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    My father once told me that "Ten in the tank" meant a ten gallon tank (obviously) and that "Four on the floor" meant something like four cylinders... or four... something to do with the engine. [Edit: something to do with the gears/gearbox? I can't remember clearly now, it was a while ago.]
  2. Howdy, I just sent you something, as I said, hope it's not too late!
  3. Why not? I don't really know the full story though. But he has said (on a podcast, definately him) that he has four kids now.
  4. Technically, Karis is his oldest child because she's his only biological child! But Leah and Chasen are Elly's from a previous marriage. He's their stepfather. And he's also an adoptive father to his nephew.
  5. 26/33.... Not bad. Considering I ain't even from the US!
  6. Is there a website? I googled "Hijinx" but I got a whole bunch of stuff back... Going by what you guys have said, it sounds a bit like "Punk'd"...
  7. Ooooo, this looks interesting... Anyone know if there's a video of it online, I wanna see it!
  8. Well, despite my objection at being called one of New Zealands worst pests (possum), it's frighteningly close to accuracy...
  9. I love the character Bo (as well as John). He's so sweet (and a little... cheeky I s'pose is the word), how could you not?
  10. Oh. NO. Please, no. It's not that I have anything against Jessica Simpson... wait, no, that is it. 8)
  11. I guess that that is the Jessica Simpson version? She totally ruined what was a great song. Go Nancy Sinatra's Boots! 8)
  12. Awesome! But how do you blend the Dukes of Hazzard Theme song with Harry Potter? I can't quite figure it... (As you can probably tell from my Avatar: I am a Huge HP fan as well as Dukes )
  13. Duke_It!


    I haven't actually seen the reunion movies, but I love the song and know it off by heart to! Actually... I know almost all the lyrics to all the songs on the Dukes TV Soundtrack, with the exception of those referred to in my first post! But know them now! Mostly. I sing them all the time...
  14. Hey, me too! Well, not about the CMT bit, but about not liking it at first. More like: I refused to like it at first. You see, I was introduced to The Dukes of Hazzard after the movie had come out. I haven't seen the movie, don't actually want to see the movie. And more over, there was Jessica Simpson : a) trying to look hot while cleaning a car and just lookin' stupid and killing one of my favourite "old" songs from when my mum listens to "Solid Gold" radio. (Boots) So when I saw my best friend watching her Season 1 and 2 DVDs, I (of course) associated it with that movie, and tried not to watch it. Pffft, fat lot of good that did, I'm now a bigger fan than she is!
  15. Duke_It!


    Thank you so much! As you can imagine, it's been pretty frustrating not knowing those bits! And now I can sing along!
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