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Welcome to HazzardNet - Introductions


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Hnet name: Canadian Country Cousin~

Name: Cori-Anne


Location: Canada

Married or Single: Single!

Kids: Not yet

Favorite Movie: Smokey and the Bandit, Twister, Bullit (Steve McQueen rocks my socks)

Favorite TV shows: Do I have to tell you? Dukes of Hazzard!!! (Duh!!) CSI(the original) While you Were Out, and Reba

Hobbies:Skiing, building models, writing fan fiction

Occupation: Ski Instructor

Favorite Colour: Hemi-orange He he

Music: Deirks Bently, Toby Keith, Aaron Pritchett, The Road Hammers, Waylon Jennings, Areosmith, You know what I like everything!

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Hnet Name: dukesran1

Name: Lisa

Age: 29 (turning big 30 sept 6)

Location: Granite City IL

Married or Single: Single

Kids: No but someday

Favorite movie: The Outsiders

Favorite Tv shows: DOH ,King of queens, CSI, cold case, ect

Hobbies: Reading, Sewing, ect

Favorite color: Blue, Green

Music: Country, soft rock,

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Hnet name: Jamanda

Names: Jam and Amanda (sisters not twins)

Ages: 20's

Location: Kansas City

Marital Status: Wouldn't you like to know?

Kids: No...Mom's still bugging us about that...

Occupations: CNA and English Teacher

Favorite Movies: Forrest Gump, The Sandlot, Grease, Lord of the Rings, Princess Bride, etc. etc. etc.

Favorite TV Shows: Dukes (naturally), the Monkees, Quantum Leap, M*A*S*H

Hobbies: Reading, walking the dog (Basset hound Stacy), Surfing net, writing fanfics (Amanda is attempting to write "real" fiction but has yet to be published)

Favorite color: Purple and Green (but not together, ick)

Music: Contemporary Christian, Oldies (the Monkees), some Country

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Screen name: JDHogg Jr.

Real Name: Daniel

Location: Honolulu, Hawaii

Nickname: PineappleDan

Occupation: Sound Tech for Leadership Works. Filmmaker.

Marital Status: Still looking...

Children: none

Favorite TV Show: Dukes of Hazzard (that's a no-brainer), Lost, and Smallville

Favorite Movie: Monster (Only cause I worked on it) Biotek: Level 5 (My movie, in pre pre-production)

Hobbies: writing, video games, TV on DVD.

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Real Name: John

Location: Utica Ny

Nickname: Hellraiser

Occupation: Unemployed grease pit genious

Marital Status: Locked down, and loving it, (she makes me say that)

Children: 2, 1 mine 1 adopted

Favorite TV Show: Dukes of Hazzard, Powerblock on spike

Favorite Movie: Caddyshack, Smokey and the bandit, White Line fever

Hobbies: rebuilding my 87 monte carlo ss, video games

Music: Waylon, Shooter, Metallica, and Gun n' Roses

Age: 28

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HNet Name: TRPColtrane95

Real name: Traci Perry


really deaf but I can use it meeting with hearing people long time because I have big family are hearing... no deaf in any family... so I can read people's talk bit.. so I typing good on computer and write to people understand too myself.. thanks help you guys clear understand what I am... but I fan long time for Dukes of hazzard since I lucky born after release series..

nickname: some people call me 'tracy'

Location: olathe Kansas

Favorite TV Show: Dukes Of Hazzard, Transformers, Law Order,

In the heat of the night, Star Treks,

Favorite Movie: Ghostbusters, X-men 1 and 2, Tremors 1,2,3,4, The Day after tomorrow

Hobbies: computer, collections as Dukes of hazzard/Transformers, playing video games.. I beat all games in Dukes of Hazzards..

Ages: 29

thanks... smile :D:wink:

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NickName: The_Dukes_Generl_Lee01

Real Name: Garrett Lemieux

age: 18 but turning 19 november 16

Obsessions: DOH stuff, and computers

Favorite TV Show: TDOH

only show i watch cause most of the tv shows/cartoons on now are all horribly bad reality shows and i hate quite a few especially SURVIVOR, they've had way to many survivors!

Location: Barre, VT

Kids: NONE and don't really want any

Hobbies: Computers, watching Dukes, and r/c cars

Music: Calssic Rock, Country, and few others that i can't think of now but i hate rap music worst thing i've ever heard in my life!

