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  1. Yup, Hoss got in one, same here in England. Basically Christamas is shaping up to be cancelled, but hopefully we can still make it a fun time, despite most of us being apart!
  2. Welcome to HazzardNet Dani! It's great to have you here! I'm sure you'll fit right in!
  3. Ouch. Although saying that, the hood is a little bit off on mine, it's too hard to see on the photos, but I know for a fact others have metioned this before on HNet.
  4. Ok folks, here’s how the build is coming along, the photos are low quality due to max file sizes but you get the general idea! (No pun intended)
  5. Hey y’all, Well, it was officially a year ago yesterday at the time of writing that I started this project. Unfortunately, cold weather, family commitments, an international pandemic and two bereavements got in the way of things. Well, I’ve made some progress! I’ve painted the dash, centre console and steering wheel (ended up using the wrong Tamiya colour ‘Deck Tan’), I’ve also started on the rollbar and done the first coats on the oil pan and firewall. I also have those long overdue photos for you that will be ready very soon! 10:4 Joe
  6. Good thanks Roger, I realise I haven't been active lately, I've had lots going on, it's good to be back here on HNet!
  7. Thanks Hoss, you've always got the answers, yes I thought production stopped a while ago, I'll have a shop around and see what I can find
  8. Hey y'all, I was looking through my stuff the other day and realized I'd lost my Season 1 DVD, so my question is, does Shout! Factory still sell the Dukes of Hazzard on DVD? And if so where can I find them, I looked on Amazon but some of the descriptions are quite vague and I don't want to buy a Boxset for the wrong Region, any help would be greatly appreciated. Ha! I'm gone, Joe
  9. Thanks Hoss, I'll go try it out
  10. Hey y'all, So today I sprayed the body and interior and started painting the underside, rollcage and a few other parts, I've been using Tamiya TS-31 spray for the body and TS-68 spray for the majority of the interior (dashboard, steering wheel and seats are all hand painted with the closest Tamiya bottle paint I could find, the same goes for the firewall etc.), I'll try to post some photos but I'm having problems with the size of the files, worst case scenario I'll have to scale them down in Paint, anyway that's all for now, I'm gone.
  11. Definitely, I'm going to the model shop this weekend to pick up some paint, cement etc. That I might need
  12. Hey y'all, I've decided to take my first few steps into modeling and what better way to do it than with a General Lee kit! It's a 1/25 scale MPC kit produced by Round 2 Models, I will be posting updates on this although I will be working on this whenever I have a free minute, so I apologise if updates are a bit inconsistent. 10:4 Joe
  13. I'll second that!, when I first discovered the Dukes of Hazzard it had been off the air for a good thirty-five years or so, I lived (and still do live) in a small, almost forgotten town in the middle of the UK, and I thought I was the only Dukes fan left in the world, fast forward seven years and I discover that I'm not the only fan left! Thanks MM for allowing me to be in a family I never knew existed
  14. Hey y'all, Just realised John has been working on a new film coming out for the holiday season, Christmas Cars, it's inspired by his studio flood that happened a few years back, the General makes a cameo and there are lots of Dukes references along the way, the DVD is available on his website and a sneak peek on his official YouTube channel, anyway, I thought everyone might be interested. Thanks, Joe
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