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What are you listening to???


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U2 - Elevation Live From Boston 2001

U2 - Go Home Live From Slane Castle Ireland 2001

Have to start to get ready for the upcoming shows. I am taking both my daughters to see U2 ( 2 different shows - one is in Oct the other iis in Nov) at the greatest place to ever see a concert - Madison Square Garden. My wife and I saw U2 this past May at MSG.....

As you can tell I am a HUGE U2 fanatic.....


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My favorite current artists are

Dierks Bentley and Gretchen Wilson, they ought to a duet of the "If I had Only known" this song was first recorded by Reba McEntire on her 1992 cd and then later by John Schneider on his "Hell, This Ain't Heaven" cd and I think they would've everybody crying at the end. They could make the music video where they are think about September 11, 2001 and how they lost a spouse that day or even during Hurricane Katrina where as they other doesn't know where he or she is.

Just a idea!

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Hey, you won't believe what I saw on break at work today. I had seen the music video for Reba McEntire's song "Love Needs a Holiday" it's follow-up of the couple from "Somebody song video. And then I saw the music video of Gretchen Wilson's "Poltically Uncorrect" which she sings with Merle Haggerd. They was great music video's to have seen today.

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I saw two great concerts this weekend. Thursday night I got to see Sawyer Brown for the first time. They aren't in the spotlight much so it's easy to forget how many great songs they have out there. Then on Friday night we went to see The Kentucky Headhunters and Lynyrd Skynyrd. It was so awesome! So now I've got Betty's Bein' Bad and That Smell stuck in my head. I guess it could be worse though!

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