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  1. he was in pin the tail on the dukes from season 4.
  2. i think another thing that we all love about him is that he wore his heart on his sleeve. he wasn't afraid to show emotion. he wasn't afraid to let his emotions show. he cried. he laughed. he loved. i mean thats something i love about him. hes sensitive.
  3. i'd definatley pick gretchen wilson. shania's to much like pop. and the other thing; like hank williams jr said, shes the real deal. she she isn't afraid to sick up for what she believes and doesn't really care what you think of her. she is who she is and she ain't gonna change for nobody. personally i don't like carrie underwood or faith hill for that reason. cuz to me they're not the real deal. sorry no offense to anybody that likes them. really its just my opinion. but i would definatley pick gretchen wilson over shania. actually i'd have to say gretchen wilson is my fave woman country singer.
  4. i loveee dierks bentley!<333 he is my favorite singer ever. i remember the one interview they did with him on cmt and it was around dukesfest and they asked him if he liked dukes of hazzard and he said yes. which is really cool. i'd have to say what was i thinkin is my favorite song. its so awesome and the hood slidin like bo duke part makes it even better. i seriouslly have every song from every cd he has out downloaded. hes amazing. oh and on the poll thats a really tough choice. i love both of those songs. i don't think i could choose between those two.
  5. hey guys! can anybody tell where i can find some good pics of john schneider. mostly ones when he played bo though but they can be some other ones too. i was thinkin about makin a video. so if ya'll could tell me some sites to find some i would appreciate. thank ya!
  6. sean william scott was thee worst. i can't believe he said that. what a jerk. just b/c you can't get in the window doesn't mean the real bo and luke were coke heads. they were real men unlike that lil wimp. haha they should have casted dierks bentley he woulda made a good bo. not that anyone could ever replace him. there is only one bo duke and thats john schneider. not to mention sean william scott wasn't even half as cute as john schneider. but i think johnny knoxille made a awful luke. he was like the complete opposite of the real luke. luke was quiter and much more intelligent.
  7. right now whiskey tears - dierks bentley. and now in the drivers seat - john schneider of course. i love that song. and the dierks bentley one. its awesome.
  8. i have long trip alone. i listen to it so much. i love it. i really want all of his. hes so awesome.
  9. hazzardholik01


    well so far i've seen martina mcbride, brooks & dunn, jason aldean, and big & rich. my fave was brooks & dunn. they're so awesome. not to mention me and my best friend got backstage passes which was really cool. got a picture taken with them it was awesome and the concert was really good. all of the other ones were really good to though. i ended up buying jason aldeans cd cuz i loved the concert so much. and martina mcbride was pretty much beyond amazing. big & rich was just crazy but it was so much fun. but theres one person i wanna see in concert more than anyone in this world. i wanna see dierks bentley so bad. hes my fave. i would definatley want backstage passes to that one. that would be awesome. i'd pretty much die if i got that.
  10. JOHN ALL THE WAY!!!!! he was about infinity and beyond times better. soooo sooo sooo much cuter. no one could ever replace john. point blank.
  11. bo was the absolute best. he was everything every girl would ever want and it didn't matter what he did you couldn't help but to love him. he was fearless, carefree, brave, loving, sweet, and so much more. he never backed down from a challange with is something i admire. could just be cuz i'm alot like that. lol. he always watched out for the ones he loved and cared about. and he wore his heart and emotions on his sleeve. i personally love that. he was a lover and a fighter when he had to be. he always got fired up if someone tried to do something that he didn't think was right and always did something abou tit. he was immature but thats something that makes him soo cute. he didn't really think things through before he did something but i think alot of us can relate to him in that way sometimes. he had all the pride in the world and thats great. and thats something all the dukes had which was awesome. he toke the blame for things that he did wrong. thats what i think about bo.
  12. woooww i about had a heart attack! lol. that was funny though. my eyes like bugged out. i'm like oh my god what the heck happened lol.
  13. i have one too. http://www.myspace.com/1majorette request me! lol.
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