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  1. Square....I had a Totino square pizza tonight
  2. I know I've asked this once or twice....( more?) but I forgot...please tell me if you know ( and I promise not to ask again)...what episode was it, where , I THINK, Jesse said, " Make it up on the road" or, " You'll have to make it up on the road" ? I'll write it down somewhere this time!
  3. You see? This is what I'm talking about! Hazzardites sticking together! Just like a family should!
  4. oh..! oh...!! BOOOO...HISS!! LOL!! That was a ruff one! Ha! Ha! pizza ( I love sausage pizza!)
  5. Yea...basically they're just animals and cowards......looters......is that the new name for Thugs now??? It's great to see you back Mufn....we love you and miss you when we don't see you!
  6. probably after some sour mash to ferment that home grown stuff in!
  7. Me too...but I'm losing it...I thought today was Memorial day!
  8. * Hey...just a short break in the game...why is this( Word Association) in the swamp? ( I just noticed this! ) I mean this is nothing hard core or anything....??
  9. well, I can still get on but it's just got "Home " at the bottom of the screen and I have to click it to get the list, forums, topics, etc. This is just weird. Not like it's been all these years!
  10. Boss was in a wheelchair this whole episode because of gout That Gout is the real deal! I have to take medicine for mine! Boss was in a wheelchair this whole episode because of gout I knew he was...but the whole episode??...WOW!! I didn't realize! Rosco was talking about how poor the Dukes are "if money was pole cat perfume you couldn't smell them through a barb wire fence" THAT was a classic! PERFECT!!