I am completely and totally obsessed with The one the only The Dukes of Hazzard I always think bout' the show no matter what i am doing. YEEHAW!

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NickName: RaceyGal

Real Name: Elise

age: 23

Obsessions: DOH, numb3rs, drama, fiction, music

Favorite TV Show: currently DOH, previously numb3rs

Location: Burlington, VT - formerly

Kids: well. I've my spider plant Mick and my cactus Milo...

Hobbies: writing, reading, volunteer work, church stuff, concerts, squatting etc.

Music: punk to my recent country music swing (what the hell... I've never listened to this stuff a day in my life... but Charlie Daniels Band is SO GOOD) to alternative, to indie, to rock ot old 60/70s rock to 80s new wave...

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Name - Meghan

Age - 17

Location - Canada, On

Occupation - Student

Married or Single - neither

Children - No thanks lol

Favourite Car - Dodge Charger 1969, Dodge Challenger 1970

Favourite Actors/Actress - John Schneider :p , Edward Norton, Angelina Jolie

Favourite Movie - American History X

Favourite group - Nickelback, Arch Enemy, Def Leppard, can't choose.

Favourite TV show - Dukes of Hazzard and Smallville!

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Hazzard Name: dixiegeneral

Real Name: Liz

Location: Turbotville, PA

Occupation: Cashier

Marital Status: Single, but taken

Kids: Does one on the way count??? I'm due around January 30th, 2006.

Favorite Music: Country all the way!!

Favorite TV Show: The Dukes of Hazzard all the way...(YEEEEHHAAAWWWW)

Favorite Color: Blue and closely followed by Orange and Black (Of course my old school colors

Hobbies: Counted Cross Stitch and any other crafts.

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Name - tori halberg

Age -32

Location - chicago, il

Occupation - office manager

Married or Single - Married 10 years

Children - zip zero nada and zilch

Favorite Movie - i can't just pick one sheesh

Favorite group - omg i am so eclectic in this. however lately its been linkin park, disturbed, toby keith, tim mcgraw

Favorite TV show - doh, a-team, black sheep squadren, buffy, firefly

HNet Name: deathangel_tori

Hobbies: writing fanfic, making vids, anything attached to the puter and i live on the internet

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Ok, I better get with the program here... LOL.

Hnet/Fanfic Name - Valerie Marie Strate

Real Name - Marie

Age - 25

Location - The Buckeye State

Occupation - College Student with various occupations, but hopefully a High School Biology Teacher when I'm done.

Married or Single - Single

Children - none

Favorite Movie - Smokey and the Bandit, The Horse Whisperer, Kill Bill 1 & 2, Pulp Fiction, Star Wars - all of them, Ghostbusters, Braveheart, Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Um... ok almost anything from Pixar, Fox and the Hound, Mulan, What Dreams May Come... and those are my top favorites but the list can go on.

Favorite group - Too Much to list. But mostly lean toward Classic Rock and Country Music. I like other stuff too but most days you'll catch me listening to something from those areas of music.

Favorite TV show - DOH ( of course), CSI, Survivor, Supernatural, Drew Carey show, Who's Line is it Anyway, Family Guy, South Park, Spongebob, M.A.S.H., Ghostbusters, Kung Fu - The Legend Continues.

Hobbies - Nature, Art, Computers, Showing Cattle, Fairs, Writting, Cars, Football

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HNet Name: rosewing195

Real Name: Anna

Age: 26

Location: Fulton, Il.

Occupation: Dietary Aide/Housekeeper at a nursing home

Marital Stat: Happily Single

Children: None

Favorite Movie: Lord of the Rings I-III, Hooper, Smoky and the Bandit

Favorite Music: Country

Favorite T.V: Dukes of Hazzard, Lost, The A-Team

Favorite Book: Lord of the Rings; Chronicles of Narnia

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* Wow! Lots of interesting people out there in Hazzard! LOL! * :lol:

HNet Name: LittleRedVicki or ChickasawRedhead

Real Name: Vicki

Age: 33 I remember the Dukes when they were originally on CBS back in the late 70s - early 80s

Location: On Hazzardnet--Chickasaw County

Real: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Occupation: Insurance/Sales Customer Service Representative

