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  1. How about the one, " Ba Ba Black Sheep", where Sorrel Booke played his own good brother, Abraham Lincoln Hogg? Bo was supposedly off on training with the Marine Corp. Reserve? He missed a couple/three episodes like this, where it was just Daisy and Luke. I was just thinking about asking you guys a question about this. Do you think John Schneider had trouble with the WB group, like Jimmy Best, Ben Jones etc. had at times or do you think he just needed some time off or was he sick or....? No one here probably knows but it would be interesting to hear what you think.
  2. I might still have mine. …...have to look in my closet....well...wife just told me it's somewhere in the storage barn out back....
  3. Oh yes you can! I've rented hotels in East Tennessee with my debit card. I've NEVER had a credit card and never will. They are one of the best ways to financial ruin known to man!
  4. Yes he did. It's one of those fluctuating things in TV shows, that people think we wouldn't notice, so they don't give it a definite number, name, time, place etc.
  5. You may have a point come to think of it...the only time I can remember for sure was the Late JD Hogg show though.
  6. I was watching the Late JD Hogg the other night and it is definitely on the transmission hump just under the dash!
  7. season...it's almost here!
  8. On the one with Henry Flatt ( " R.I.P. Henry Flatt" ), when Luke was jumping something at the first, when they were trying to get home real fast for supper so Uncle Jesse wouldn't be mad, it actually showed the left fender bending when he landed...!!
  9. I always had the impression that it was mounted under the dashboard, just under where the radio would be
  10. Yea, it always amazed me how they could do all the things they did with the General and never need to do any body work and still be able to drive him like nothing ever happened! TV land is a great place!
  11. Hello and welcome Joe! I'm from the good ol' South! Middle Tennessee!