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  1. I'm done and thru with trying to get a perfect Skipper hat from companies because of my Bluenox experience. It seems now days, that everybody is out there to screw somebody over. And I don't wanna gamble again take chances and go thru that again! People tell me in the Gilligan's Island groups on Facebook tell me about my Facebook post "You had me at Pakistan! That should've been your first clue."
  2. Season 2 Hazzard Connection) Augie Detweiller:"The Sheriff still watchin'?" Shoulders:"Yeah, just like he's been doin' all week!" Augie Detweiller:"I love it! I don't think there's a single thing that can go wrong with this little scheme we got goin' here!" Shoulders:"But if it does, we got them Duke Boys to take the fall!"(Both men laugh.)
  3. A Facebook friend she said "It was in India. That should haven given you the first clue. I’m surprised you got it at all"
  4. Benford Yacht Hat out of Inverness Florida USA warned me themselves before my Bluenox purchase They said "Buy a Pakistan hat and just hope that you don't get scammed."
  5. Friends... Beware when buying anything online! My Bluenox Skipper's hat in my Facebook profile picture, ordered from eBay seller Bluenox out of Sialkot Pakistan October 3 2020, shipped October 20 2020 and delivered October 26 2020, did not come with Gilligan's Island Alan Hale Jr.(Skipper) Twisted Knotted Intertwined Mouse Braid on it like advertised! The guy pulled the old bait and switch act on me, by showing me one thing, and delivering another completely different thing! The grand total of $78.29 and it still isn't what I wanted! Btw(by the way)this seller is a dead link now. His page no longer exists. I have learned my lesson. Can't believe everything I see! The moral of the story and the lesson learned is shop with extreme caution when buying items online, that you can't see and inspect in person first! Mom did at the time of purchase tell my brother her other son Donny a joke about it "They're gonna get my money and give Bobby something from out of a Comic Book!" Oh man, was she close! It's not something out of a Comic Book, but we did get scammed on the braid. The braid is a fictional product a style we did not pay for. We paid for the Twisted Knotted Intertwined Mouse Braid and he gave me Gorget style just a regular cap cord with a knot at each end. Like mom says "The Internet is a lie!" While not all of the whole entire Internet is a lie, some things and some people on it unfortunately are. On a happy note, at least the Skipper's hat came. I did receive the item. Albeit the wrong braid though. But it could've been a lot worse. Could've got our money, and sent nothing or sent a brick in a box. That actually happened. I heard a story about a man who bought something from eBay and received a brick in the box. I know a guy name Gary Scott Fine on Facebook who has had a similar experience with a seller by the name of World Wing. Gary requested Black buttons, but received Gold Brass buttons. When he confronted the seller World Wing, World Wing said "I forgot to put the Black buttons on, you can paint them!" And this was after he even confirmed Gary's order details back to Gary to ensure Gary was getting exactly what he wanted! There are many scams out there unfortunately. It can even happen here in the USA, but it's much more likely apt to happen dealing with overseas sellers. On a happy note, at least both Gary and I received our items, even if there was 1 wrong detail with them. I know why his eBay page probably no longer exists. He probably did the same trick to many other buyers. One probably launched a complaint against him for false advertising/item misrepresentation/fraud etc etc. Probably got him shut down. Karma came back and got him for how he done me. Bluenox was a scammer. He got what he deserved. October 3, 2024 will be 4 years since the order. The 20 4 years it shipped. The 26 4 years since delivery. eBay only allows a window of 30 days for returns. It's unfortunately to late for me to do anything about it now. I know why they(the folks who are bait and switchers)do it. Because they know everyone wants the Gilligan's Island braid. If they show the straight regular plain Gorget style Cap Cord instead of the braided one, they know they risk to lose sales, especially among the folks like me series fans and of his Skipper character. They show the Skipper's braid as a sales tactic/marketing strategy to move the product. If they show the braid they intentionally plan on using, nobody who are (Gilligan's Island/Skipper) fans will not want to buy their product because it isn't quite screen accurate without that correct braided rope.
  6. (Season 5 Coy Meets Girl) Coy Duke:"We just drove into World War 3!" Vance Duke:"Holy Hannah, it was in the papers last week!" Coy Duke:"World War 3?" Vance Duke:"No, the national guard is holdin' war maneuvers out here! An' we're right smack dab in the middle of it!" Coy Duke:"If one of those shells hits that truck, it's goodbye antiques!" Vance Duke:"If one of those shells hits any of us, it's just plain goodbye!"
