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Unfortunately I don't know the answer to Hoss's question as he asks tough questions ...

Sorry Lizzy, I try to mix them up. It always surprises me when some of the questions I thought were tricky get answered straight away, so I never can tell. I'll give clues if you're still struggling. I don't like leaving unanswered questions dangling too long :).

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I knew y'all would get there eventually - there isn't much about Dukes that you don't know :). I'm agreeing with you about General's question as well.

The next few questions will be on guest appearances. If you've read some of my other posts, most will be easy enough.

Q. Which two of the regular cast members of the Dukes of Hazzard made guest appearances in the TV series MASH?.

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Whats the answer to your question Hoss!?

Sorry General, I was away from the computer last night, but waikiki stepped in with the right answer. I've previously posted screengrabs from both in relevant sections of HNet:

Sorrell Pics From Before Dukes

Pics of Rick in M*A*S*H

Another question about cast members in other projects today (only because the movie was on a couple of nights ago :)).

Q. John Schneider made a brief appearance in the 1989 movie 'Speed Zone' aka. 'Cannonball Fever', but which one of the regular Dukes cast appeared in the 1984 movie 'Cannonball Run II'?.

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