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Well, to borrow an archery term, Roger was nearest the bull with this one. The boys were offered $200 to drive the semi, but the repairs were only $180.

Q. In 'Double Sting', Jesse is worried about making his mortgage payment. Who did Boss Hogg buy Jesse's mortgage from?.

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Wow, 4 different answers. You don't see that much.

Watch, we'll all be wrong!

You're correct Roger :) - you're all wrong :(. texasdaisy was closest - it was 75 years.

An easier one from 'Double Sting' now:

Q. Which characters were Wendel and Irving planning to dress as for their next bank robbery?.

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I wouldn't have known that but those numbers sure sound right to me.

Mr. Harkness sure had a pretty good scam going on there.

In the RP "Mystery in Hazzard Swamp", there's a Andrew Harkness....no relation to H.H.

If I may put an advertisement for it here, it's approaching it's exciting conclusion just in time for Halloween. Check it out.

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20 bars worth $150,000 apeice or $3,000,000 total.

Well waikiki, you were on the money there - geddit - on the money - please yourselves. That means Roger was right to agree with you too.

Q. In 'The Meeting', what refreshments does Boss send over to the jail?.

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