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  1. *Looks up at Daney and offers a weak smile* Thanks Daney, glad you're here. *Pats her gently on the shoulder.*
  2. *Nods at Alex* Well thank-you. If not for you, he'd. . .*she lets her words trail as she looks down at her brother before taking his hand before losing herself in prayer for him to wake up soon. Despite everyone's reassurance on her brother's positive outlook on what happened, she wants Garrett to prove it to her.*
  3. *Tears swell in eyes as she eyes the injured Coltrane and MaryAnne and then at Alex before looking down at Garrett, taking it all in. Shaking her head, she looks up at Alex* Thank-you Alex for *takes a moment to wipe her eyes in attempt to clear her raw emotions* for what you did. He owes you his life if and when he wakes up from this. *Looks down at Garrett to run a hand through his dark blond hair while eyeing the covered wound.* I'm here for you, Garrett. Just wake up. *Sighing heavily looks back up and says to no one in particular* Well I was startin' to worry where he was after not coming home and all. Was beginning to think he got his sorry self arrested. *Eyes Alex again* Thank-you, again, for what you did. If there is anything I can do to repay you for what you did, please let me know.
  4. *Parks truck in front of the court house and steps out before seeing Chet ride away on his horse and the people at the clinic. Worry and curiosity fills her as she makes her way to the clinic. Upon seeing Garrett lying upon the table, his shirt cut, her fear strikes her. Seeing Brian on the other table, badly beaten, her fear and worry rushes within her. Clearing throat* What happened? *Slowly makes her way to Garrett's still body, eyeing her brother momentarily, before looking up and watching Brian a moment and then at the people that make up the room; looking for an answer.*
  5. "The new spa in Atlanta? Never figured you to be the spa-type Daisy," Kristy states patting Daisy on the back, "Not that that matters any. But now that you got my curiosity up," Kristy pauses for a moment as Bo runs out of the front door with Luke close behind him. "But know one thing, Daisy, I'm here for you. To listen or to help you anyway that I can." Bo and Luke come to a halt as they overhear what Kristy had said. "Daisy needs help?" Bo questions, unable to contain his curiosity. "Oh Bo," Kristy rolls her eyes at him, "it's girl talk, you stay out of it. Plus don't you and Luke have your own troubles to be worrying over?" Bo gives her a pouty and upset look before eyeing Luke and then Daisy. "Was just worried is all, but I guess the girls can take care of themselves all by themselves. C'mon Luke," he turns to Luke while patting him on the shoulder, "let's go see if Cooter's done with the General yet. Can we use the jeep, Daisy? Or is that cutting into your girl time?" Bo questions Kristy sarcastically. "It's not my jeep, so don't go looking at me," she turns to Daisy while lifting up her keys, "come on Daisy, I can drive."
  6. :) As I said, I may go back to my Garrett ID...if that is OK with you to write and all? I feel odd with my Kristy ID...not really odd, jsut feel like I am deceiving everyone by using this one and all.
  7. You are fine...I just thought I'd give you a heads up that my posts are generally longer when I am writing....though it's been awhile since I've done so with anyone.

  8. im glad you happy to write again lol

  9. You are fine, I just wanted to let you know. It has been awhile since I've wrote with anyone like this, so it is great to do it again.

  10. Kristy gives Daisy a questioning look as concern and wonder rush through her from Daisy's last statement. Why did Daisy feel like they needed to be together more so now than ever? When they had talked about going out for a girls' day out, it had to be just to hang out and relax as they had often done so in the past. But with Daisy's last statement, questions enter her mind. The statement forcing Kristy to think that Daisy had more in mind when she had brought up the girls' day out last week, that Daisy had a purprose other than just to get away for a day. But what? "Jamie will get over it. Plus Garrett and LB are planning on taking them to the park today," Kristy finally states, shoving the questions behind her, "I just hope that they'll keep an eye on Shay and remember his medicine. He has a horrible cold. Who would think he'd get a cold when it's almost a hundred degrees out...but leave it to him. Anyway," she pauses once more, "what you have in mind for the day? Where to first?"
  11. its fine..depends on what im thinkin so my posts arent that long...some are..hope you dont mind

  12. OK I posted to it, but I don't know how often taht I will be logged in on this name. I feel like I am deceiving everyone by being under this name now that everyone knows me as Garrett.

    It is kinda long, but that is normally how I do it, so if you don't like it, I guess we can work on it or whatever. But that is bnormally how I rp or write Hope it is OK...

  13. Meanwhile, Kristy was in her truck, driving to the Duke farm, enjoying the warm sun shining down upon the dirt road and the music that Elton was playing on the radio. Momentarily her mind falls back onto her kids who she had left back home with LB and Garrett, worried that the men would properly care for them. Sighing heavily, she assures herself that all is fine. After all, she has left them with them numerous times and all has been fine. But with Shay's bad cold and the medicine. . . Glancing at the time on the truck, she is alerted that she is late for her meeting with Daisy and her thoughts turn from her kids to the plans that Daisy and her had made last week. Just a girls day out. It would be nice to get away from her brother, boyfriend, and her kids for a day to just hang out and not worry about anything. She loved her kids more than anything in the world, she would do anything for them, but once in awhile it was nice to get away. Pulling up to the farm, she smiles as she sees Daisy in the front hanging up laundry before pulling her truck to a halt and jumping out. "Hey Daisy," she gives her another smile, "sorry I'm late. Jamie had a hard time letting go this morning," she shrugs as she automatically begins to help Daisy with the clohtes, "she had a hard time understanding that she couldn't go. After all she is a girl too, you know?"
  14. okay check out the round robin page...i dont know were the story will go and i started out with somethin random!

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