hate rap music worst thing i've ever heard in my life!

I am completely and totally obsessed with The one the only The Dukes of Hazzard I always think bout' the show no matter what i am doing. YEEHAW!

I am now 19 and Turning 20 this year

My Website is: http://www.thedukesofhazzardgjl.com

a lot of people have joined since the last time I posted here! YEEHAW!

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I guess its bout time I introduced myself proper been hangin around here for some time now.

Name - Brandy

HNet Name - miz_smarteepantz

Age - 26

Location - Alabama

Occupation - Babysittin I guess, due to needing special care myself and being in a wheelchair (but I'm very independent and do pretty much what other people do). I stay with my grandmother while my parents work and help her take care of my 4yr old cousin.

Married or Single - Single and staying that way

Children - None of my own but my younger cousins and a couple friends kids are like neices and nephews.

Favorite Movie - Gone with the wind and Little women. I love movies about the civil war era. I love both Smokey and the Bandit movies too.

Favorite Music - Country!! It's the only kind I've listened to my entire life!

Favorite TV Show - The Dukes Of Hazzard!!! of course, lol but I like Numbers too,thats about all I watch tv these days is just to vulgar and sex,drug oriented for my taste I like the simple life of Hazzard County best.

Hobbies - Making slideshow movies on the computer (which may soon become a small business which I have a degree in),I'm an internet junkie too,flower gardening and reading either doh fanfiction or right now it's civil war era stories.

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Name - Kathy

Age - 36

Location - South Carolina

Occupation - Finance

Married or Single - Single

Children - no

Favorite Movie - Star Wars SAGA

Favorite group - Madonna, Duran Duran, various others

AIM - ladydixieduke

Favorite TV show - Dukes of Hazzard (of course) also love Stargate SG-1 & HGTV (hey I am a girl) ;)

Hobbies - Sports cars, vacations, tennis

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Name: Linda

HNet name: Smurfette

Age: 38

Location: Georgetown, Ontario Canada

Occupation: Early Childhood Educator. I work in a day care

Married or Single: Married

Children: one son who is turning 13 this year

Favorite Movie: Don't really have one but anything with John or Tom in

Favorite Music: Country. Toby Keith, Keith Urban, Waylon Jennings, Alan Jackson

Favorite T.V. Show: Dukes of Hazzard

Hobbies: knitting, reading, crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles,

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HNet Name: Little Frog

Real Name: Emma

Age: 23

Location: Boone, NC

Occupation: Interior Designer

Marital Status: Unmarried, but very much in love!

Children: Someday

Favorite Movies: Smokey and the Bandit (hence my name), Rudy, Monty Python and the Holy Grail...and the list goes on...

Favorite TV Show: DOH, anything on HGTV, History Channel, or Food Network (I love Alton Brown!), recently got into Stargate SG-1, Star Trek

Favorite Group: Can't say...I listen to an eclectic mix.

Hobbies: Choir, spending time with family/friends, writing (I'll have to try my hand at fanfic someday.), reading, being random :lol:

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Hi all, I am new. I just found this forum.

Name - Nathan

Age - 28

Location - Louisville, KY

Occupation - Student + Dukes Fan

Married or Single - Single and in love with Daisy Duke

Children - nope

Favorite Movie - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Draggon

Favorite group - Wu-Tang Clan

Favorite TV show - DUKES DUKES DUKES

My name is Nathan and I am a BIG Dukes fan. I love watching the dukes, talking about the dukes and doing anything that has anything to do with the Dukes. When I was a kid, Friday night was the best thing that could ever happen to me. I'm sure all of you can relate. I love and have a special place in my heart for each and every character on the show (especially Boss and Rosco). Man, they were great together. The comic timing between those two was absolute genius!

Anyway, my favorite thing about the Dukes (aside from sweet daisy) was the General. I am still in school and as such, I am basically broke. One of my long term financial goals is to have enough saved up so I can get my own General Lee. For now, I have to be satisfied with building scale models.

If y'all don't mind, maybe I can hang out for awhile??

Keep 'em 'tween the ditches


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Name - Jessica or Jessi

Age - 25

Location - Middlebury Center, PA

Occupation - Unemployed for the moment

Married or Single - Single and loving it, Crushing

Children - None unless you count my chocolate Lab Cinnamon or my horse Misty

Favorite Movie - Smokey and the Bandit, Dukes of Hazzard Reunion movies, Cheaper by the Dozen 1 and 2

Favorite group - Lifehouse, John Schneider, Darren Hayes, Within Temptation, Carrie Underwood, Erika Jo and tons more

Favorite TV show - Dukes Of Hazzard, Smallville, MacGyver, Knight Rider, more

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oh great I forget add:

Favorite color: blue and white and red and also purple

Favorite actors: James Best, Carroll O'Connor, Patrick Stewart, others

Favorite Pets: cat(calico)that we have two current one young(my's) and one older(at mom's) and Yorkshire terrior that one I had long ago when I young.. my favorite small dog as well..

that all I guess so.. thanks :wink::)

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Name: David

Age: 28

Location: Sugar Land, TX (near it anyways)

Occupation: Internet sales manager at Archer Dodge, Stafford, TX

Married or Single: Single

Children: None

Favorite Movie: I like a lot of movies but I can't say I have a favorite.

