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  1. ok...what about 1:00 pm central time? on Saturday....everybody ok with that?
  2. Well, I didn't see this until now....should we do it in here or Family Net?
  3. I'll open a post in the Family section ( Where we're at right now!) like this: One Armed Bandits Hey everybody, good to see you. You know I always wondered why they......when the show first starts. You see how Enos went over and..…..then everybody just jump in with whatever you want to say
  4. Report post Posted 5 hours ago BTW. There's currently no chat room on HNet (and you need to be a Supreme Superior Commander to add one), so we might just have to start a new thread and post comments there while we watch. This is what I was thinking. We just all get in one room and start the episode on our own DVD at a certain time, day etc. We won't need the Muffin for that....by the way, I hope you're ok Muffin...don't be a stranger! ( We get worried when we don't hear from you......We love you SO much! ) Then we watch it and comment on it, on the computer, in the room, as it unfolds! How's this? 1. We all start the program at 7:00 p.m. central time every Sat. 2. We all meet in Hazzard Net Family on the board. 3. We make comments, observations, etc. on the board as the show goes on , talking about the show and talking to each other( unlike face to face, we will still be able to hear the show with no problem because when we " talk" [ notice the quotes], it will be on here and not verbally. ) So....let's start it like this: Hazzard Movie Night: Saturday, 7:00 p.m., October 26, 2019......S1 E1 " One Armed Bandits" * If this isn't good for you guys, let me know. I just thought it would be a good time for us and our brethren across the pond and why not just start at the beginning with S1 ( season 1) E 1 ( Episode 1) ? If this is all good for everybody, then we will be here every Sat. at 7:00 p.m. central time and go forward from S1 E1, S1 E2, S1 E3, etc., etc.
  5. This reminds me ….why don't we start another watch party....you know, set up a day, time etc. with a week's notice and then everybody should have a chance to see it. Somebody determine what shows to watch and when and we all get on here and watch the pre-determined episode while on the site with everyone else.
  6. Hey guys, I was just wondering if and when we had the news letter and if we ever will again. I signed up but nothing happened.
  7. Reminds me of a phrase...." We've got an advantage...we've got Flash!"
  8. If you want to see it...…https://moonbattery.com/67-year-old-vet-hands-it-back-to-a-punk/
  9. Siren ( call da Amber Lamps! …..your response reminded me of this . It's what this black dude cried out after getting beat up by an old Vietnam vet he was facing off with. It was funny and probably still on U Tube. They have a T shirt made up showing an old man dressed like a pilgrim, and he's saying, " Art thou leaking? ( bleeding) Hail the Amber Lamps!"