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  1. Do y'all think in The Dukes of Hazzard Reunion movie(1997), if the Dukes would've raced Cam and Riker during the General Lee's test run, maybe Cam wouldn't have made them flip over? Maybe he made them flip over because they refused to race him?
  2. Christine(In the Stephen King Book/Novel and John Carpenter movie the car was made there)
  3. FOX Hollow Bridge(Location in Return of the General Lee game 2004 PS 2 and Xbox)
  4. Garrett Duke... I know what it is. It means Head And Neck Support.
  5. Anyone else catch the blooper in Season 3 The Legacy? Waylon called Wilbur "Emery" in the line "Seein' how Emery made the arrest, he was in line fer a nice reward. Since he wasn't a regular deputy."
  6. Rock QUARRY(Daisy Dukes It Out) PlayStation 1 video game place
  7. It will get better. Yer a tuff guy Roger. You can weather the storm.
  8. OMG! Praying for you Roger and your dad!
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