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  1. Note: Thank you Dixie Davenport for letting me borrow Dixie and Luther…This is a standalone and not connected to or meant to foreshadow other stories with Dixie in them. Balladeer: Well lookie there, looks like Hazzard is getting a couple new residents. BL Davenport with a red duffle on her shoulder, followed a middle aged woman and her father Clyde Davenport up the boarding house stairs. “This is my largest room, it’s got a small kitchen,bathroom,livingroom and 2 small bedrooms. I hope you and your daughter like it, Mr. Davenport,” Harriet Crump said. “Thank you,Mrs Crump, I’m sure we will like it just fine,” Clyde replied. The boarding house wasn’t his first choice in living arrangements but after losing his wife, BL’s mother a few months ago it was the best he could do quickly. He had, had to get BL somewhere she might be happy again. Her older brother LB had been all for it, his little sister always so bright and happy was becoming a stranger. “I’ll leave you to get settled, Harriet, said , shutting the door on her way out. “Which bedroom do you want?” Clyde asked BL as they looked in each room. “Don’t matter, the right one,” BL replied halfheartedly. After getting settled Clyde suggested, “how about we walk down to the garage, see what your cousins are upto?” “Ok,” BL replied with more enthusiasm. She hoped her cousin Dixie,Cooter’s sister who was visiting for the summer, was around and maybe Daisy, Bo and Luke Duke would be there too. Balladeer: Looks like BL’s gettin’ her wish, looks like everybody’s here. At the garage, BL seen the guys looking under a tarp at something and was about to ask them where Daisy and Dixie were at, when Daisy came over and hugged her, “I can’t believe it, I’ll finally have another girl around. Dixie told me, you moved to Hazzard.” “Yeah, me and Daddy are staying at the boarding house, just until he can find us a house,” BL replied. “Hey can ya’ll come to the house for a sleepover? Dad won’t mind,” Dixie said. “Dad won’t mind what?,” Luther Davenport asked, from inside the garage. “BL and Daisy spending the night at the farm," Dixie replied, giving Luther puppy dog eyes and a sweet smile. “Yeah sure they can,” Luther replied, he knew how hard a time BL was having right now and he could see that being with Dixie and Daisy was doing her good. The three boys fixed the tarp back and came over to where the girls were, Cooter giving BL’s ponytail a playful tug said “hey squirt.” BL scowled “don’t call me squirt.” “Hey BL,” Bo and Luke said at the same time. “Hey ya’ll,” BL replied. Jesse Duke pulled into the lot, parking his white pickup, beside the open bay door. Getting out, joining Clyde at the soda machine, the two men shaking hands, “I’m sorry about your wife passing. How are you and the young'uns holding up?” Jesse asked, knowing himself just how hard it was to lose the love of your life. “Thank you Jesse. We’re gettin by, LB is staying busy at his job in Central City. Me and BL just moved to the boarding house here in town little while ago.” Clyde said. Clearing his throat he continued “she needed away, poor kid was barely eating and she didn’t care about nothing anymore. That’s the first time I’ve seen her look happy in weeks,” Clyde waved his hand toward the group of youngsters. Daisy ran up to Jesse “BL’s moving to Hazzard Uncle Jesse!” Daisy said. “I know, Clyde told me,” Jesse replied to his excited niece. Dixie wants me to spend the night at her house with them, can I? Daisy asked. “Yes, as long as it's ok with her Daddy,” Jesse said. “He said it was ok,” Daisy replied. The boys were inside the garage now, making their own plans for the night, since it seemed the girls were taking over the Davenport farm, they decided to stay at the garage in the rooms upstairs. At the Davenport farm the girls had cooked themselves a small frozen pizza for each of them and taken them to Dixie’s room to eat while they listened to the Oak Ridge Boys playing at The Grand Ole Opry, on the radio. “Dixie, I just got a wrecker call out on Crabapple Lane, I’ll be back in a little while,” Luther called up the stairs. Dixie