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  1. A third movie? God(s) above I hope not! As for a third reunion. Although a nice idea. I doubt it. ~She-Wolf
  2. Sci-fi. That station rocks. ~She-Wolf
  3. Yes, Saiyuki is [loosely] based of the Journey West (which, I'll admit, is what sparked my interest)... However, it does stick pretty close to the skeleton of the original plot. I believe the Japanese name for Monkey is Son Goku, hence the characters from both Dragonball Z and Saiyuki of the same name. I think he's also called Sun Wukong in Chinese. But in the translations I've read he's just called Monkey. Or Monkey King sometimes. The art in my sig is of the Saiyuki Son Goku. And the lettering (if you can't read it) says "Great Sage, Equal to Heaven". Which was the title Monkey demanded afte
  4. Walker smiled, "So...you wanna give themt the good news?" Michaels frowned, "Do you think it's wise to get their hope up?" Walker stripped off her scrubs, "What else is there?" VVVVV Meanwhile, Enos was already striding up to the Hazzard County police station. He knew this had to be done right. Otherwise this could just backfire. But he knew one thing: what had happened was eating Rosco up inside. Or it was at least bothering him. Enos could remember several times in the last couple years when Rosco would drive up to the Duke farm...always claiming he wanted to catch them in the act. But Enos
  5. Go west young man! ....not quite. For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about. The Journey West is an ancient Chinese fantasy novel written by Wu Ch'eng En in the sixteen century. It chronicals the antics of Monkey, a creature born from rock who becomes extremely powerful. When I say extremely powerful, I mean Superman x 100. It follows him as he protects a monk, Tripitaka, who is going westward from China to India to retrieve Buddhist scriptures. Along the way they are accompanied by Sandy and Pigsy, two gods who were cast down from heaven and are trying to repent as monsters on e
  6. "Thank God..." Michaels' said in a barely audible whisper. "Amen to that..." Walker breathed. VVVVV "Luke?" Uncle Jesse asked, terrified that he'd lose his other child, as some sort of punishment for causing the death of another. Luke just looked up at him and gave him a quick smile. When Uncle Jesse gave him a puzzled look he just wrote: "It'll be alright...He'll be alright." VVVVV Daisy was glad when the shivers stopped. What had that been? She sighed, it was probably just a result of all the anxiaty she'd been under lately. Now, she had to get to Enos before he hit town... ~She-Wolf
  7. Michaels' heart went cold as ice. He felt Walker stiffen up beside him. They watched the surgeons work, powerless to do anything else. VVVVV Meanwhile, just as Daisy entered Hazzard something hit her. She didn't quite know what it was, but it made her bones shudder. Daisy haphazardly pulled her car over while she waited for the sudden, violent shakes to stop. What was that? She thought. ~She-Wolf
  8. Michaels held a particle mask over his mouth and nose. Walker had actually bothered to put her's on. He supposed she was more resistant to things like this then he was. In the few years he'd been a prison doctor, he'd only lost one patient, and the main artery in their neck had been sliced in half. Needless to say they had died instantly... Walker's experience had probably been more difficult. She worked in the coma ward. Most of the people in there might as well have been dead. He would bet money she'd had to pull the plug on a few of her patients as well. She must have had much more experien
  9. He wanted to say more. Wanted to do something to make up for his inability to help. But god knew that anything he could have said would have just been him trying to make himself feel better. He felt Walker brush a hand on the sleeve of his lab coat. "Come on..." She whispered, "There's nothing left for us to do here..." As much as he hated to admit it, she was right. The only thing they could do now was check on the surgery. He could at least be there in case something went wrong. She-Wolf
  10. After a moment, Doc Walker considered suggesting they make funeral arrangments. But knew that it would be far too cruel right then. She saw Michaels' fist clench, his other hand gripping his clipboard so hard you could see the ivory bone beneath flesh. She hadn't wanted to intervene like that. But she'd been a doctor long enough to know that when they had that look in their eyes, chances were they couldn't speak... "Cat got your tongue" was very appropriate. Of course, she was just focusing on her friend to take her mind off of the Dukes. Jesse Duke, the older man looked even weaker, frailer.
  11. "Enough doc..." Uncle Jesse said, "What're you getting at." Doc Michaels tried to talk, but for once a cold ice seemed to grip him. These were good people. Who had just fallen on hard times. They were just coming back to a love for each other. And Beauregard had suffered so much already...fought so hard. He had never had any hesitation about something like this. It was always hard, but he knew it was his sworn duty to give news like this. And he'd had to dozens of times in the past. Nope, never had a regret about his choice of profession either. ...Until then. Dear Walker! Even as he stood the
  12. Daisy drove faster than was healthy. Desperate to get to Enos before he did something he would regret. She could do this, nothing Boss could do to her could hurt her more than it already had, but Enos...he didn't have that immunity. If he went directly and challenged Boss with the knowledge he had, he would the thrown in prison. He wouldn't survive that. Daisy switched gears and swerved off the high way. Please...she begged silently. I've been such a screw up lately. Don't let me screw this up... ~She-Wolf
  13. It's stupid. Lack of...anything like that is one of the reasons I love the Dukes. Also, I didn't know Ben Jones was an activist? ~She-Wolf
  14. Dito. I don't know much about Full Metal Alchemist but I like your avi. ~She-Wolf
  15. Does anybody watch the TV show or read the books? It's one of my all time favorite series both on TV and in respect to the books. I love the books. A fantastic fantasy series. And although the show is certainly different than what I picture in my mind, I love it too. Note: If there's anybody out there who's just knows about the show you may want to check out the books by Jim Butcher. So anybody else? ~She-Wolf
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