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  1. We're here with you Roger and never forget that! I'm glad you're feeling better but please keep us up on what's happening. Let us know if they ever get to the bottom of it!
  2. This is all great news! Just like a Hazzard episode...it ended well for everybody!
  3. Biffle races trucks now? Did he quit racing cars??
  4. Well maybe Mr. Rhuebottom and her will dance together! ( I saw him sneak in while a go!)
  5. Hmmm...you may not have anything to guard after a while!
  6. I sure hope everything is ok Roger! Keep us up on what's going on!
  7. AND more Graham crackers!....ya gotta have graham crackers for Smores!! ( and plenty of marshmallows' to roast on the fire out back!)
  8. Boss and Miz Tizdale ate it all up behind the Boar's Nest where no one could see them!
  9. That's right Roger! You have to push these people. I've found that lawyers aren't the only people you have to keep an eye on! I think we ought to have a week long party here at the Boar's Nest...I mean after all, you can't have a better reason than MM feeling better and besides....I really don't think the town will suffer from a week long party.....Hazzard's kind of like where I live...pretty dead/slow....lol! It's not like all of us in the bar will keep anything in town from getting done! LOL!
  10. The "Moon" is also delicious tonight! and I think I saw MM dancing with Enos….!!
  11. I might be buzzing and hand MM a Mason Jar full of the good stuff and I'll also hug the stuffing out of her and remind her how much we love her and how popular she is in Hazzard County!
  12. yes, me and Jesse swapped Moonshine recipes and we're ready for a big party! He brought lots of his and I brought lots of mine! We got the Sh...WATER sitting on the center table and Meadow can help herself! She's to be the first one to take a sip ( you never waste a sip) because she's the one we're honoring!
  13. GOOD DEAL ( Lucille...!) !! We have DEFINITELY got to party at the boar's Nest for this!!
  14. How about some Hazzard County Cookies? They go well with any flavor shine you might like!