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  1. Some say that a past could be checkered. So checkered, that often times one would find themselves haunted. Haunted or in more cases, Hunted! But how was one to distinguish one from the other? How did one find themselves both Haunted and Hunted at the same time? Some one should have given Dusty all this information before she met the one man who would turn her life upside down with a snap of her fingers. Dusty Rose Duke was born in Hazzard County, GA to Joseph Duke Sr. and Cordelia Duke but was raised by her Uncle Jesse along with her cousins. If only some one had told her that by meeting Dean Winchester, in a seedy low-tell/motel, in New Orleans, and that she would end up getting her heart broke in the process, she would have stayed clear and far a way from him. But then Uncle Jesse would say you have to follow your heart, she did! And now she was on the run back to Hazzard with a broken heart and a determined older Winchester on her tail. And didn't help that she was using a beat up old car that she low-jacked to make her escape. All this would be so much better if she had her '69 Dodge Charger- "Ridge Runner" with her to help her outrun a '67 Chevy Impala that was no doubt hot on her heels. Could things get any worse for her? Cue Anybody
  2. "Jules, is there away for you to get a hold of Uncle Devon to see what he can tell us about what really happened to Mama, Daddy and Joey? I mean you saw how he was acting at their funerels, it looked like he had something to hide!" Dusty said with a stern expression as she turned to Julie.
  3. "You're right Jules. I mean, at our parents and Joey's funreles, their was a closed casket at each of them. I truly believe that the answer is with Uncle Devon." Dusty said as she turned towards the window. Cue Julieduke
  4. "Yes, but you forget sis, that Joey was in that same car accident as Mama and Daddy. They were supposedly killed instantly and Joey surrived the reck only to die in the hospital a week later because of his injuries. I mean, this doesn't make any sense at all. And we both know that Uncle Devon as the pull to find out what really happened to our brother and parents." Dusty said with a big sigh. Cue Julieduke
  5. Dusty laughed a little as she let Bo help her off the ground. "Of course I remember that. I never seen you run so fast in my whole life. But I also remember how you were when we worked for the LAPD. You always had this childish streak that had me drawn to you." Dusty said with a mischievious glint in her eyes. "And you were also the type of man that could never resist a challenge, well at least from me any way. What do you say Mikey boy: your car against Ridge Runner! Do you think can handle a woman in a race again?" Dusty said with a seductive wink. Cue Julieduke or MikeLutton
  6. Dusty thought for moment. "Do you think that maybe JR found out, that you and Luke were looking for your son, and got in contact with the mother?" Dusty stopped and shook her head at an after thought. "What am I saying, of course JR would do something this sneaky! He stold mine and Rosco's baby girl, raised her as his own with Sue Ellen." Dusty said through clutched teeth. Cue Julieduke or dukesrule2000
  7. "I really don't sis. I mean the only thing I can think of is that maybe dady was into something deep and to leave, but why not take you and me as well?" Dusty said as she scratched her chin with her good hand. Cue Julieduke
  8. Dusty Rose Duke pulled up just after Michael and Enos showed. She sighed and shot her head as she got out of the car. Bo was always tinkering with Ridge Runner when he new full well, that Ridge Runner was her car. She stood there with her hands on her hips glaring at her younger counsin's back. She went over to him and playfully slapped Bo on his shoulder. "Bo, how many times do I have to tell you not to findle with timing on Ridge Runner? She's not your car, she mine. Ask for now on alright." Dusty said as she turned her attention to man in the Black Trans-Am. "Oh My God. Michael. Is it really you?" Dusty asked, shock evident in her voice. That was last thing she said as her eyes rolled in the back of her head. For Dusty, it was like slow motion as she hit the ground from her her fainting. Cue anybody
  9. Dusty walked into Kathy and Luke hotel room looking and holding a picture the Miss Elly had given Rosco because she couldn't really face Miss Elly. She felt a tear run down her cheek and she wiped it away. She looked at Kathy. "Kath, I have a picture for you to look at." Dusty said in a weak voice as she walked towards Kathy and handed her the photo. "Take one look at that teenage girl in that photo and tell me who she looks like?" Dusty asked in a shakey voice. Cue Julieduke, dukesrule2000
  10. "I know Jules, I know. But the possiblity is there. I mean how can a dead guy be in this very room, unless he wasn't dead to begin with. The only person who can shead some light on this situation is Uncle Devon." Dusty said with a grim expression. Cue Julieduke
  11. Dusty and Rosco had come down to Texas with the family, now stood beside Bo and gripped his shoulder for support. Dusty knew what it was like to loose a child or so she thought. She had been 7 and half months pregnant when she fell down the stairs and was rushed to Dallas Memorial Hospital and was told her baby died. She brought out her thoughts of her dead child when Rosco touched her arm. Dusty looked up at watched pointed when the hospital door opened and black haired girl of 14 stepped through and ran past Bo, Rosco and Dusty and into the sitting room where Ms. Ellie was with Bo's daughter. "Grandma, grandma, I got an A+ on my History paper." The teenager said with a happy grin. She faced the door, Dusty and Rosco got shock of their lives. The teenager turned the door and from what Rosco could tell, the teenager was the spitting image of Dusty accept she had his hair and her parents eyes. "Shilou, sweetheart that's great news. I know JR is going to be so proud of you." Ms. Ellie said with a grin. That's when Dusty's temper was ready to burst forward. Dusty was going to kill JR for stealing her and Rosco's daughter. Cue Juileduke, dukesrule2000
  12. "That is one to put Joey. But I think you got what it takes to the greatest actor in the world even. All you have to do is believe in yourself, because I believe in you and I know you can go the extra mile." Dusty said a huge smile. Cue Julieduke
