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  1. Haha. Yes, I'll def. be seeing it when it comes out. Looks real good, lots of action
  2. Gotta love the dimples tehe
  3. Bo glanced and his cousin, "What you getting at?" he asked, furrowing his brow. Julie threw her hands up defensivley, "Hey, don't get ticked at me." she smiled and the two cousins walked back to Cooters. "Hey Cooter where'd Dusty go?" Julie asked Cooter. "Shoot, she hopped in with Roscoe and they rode off like two love-sick kids." he rolled his eyes and threw a greased towel over his shoulder. "I swear, if Roscoe doesn't watch it... this whole towns going to blow up!" he laughed. cue: anyone
  4. "No!" Madi yelled and jerked straight up in bed, in a pool of cold sweat. She was breathing hard and looked around. She was still in her bedroom at the Duke Farm. She leaned back against the pillow and stared at the ceiling. "It was just a nightmare." she sighed to herself and put her hands over her face and started to silently cry. Her whole body shook with fear and despare. She rolled over and looked where Bo use to lay beside her and cried harder. Placing a hand on her stomach she looked at the ceiling again and just closed her eyes. "Bo, why'd you have to go?" she whispered. Luke, unaware of his cousins passing was still in the hospital. Uncle Jesse was with him, and once Jesse left Luke tried to fall asleep but couldn't. Things were racing around in his mind. He thought he loved Madi, but when Uncle Jesse told him that she returned to Bo, felt crushed. Then there was Emma. Sweet Emma. She had returned back to Hazzard, glowing, and had spent the whole morning with him. He was so torn on where his heart was, and just lay in bed, starring at the ceiling. "At least I have time... only 3 more days and I can go home." he sighed & closed his eyes. Julie had been in town with Dusty when Madi recieved the news. They had been to see Mrs. Martha at the bakery, and the cake was beautiful. A simple 2-tiered cake with fondunt icing and just some simple designs. Nothing to crazy, and the cutest part was that the groom ontop of the cake had a little hat and sheirff badge on. After that, the sisters had gone to the taylor store and picked up Daisy's and Julie's bridesmaid dress, along with Dustys pretty yet simple dress. "I'm going to go home Jules, do you want me to drop you off at Cooters?" "Yeah, that'd be great." Julie grinned. "You nervous?" she asked her sister. "Naw, I'm so excited, I just want to get this done so that we can get on with our lives. We can go on our honeymoon, and we can come home and buy a house, have our little baby and just....be perfect." she smiled. "I'm so happy for you Dusty." Julie smiled and hugged her sister. "What about you and Cooter? Anything happening?" she laughed. "I don't know yet, y'all will juts have to wait and see." she winked and Dusty drove home. When Dusty got home, it was eerily quiet. She walked in the kitchen, and there was water all over the floor and the phone was in the sink. Worried, she looked around. "Hello?" she called, but there was no answer. She started to go upstairs and when she reached Madi's room, she quietly opened the door. "Madi!? Gosh, you scared me." she smiled, then realized Madi was silently crying, just lying on her back, starring at the ceiling. "What's wronge?" she asked, sitting on her bed, but Madi didn't say anything. "Madi, what's wronge?" she asked again, touching her shoulder. "Bo's been killed." she starred at the ceiling.
