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    oldschool metalhead, bassist, musician, shortwave radio freak and lover of old-time-radio, classic-television shows and old movies.
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    Music, Old-Time-Radio, Old television shows and old movies.
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  1. I have lost the pw to my TXZ045 account, I am now here under my new account name BoguesDuke.

  2. In the past couple of weeks I've been listening to abit of: Tom Wopat, John Schneider, Mysticum, Godflesh, Exodus, Skinny Puppy, Psyche, and some other stuff slipping my memory at the moment.
  3. Good questions. I'll be interested about any potentially informative replies.
  4. The fella on this page did a good job explaining from several angles the structural changes/differences. http://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC21V5W_duke-farm-house-dukes-of-hazzard-4 (Sorry I don't know how to shorten that link)
  5. I finally comprehend ha!, it's been a long night and a long morning here. Thanks again for replies about this.
  6. So the first pic I posted (which I barrowed from somebody on this forum, thanks) is from the other side of the house compared to the 2nd photo I posted... opposite sides of the structure in terms of front and back eigh?
  7. Thanks for replies I reckon my confusion was based on these two shots and how different they look. I understand now more after reading ya'lls replies. I hope those pix show up as I'm having major technical issues today with computers, cameras, the internet in general.
  8. Howdy from West Texas! -Question: The original Duke Farm-House had three chimneys as shown in the drawing here, correct? I'm confused about this being the original Duke-Farm house and the house which was torn down / talked about in the 'Save The Duke Farm' thread. That one looking to be more of a log-cabin and this white house here looking to be more of a regular house. So there's the pics of the house remains, only two chimneys standing as everyone here has seen... but the confusing part is the fact that the house had 3 chimneys... where did that 3rd one go? But, again I say the one structure is more log-cabin style, while this one in the diagram as we all know is more of a house-house. There are 3 in total Duke-Farm houses used in the TV series correct? I've been reading here on the forums for some years though I don't visit as often as I should. Hope I've not typed this in a confusing way, I just woke up after being up all night watching Dukes
  9. I've been avoiding the movie since it came out. So far so good, i've not seen it.
  10. Indeed, whoever put that car together knew to put those flags on it because that makes it more 'original' looking. Its a smoothe ride I'm in love with it. And yah, my small little car is ideal for the current gas-madness which is only bound to get even more crazy in the next few months. I remember I used to could put 10 dollars in that lil car and it would be at like 3 quarters of a tank. Now, you put in 10 dollars and your lucky if you get half a tank.
  11. Though I wish I had his car. Here are some pics attached of me with his car. My dream car.
  12. Definately, I've taken my lil Ford Aspire(assfire) and slid it around corners on dirt roads, or sliding into my drive-way... its not really a spin the tires type of car but it can slide around and I definately attribute that to my watching the Dukes since I was a lil kid. Plus my dad drives like that all the time
  13. I drive a small Ford- Aspire(assfire) two door. Tiny lil fuel-sipping car.
  14. doubtful. he is a busy man who really only bought the car more as an 'investment' than anything else. it stays parked in the garage and is only driven once a month usualy from what he said. the engine and car was worked on by someone who worked on some of the cars from the latest dukes movie. i dont know much else about it accept that my friends from a band called Pumpjack are major dukes fans and they come out on stage to the dukes themes song intro good ol boys... so, I'm tryin to get them and this guy together so they can get their band photo for their new upcoming cd taken with his general lee. look up Pumpjack on myspace if your interested to hear them. thanks for your reply to this thread and i wish he was taking it to dukesfest but i just highly doubt it considering how busy he is with work.
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