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  1. black Charger ( Remember what the General was and looked like, before the Dukes owned it?)
  2. Good to have you Gig Guy and you know what...…? I NEVER noticed the General wasn't on S.1 E.3 !! I can't believe it! WOW!!
  3. You're lucky you didn't blow a casket! That happens sometimes, when you overfill with oil! Then you have to take the head off and put a new seal on it and that takes time and money, because of all those parts on top of the engine that have to come off! ( and then be put back on!)
  4. What about that time when Bo and Luke were skinny dipping and those two stole the General. That one crook said, " Is this car double strong or what?"
  5. LOL! I thought you might like Nadler as Boss and Schiff as Rosco! ( Those are the two main people trying to get Trump out of office!)…..I have always said, as far as Jerry Nadler goes....someone needs to just reach out and grab him by the Nadlers!!
  6. It's gonna be sunny here but 34 for a high! Too cold for the South!
  7. We have a General lee in town where I live...maybe you could cruise around with that guy?
  8. Yes, please do Roger! I'm wondering if she's as big a Dukes fan as we are...? I kind of doubt she's going to be on board with your plan though!
  9. The house I live in didn't cost that much when I bought it! ( $ 64,000) If it was a General Lee...hmmmm….MAYbe but.....( I know...I'm too Jewish!)
  10. I've never said this before....and probably never will again.....just to show you how much we care, you come by the car lot and I'll GIVE you all the shine you want ….FREE!! ( Don't say anything to Boss about it though, you know how he is!! )
  11. pretty but not worth anything near what they're asking!