Marital Stat: Happily Married

Children: 2 - 1 girl, 1 boy

Favorite Movie: Smokey & the Bandit

Favorite Music: Country, 60s Rock & Roll Music, Classic Country before 1990+

Favorite TV show: Dukes of Hazzard, Diagnosis Murder, Matlock, Arrested Development

Hobbies: Fanfic Writing (only occasionally now), reading mysteries, spending time with my family

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Name - Jonathan

HNet name - Mosey Duke

Age - 26

Location - Hillsborough, NC

Occupation - Photographer/student

Married or Single - Single

Children - none that I know of (j/k, none)

Favorite Movie - really dont have one, i like alot of movies

Favorite group - Right now its the Beatles, System of a Down, Green Day and Black Eyed Peas

Favorite TV show - DOH, The King of Queens, Dog the Bounty Hunter, My name is Earl and Family Guy

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Name - Tom

HNet Name - goodolboy85

Age - 20

Location - Johnstown, PA

Occupation - Contractor

Married or Single - Not married yet, but I'm taken!

Children - None, but want them someday.

Favorite Movie - Don't really have one, but I love a ton of movies!

Favorite Music - Country!! I have so many favorites..Waylon Jennings, Alan Jackson, Garth Brooks, omg, I love all country music!

Favorite TV Show - The Dukes Of Hazzard!!! of course, lol

Hobbies - Music, guitar, cars, reading, woodworking kinda stuff, outdoor stuff like fishing & camping, drawing, and more than anything in the world I love spending time with and talking to my girlfriend! You know who you are! *wink* hehehe

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Name: Kerrin

HNet Name: Iloveschnieder

Age: 37 as of 2/06

Location: Philly

Occupation: community college student, and respite care for handicapped

Status: married but seperated for three years

Children: 3, two boys and a girl. (they could go out at halloween as the Dukes! LOL)

Fav Movie: Original Star Wars triology

Fav Music: Billy Joel

Fav tv show: DOH, Smallville and all three CSIs

Hobbies: when I have time, reading Orson Scott Card books,

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I've been a member for some time...maybe I should finally do this danged thing. :wink:

Name: Hannah

HNet Screename: Officer Barbrady

Age: 23

Location: The Badger State

Occupation: Cashier/waitress

Marital status: Single and loving it!

Siblings: Older sister, 28; older brother, 25; and younger brother, age 19.

I have two nephews; Bowen is 11 and Cole is 6 (and both are diehard Dukes fans). You want to know what's even scarier? They were both born on the same day, five years and eight minutes apart.

Pets: The family pet is Scamp, the Paranoid Wonder Dog, still with us at 15 human years.

Walter, the Flatulent Hound and Dufus Buford, a pair of screwball bassets.

Buddy, who will soon be the proud father of a Labrador/Springer Mix litter.

Lord knows how many plott hounds we have in the family, but there are quite a few.

Three beagles: Tessie, one whose name I forgot, and Cletus.

Oh, yeah, and a parakeet. :lol:

Favorite Movie: I don't have a favorite, but I love most comedies and animated films (preferably Pixar). If it has Burt Reynolds in it, I will almost always automatically like it.

Favorite TV Show: Obviously Dukes, South Park (which inspired my screen name), Family Guy, Survivor, American Idol, Robot Chicken, SpongeBob, Whose Line is it Anyway?, and Seinfeld

Favorite Music: I love the Beatles. Throw in some George Strait, Alan Jackson, and Toby Keith, then mix it with some ABBA and ELO, and you have my eclectic taste in music.

Hobbies: reading, cross-stitch, computer stuff and teaching kindergarten CCD.

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Name: Clarice a.k.a. reesie

Age: 13

Birth date : 5/5/1993

Gender: female (obviously)

Occupation: 7th grade

Married or single: i've had a few boyfriends before

Children: never

Favorite movies: the Harry Potters, Jurassic Parks and Tombraiders

Favorite tv show: the Dukes of Hazzard

Favorite bands/singers: way too many

Favorite music: rap, pop, r&b, Waylon Jennings

Favorite color: i like them all

Hobbies: hazzardnet, video games, music

Pets: 8 cats, 1 bunny and 3 hermitcrabs (i DONT stink. im clean)

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