Favorite Group: Too many to list. I like all kinds of music, including a lot of classic country/Texas country artists like Willie, Waylon, Jerry Jeff, etc. But I'm just as big a fan of classic rock and punk. Friends don't let friends listen to rap though. :lol:

Favorite TV Show: The Dukes, of course. As for new tv I watch little of it. I like The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Everybody Loves Raymond. And old Gunsmoke reruns!

Hobbies: Cars/trucks, especially Mopar. Diecast models. Music. Surfing and hanging out at the beach.

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Name: Jess

HNet name: Country_Cousin

Age: 25

Location: York, PA

Occupation: Waitress

Married or Single: Single

Children: none

Favorite Movie: Dukes Of Hazzard Reunion

Favorite Music: Country. Toby Keith, John Schneider, Waylon Jennings, Alan Jackson, Shania Twain, Faith Hill

Favorite T.V. Show: Dukes of Hazzard, Supernatural, Smallville

Hobbies: Reading, Horseback Riding, Hanging out with my friends, Roleplaying

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Name - Yvette

Handle- Enos Fan

Age - 36

Location - Small town near Frankfurt Germany

Occupation - Housewife / writer

Married or Single - Married 11 years 10 months. :)

Children - None, but we have over 700 teddy bears which we call our kids.

Favorite Movie - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The Slipper and the Rose.

Favorite singer- Chris de Burgh

Favorite group - Great Big Sea, The Monkees, Blackmore's Night

Favorite TV show - Touched by an Angel, DoH, Star Trek: The Next Generation, Beauty and the Beast, Starman, and Quantum Leap.

Hobbies- Singing, writing, listening to music, and teddy bear making.

That's about it. I probably should have posted this first, but hey, I just wanted to jump into posting with both feet. ;)

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Real Name - Renee

Age - 14

Location - Jackson

Occupation - Student (Duh)

Marital Status - Not married but seeing somone

Children - yes, one. but since i'm only 14... i only had one option for their best future. Sadly i have only seen him in pictures.

Favorite Movie - Bevis & Butt-Head do America

Favorite Music groups -Favorite TV show - DOH, of course

Favorite Ice Cream - Neopolitan

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Hey, guys! Recently been bit by the big, bad Duke-bug... so I thought I'd join!

Name: Mag

Living Space: Canada

Music:The Who, most British Invasion and 60s' bands, Waylon Jennings, Moby

Movies: Lock Stock and Two Smoking Gun Barels

(among more)

Cool Dukes Project: Me and my dad are restorying an old Ford tractor (he collects them) and are going to paint it up like the General - going to get the horn and the rest of the kit and caboodle, and then I'm gonna race it at the Fathers Day Tractor Show in July - yeehaw!

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It's been a whole dang year since I last showed up here? Wow. Apparently I had nothing to say, or I had too much on the plate to do. These new forums are quite nice, BTW.

Yeah, there's a few changes...namely in pets. The parakeet's found a new home, and Buddy the Father of the Lab/Springer mix found a new home as well. But now we have Capone the Clueless Chocolate Lab, who actually survived a few November nights in the woods after he got loose.

And there's gonna be a lil' niece on the way in May. No, her name will not be Daisy. :D

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Name-Jacob or Jake


Location- Near Michigan International Speedway in Lenewee County Mi.

Occupation- Factory Rat:D

Married or Single- Single

Kids-One daughter

Fav.Movie-Back to the Future 1 2 3 ,Stooges,Tommy Boy

Fav.Singer-Bob Seger,Hank Williams jr,Zepplin,Metallica,LeAnn Rhymes

Fav.TV Show-Dukes #1! -NCIS, Who's line is it Anyway?, Chappelle's Show

Hobbies-Playing Basketball whenever I can-Watching the Dukes and playin' XBOX 360

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Name - Ilaria

Age - 30

Location - Italy

Occupation - physician

Married or Single - Single, but I'm waiting for the kindred soul

Children - 0

Favorite Movie - Lotr, Moulin Rouge, Serendipity, Dracula, When Henry met Sally, American Beauty, Four weddings and a funeral,

Favorite group - Tori Amos, Cranberries, Sarah McLachlan, Dido, Carmen Consoli, japan anime soundtracks.

Favorite TV show - DOH, Happy Days, Due South, Doctor House, Grey's anatomy, Criminal minds, Gilmore girls, japan anime (various)

Hobbies - drawing japan anime, reading (a lot of books, impossible to mention every book or author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Tolkien, Gaarder, Mann, Kundera, Patricia Cornwell, Elisabeth George, Banana Yoshimoto, Camilleri), and, recently, writing.

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