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  1. Thanks Roger. It's good to be back. I must admit, it does help through the winter months to have Garrett and everyone else who likes Nascar to talk to. I don't know how I'd make it without ya'll. lol And I promise not to cry on my keyboard, but I make no such promise about crying on the tv remote!
  2. Thanks for the well wishes Garrett. I think my dad will be okay from here on. He still has to wear a heart monitor for a month, but that's a small thing when you think about it. As for the job, I'm still being picky about the type of job I'm applying for. I'm using my unemployment to spend more time with my family, especially my nephew. And I'm loving it! I'm also considering taking some classes. I tried to take a couple this fall, but they didn't pan out. So maybe this winter.

    Sorry to hear you aren't feeling well and didn't get to watch the race. Hopefully you are feeling better now. Some type of viral flu has been going around here. I haven't caught it and hopefully I won't. lol

  3. Yes I know, only nine left, but I'm going to enjoy each and every one of them while I can. lol I know you will too.
  4. No kidding? Jeez, that really sucks for Bowyer and RCR. I'm not sure how Nascar is going to work that, but if Bowyer is still going to be in the Chase it sounds like he is going to be in the negative points. Thanks for posting this Garrett, I hadn't heard.
  5. I thought it was a pretty interesting race. It wasn't the most exciting, but it had a lot of good stuff. lol Only nine races left in the season.
  6. Hey Garrett! I'm finally back! Things are going good. No job yet, but it turns out to be a blessing at this time. I'm staying home with my dad. He had two stents put into his heart last week. He's doing good too. I'm just glad they caught the blockage in his heart before he had an actual heart attack.

    Anyway, did you see the race yesterday? I thought it was a pretty good one. I know your guy JJ didn't have a good day, but I thought Jeff Gordon and Dale Jr both had decent days. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. Hope things are well for you.

  7. Gordon was of course pretty mad. He was talking pretty hot on his radio I guess. And when he and Stewart both got out of their cars, they seemed to be having some words. The radio announcers said that it looked as if Stewart was trying to calm Gordon down. Which I bet he was apoligizing to him. So Stewart took the full blame and Carl said that wasn't quite right that he should have half the blame. And here is the part I found kind of interesting, in their post wreck interviews both Stewart and Gordon referred to each other as teammates. I found that interesting. So anyway that's my take on the wreck.

  8. When "The Big One" happened there at the end I just froze. I didn't know who was in it at first, but I was afraid for all of our drivers. I'll try to explain it how I remember it happening and to the best of my ability for you. So they were having a double file restart, I can't remember why at the moment. From what I understand, and this might not be 100% correct, Tony Stewart was in the row behind Gordon. When they got the green flag, they went three wide into a turn with Stewart nudging up through the middle. Carl saw Stewart was trying to make a run and he was going to follow him. Well Stewart started to get a little loose and he knew Gordon was right beside him so he let off just a little. But that little bit was enough that Carl, who was right behind him, got into Stewart and turned him right into Gordon.

  9. I'm sorry to hear you didn't get to see the race yesterday. I didn't get to see it either, but I was lucky enough that a radio station here was broadcasting it so I could listen at work. It sounded like a really exciting race. Why do they always have to have those on Mondays anyway? lol Gordon was having an awesome day and I was rooting him on for you, as well as Jr who I thought had a pretty awesome day too.

  10. Thanks for the well wishes on the job search. It's going slow right now, but then I have a few in my sights that I really would like to have so I'm concentrating on them right now. Otherwise I would really rather stay here and receive my severance pay. We are actually getting a pretty good deal in severance, so that is a benefit of staying until the bitter end. But I am waiting to see if I will be called for an interview. Fingers and toes are crossed. lol I hope you have a great day!

  11. Wow, what a weekend! It didn't go anything like I had planned that's for sure. Oh well. But yes, I understand how you were feeling yesterday. I had the Sunday afternoon blues. And I forgot to record the race for today. Good grief! My head is going in a million different directions it seems. lol I didn't listen to all of the interviews and things. I was doing laundry and cleaning out a closet while waiting to see if the race would come on.

  12. Okay, now that I've flooded you with messages, I guess I better get back to that pile of work I've been trying to ignore. lol

  13. I heard about Kasey's signing today. I read a little about it. The article that I read said that Martin's contract is out in 2012 and that Martin told Hendrick that he didn't want to re-sign it. I can't remember if it said that he is retiring completely, or he might do the partial retirement again and try to help some up and coming racers get a feel for it. I'm not completely disappointed, I just hope he has a chance to win that Cup before it ends.

    As for Kasey Kahne, I'm okay with him. He's not a favorite, but he's not one I actively root against either. lol I just remember when we went to Charlotte one year that our neighbor's at the campground were Kasey fan's. They kept shouting "What's the name? Kasey Kahne!!!" That got a little annoying around midnight (and after the 30th time). lol

  14. Okay, so I'm pretty sure I haven't talked with you since the big news went on here. My brother had the chance to go to a Carl Edwards press conference at a local race track here that Carl used to race on all of the time. And my brother got to meet him and everything. I thought that was sooo cool. I didn't get to go because it was by invitation only. My brother knows people. lol Okay, maybe not, but apparently he knew the right person this time. But it was Carl, Mike Wallace and Jamie Mac was supposed to be there but he had a scheduling conflict. I think what they told me is that they were filming a commericial at that track. I figure it's for local play though, not for when the big races are on. Still, kind of cool!

