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  1. Oh yes, I remember that too, but I think he meant on the duke farm, not once was there a time that they sat and watched tv, they was busy fighting the system, radio yes, Like in "Daisy's song", but never no tv watching on the duke farm.
  2. Hi Roger, been following the Jeff Gordon story in Hazzard , that you and Garrett are writing, sweet stuff, read 2 pages so far, very interesting how Bo's bad day rubs off on almost everyone..... catch you later!!!

  3. Ty so much Garrett, was a tuff choice for sure, and since I wasn't getting any younger and she was so patient, never pressuring me to be with her, I figured I would give it a go, some glad I did.
  4. Jennifer was my friend when I was dating Stephanie, was with Steph for 8 months,back in 2010, but she hurt me bad, was planning on moving to Grand Falls New Brunswick with her, but she turned sour and that is a long story...lol Anyways, I was not going to give another woman a chance, but January 19 2011, Me and Jennifer decided to date, I told her I was not ready to fall in love so quick and it could take me time, but she knew everything that happened with me and Steph, so she understood. October of 2011, after long talks and such,I proposed to her and she said yes, some people said we were rushing it, but I don't think we were at all, and set the Wedding day for May 3 2012, which also happen to be her birthday....lol. So now, we are 8 months married, wow, amazing, glad I am back to share , time for me to catch up...hahaha
  5. Thank you so much, a lot to catch up on, forgot a lot since I left, when I find the link to one of my topics, would like to get it deleted, the one where I shared the love of my life on, which was not her, so I want it out...lol Jen is awesome, am happy, and thrilled to be back here, took me awhile to get the pw right ...lol
  6. Hey Roger, missed you too, I had made a topic once, about finding the love of my life, but she was not the one I married, wanted to back then, but she tore me to shreds..... I still think about her, but Love my wife Jen, she is amazing, now everyone is teasing us, "no babies yet?" hahahahaha Am glad to be back.))))
  7. Ty so much Garrett, nice to be back!!!! Took awhile and now Finally happy, will post pics later on of our wedding and such on my profile.
  8. Been awhile since I been on here, lot's have happened in my life, and now I am here again, thank goodness my account is still here.! I was peeved to the bone when I found out WB wanted to strip the General Lee from it's flag, like are they nuts??? Was glad to see the forum on the flag is staying, that was a relief !!! Last Year, May 3 2012, I got married, and for the friends I have made on here, you know how my life was kind a mess, but now I am happy, I am married and thrilled to be back on HN!!!!!
  9. Been a long time since I been here, and fell behind on a lot, when I saw the news on Fb about the stripping of the General Lee, I nearly had a canary fit..... Been reading up a bit, seen this topic and was relieved to see the duke fans won. Love all your statements on how appalled you all were about WB's idiot ideas, glad the flag stays!
  10. Sorry been away for awhile, so much been going on and now I need to catch up... Happy New Years MaryAnne!!!

  11. To be quite frank Roger, I just viewed these videos about the jump show and all, and it kinda made me ill, I am dying to have such a car, and these folks just wreck em all, gosh that makes me sad... I am 45, and my long dream of ever owning my own General lee is fading away, does not look like I will ever have this dream of mine come true......
  12. Gee, I sure have been behind Bo 38 Luke 30 Jesse 32 I added one point to jesse, and took away one from luke
  13. dukefan

    Signs of Hazzard

    Totally awesome stuff hoss, been awhile since I been here, but Love this topic, so cool and a true hazzard fan indeed>)))
  14. Pink slip...I know , i know , one word...lol
  15. I have missed being here, but the work I have now keeps me quite busy and hardly any time for myself.... As a lot of you know, I been depressed a long time, and I bounce on and off from here to there. I am trying to get better, and to some extent , the anti depressant pills I take helps a wee bit. I still feel like a failure a lot of times, but I try to pass by that. It was so great to be talking to Roger again, but I was sad to hear he would need heart bypass, that is scary, so I dedicate this topic to him, the more prayers to a successful operation the better. He is one of the best you know, and I have met some really wonderful people on here, so I can't wait to be talking to you all again... Dukefan!
  16. But for some us , rain is a great welcome, especially for farmers who suffer drought , gotta have rain, Great song.
  17. lol....bank, boss hogg owns it all.
  18. Hi Roger, sure have missed seeing you ,how have you been???

  19. commissioner, however you spell it...lol
  20. Nope , it is Depute dukes....when Bo and luke become depute.
  21. If I could be in Georgia, I would volunteer to reinforce the structure of the duke farm. I have carpentry skills, but I have no way of going there...,makes me sad, I would spend as many days as it would take to either fix or rebuild the duke farm to it's original state.
  22. Hey Ange, welcome fellow Canadian, I am from the other end of Canada, namely Hazzard county,,,huh I mean New Brunswick Canada....lol As you can see, I full blooded Dukefan, can't help but dream of hazzard county.
  23. thank you cousin Daisy. next one... "The Big Heist"
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