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  1. Hobie Harkins

    Coy And Vance

    This was the exact scene I was talking about! ( Hoss nails it every time! ) I think you may be right about that Boss!
  2. Hobie Harkins

    In Your Opinion....

    I think we can all agree, that most of the actors, on the show, were mostly " Looks", with little acting ability. I think we can also agree, that the 3 MAIN characters aka, REAL actors, were Sorrell Booke, Denver Pyle, and Jimmy Best. Among these 3, I say it came down to Sorrell Booke or Jimmy Best....not sure between those two.....what do you guys think?
  3. Hobie Harkins

    Please allow myself to introduce...myself

    Welcome Slave 1...good top have you!
  4. Hobie Harkins

    NASCAR news

    The price of that advertising is insane!!! It's not the super bowl...lol!!
  5. Hobie Harkins

    Word Association

    And NOW...you ain't the only one!! Band
  6. Hobie Harkins

    Word Association

  7. Hobie Harkins

    Cooter's Book

    Has anybody, besides me, got/read Ben Jones' book, Redneck Boy In The Promise Land, The confessions of Crazy Cooter. ? I've got it and it's ok but no big deal. He just talks about how it was growing up etc. It's a big thick book too. It turns out Ben Jones is a Leftist, cashing in on looking like a conservative. There's a lot of that going around these days in radio, TV, etc. I call them CONservatives….with emphasis on the CON! ( You know like the supposedly CONservative talk show hosts, etc.) They know where the money's at and so they sell out their liberal values to make a buck! Remember, Ben Lewis Jones was a Democrat Congressman, in Georgia, though he's from North Carolina! If you don't have it, save your money! It's no big deal! I got it at a bargin bin for $1.00, so obviously most people felt like I do about it!
  8. Hobie Harkins

    Word Association

  9. Hobie Harkins

    Word Association

  10. Hobie Harkins

    Word Association

  11. Hobie Harkins

    Bo Duke Is Indeed Going To Jail!

    I wouldn't mind taking a stab at buying it, but there's no telling WHAT price it will bring at auction! Hey, maybe I could be Bo Duke's landlord??
  12. Hobie Harkins

    Dukes of Hazzard Diecast Models

    VERY nice!!
  13. Hobie Harkins

    The last 24 hours

    That's awesome! Maybe some of your ancestors were friends of my ancestors!! THAT would be wild! I'm not sure how big County down was/is but I'm sure it wasn't that big, so....who knows??
  14. Hobie Harkins

    Coy And Vance

    Hey everybody, I was just thinking, you know the scenes of the episodes they show, while they're playing the music and the show is coming on? Well, we all know the episodes that the scenes are from but there's one on Coy and Vance's episodes that I don't think ever really happened. Remember when Coy threw Vance a dish in the kitchen and uncle Jesse gave them a hard look? I don't remember that from any episode, do you? ( I'm on season 5 and watching " The Return of The Mean Green Machine " as I type this)
  15. Hobie Harkins

    general lees from the georiga episode

    We certainly saw the General at Cooter's or being towed by Cooter's truck enough! HA! HA!