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  1. ah I see and I not know that oh well and thanks for link for.. oh yeah. thanks
  2. i have own dvds season: Due South complete seasons set Law & Order season 1 and 2 will get more later Macgyver season 1 will get more later The A-Team season 1 will get more later Transformers season 1, 2, 3/4 season sets Transformers Armada season 1 will get season 2 later Transformers complete sets of Cybertron series sets Doctor Who season 1 and 3 Torchwood 1 and 2 season sets M.A.S.K complete sets Warehouse 13 1, 2 season sets but will get season 3 out sooner Dukes Of Hazzard 1,2,3, and 2 movies but I will get more later Transformers Animated 1 and 2 seasons Voltron 1 (blue lion) will get more later Thundercats season 1 (80s) from 2011 xmas present and get more later Transformers movies (86) 07, 09, 2011 films as well Night Court season 1 so I will get more later maybe get more later like some not finish to buying what I like series is. I need buy more like from Walmart or Amazon or like that where I usually order it or buying from because of less $$ is. thanks enjoy
  3. TRPColtrane95

    Due South

    I got complete series season dvds last year myself as well.. I still loving.
  4. TRPColtrane95


    hi guys, I wonder any you like watching hockey games? they only start in late fall time until summer for stanley cup series. What ur favorite teams is? My favorite teams is St. Louis Blues... but ok for K.C. because both are different on as well.. St. Louis more on tv like Metro Sports channel for us. check out my channel like: http://www.foxsportsmidwest.com/ not know what ur is... and favorite is... thanks enjoy
  5. I not really like baseball often since I like watching on and off when St.Louis Cardindals and Kansas City Royals for me but we watching more on Hockey game like St. Louis Blues... their colors is blue/yellow/white now than old had. Cardinals red/white and Royals is blue/white so they my favorite teams.... just start spring now on tv.
  6. yeah I know that saw on tv today and yeah that true about trick's about driveless is.. lol as well.. oh yeah for april fool day that for racing. oh well.
  7. yeah and I like baseball sometime but more on hockey and nascar for me.. for St.Louis Blues and Cardinals and Royals myself for baseball.. So yeah i see Gordon hope get better on Martinsville but Clint and others get closer too.. Oh well... next sunday will be Texas what u think of this Texas's is? So first time for Kansas Speedway on my birthday weekend on 21 and 22 to be. earth day on 22 my birthday on 21 yay for first kansas on spring racing... since Hollywood Casino been opening on Feb 3th... hope who will win next on April racing after this Martinsville... I can't wait... I hope some drivers who need win today. Funny what u think Michael Waltrip with Darrell Waltrip and Chris for fox broadcast talking?
  8. hi guys, Any u notice that charger look like General Lee's vehicle? stop by drive thru KFC when they get hot new chicken pie? check out youtube..: what u think of that looking on vehicle's is? I hope put right place in section as well... thanks enjoy
  9. yeah I know u feel about their teams are... and hope get more better or not for next more tracks come up... oh boy lot for drivers too.. depend how each cars been strong is on any tracks are. oh well. I hope Jeff and Dale Jr will getting better to be.
  10. yeah Tony Stewart is winner this time when rain is. I happy for him for 2nd win this year for his new chief crew is. Congrat for him and good for Dale E. JR for 3rd as well.. but Tony in 4th place for Chase and Dale Jr for 3rd place for Chase point.. nice. but hope not be not bad wreck next sunday at Martinsville track unlike Bristol track is. hope not lot cautions on next sunday at lunch around time. Oh boy. Fontana is near Los Angeles that I see but bit far to San Diego where my uncle dave and cousin sarah live in... oh well. I happy for Tony's win.
  11. yeah, sorry about Jeff's bad day as well but hope he get better next sunday to be so congrat for Brad's win victory so close to Matt 2nd wow. nice watching race on bristol. SO come up is Fontana hope for Jeff is. Fontana in California... big track next. oh well. hope who win next sunday. As standing currenting is http://www.nascar.com/races/cup/2012/4/data/results_unofficial.html http://www.nascar.com/races/cup/2012/data/standings_official.html http://www.nascar.com/lap-by-lap/120318/bristcuplbl/index.html as well nice.
  12. yeah, Garrett, for Jeff's but others drivers like Jimmie, Denny, Kyle, who been win bristol before. but not know for today to be. I am fan for Tony's as well.. but 2nd for Matt and Dale and Jeff is. Hope good drive and not lot cautions today to be hope so not to be bad.
  13. yeah his car look funny when he cut under tree's branch make his look like boss's car to be. and rosco said I like it... as well... I love what he doing it.
  14. here inform news about 2013 dodger car: http://www.nascar.com/news/120314/2013-dodge-charger-style/index.html what you think of this one? like or what? thanks enjoy
