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What are you listening to???


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This song is rather a contrast to Hobie's current listening material. I only heard the track for the first time last week, but I've played it many times since.

Build Me Up From Bones - Sarah Jarosz

The instrument in the video that looks like an eight-string guitar is apparently an octave mandolin.

One of the first comments on YouTube says, "See Taylor swift. This is how you write a love song." ;)

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Just saw Hank Williams Jr on The View today. Normally I wouldn't watch that kind of show but can't resist seeing Hank. I'm starting to get a little sad because you see less and less of Hank's generation and his style of music on tv anymore. Oh well, it was nice to see it today. I guess my lifestyle is starting to fade into the past.

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According to a tweet from his son, Merle Haggard is just recovering from pneumonia.

That's good news because, as Justin said, we've already lost too many musicians since Christmas. Lemmy, the frontman of Motörhead died at the end of December, and David Bowie and Glenn Frey passed in January. Just this week we've lost Colin Vearncombe, better known as Black, who had a hit with "Wonderful Life", and Paul Kantner, who was a co-founder of Jefferson Airplane. Outside of the music world, January 2016 has also seen the deaths of actors Alan Rickman and Dan Haggerty. It hasn't been the best start to a year.

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I'll save you the trouble, Hobie. Here it is:

Funnily enough, there was a commercial showing recently in the UK that used Kenny Loggins' 'Danger Zone'. I'd forgotten it was on the 'Top Gun' soundtrack.

While we're talking '80s movie soundtracks, I recently re-watched 'Young Einstein', I think for the first time since I saw it at the cinema (almost 30 years ago!). I'd completely forgotten about the song 'Great Southern Land' by Icehouse. The video has more Australian scenery than a Super Bowl commercial ;):

Of course, 'Great Southern Land' probably has a different meaning to Dukes fans :).

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