  5. Dusty drove Madi back to the Dukes Farm. Julie was there with Cooter, sitting in the front cab of his truck. Julie looked over and saw Madi and frowned again, kissed Cooter and the two got out of the cab and went up to Dusty & Madi. "Where have y'all been?" Julie asked "I was down with with Roscoe planning the final details of the wedding when I found out something about Madi here." She said. Madi looked at the ground for a moment and then back at Dusty. "Oh really? That don't suprise me." Julie scoffed and looked at Madi. "She going to leave Bo again huh? Well Madi I ain't going to let you hurt my cousin any more." JUlie crossed her arms. "Naw Julie, it's not like that.." Dusty started. " Julie," Dusty sighed, "Madi is our cousin." Julie starred in disbelief, and Cooter took off his hat and scratched his head. "Jee whiz." he whistled. Julie frowned, and then scowled, "Wait..Madi you knew you were our cousin..me, dusty, bo, luke...all of us and you SLEPT with Bo??" Julie looked discusted. "Oh God! You're pregnant with Bo's child!! Oh my God!" she put her hand over her mouth. "does Bo know??" "No, and I'm not even sure if it's his." Madi looked down at her feet, "it could be Luke's baby too.....or Hughie.......or an old boyfriend." she gulped. "You better not tell this to Bo , Luke, or Uncle Jesse..not until we're sure." Julie folded her arms and walked away with Cooter Cue; whoever
  6. "what if that's not her real name?" Dusty asked, trying to find something. "Well, then we need to find out her real name and do a check on it." Roscoe said. Dusty sat there for a moment, trying to think of something. "I don't know how i"m going to find taht out." she sighed, and Roscoe sat beside her and kissed her. "I'll help in any way I can baby." he smiled, kissed her and put his hand to her tummy.
  7. Oh Gosh. Wow, you are extremly lucky to have made it out alive..and walking. Gosh, that's so sad about your friends horse. I'm a horseback rider myslef and I know how freaky things like that can be. I actually just got out of rehab for a jolted disk in my spine from a horseback riding accident and wasn't able to ride for 2 months. I'm so sorry about your friends horse, I know how hard it is to put down a horse. My prayers are with you and your friend
  8. Bo came home from town and threw the keys on the counter. "Hey Madi?" he called, "Madi?" he called upstiars again. Dusty and Daisy froze. Bo came upstairs and found his two cousins sitting on Madi's bed. "Hey y'all. Where's Madi?" he asked, then noticed that all of Madi's stuff was gone. "What happened?" "Bo..." Dusty bite her lip, "Madi left." "Well where did she go?" "To Hotlana. Bo, don't beat yourself up over it. She said she liked you and all but... she didn't want to marry yet." "But our child..." Bo sat down, his heart breaking. "I know, she said she'd call you later." Dusty smiled sypmthedically. "I'm sure it's just the hormones talking." she tried to be hopeful, even though she knew it wasn't going to happen. "Luke baby. When you're all better again, we'll bust out of here. Move somewhere and start our own family." Madi smiled and laid a hand on her stomach. "I can't wait." Luke kissed her and smiled. Emma had left a day before to go visit her mother, to tell her the news about hte baby. Julie was down at Cooters, planning the reherasal party after the rehersal dinner. "Do you think we'll ever get married one day?" Julie asked and kissed Cooter. "I bet we will sooner then you expect Jules." he kissed her back and smlied. Roscoe was in town, picking up his tux, nervous and excited at the whole thing. "Gettign married and having a child." he smiled to himself Cue;
  9. "Luke?!" Dusty scoffed, extrmely confused, "But Emma and him are... and you and Bo are having a kid for cying out loud!!" "I know but it's complicated." Madi sighed and picked up her suitcase and started out the hallway. "So what are you going to tell Bo? You don't love him, you love Luke? You know that's going to crush him. He loves you Madi." "I'm not going to tell him anything," Madi said looking back, "you are." and walked down the stairs, got in her car and started to drive away. Dusty sat down on the bed and tried to think of everything that was going on. Daisy came in and sat down. "Nervous about the big day. Doc said Luke be ready to leave in a week, and then y'all can get married." Daisy squeezed her hand. Dusty pushed all her other thoughs aside. "I can't wait. Mrs. Coltrane." she sighend and laid back down on the bed and her and Daisy laughed. "I can't believe you're getting married." Daisy sighed. "You're so lucky. Enos still hasn't popped the question. Heck, maybe one day he'll come around." Cue: anyone
  10. Wow. I haven't heard that song in a while. I remember when it first came out on the radio and I thought it was so funny. Once you get all the words down and get what he's singing about, it all comes together. I thought that would have been a great music video to make! Have him in a drive-thru window. I mean come on ladies... who wouldn't just LOVE to go through the drive-thru and find Tim McGraw there? ha ha.
