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One bad thing about owning a sports sedan is people want to stop light race....a lot :roll:, especially when the lanes merge down to 1 lane. Tuesday I almost got ran off the road by one of these clowns. I just got lucky that the light turned green as I was coming up to the light so I just kept going the speed limit but apparently this jerk in a Lincoln wasn't happy and floored his SUV and as I was making my way over in front of him he put it right next to me and since there was oncoming traffic I slammed on the brakes so no one would get hit head on by that idiot. This clown was amused by this when I caught up to him at the next stop light. Really your amused at almost causing a head on collision and running someone else off the road. I was so mad at their selfishness and ignorance but remembered the local road rage shooting that happened a few weeks ago so I let bygones be bygones.

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I went through that when I had my Ninja. Young men in cars see you are on something that looks fast and want to challenge you. 

It reminds me of that Waylon quote  "If any of y'all ever drive through Hazzard, well you might remember that if it's got wheels, folks tend to want to race it." (Mrs. Daisy Hogg) 

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