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Here's where you can participate in and discuss our fun Dukes of Hazzard photoshop contests!

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    • Gilligan's Island Fun Fact: The Skipper hat had all these color anchor guild side buttons on the hat at different times in the series 3 seasons 98 episodes 1964-1967. Black, Gold, Brass, Bronze.
    • (Season 2 Three's a Crowd) Andy(On phone angrily):"Yeah!?" Barney:"I got a theory, since the letter came from Raleigh, maybe it's under R." Andy:"Well, look!"
    • (Season 4 Diamonds in the Rough) Bo Duke:"He's got to much of a head start." Luke Duke:"Gonna have to take a shortcut or somethin'." Bo Duke:"But we can't take that shortcut. That ain't no road." Luke Duke:"Well, that's never stopped you before!" Bo Duke:"So Come on! Let's take it! Haha!"(Jumps General)"Yahoo!" Frank:"They just jumped the road over there!" Lisa:"You just take the long way around, you don't drive like they do!" Waylon Jennings:"Now honey, there ain't nobody who drives like they do!"
    • The end of (Rescue From Gilligan's Island 1978) The Castaways survive the storm that ship wrecks them again. Unfortunately the Minnow II sank out from under them. They swim unknowingly back to the island. They collapse soaking wet onto the Lagoon beach. Gilligan gets mean mugging looks from the group. He runs off into the Jungle. Mary Ann:"Oh. He didn't mean any harm Skipper!" Skipper:"Neither did the iceberg that sank the Titanic!" Ginger:"Any idea where we are?" Skipper:"Not really. That storm turned us 'round and 'round, and blew us all over the map for 12 days." Mrs. Howell:"Well, surely we must be someplace. If we weren't, we wouldn't be here!" Mr. Howell:"That's my Lovey's long suit. Haha logic." Mrs. Howell:"Yes." Professor:"Well, wherever we are, thanks to your expert seamen ship Skipper, we're all alive." Skipper nods and throws his hand up in a wave of appreciation. Gilligan(Comes running out of Jungle, carrying a piece of wood.):"Hey! I know where we are!" Skipper:"Now how could you know that Gilligan!? That wind was blowing 90 miles an hour in every direction!" Gilligan:"But I know Skipper!" Skipper(Amusingly):"And how do you know Gilligan?" Gilligan(Holds up piece of wood that he found.):"Look what I found!" The board says MINNOW I on it. Skipper:"Oh no!" Mr. Howell:"The same island!" Gilligan gets the mean mugging looks again from the group. Gilligan(Comes running over to the group, stopping at the Skipper):"Well, why are you all so sad!? I mean, we're home again, huh!?" Skipper(Stands up, takes off soaking wet Captain's hat, and smacks Gilligan on the head with it.):"Yes Gilligan! We're home again!" Gilligan:"Yeah?" Clapping sound of wet Captain's hat meeting Gilligan's wet sailor hat. Gilligan:"Oooh!"(Drops board on Skipper's feet.) Skipper:(Cries out in pain):"Aaah, aaaahhhh! Ooooh Gilligan!"(Puts Captain's hat back on, as Gilligan runs away. He runs after Gilligan who dives into the Lagoon for cover. They splash around with Skipper trying to hit Gilligan some more with Gilligan trying to evade the attacks.) End credits roll.  
    • Cousin Roger Duke... I'd give you a like. But I used 'em all up.
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