  11. Bo couldn't sleep, and sat in the kitchen in the darkness. Daisy came in and sat down next to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, and simply said, "I know." and Daisy leaned her head on his shoulder. The two finally fell asleep an hour later in the family room. The next morning, Rosco woke up Dusty with a long kiss. Dusty smiled, still tired, but got up. Julie, Daisy, Emma and Bo were already up and sitting around the kitchen table. Emma was as pale as a ghost and stared blankly ahead. Daisy looked up as Roscoe and Dusty walked into the kitchen, "Uncle Jesse called." she furrowed her brow and gulped. "Luke's.." she bite her lip and looked down at her hands. Cue:
  12. [Wow, sorry I totally forgot about this in here] “Oh! Mary Anne, look!†Emma squealed from the hayloft. “Each of us have a pretty box with our name on it!†She giggled as her sister climbed up the latter. “Here,†she said as she handed Mary Anne her box and both girls quickly tore through the package. “Oh! Look!†Emma cried as she held up a pretty doll with auburn hair, pale brown eyes, and a tiny tea-cup dress the beautiful shades of crimson and orange. “Well look at mine!†Mary Anne smiled and hugged her dainty doll, that had a dress on of hunter green and eyes were the color of dark chocolate, like hers. “Johnny? Come up here, there’s something for you too!†Emma called to Johnny who was standing down with Marcy and her foal. He gazed up to the girls and finally decided to go on up. He wasn’t quite as hasty as his smaller sisters, and unwrapped his gift with his sisters beating eyes watching over his shoulder. As he pulled away the box he couldn’t help but smile. Inside was a brand new car model kit, with a huge collection of paints. “Wow.†he gasped and took it out, and something fell to the bottom of the box. Johnny looked in and pulled out a key, and his eyes widened. “Oh my gosh! It’s the key!†he exclaimed. “What key? I want it! I wanna see it!†the girls pleaded from behind him. “To Uncle Jesse’s pick up truck!†he smiled and held the key up, just to make sure it was real. “Emma! Mary Anne! Johnny! Come out here would you?†Enos called from the back porch of the farmhouse. The three children scampered down the latter and ran out of the barn and into the farmhouse where everything was buzzing. Luke had shown up with Cathy, Ben, and Kate and Bo was right behind with Liz, baby Adam, Jessica and Brittany. “Oh my goodness! Ain’t he the most precious thing!†Lillian gloated and picked up baby Adam who was cooing and sucking on his fingers. “He looks like you Bo.†She smiled and winked, “Just what we need, another one of you in the family.†“Haha. Funny Lillian.†Bo smirked. “Girls, how about y’all run outside while we finish everything in here. Then y’all can come back in when its supper time.†Liz told Jessica and Brittany. “But stick close please!†“Hey Ben how about you and Johnny go up to the hayloft and bring down the gifts for all the youngins’ since they can’t climb the latter.†Bo told the two boys. “Ben, you’re not going to believe what I got.†Johnny smirked. “What?†Ben asked. “The keys to Uncle Jesse’s truck.†He smiled and held up the keys. Ben gaped at the keys, and Johnny laughed. “You want to take it out?†Ben looked at the keys, mesmerized. “I don’t know Johnny; it’s not the grown-up thing to do. I mean we’re the oldest men out here…besides our dads…and we have to act like reasonable men.†He paused then smiled, “Let’s take it out after supper.†He laughed and started climbing the latter and threw down the gifts to Johnny. Each girl got a beautiful doll, and the five young girls squealed over Marcy’s foal and pet it and fed it bits of carrots. “Isn’t she just the cutest thing?!†Mary Anne smiled and gave the little foal a kiss on the forehead. Back inside the farmhouse Enos, Bo, Luke, and Jesse were all sitting down in the kitchen while Daisy, Elizabeth, Cathy, and Lillian were finishing getting everything out of the stove and putting it on plates. “My, this is the first year in, why, at least five years since the whole family has been together.†Jesse beamed. “I sure have missed seeing y’all.†“How are you and Lillian?†Luke asked. “Oh we’re fine. Just fine.†Uncle Jesse quickly smiled and then got up and walked to Lillian. “Supper ready sweetheart?†he asked. “Yup, call the kiddies in.†she patted his cheek. “Kids! Come on in and wash up for supper!†Jesse hooped from the front porch and all the kids came scampering in from the barn.
