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Gretchen Wilson and Dierks Bentley


Who is better Gretchen Wilson or Shania Twain?  

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  1. 1. Who is better Gretchen Wilson or Shania Twain?

    • Who is better Gretchen Wilson or Shania Twain?
    • Gretchen Wilson
    • Shania Twain
    • Both

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Personally I like Gretchen better. But Shania is also good and has had some great songs in the past. But I think that Gretchen has this more songs women (and sometimes men) can relate too and doesn't show off and doesn't like all the flashness. She'd be happier preforming at a bar then some big old fancy stage. I liked her Homewrecker, Redneck Women, Chariot, and All Jacked up the best!! :D

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i'd definatley pick gretchen wilson. shania's to much like pop. and the other thing; like hank williams jr said, shes the real deal. she she isn't afraid to sick up for what she believes and doesn't really care what you think of her. she is who she is and she ain't gonna change for nobody. personally i don't like carrie underwood or faith hill for that reason. cuz to me they're not the real deal. sorry no offense to anybody that likes them. really its just my opinion. but i would definatley pick gretchen wilson over shania. actually i'd have to say gretchen wilson is my fave woman country singer.

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gretchen all the way, her personality is like mine in a way, and we're both redneck girls, shes loud and shes proud, shania is too much popish fer me really. and hazzardholik01 im like you i dont like carrie underwood and faith hill, no offense to them they have great voices and no offense to their fans either. i like gretchen because she doent care if you like her or not she wasnt put on this earth to please everyone, but some who she managed too,(her fans lol)

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16 hours ago, Skipper Duke said:

Cousin MaryAnne... I'm just the product of my reins I say Hey y'all and ehaw

It's raising, not reins. I loved it when she mentioned Charlie Daniels. On TV I saw when they met and he teased her about knowing the words to all his songs.....which is impossible unless she had a memory like Skipper Duke. 

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