  7. (Season 1 Double Sting) Bo Duke:"You gotta tell me one thing! How'd you fake the plague?" Tom Colt:(Laughing.)"That was simple! I'm allergic to Poison Ivy right?" Bo Duke:"Yeah!" Tom Colt:"So when I get in jail, I just peel back the tape and expose the Poison Ivy. Then I get the rash, the swelling, I even get a fever. Then, I fake all the other symptoms of the plague, like delirium, crampin', all that sort of stuff you know? An' then, man, it looks good, really good! Just like the plague! It was beautiful, really beautiful! Anyway, do you realize that there ain't no doctor ever seen a case of the plague in this part of the country?"(Tom Colt who was sitting down, got up to go stand behind Bo and Luke while explaining about faking the plague. He sneaks away to the General Lee, while he was standing behind Bo and Luke who are still sitting down on the creek shore.) Bo Duke:"Gosh, it sure is gonna be somethin' to work with a real professional!" Luke Duke:"You figure we can ever be that good?" Bo Duke:"I don't know. It's gonna take a lot of-"(General Lee starts up. Bo and Luke run to it trying to stop Tom Colt from stealing it and leaving them stranded. He escapes, in a cloud of dust, just as they get there.) Waylon Jennings:"Y'all realize they ain't no closer to Daisy than they were in jail!"
  8. (Season 2 Days of Shine and Roses)Boss finds out Rosco failed in his mission to sabotage Uncle Jesse's moonshine race car Black Tillie II. Boss Jefferson Davis Hogg:"Rosco! The next time you sabotage a car, make sure it's mine! That way, it'll run forever!" Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane:"Well, what I should've done is put sugar in that gas tank instead of water!" Boss Jefferson Davis Hogg:"Not if you would've used the water on your brain! If it's thick enough to clog your head, just think of what it would've done to Jesse's car!"
  9. (Season 2) Days of Shine and Roses Rosco is working on a crossword puzzle. Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane:"Hey Boss? What's a five letter word fer dunce?" Boss Jefferson Davis Hogg:"R. O. S. C. O.!" Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane:"Ooh ooh it fits! It fits!"(Realizing Boss Hogg has picked on him.)"It jit jit ooh!"
  10. (Season 1 Repo Men) Rosco:"Well, I ain't to crazy about the idea Boss. I mean, what is it exactly that we're framin' the Duke Boys for?" Boss Hogg:"It ain't "we" Rosco! It's more like you! Those Duke Boys settin' a very dangerous example for the other folks here about, they'll get everybody thinkin' that the duly constituted authority in Hazzard County -" Rosco:"Namely you-" Boss Hogg:"Namely me can be cut sassed an' crossed! I want those boys behind bars!" Rosco:"Well, I'll throw 'em in jail! I'll throw 'em in jail fer the whole weekend! That way, they can't race on Saturday! That'll just break their redneck hearts! Kew Kew!" Boss Hogg:"I'm talkin' prison! 2 years fer breakin' probation!" Rosco:"Well Boss, I wouldn't exactly call that breakin' probation you know. It's not as if they're runnin' 'shine or out there poachin' them little deers!" Boss Hogg:"Rosco, you better get creative, or else you will be-" Rosco:"The night watch rent-a-cop at the drive-in deli on Frontage RD.!" Boss Hogg:"Bingo!"
  11. (Season 1 Double Sting) Luke Duke:"I'm tellin' ya Bo! I got a close up look at it, an' it's the same car!" Bo Duke:"So I suppose yer gonna tell me he's in here right?" Waylon Jennings:"Now, you start with a little bumpin' on a Hazzard County road, then go to the Boars Nest, add a stranger or two that look like they're up to no good, a lot of spice, mix in a little sugar, an' watch out." Daisy Duke:"What'd he look like?" Luke Duke:"He looked mean-" Bo Duke:"An' ugly." Daisy Duke:"That covers just about everybody in here, except me!" Luke Duke:"Well, I'd know him if I saw him again." Daisy Duke:"Good luck. Hey, are y'all goin' to the costume dance party Saturday?" Bo Duke:"Daisy, we ain't got time fer that, we gotta race." Daisy Duke:"It's the biggest dance all year, fellas!" Luke Duke:"It's the only dance all year!" Daisy Duke:"Wait 'til you see what I'm wearin'. I'm goin' as a circus bareback rider!" Tom Colt:"Hey baby! I'd like to be yer horse!" Daisy Duke:"Ok sugar! Soon as I find the front end!" Tom Colt:"I don't take no dirt from a bar maid!" Bo Duke:"Ain't that him?" Luke Duke:"That's him!" A bar room brawl erupts into major chaos.
