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  1. Season 4 Pin the Tail on the Dukes. Waylon Jennings:"Back in 1944, at Hazzard High, Rosco threw 2 touchdowns, at the wrong goal."
  2. HOGG'S Heavenly Acres Cemetery & Crematorium(Money to Burn)
  3. FOX on the Run(Song The Duke Family Singers Bo, Luke, Daisy & Jesse sing in Season 7 Opening Night at the Boars Nest.)
  4. DARCY Kincaid(Crop duster pilot)
  5. Boss Hogg and Uncle Jesse's X rated moonshine running movie(Days of Shine and Roses)
  6. VIVIAN Stewart(Season 6 Heiress Daisy Duke)
  7. I look forward to it. I'm outta reactions again. So ❤️.
  8. Rosco P. Coltrane... You stole my money! You're nothin' but a RENEGADE!(Season 6 Too Many Rosco's)
  9. Garrett I want to hear it.
  10. Daisy Duke would get accused of PURGERY if she married Deputy Enos Strate to save him from prison when it's thought that he robbed Boss Hogg's Bank(Season 7 Enos & Daisy's Wedding)
  11. Uncle Jesse's Finest(For medicinal purposes of course)
  12. Look what you did to my suit with these 2 NEW paintings(Season 6 Dead and Alive)
  13. I'm outta reactions. So here's my ❤️ for this.
  14. Jesse's middle name starts with L.
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