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Sorry I didn't update sooner - y'all can remove your ear plugs now as peace and tranquility return to the Trivia thread.

Thanks to Roger and waikiki for guessing, but the answer was 18 foot. The Jethro boys/brothers give the size when they go to the Boars Nest looking for Cale.

I noticed a small mistake when I watched the episode the other day. Just before the Jethro boys plant the bugs in the cars, they speak about looking for a supercharger, but throughout the rest of the episode, everyone (including the Jethro boys) refers to a turbocharger, You'd have thought, as racers, that they'd know the difference (Click here if you're unsure :)).

Q. In 'Days of Shine and Roses', where does Boss tell Rosco he'll be working if he messes up (the same establishment is mentioned in one of the following epsiodes as well, although in 'Days of Shine and Roses' the closed captioning gets it wrong!).

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(It was killing me....I had to watch the episode again!!!)

It's a tough life when you have to watch an episode of Dukes ... sorry to inconvenience you :).

Points all 'round, although if you were deaf, you may have got it wrong. Here's the closed captioning that I mentioned earlier. The first is from 'Days of Shine and Roses':


By the time 'The Meeting' came 'round, the caption people had obviously had their ears syringed:


I think, on balance, I'd rather go to the Pool Hall ;).

Q. Speaking of 'The Meeting', complete the following dialogue:

Bo jumps the General over Black Jack Bender's car.

Luke: "You dang near took the hat right off that one with the briefcase."

Bo: "I'm telling you, 'dang near' only counts in ________ and ________."

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Well done to Lizzy for getting in so quickly with the right answer, and points to waikiki annd Roger too. It's obviously a more popular saying in the US than over here - it even gets a mention in the scoring section of Wikipedia's entry for horseshoes, but how often do y'all have a games of hand grenades?. :)

Q. In 'Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough', what is City Ordinance 7763-B?. (Hint: Rosco threatens the Jethro brothers with it)

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I agree with waikiki......hey that ryhmes.

Roger; you're obviously a poet, and didn't know it :).

Sadly though, you're both wrong. City Ordinance 7763-B is "when you cross the road you got to ring a cowbell".

Q. Also in 'Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough', which county used to own the race track Cale was using before it was sold?.

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