  12. (Season 1 Double Sting) Luke Duke:"It looks like Rosco's gonna give us a hand here!" Sheriff Emitt Ragsdale:"What kind of untrained -?"(Rosco causes him to flip his car over.) Deputy Enos Strate:"Sheriff, did you see that!?" Sheriff Emitt Ragsdale:(Gets out of car.)"Coltrane, your driving is sub standard!" Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane:(So only him and Enos hear.)"I didn't turn over!" Deputy Enos Strate:"You reckon we oughta help the Sheriff?" Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane:"He ain't hurt! Turn off the lights!" Deputy Enos Strate:"Yessir!"
  13. Waylon Jennings in his last major interview conducted by CMT(Country Music Television) shortly before his death on February 13, 2002. "If you got an idea, try it you know. That's what we're all about anyway. An' music, if you start puttin' limits on music, that's it. You might as well take it to the house."
  14. (Season 1 Luke's Love Story.) Bo, Cooter and Uncle Jesse talking about Cooter being a crasher in the upcoming Hazzard County Obstacle Derby race. Bo:"You are gonna be a crasher fer Boss!?" Cooter:"I ain't got no choice y'all! Rosco's gonna sell my truck to pay off my tickets, if not, he's gonna put me under the jail!" Bo and Jesse laugh. Cooter:"You ain't mad?" Bo:"Old Boss sure has outfoxed himself this time, huh? Cooter, yer gonna put on a phony show for 'im." Cooter:"I am?" Uncle Jesse:"Yeah. You see, now that we know about it, you an' Luke can just bump each other once in awhile, an' the Boss will think yer runnin' a dishonest race an' doin' yer job!" Bo, Cooter and Uncle Jesse laugh. Bo and Cooter high five. Now they talk about Amy Creavy's ex mechanic/boyfriend Turk. Turk likes putting nitrous oxide in cars getting drivers disqualified. Francis Lee Olmstead(Frankie for short):"I wish we could handle Turk that easily." Bo:"Well don't worry about. We will, when we find him." Frankie:"Find Turk? You don't find Turk! Turk finds you!"
  15. (Season 4 The Haunted House) Andy:"Oh he probably just stepped in a closet or somethin'." Barney:"Where you been!?" Gomer:"I must've stepped in a closet or somethin'." Andy:"See." Gomer:"It sure was a funny closet. I never would've found my way out again, if you hadn't gave me that push." Barney:"I didn't push you." Gomer:"Well, somebody or somethin' did."
  16. Rescue From Gilligan's Island(1978) Skipper:"What seems to be the problem, Professor?" Professor:"Well, it's not fitting for some reason." Gilligan:"I bet I can make it fit! Give me a boost Skipper!" Skipper:"Certainly Little Buddy! Just put your foot in my hand and-"(Pushes Gilligan up so he can make the pole fit that's been giving Skipper and Professor all the problems.) Gilligan:"Whoa!"(Crashes thru hut roof.)"I think you got me a little to high Skipper!" Skipper:"Gilligan! You come down from there this minute!"
  17. (Season 4 The Haunted House) Barney Fife:"Gomer!? Gomer!? Gome!? Andy! Andy! Gomer's gone! He was here one minute an' gone the next! Now do you believe me about this place!? Somethin' terrible happened to Gomer!"
  18. (Season 1 Limo One is Missing) Rosco and Enos almost collide into each other's car. Rosco:"You dumb dipstick! What're you tryin' to do?! Give me bodily injury!? Alright, where is she!? Did you let 'er go!?" Enos:"I didn't mean to Sheriff. I don't know where she went." Rosco:"Hush! Hush! Don't talk back to me while I'm yellin' at you!"
  19. Titanic fans... I just found out, Bernard Hill(Captain Smith) died at 79 years old.
  20. Did anyone else catch the Mistake/Blooper in the end of the Season 4 episode Double Dukes? When the real General Lee makes the fake General Lee flip over in the 5 count from Bo, the fake loses it's mirror off the driver's door. But when it's on the fork lift at Cooter's Garage, being hauled away, the mirror is back on it.
  21. Roger... The answer to yours is Denver Pyle(Uncle Jesse)and Sorrell Booke(Boss Hogg). Buck and Mickey held up a church Bingo game over in Greenville, and picked Hazzard County to hide in.
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