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  1. yea Glenn! I'm sure our resident Hazzard Genius ( Hoss!) can answer whatever you want to know!
  2. probably AT me...I'm serious! I'm thinking about getting the line on the Browns to take it all the way and place a wager ( we Dukes never bet...only wager! )
  3. I predict the Browns will take it all!! ( For the first time!)
  4. AND....when they get suspicious, Bo gets mad at Luke about it and then there's the fight you saw!
  5. Quack !!* * I wouldn't HAVE you wait on me you Quack!....( guess you guys know who said it and when....?)
  6. DOH is on TV NOW!! ( Not sure what your cable is but the call letters are , IFCHD. You may not like it though. It's the new one with Johnny Knoxville.) It's just started, so it'll be on for a long time still!
  7. Hey Silva, we're just like a family here...heck...we ARE a small family here! We all live in Hazzard and try to make this as big a part of our life as possible, though you DO have to take care of your outside Hazzard family and other responsibilities too of course! So, come around as much as you can!
  8. Reminds me of Orwell's 1984. There's a reason the Feds had a file on him! ( He was hitting too close and made them nervous!)
  9. Yes, or just say, " 5 Words"* , to every question or comment made to you! * I Have Nothing To Say!
  10. Good to see you Silva! I hope you like it around here! Tell us about yourself and what you like about the Dukes!
  11. First it was Dana, now it's........Hallie NASCAR requires Hailie Deegan to take sensitivity training (msn.com)
  12. I'm pushing for either the Packers or the Browns....Browns have never even BEEN to the Super Bowl!
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