  15. oh I see well I seen end racing and Matt Kenseth won his daytona 500 with his new scheme for 2012 as well. yeah hope something better for Jeff Gordon's is. Well did you see new picture about new 2013 dodger's car something for racing what you think of 2013's is? and also fuel and electric engine box is? like or not like same as what Tony did happening last Phoenix's racing is. oh boy. hard time on fuel mileage is. So thanks for that make me feel better. lol, Garrett. Hope good racing this sunday. Edit: did you see Darrell's love dancing video on old daytona when he talk on with Michael and others guys? what you think of him way?
  16. yes I love that since first book I read from library in High School time. I love it and then I plan buy cartoon series dvd season 1 just release at time and season 2 very soon release from Shout! Factory but local store will have it same as DVD will release now this week in store for regular and blu ray dvd as well. Netflix.com been release now both for movie and cartoon. I love this show original from comic book long time reading oh boy. almost never forget that one. I going to buying it.
  17. lol.. welcome that with us. I been fan since 1989 or 90s start and I love it. I been fan for Dale Earnhardt Sr. #3 until he died in 2001 thn I follow Tony Stewart now. i glad Danica join Sprint in Stewart-Hass racing owner for #10. As for Nationwide Series for Dale Earnhardt Jr's owner #7 but same kind car. I like her as well. She first female of nascar from 2 old female drivers as well. Yeah I seen that too and also good for Dale Jr get 2nd on daytona after end race. but he tried and tried to get win long time streak.... that hard time for anyone drivers to get win on each big or small tracks every years... oh boy... unlike Champisons you get in end year. That why they tried and tried hard to get win every time. Depend on your car are fast than any one.. had.
  18. yeah I know Tony need first win victory at Las Vegas bad because he never had win this track for since he had 2 time 2nd place last time... oh well finally he got go Smoke!. But hope what driver will win for Bristol.
  19. yeah as will change when after Bristol come up as well.
  20. nice, hello welcome to forum and enjoy stay
  21. hello welcome here this forum and enjoy stay
  22. yeah I hear all about it and did you see that on Daytona 500's first time bizarre on dry jet truck's ? and they finish very late morning and I did watch end race and did u? And also Denny win Phoenix and first time for Tony's win long time for Las Vegas victory! I happy for him as well.. what you think some schemes and new # numbers is? look better or same last year u like? Not forget watching best short track is Bristol! come up. Sorry not lot on this forum because busy and sick and not feel like talk lot on here often for me. I still watching racing on sunday. Bizarre for me on Daytona's first time for since many year like postpone rain delay on sunday to monday wow. How you feel about that huh? I glad Tony win for Las Vegas. But hope who win for Bristol sooner. Love watch lot spin and etc.
  23. they something better on Kansas speedway check out: http://www.nascar.com/news/120204/kansas-speedway-casino-opens-road-course-construction/index.html what you think they add some night race light and seats and others unlike you not seen before but I does because I live kansas for. drive from Olathe to Kansas Speedway on highway I-35 to 435 highway take me about less 30 to 1 hour drive same as when we went Doctor at KUMC about less 30 min drive on highway if not lot traffic on morning or later afternoon before 5pm as well.. they had some add extra on other side make more traffic new 3 or 4 add it make bigger and more better than before because too many people drive on north and south highway on I-35 was near Melcalf and Quivera Road where they fix new add it. In my Olathe, they add new hotel near I-35 and 119 street near to SuperTarget store and some restaurants as well.. lot going on for future to be wow.. oh well.. I glad for that. My old bank name first nation of olathe then change name Enterprise Trust Bank but same place of my bank where my money is like checking account is for. THat lot change in KCMO too.. they add some new building at KUMC too. I hate that they add lot stuff for future unlike Speedway's had. Hope we will have first time night race unlike other tracks had. that nice. I like watching afternoon or night race. thanks enjoy
  24. hi guys, I wonder if okay with you guys, not know if you had any good dream or bad dream like nightmare due why and explain? I have some good dream to be one from dukes's and nascar things and one from Warehouse 13's myself.. oh well.. not remember never had nightmare myself for long time so does you guys had? thanks
  25. ouch too much for you, I hope you feel better sooner to be like good heath.. and yeah hate problem heath is.. hope you feel better for sure. no idea to be. keep up good heath to be with medicine as well.
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