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    I'm a student by day, and a country girl by night. :)
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  1. Seeing the Charger get smashed kinda made me giggle. Just saying... Go Impala! Seeing the General smashed however? Just another day at the office.
  2. I got all the seasons of the Dukes, all of That 70s Show, all of Angel, a couple of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Firefly, The Waltons, LOST... And my recent favorite, Supernatural.
  3. I really would like to, but I'm afraid time just isn't on my side right now in that department. :(

  4. Hey would you like leave a post on Ashley and Matt's Love Story it's relatively new less than fifty posts on it right now.

  5. Bo, always with the rebel streak, said, "Now, Uncle Jesse, Rosco ain't got no call to go searchin' the General." Jesse shook his head. "Now, Bo, Rosco's got a warrent. We can't tell him he can't search the General." Bo begrudgingly led Rosco to the barn and let him in to look the General over. He knew Rosco wouldn't find anything. Luke wasn't stupid enough to leave evidence in the General when he was on the farm. The sheriff walked in and started searching the General, and all the while, Bo wondered just WHAT had gotten into his cousin.
  6. Haha, no worries. I'll be good. :)

  7. Yes it has been a long time. No more Dr. Pepper? I know what that means now, so be good....

  8. Hey, there, friend. It's been a while. Guess what, I don't have to drink Dr. Pepper at the race anymore! Haha!

  9. kk, its called Everything Daisy Wants, in Round Robins

  10. hey, ill start the story out, but you still on?

  11. im kind of basing the story on a song by Vertical Horizon called Everything You Want, it is so a Daisy and Enos song

  12. well, okay, i have a few ideas about writing a Daisy and Enos story calling it Everything Daisy Wants, but i dont know, maybe we could start it and see were it takes us, you think you could start the story out, we'll post it in Round Robins

  13. I don't know... Going Home 3 is mine and Dixie's baby... But I'd be glad to maybe write something else with you.

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