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    • Well y'all I got a confession to make...I didn't watch the whole race. Or most of the race. I was getting stuff ready for work today last night at the beginning of the race so I was watching it while doing that. And they had like 75 more laps to go until the race ended. As I stated earlier, I get up early work days and I TRY to get to bed at at decent time. Though that seldom happens. I would have been more tempted to stay up to watch the end if Chase Elliot was at least in the run of the race...he spent all night in the back. Running into Ryan Blaney in the beginning of the race, surely didn't help his cause any. The race was full of caution flags for one thing or another. The first one was for Erik Jones. They had Jimmie Johnson in the booth talking to him when it happened and he stopped and was like "Oh well thats my car." Odd hearing him say that and not him out on the track. Will be excited to see him behind the wheel in a couple of weeks at Daytona. Mentioned that he was going to be racing the street race in Chicago in July...and had a handful of races he was trying to chose from. At the end, Martin Truex Jr won the race.  I don't know...I wasn't as hyped up or as excited about it as I was before the race. I am sure Chase being stuck in the back had something to deal with it, but I also felt like NASCAR was trying to gain more a different crowd base or something. They had what seemed to be a halftime show with a rapper singing (if you call that singing) I couldn't really understand what he was saying other than a few lines about how white girls like him or something like that.  Though, if I remember right, it seems like Dierks Bentley is going to be at the Daytona 500, so at least they'll be going back to Country.  HA.   Anyways...here is the link for the results of the Clash: https://www.nascar.com/results/racecenter/2023/nascar-cup-series/busch-light-clash-at-the-coliseum/stn/recap/ Thirteen more days until they'll be racing for points and it'll be for the real thing...I so can't wait!
    • I've watched a few more of the Knight Rider Historians' videos, and while the one below has nothing to do with Valencia Oaks, it does contain a funding appeal from the North East Ohio Dukes. It was only posted just over a week ago, so it should still be current.  
    • Now I'm Watching Duke of a Duke....I think Hoss told us it was a Jaguar cousin Gaylord was driving...I forget the numbers and letters .
    • I'm NOW watching  " Arrest Jesse Duke"  and I'm watching strippers take it all off!     and...seeing  I don't have anything to do tomorrow,   That also means it's time for a few adult beveriges      NOW...I'm watching Granny Annie and I'm parked  on the side of Hound Dog Lake!    
    • Mount Paran ( correct spelling??)  Rd.   " It's  'crookeder' than Mount Paran Rd." 
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