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  1. I can't remember what episode, but he says(I think he was talking to Rosco) "Enos couldn't find a pumpkin on Halloween!"
  2. My favorite channels are ESPN and TNT because they show NBA games.
  3. DOH (of course) Alice Sanford and Son The Jeffersons NBA games The Weather Channel(it rains often here)
  4. Yes I like Alice also. The show aired almost the same years as DOH('76-85). I'm waiting for the "Mel is Hogg Tied" episode too. I hope ION is still showing it when they get to that episode. There's about 20 or 30 episodes you can watch on In2TV, but Hogg Tied episode is not available. Here's the link. http://television.aol.com/in2tv
  5. Well, I've seen all of them now. The 3rd season is the one I bought last. It's one of the best-about as good as the 4th. I saved Carnival of Thrills and My Son Bo Hogg for last 'cause they were supposed to be the best. And they were. There was not one episode that I didn't like-the only other season I can say that for is the 4th. Here's how I rate each season(out of 10): 1st-8.5 2nd-8 3rd-9.5 4th-9.5 5th-6.5 6th-7 7th-7.5 If Robot P Coltrane and Strange Visitor to Hazzard were replaced with a couple of good 'shine episodes than I would have given Season 7 a 9.
  6. A few months ago I saw this episode on TV Land channel. It took about 5 minutes before we recognized him! He was fairly thin and had a "normal" accent. All of a sudden I pointed and said "Hey, that's Boss Hogg!" It's the only time he appeared on Good Times. Here's the link http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0590861/ I prefer his "Boss Hogg" accent. Almost every sentence makes me laugh.
  7. The only ones I've seen are Sounder and Hooper. Great movies.
  8. I noticed that Daisy has her yellow car and Enos appears shortly after going to LA. Forgive me if it's been discussed before, but does anyone know why that episode is out of place?
  9. Well, it looks like The Ghost of the GL has a big edge as the favorite.
  10. Most of the DOH seasons are double sided DVDs, and it always seems that the side up seems to get scratched or damaged. There's one side of a disc on Season 1 that won't play at all. And the first time I opened Season 3 yesterday, there was something sticky on the disc. I got the sticky junk off of it, but damaged it in the process. Now one episode skips. Is there a way to buff out the damage or fix it somehow? I still am angry that you can't buy any movies or shows in VHS. If they had released the episodes in EP or SLP on a T-160 tape, you could fit a full season on 2 tapes. Picture quality may not be quite as good, but with a VHS tape at least it will play all the way through. And it's very hard to damage a tape because there's nothing exposed. And VCRs last much longer than a DVD player anyway.
  11. Well, I got Season 3 today. It seems that they dubbed over Benny the Quill because it sounds like Boss says Benny the Queer. That's my guess. I have not seen My Son Bo Hogg yet. I'm saving that one and Carnival of Thrills for last, since they're supposed to be the best.
  12. I think Boss would give them permission to leave the county to go and race. That way they would be out of his way. I'm sure he didn't know about Coy and Vance coming back at that time:-P
  13. I don't remember what the brown haired girl's name was, but I know I sure do like her!
  14. I think threads are not responded to because there is not much activity on this site. I don't think it's you. A few days ago I checked CMT's TV guide on the website. According to it, they are supposed to be showing the DOH starting today until ???? I think you can see up to about 2 weeks ahead and DOH is on the schedule all that time. In a few minutes it will be 6:00 central time and I'll see if it's on.
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