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  1. I like Hazzard Rebels. It just clicks for me.
  2. Today was a crazy day for me. I had a stair give and i fell through. Tore my big toe nail almost all the way off, hurt my leg and bruise my other knee. It looked like the board was rotted because it was soft and pulled away from the other board it was nailed to. I'm ok, have my leg propped up with ice. Has anyone ever had an experience like that?
  3. My local Walmart had both reunion movies on dvd for $5. I'm sure other Walmarts are carrying it. Now I just need season 5 to finish my collection...
  4. I actually Luke kraut and kielbasa. Yum, Yum! I always loved when Boss was on a "diet". It cracked me up! I think he was fed lettuce and a toothpick, I think.
  5. Breathing - Lifehouse
  6. I just found this link. King, I love the story line. I would totally watch! Trace Adkins as balladeer...yeah, i could see that.
  7. Garret, I actually snorted when i read your comment! :ol: I've had my computer crash at work, not a pretty sight!
  8. The grass had been pretty brown here too. We didnt get rain for the longest time. But we have had a few storms that has brought much needed rain.
  9. My username is the same as my pen name on fanfiction.com. I chose the name because I want to live near Waikiki Beach on Oahu, Hawaii. I was 23 when I joined the fanfiction site.
  10. The power of love - Huey Lewis & the News
  11. Home - Philip Phillips, winner of American Idol this year. I totally love this song.
  12. Hey ya'll! I live in the area that the dercho hit June 29. Here in WV, out of the 55 counties We have, 53 did bot have power. I sat in a gas line for two and a half hours. It was nuts. Some areas it took over two weeks for the power to come on. During this time the temp was up into the 90s. I had friends staying at my house because my power came back on within 24 hours and I had air. It was crazy, trees down everywhere, telephone and power lines down. Our cell service tookabout two weeks to get back to normal. Anyone else in the path of that storm.
  13. I get on the site on my Android, as I dont have internet at my apartment. I wish there was an app for the hazzardnet so I had no problems getting on anytime or anyplace.
  14. I totally have to agree with you! Tom Welling as Luke would be awesome! I could almost see Ashton Butcher as Bo. But nobody will ever be able to replace the originals.
  15. I would have liked to seen Luke's brother come back. And more hughie.
  16. waikiki23

    Hawaii 5-O

    Then look for the epieode around the May Sweeps. Hawaii Five-0 and NCIS LA will be doing a crossover episode. A friend of mine who loves LA and I will be watching it. The date is unannounced at this time, but I think they will be publishing it soon. The crossover starts on Hawaii Five-0 that Monday and finishes on NCIS LA that Tuesday Personally, I can't pick between the three guys on the show. Danno is at the top of my list.
  17. Glad ya could join! Welcome to the best forum online! You'll love it here!
  18. A friend of mine told me about her death. I did like her music. RIP Whitney.
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