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    • Wow Yahoo has two story's about this on their main page  Why do I get the feeling Volo is now going to be either protested or vandalized.
    • Diamonds in the Rough....season 4 After seeing something drop from an airplane the boys get it and find that it's a Bugs Bunny doll. When they get shot at Luke jokes that it must be Elmer Fudd and then Bo discovers the doll is stuffed with diamonds. When one of the thieves named Lisa figures out the Dukes have the diamonds she poses as Atlanta reporter Della Dawn who specializes in moonshine stories. She befriends the Dukes and follows Daisy home with her 2 henchmen following her. Jesse called the FBI but Mabel Tillingham was listening in and told Boss about it. When Lisa sat down in the house she saw the bunny and then Boss and Rosco showed up but couldn't stay. While they were there Bo threw the bunny out the window but it landed in Boss's back seat. Lisa didnt know Boss drove off with it and then drew a pistol and signaled for her men who came in with guns too. Rosco found the bunny and gave it to Flash since he didn't know the diamonds were in it. The boys and Lisa find Flash and get the bunny and come back to the farm where Daisy and Jesse were being held by the henchmen. Daisy snuck the diamonds out of the bunny and the robbers took off thinking they had them. A phoney FBI agent, hired by Boss comes to the farm and fools Jesse and takes the diamonds. When the real FBI agents calls on the CB the chase is on and everybody's in on it and in the end, the real FBI agent got the diamonds. The Duke family got a fancy FBI Commendation to hang on their wall. Waylon finished by saying "I tell ya what, living in Hazzard might be complicated but it sure is fun. No wonder nobody wants to leave." 
    • Great article Spike. It's nice to hear there are still people out there who haven't lost their sanity. 
    • Thanks Hoss. I went to 4 of his concerts. The one in my home county is the only one where I didn't get to talk to him. I'll always appreciate that picture of him at the Duke farm you got for me....even though it might have been altered a little. It is still so sweet! 
    • Good for them for not caving into the "cancel culture".
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