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  1. I have always thought that the episodes of season 7 were not aired in the order they were filmed. I suspect the last few made were the corny and badly written episodes, such as "Strange Visitor to Hazzard". Because there were some episodes in season 7 that were very good - "Happy Birthday General Lee" being the best IMO.
  2. In some of the early episodes General Lee's windows were up at one second and down the next, and for some reason at the end of "Daisy's Song" the General is all beat up in the front and one of the headlight covers is up and the other is down. But it wasn't like that in previous scenes from that same episode. Weird.
  3. Have not, but would like to meet Mr. Best one day. Maybe he will come to TX for an appearance.
  4. In the first episode Rosco comandeers a flat-bed with a piano on the back to chase Daisy in his own patrol car. When Rosco tells him to speed up, the guy driving the flat bed says "I don't want to get a ticket" and Rosco yells back "from WHO jackass!"
  5. "Us Dukes get our revenge on property, not on people"
  6. Try the forum over at www.moparts.com
  7. Boss Hogg to Rosco in one of the Coy/Vance episodes: "Rosco... If they ever put a price on your head, take it. "
  8. I don't remember a scene that ever showed the brand name of a CB. Brand names on everything were always blanked out. Jessie's Ford truck didn't say Ford on the tailgate, Rosco's Plymouth police cruiser had duct tape over the Plymouth lettering on the grille, etc. This show was made before the age of corporate "product placement" in tv and movies.
  9. Cooter can take a day off from the garage anytime he wants -- his brother LB can run it while he's gone.
  10. Name: David Age: 28 Location: Sugar Land, TX (near it anyways) Occupation: Internet sales manager at Archer Dodge, Stafford, TX Married or Single: Single Children: None Favorite Movie: I like a lot of movies but I can't say I have a favorite. Favorite Group: Too many to list. I like all kinds of music, including a lot of classic country/Texas country artists like Willie, Waylon, Jerry Jeff, etc. But I'm just as big a fan of classic rock and punk. Friends don't let friends listen to rap though. Favorite TV Show: The Dukes, of course. As for new tv I watch little of it. I like The S
  11. Rock and punk, classic country, and a lot of stuff in between. But I dislike rap and the new "pop-country" equally.
  12. All of this is true but Season 2, Episode 12 is where Daisy's Jeep "Dixie" makes its unofficial debut -- I guess the episodes were aired out of order.
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