  15. But.... I have been keeping up with the races at least. The last two races have been pretty exciting at the end. First with Denny Hamlin pitting, I never thought he would be able to come back for the win. But he showed me. lol

    And then last week. Wow. Good for Ryan Newman. It wasn't quite how I thought it was going to end, but it was exciting! I like exciting finishes most of the time. lol

  16. Hey Garrett! Sorry it's been so long. Things are just so crazy right now. I'm so piled up at work that I don't have a second to jump on here anymore. And then I go home and do the job hunt thing. I've got one application out and will probably send some more next week if all goes well. My fingers are crossed for the one that I did put out there. It's a really good job and something I think I would enjoy. But anyway, long story short, that's what's been going on.

  17. Yeah, I was a little disappointed that JJ won and not Kurt or someone else, but you know what? It was still an awesome race and I'm just so happy I got to be there. Bristol Baby, come on 2011!!! Lol That's not rushing things to much is it? lol Have a great evening and hopefully you won't be bored reading my mini novel here. lol Oh, and I will try to get my pictures posted within the next day or so.

  18. I didn't get to listen a whole lot though. My cousin came along with us because we ended up having another ticket at the last minute. This was his first race and he doesn't have a scanner. So instead of buying a $100 scanner or renting one for $50, we bought a cheap headset for $10 and a splitter for my scanner for $10. Well, now I know why the headset was only $10. If it was a caution you could hear fine, but not while they were racing. So since it was my cousin's first time and I wanted him to have the full experience, I let him use my headset for a lot of the race. But what I did hear, Gordon wasn't yelling, or sharp, or cussing or anything at Letarte. They seemed pretty amiable to me. I'm sure Gordon can let them all have it when his temper is riled up though. That's what Jr did. I was listening to him after his pit road speeding penalty. Apparently they played it for you on tv I heard, but I had it full force with none of the words bleeped out.

  19. Yep, you heard me right, I was yelling for him to go, go, go. lol I'm cracking myself up. lol Anyway, the reason Gordon fell back there at the end is interesting. What he needed to do is pit for new tires, but they didn't want to end up going a lap down or something. I really hope I'm remembering this right. So instead of losing lots and lots of positions by pitting, they decided to just race it out and try not to lose too many positions. That was Letarte's call and Gordon agreed with him. I heard it on the scanner while I was listening to him for you. lol

  20. Soooo, Bristol..... WAS AWESOME!!!!! I had such a good time and can't wait to go back next year! We're already planning it out and thinking of adding more seats. Did you see how empty the crowd was? I was amazed at how many empty seats their were. I had seats 6 thru 9 and the first five seats didn't even turn up. Needless to say we sprawled out and took up a bunch of room, made ourselves comfortable. lol I have to say, I think Stone Cold Steve Austin has been one of the best so far this year at starting the race. He had the crowd going that's for sure. We were so worried it was going to rain, but besides the sprinkling that one time, it was pretty awesome weather. And the racing! Wow, it was great. I was yelling and screaming for Mark Martin to win until he hit the wall. That sucked. lol And then, wait for it, ... I was rooting for Gordon! lol

  21. Whew, it's been long week already and it's only Tuesday!!! lol I've got a few minutes left on my break, so I thought I'd jump on and talk to ya for a minute. lol

    That was an interesting fact about Jr being paid the most. I wonder if that includes merchandise sales and things like that though. I think Jr out sells everyone else in that respect. Everyone knows him and a lot of people like him. Plus he has that famous last name. Although I'm pretty sure Gordon is a close second there as well. He's well known in his own right.

    So what did you think of Martinsville? I'm pretty bummed, not because of the race or anything though. I set up my DVR to record the race while I was at work, but I put in the wrong channel!!! Gahhhh!!! Talk about upset. But at least I followed along kinda sorta on the internet. Yahoo has a live chat that I followed while the race was on. It sounds like it would have been an excellent race to watch though!

  22. Hey how's it going? I'm sorry I haven't had a chance to update you on everything that went on with the race and all. I've been so busy. I didn't get back to work until Thursday because my great aunt passed on while we were in Tenn. So I've been dealing with that and then I get back to work and find out one of the girls has left. So my work load increased while I was on vacation. I'm still playing catch up and will hopefully get there sometime. But anyway, I didn't want you to think I was gone or anything, I'm still here. I promise to tell you all about everything next week ok? Have a great weekend and enjoy the race this weekend. It should be another good one!!!

  23. Well I hope you have a good rest of the week and weekend. Enjoy the race. I will give you a wave from the stands. Look for the pink Aflac hat. lol And hopefully I will talk to you again sometime next week.

  24. Did I like the Dukes movies? They were okay, as long as I didn't look at them as Dukes. It wasn't Dukes. I didn't even think Burt Reynolds did that good of a job as Boss Hogg. But that is my opinion. So, yeah, the movies were okay as long as they weren't considered Dukes. Maybe I'll just start calling them the McCoy's of Chickasaw or something. lol

  25. As for your favor? No problem. I actually have my own scanner for just this purpose. I bought it when I figured out I would be going to a lot of races. I mean it's like somewhere between $50 to $75 to rent one for the race I think (don't quote me on that) and I paid $100 for my own. After just two races it paid for itself.

    So anyway, no problem. I don't mind listening in to Gordon. I like to flip around a lot and find the interesting stuff, although I listen to Edwards and Jr the most I think. lol I'm pretty sure I've listened to Gordon before and I don't remember him cussing out Letarte. I do remember him being mad at another driver for a stupid mistake though. He said something, but I'm not even sure if he cussed then. But I will listen and report back. lol

    I'm also going to try and get some more good pictures and stuff that I can post. Fingers crossed the Edwards wins!!!

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