  13. The first person to run in was Daisy. She stood in the doorway and put her hand over her mouth. "Oh my God!" she cried and knelt down by her cousin and touched her hand to the back of his head, and pulled her hand which was bloody. Julie and Madi came running in a few moments later, followed by Bo and Emma. Emma screamed and fell to her knees crying. "Noo, not Luke!" she cried hysterically. Bo turned away and bite his lip and then held Emma. "who would do this?!" Dusty said through gritted teeth. "Who the hell would want to do this?!" she cried. Madi turned as white as a sheet, "Oh my God! Bo, Hughie's gone!" she gulped. Bo gave the hysetrical Emma to Julie and then went and knelt by his cousin. "Daisy, go call the ambulance; and Dusty get Uncle Jesse on the CB." he gulped and touched his cousins life-less body and cried. Cue:
  14. Daisy laughed, "Ah I know that Dusty...and so does our wallets!" she smiled. "Roscoe would marry you even if you were wearing a brown paper sack." Daisy and Julie tried on a few dresses, but decided to wear just something real simple, a maroon-ish/red dress with a low V-cut neck line. "You know, we could probably make these for a whole lot less Julie, what do you say?" Daisy asked Julie. "Sure, I'm all for it, let's go grab some fabric and get on home then." she smiled. On the way home, the three girls luaghed and talked about Dusty being the first to get hitched. "I never would have figur'd that." Julie laughed. Back in Hazzard, Luke and Emma were driving back to the farm after having lunch. "You go on inside Emma," Luke said as he parked the truck and helped her out. "I'll be right back." he smiled and Emma walked inside the farmhouse where Bo and Madi were. Luke stretched out his arms and put his hands into his pockets. He was going to do something when he heard soemthing from the barn. He walked in there, "hello?" he called but was answered with silence. He walked in a bit further, and paused for a moment because he thought he heard something. Then suddenly a shovel came and wacked him upside the head and he was knocked unconicous, sprawling on the ground, in a pool of blood. Hughie hovered over him, then quickly dropped the shovel and looked around. No body had seen him, and he quickly took the keys for the truck and drove away, drunk as a skunk stil. He got to the courthouse, and came in hickuping in. "Uncle Boss...I've...been..attacked.." he gulped and acted all hurt, and still had some blood on his clothes. Boss looked up and gaped at his nephew. "What happened to you!?" he gasped. "It was ...Madi." he hickuped. Cue:
  15. "I think we should start with most important part of the weddin'," Daisy smiled, "The dress. How about we all head into Hotlanta and try to find a snazzy dress? While were there we can try to find a bridesmaid outfit for me and Julie." She offered, grabbing Dixie's keys from her pocket. Emma and Luke were at the Boars Nest now, sitting in the farthest corner booth. Emma was drained already, and felt tired from the whole fiasco. "Luke I don't know what to do. SHould I give up the child for adoption or should I keep it? I mean it's.." she gulped, "Hughie's child." she gritted her teeth. Luke took Emma's hand and rubbed it. "You know... I will be there for you no matter what you do. I'll help you raise the kid if you want to keep it, or I'll help look for a nice family to take the child." he kissed her on the cheek. "I'm here for you."
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