  13. Dusty nodded her head. "Julie I have never benn so sure in my life. Our father was in this very room and kept me come. I even asked him if I was dead and he said no. And then he told that he was my guardian angel and for mr to go back to sleep." Dusty said with a serious expression. "I think it's time for us to put in a call to the one family who can look into this Julie. Uncle Devon owe's us a favor. If our father is alive, I intend to find out. We have kept in the dark for to long." Dusty said. She hoped that Julie wouldn't do anything stupid with her in the hospital. Cue Julieduke
  14. Dusty nodded her head and sighed. "Ok but be warned. A couple of hours ago, I had this strange dream. In this dream, I was hear but there was something really strange, someone strange. This strange person was her in this very room with Steve fast asleep beside me." Dusty said as she stopped for breath. "Julie I don't know how can describe it or even explain it, the strange person in this room was someone I knew, some one we both knew from a long time ago. Oh sweety there is no easy way to say this, so I'll just come out and say it, Julie the person that was here, was our dead father, Joesph Douglas Duke SR." Dusty said as she looked her sister straight in the eye. Cue Julieduke
  15. Dusty woke up the next morning early. She heard baby JD crying and went into his nursey to feed and change him. Once Dusty had him changed, she walked him over to the rocking chair Luke had made for her when she had Jude. She sat down and began to feed her son, all the while thinking about what Kathy must be going through if JR hadn't left. Cue dukesrule2000 or Julieduke
  16. "Yea I know. And you dear sister also know that I give good pay backs." Dusty said with a teasing grin. She looked at her sister for a long moment then went serious. She turned her towards Steve and Mark, and gave tem the same serious look. "Guys, can you give my sister and me some time to talk about something important?" Dusty asked. Mark looked from Julie to Dusty then back again, he nodded his consent then quietly left the room. Steve squessed Dusty's shoulder for support and than followed his father. "Julie we need to talk about something important, and I have a feeling your going to loose our famous Duke temper if I told." Dusty said seriously. Cue Julieduke
  17. Dusty turned to her cousin and nodded. "Could be Monie, you'll never know. But when I look at Joey, I see to potential to go the extra mile. I truly believe he's got what it takes to be an actor." Dusty said with a grin. Cue Julieduke
  18. Dusty let her breathing relax and settled deep into Rosco's arms. Rosco gently stroked his wive's hair as it lolld her back to sleep. He sighed and wonder if JR was finally going to leave his family along and in peace. Cue dukesrule2000 or Julieduke
  19. "Well you did learn your lesson about borrowing my stuff without permission. I thought it was nice pay back." Dusty told her with a smug grin plastered across her face. Steve shook his head at the back banter between the two sisters. Cue Julieduke
  20. Dusty and Steve walked into the room as Julie said that. She sighed and crossed the room and sat down on Julie's bed and held her close. "Oh Jules. I wish there was something I could do. You know living in LA and investigating hundereds of cases like this, can't prepaer you when it happenes to one of your family." Dusty said with sigh then looked at Julie. "Julie sweety, I know the tests aren't back yet but I just want to prepear you, now you say you don't remember much of last month, well that's one of the side affects of a Date Rape drug. Sweety we could posibly be dealing with a Date Rape, but this is a big IF." Dusty said with a reassureing smile. Cue Julieduke or anybody
  21. AT THE SAME TIME Dusty and Rosco had got the kids settle down for the night and Dusty feed and changed baby JD and put him to sleep. As she let sleep claim her she began to dream when JR had hired two thugs to kidnap her and took her to Dallas. JR had told her for months that no one was coming for her. It ended up with her and JR in a huge fight where he push her down the stairs. When Dusty landed on floor with a sickening thug, the sound brought out his family who were shocked to find Dusty there. They didn't know that JR had kidnapped Dusty. The dream flashed to the hospital where the dodctor told her she had miscarried. "NOOOOO!" Dusty yelled as she sat up right in bed. Rosco woke with a start and turned to his wife. He took one look at her and realised it was the dream she had so many times before after him, Bo and Luke went down to Texas to bring Dusty home. He din't hesitate, Rosco reached and pulled Dusty towards him and held her close. Cue dukesrule2000 or Julieduke
  22. Dusty laughed at Joey's enthuisum. "Well I don't know about that. But you just listen to everything that Brock tells you and you'll get that gig for sure. Who knows, maybe we'll see you on the big scene in a couple of months." Dusty said with an encouraging smile. Cue Julieduke
  23. Dusty grinned from ear to ear. "Yes remeber that. I also remember you getting the Bo and Luke special after I found it was you who took my car and made believe it was stolen." Dusty said smugly. Steve grinned at the scene. "Bo and Luke special Dust?" Steve asked amused. "Yea, you see Bo and Luke decided they wanted to take Ridge Runner for a little joy ride without permission. When I found out about it, I decided to get them both back. So I dumped Red, White, Blue and Yellow paint all over them, that learned all three their lesson." Dusty said with a huge grin. Steve was doubled over with laughter. Cue Julieduke
  24. Steve wrapped his arms around Dusty and leaned his head on her shoulder and whispered in her ear. "Baby, are you alright?" Steve asked then grinned when he flet the twins kick inside Dusty's stomach. He gently rubbed small circle's to calm Dusty down. "I don't know Steve. I mean Julie is a big girl and take care of herself, but sweety my mind won't let me rest on the fact that maybe she was raped. Bo and Luke swear that Julie hasn't been herself for awhile now. And I hate to sat it, but I'm scared for her." Dusty said with a sigh. Cue Julieduke or anybody
  25. Dusty took Rosco's hand and they went home. They had kids to look after and good news to tell them. Dusty was excited as a worker bee in a bee hive when it went to gather pollulin. Cue dukesrule2000 or Julieduke
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