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  1. Yeah, I got mine off of eBay and installed it in my 2000 Skoda Felicia estate. Okay, so it's not as fancy as a 69 Charger, but it's a car with the horn in I'd also recommend Air Horns UK as well. They're a very good seller of all melody air horns in the UK.
  2. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Dodge-Charger-Charger-R-T-The-General-Lee-by-Bo-Duke-himself-John-Schneider_W0QQitemZ250108256198QQihZ015QQcategoryZ6199QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem Dunno if any of y'all have seen this, but John Schneider's General Lee is up for sale on eBay. Fully autographed by the surviving cast and has the plate saying it was built just for him. Any fans out there want to mortgage everything they've got for this car?
  3. Lee#1 went ages ago if I remember correctly. Sorry mate. Anyway, its more fun making your own replica that getting a smashed up old one that isn't road legal for $30,000 or whatever it went for!
  4. My Dixie horn is quite small (compared to some) but it still didn't fit in my engine bay Oh well, I am getting a Landrover when I am 19 so I will put it on that
  5. It was, but unfortunately because I laughed, I was held responsible for the accident. Luckily they never claimed *phew* so I kept all 3 months no claims!!
  6. That is a crime against all that is good and right in this world!! Somebody, quick, slap a big ol' Oh-One on the side of the General!! A leading figure of the General's standards should not be seen out of full uniform, EVER!
  7. When I had my first (and so far only) car crash a while ago, the driver of the car who hit me got out and said 'now look what you've done, you've gone and scuffed my vehicle' and I just cracked up in hysterics. Wasn't quite as funny as it would have been in an American accent, but still hilarious none the less!
  8. Crazy_C


    I can't be bothered to try and get a Charger yet, so I am gonna get a Landrover 88" County SWB and so that in black with an orange 01 on the side and horn. Be original I always say.
  9. Heya mate, im currently residing in the little city of Sheffield!! Landrovers all the way! I'm getting an 88" County SWB 7-seater 2.25L when i am 19, and gonna paint it black with an orange 01 on the side!! it just has to be done!!
  10. that would look terrible, like every other hot rod. the whole idea of the general is that it was a track car that was used every day, not some customised hot rod. if anything, make a few subtle changes such as bo and luke's names on the doors like they have in racing, and maybe a few cooter's garage decals on the side like sponsors and maybe a big cooter's logo in the back window. things like that would be cool in my opinion
  11. Does anyone know the bands and artists that performed in the Boar's Nest over the years. I am looking for one band in particular from the episode where Grannie Annie was making counterfeit 5 dollar bills. Anyone know the band I mean? But a general list would still be sweet.
  12. My friend who is 14/15 (not sure) has just seen the new film and is now into the Dukes, but she thinks that Jessica Simpson is better as Daisy, that the new Bo is better than John Schneider, and the general looks better in the reddish colour than the orange!! ARRGGGHHHH - She does not know the error of her ways!!!
  13. im often on msn messenger and always up for a chat bout them dukes my addy is dominicmulvaney@hotmail.co.uk
  14. yeah, the idea of the magnets is that they will not damage the paint at all - you can slide them all over the car body and they will not do any major damage although, as one of my mates found out, they dont work on a fibreglass body!!! they also do not effect the resale value of the car, but with it orange, proper vinyls would be my preffered option
  15. Or it could just have been residual police force sensing from when Bo and Luke were deputies in the episode Deputy Dukes, maybe they picked it up from being in the front of a Sherrif's car for once.
  16. by the way, your kart looks pretty decent for a wood one i normally do around 50mph, but with a top speed of 60-65mph and a base speed of 12mph, it is pretty quick (for an 85cc engine!!) My MSN Space Photo Album
  17. The Rotax Max and the High Hundred karts are basically superbike engined karts, but restricted But Eagle karts are the ones that kick everything else - a 500cc superbike engine on a kart made entirely from tubular aluminium and carbon fibre - they go like stink
  18. very good point there - land of some dukes i think, either that or fairy land!
  19. Free N Easy by The Almighty (the boys talking about getting away from Rosco) Gimmie All Your Lovin' by ZZ Top (the boys talking to any girl) Hammer To Fall by Queen (just a good song) I Am The Law by Anthrax (well Boss's law isn't very good is it!) The Boys Are Back In Town by Thin Lizzy (erm, about the boys maybe) just thought there should be some rock in there
  20. The Dukes of Hazzard is now being aired once again in England. It is being shown on Bravo (Sky channel 124) at 10am and again an hour later on Bravo+1 (Sky 125).
  21. i believe that a 1980 pontiac gto can be converted into a dodge roadrunner replica without much difficulty, but that is just what i have heard and i am tied between the 2 as i love off roading, but i also love the muscle cars, but i would have to go with the jeep cos it has no roof or doors and i like those features
  22. engines are not that expensive if they are a bit battered. i got 4 out of a skip cos the fuel tank on top of each of them was dented - still ran fine. and the best wheels to go for are go kart cadet slicks - any will do, but they can be found on ebay quite a bit. for steering what you want is a column with a steering wheel on one end, and the other end attached to a bearing mounted in the chassis at an angle. about a fifth of the length away from the steering wheel you will need to rig up a support, which is normally 2 bars at an angle of about 60degrees to the horizontal going up from the chassis and meeting about 2 feet away from the chassis vertically. then mount a tube about 4 inches long onto the top of these bars with the column going through. this is your column support. about 4 inches from the bottom of the column, you want to have a protrusion of some sort going down onto which you can attach a metal bar onto each side. if you do not already have steering, you will want to make some T shaped brakets. on one end of the horizontal you want your wheel. on the other end of the horizontal you have it pivoting on your chassis, and the metal bars previously mentioned will attach on the end of the vertical. this is reliable and very good. if you do have steering already then just make a protrusion on the axle and connect the metal bars to them. and that is your steering mechanism set up and ready to go i will see if i can get some pics for you, but if you go to Beths Kart Club and go to pictures and look through them, you should be able to see what i mean (and by the way, the person driving a blue kart with a number 36 on it wearing a dark helmet is me!) any other questions, just click on the message board link at the top of the page and then go to club message board (not NatSKA message board) and put a post up in there and we will be able to help you out another suggestion is if you want to save time and effort, you could just see about getting a rolling chassis off of ebay, that will have wheels, steering and a seat already installed on it, and they can be picked up quite cheap as well especially if they have been cut and welded shut again as they are not race legal
  23. tis a sweet site - nicely made - thanks for the tip on it
  24. tis a sweet site - nicely made - thanks for the tip on it
  25. nice - the bike and kart that is - i am not a fan of mercs what ya want to do to that kart of yours is stick a lawn mower Honda 5.5 engine on it and put a sproket from an old bike on a solid rear axle and set up a throttle assembly in all you are probably looking at 2hours work tops. i have made so many karts i have lost track. i am partial to the Raket 85cc 2 stroke engine on a fly weight aluminium chassis, but a Honda 5.5 is just as good, and on a wooden frame it will go like anything, but maybe double the pram wheels to give a bit more strength it will not take long to do all that - i have assembled a complete kart in a day including making some of the parts myself - it is well worth it
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