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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!!! I think I'm having your usual Thanksgiving meal: Turkey, Yams, Mashed potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pie!! lol!!! Have a Happy Turkey Day Everyone!!!!!!
  2. LOL...What a dream....Rosco dun cuffed ya n' stuffed ya.
  3. I just got back from seein it....It was really good!!! i liked it a lot!!
  4. I gots one.... www.myspace.com/dukeluva
  5. I think i'm seein it tomorrow!!!
  6. So Bo and Daisy left Luke to rest. "Well at least he's awake." Bo said looking on the bright side of things. "Ya, and that sure is progress." Daisy said looking at her cousin. Uncle Jesse and the doctor were heading towards Luke's room. "Uncle Jesse were over here." Bo called out to his Uncle from a chair on the other side of the hall. "What are ya doin over there?" Uncle Jesse asked Bo and Daisy. "Luke wanted to rest up some." Daisy said. "So can he come home yet doc?" Bo asked hoping for a yes. "Well when he's done resting I'll go in there and check him out and if he's in a decent condition, he'll be able to go home." The doctor told the Dukes trying not to get their hopes up. About a half hour later they went in to see if Luke was awake yet, and he was. "How are ya feelin?" Uncle Jesse asked his nephew. "I still feel like I've been hit by a mack truck." Luke replied. "Do ya remember anything yet?" Bo asked. "Not a thing." Luke said dissapointed. He really wished he could remember at least something. "Maybe if I say somethings you'll remeber them." Bo was willing to try just about anything. "It's worth a shot." Luke said slightly pulling himself up into a sitting position. "The General Lee?" Bo started with something easy. "Nope." Luke said confused. They kept trying and Luke didn't remember anything. Soon the doctor walked into the room to check on Luke. *CUE ANYONE*
  7. I've had many Rosco moments....I just had one in a post...I wrote "what's the name of the movie" and the name of the movie was the name of the topic.....which I figured out after I posted...LOL!!!
  8. This gives me an idea for a topic! It'll be called Rosco Moments...lol!
  9. In Dukescam Scam: Boss:Bring me food every three hours on the dot starting with a big plate of my favorite, raw liver. Rosco: Raw liver Boss: I sure got a craving for it, can't get enough of it these days. Rosco I'm going to celebrate with raw liver!!! Rosco: With raw liver!!! Raw liver......blek!! I loved that!!!!
  10. DixieRose_00 wrote: I love that song sooo much!! I especially love the part where it goes "Hoodslidin like Bo Duke" LOL!!! I <3 it I <3 it!!!
  11. that's probably why I don't know about it...lol...cause i still don't have cable...LOL!!!
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