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Hi Gang!

Let me be the first to break in this new forum!! LOL So heres some Season 1 Trivia for all you DOHers...

One Armed Bandits:

1. Who was driving the Sheriff's car?

2. Where did Bo & Luke meet their friends?

3. Who was also running for Sheriff?

4. What was Luke using the re-election posters for?

5. What is the name of the prison guard (deputy) that took Daisy to the restroom?

6. Name the roads Bo & Luke's friends were staked out on.

7. On what side of the head does Bo get hit by Daisy's tray?

8. What is the design on Daisy's handbag when she is distracting the two fertilizer truck drivers?

Post your answers and if someone gets it right Ill have more questions!

:) Thanks for playing!


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Hi General Lee---

Well you are very close to getting them all correct! My congrats! But I do need the specific routes that Bo and Lukes buddies were staked out on and I'm afraid the design on Daisy's bag is incorrect! :( I'm sorry...go ahead and try again! ;)


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Correct. In back to back episodes in season 3 they had her at the Hazzard Gazzette, Cab Company and Post Office. Considering she had 3 jobs, it's amazing she still had enough energy to ride wheelies and flirt with Uncle Jesse. I wish he would have gone on at least one date with her. What would have looked more romantic...both of them in Hazzard Swamp on her dirt bike or both of them at a drive-in-movie on Maudeen the mule?...don't answer that, it's not really a trivia question...just a fun thought. How about this tough one, in which episode did they paint the General Lee green? Possum on a gumbush. I'm gone.

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