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Which member of HazzardNet has a birthday on Thanksgiving Thursday? (Nov 25)

Roger, you nearly had me stumped with this one. Then the mail arrived this morning, and the cards were all bearing the same suspiciously high number on the front of them :). We don't have Thanksgiving in Ireland, but it's nice to know that y'all get a day off to celebrate my birthday - Happy Thanksgiving to all of you that are celebrating today.

Waikiki got the answer to my question correct. You did better than Rick, who remembered his name as Andrew Johnson when he told the story at the 20th Anniversary Barbeque (season 1 DVD extra). Apparently Andrew Robinson received death threats after playing the Scorpio killer in Dirty Harry (one of my favorite movies). He obviously didn't have the same trouble with Dukes because after playing Billy Joe in 'The Hazzardville Horror', he returned 2 years later to play Pruitt in 'The Treasure if Soggy Marsh' (the Japanese story must relate to his first appearance, because Rick wasn't in the second).

I keep it simple today, because most of y'all are probably stuffed with turkey by now :).

Q. What links Ms. Mabel, Wendel & Irving, and Homer Willis?.

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They all drove RVs.

Hey Hoss, we even had a big parade to celebrate your birthday. I looked for the float that looked like you but didn't see it. The announcer on TV said it was last seen flying over a creek with a bridge that was out. It was heading towards north Georgia.

Happy birthday!!!!

I agree whole heartedly with Roger on both counts!!!

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Another clear round for everyone. Now back to the beginning ...

Q. In 'One Armed Bandits', Luke says he hates skinny women. Bo then suggests he's got no taste and says that if women were birds, Luke would probably date what?. Bonus point for Luke's reply about what Bo would date.

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Y'all seemed so sure of this one that I had to go back to check. As you can see from the picture below, no-one got this one right (new question below picture):


Q. In 'Witness For The Persecution', the hitmen use a sign (on a tree) for target practice, but what does the sign say?.

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