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    not much to me i suppose. Just ask me if you're that curious..
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    Writing fanfictions for LotR, Harry Potter, Legend of Zelda. I love horseback riding as well.
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    I have nae a job, but hope to work with horses one day.

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  1. LORI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've missed you! I hope all is well and that life is treating you GREAT! Things are well here or as good as they can be I guess. ;) Am glad Halloween is over with. Enjoyed seeing the kids at the day care dressed up, but boy where they hyped up Friday! LOL. Kids and candy just don't seem to mix well. ;) Hope you had a good Halloween and all is well. It was GREAT hearing from you! Don't be a stranger...;)

  2. Hey :)

    It's been a while since we've spoken or last I logged on here, but just wanted to see how things were and hope everything is okay with you and Garrett, lol.

  3. Hello, I hope you come back soon to hazzardnet since a few months ago you are not among us.

    happy birthday, good life.

    hug from Argentina!

  4. About the same here. Garrett is Garrett. LOL. That and there never seems to never be enough time. :( How about you?

  5. I've been doing well, I suppose, heh. What have you been up to? ;) Garrett still givin' you trouble?

  6. Now if it isn't one Lori Davenport! I am alright...how about you?

  7. How do you do, my long lost friend? ;)

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LORI!!!!!!! I hope your birthday was safe, fun, and very special. (Garrett tried making you a birthday cake, but set off the fire alarm when the cake caught on fire and smoke came out of the oven. So I guess you'll have to settle for a happy birthday wish...) :D Hope you had a great day!

  9. I named the puppy, Rosco. I bet you can't guess who I named him after, now can you? HA HA. I had tried to post a picture, but have yet to really figure it out.

  10. Hey Rog! :D Sorry it's taken me this long to reply, I've got spring fever. ;) All is good down here, save for those nasty tornadoes. None has ripped through here yet, but they've been mighty close. Hope everyone is doing okay on your end! I've missed ya too, pal! :)

  11. That should tell you something about him, then haha!. ;) I say name him Garrett! Ha! I'm only kidding. :) What did you name him, anyways? I'd definitely love to see pictures, I've never seen a Bichon breed...don't even know what it is! :D Course I'm not a huge dog lover either, only for Huskies, Laberdors, (I know it's spelled wrong) King Charles Cavaliers and pugs. I do like Corgis too, heh. Hope all is well with you, and that no tornado has blown you away yet. I'm not joking about it either. I'm trying to get up with BL, but no answer yet and I'm pretty worried.

  12. Hey there, I see you logged in yesterday! How ya been? I missed you.

  13. Ah that's funny they starred out the first part of s -h - i -t -z - u. I got part cussword for a dog I guess. ;)

  14. You are right about Lilly, my older dog, not feeling the baby any more. Poor girl. She makes me feel guilty about getting him. My new baby is half doodle, the other half is half corgi, part ****zu and part bichon. Lilly, my other dog, is half corgi, a fourth bichon, and a fourth ****zu (but resembles a corgi more...)Whenever I get pictures on my computer I will post pictures of my new baby here. New puppy is very dominant :( so that does not help matters any...

  15. Haha, I'd say the older one isn't thrilled about it; means she (or was it a he?) isn't the "baby" anymore. ;) Or well, that's her way of thinking.

    What breed of puppy did you get? :)

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