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  1. VIVIAN(Carter Stewart's granddaughter)
  2. (Season 5 Return of the Mean Green Machine) Boss and Rosco are riding Miss Tisdale's motorcycle they stole from her, and using it to chase the MGM because Rosco blew up his car while trying to fire a bazooka at the machine to make it stop. Boss Hogg:"Rosco, if you ever have to live yer life over, don't!" Rosco:"If I do, I hope I'm a duck!"
  3. How come actors and actresses can do a movie with a different studio while in contract with another one? Waylon Jennings while under contract with RCA wasn't allowed to record music for any other label.
  4. GEORGIA(state of Hazzard County's location)
  5. The X rated movie of Boss Hogg and Uncle Jesse from the moonshine running days shown in Days of Shine and Roses
  6. Dukes Trivia: We learn in Season 5 Coy Meets Girl, that Deputy Cletus Hogg is allergic to dogs, as he keeps sneezing after Bobby Lee Jordan put her little dog in his face. T or F?
  7. Try this site. It had episodes. Type in Dukes of Hazzard. www.dailymotion.com There's a playlist of seasons 1-5 clips of action scenes on YouTube. Channel is TV Stunter.
  8. Watching Season 5 Dukes Strike it Rich and just caught a mistake/blooper. It's in the scene when Rosco crashes into Coy and Vance. The General Lee has a dent in the passenger side front fender before Rosco even hits them.
  9. Anybody else besides me here like Chocolate Covered Raisins and Chocolate Covered Turtles?
  10. I forgot y'all. 3 guys escaped. Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers John Anglin and Clarence Anglin.
  11. Bank robber Frank Morris and that other guy who escaped from Alcatraz Island Prison, they escaped successfully? That's why they were never heard from again right?
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