took Daisy and BL’s empty paper plates “I’ll take these to the kitchen, be back in a sec” “Ok Dad,” Dixie said on her way to the kitchen. At the garage the guys were looking at car magazines and eating corn dogs, they had pooled their money and Bo had run over to the Busy Bee Cafe. “Mmm this is some machine Cooter said, showing Bo and Luke a picture of a Ford Mustang. The cousins nodded yes in agreement. Back at the Davenport farm the girls were listening to records and playing monopoly. “Collect $50 from each player,” BL read the chance card. “I passed GO, so I get another $200 from the bank,” BL said. “Get out of jail free,” Dixie read her community chest, laying it beside her property cards. Balladeer: They’re gonna want a lifetime supply ofthem cards one of these days, I bet. Daisy got doubles when she rolled the dice “I get to roll again,” Daisy said, giving the dice another roll, landing on free parking, collecting the money in the pot. The game was still going when Luther came back around midnight, taking a shower then going to his room going to bed. Sleeping wasn’t easy with the girls making so much noise next door “hold it down ladies, I have to work tomorrow!” Luther called through the wall. “Sorry Dad,” Dixie called back. Finishing their monopoly game, the girls went to bed. Balladeer:Looks like a night with the girls is just what BL needed. At the garage Saturday morning Clyde pulled his truck into the parking lot, seeing the girls at the desk he said, “come give me a hand girls, I brought breakfast”. All three girls met him at the truck “ what’d you bring?” BL asked as he turned to get something from the seat. “Doughnuts and coffee and hot chocolate for you girls,” Clyde replied, handing each a box of doughnuts. After breakfast Luke and Bo took the girls back to the Duke farm with them and the Davenport men got to work at the garage. A few days later found Clyde at the Hazzard Realtors office after getting off work at his job in Central City. He was looking for a small place out away from town, for him and BL. “I’d like to take these 3 property listings with me, if I may. I want to look over them some more before deciding if I want a tour for myself and my daughter,” Clyde said. Of course Mr Davenport, I’ll make you a copy,” replied Sally Sue Jefferson, walking over to the copy machine. A week later Sally Sue, Clyde and BL gathered on the front porch of one of the listings, Sally Sue unlocked the door saying, “it was built in the mid 1900’s. Have a look around if you have any questions. I'll be in the kitchen, working on some paperwork.” Clyde and BL spent the next 45 minutes exploring the small but comfortable 3 bedroom, one story house.Coming to the kitchen, Clyde asked “when can I sign the papers?” Sally Sue shuffled through the paperwork in front of her “now if you like, I have them right here,” Sally Sue replied. Clyde sat down at the card table to read the terms of the sale, BL leaned over his shoulder. Taking the pen from his pocket, Clyde signed on the line, handing the papers back to Sally Sue. “Thank you Mr. Davenport,” Sally Sue said. “C’mon lets go tell your Uncle and cousins about the house,” Clyde said as he walked toward his pickup. “Daddy can I invite Dixie and Daisy to stay the night, next weekend? Dixie has to go back to her Mama in a couple weeks, in time for school to start,” BL said on the way to the garage.”Sure baby, I was going to ask Luther,Cooter,Jesse and the boys if they’d help us move in and then stay for supper. I’m planning on grilling,” Clyde replied. At the garage Clyde went over to where his brother and nephew were elbow deep in a patrol car. “Hey Uncle Clyde,” Cooter greeted. “Clyde,” Luther acknowledged more than greeted. BL had disappeared into the office with Dixie. “Hey Dix, think Uncle Luther will let you stay the night with me next Saturday night?” BL asked. “Probably,” Dixie replied. Outside, Clyde told his nephew and brother about the house, “can ya’ll give me and LB a hand, movin next Saturday? I figure we can do it just as good and cheaper with the pickups, instead of renting a big truck or hiring movers.” Moving day at 7am Clyde’s pickup pulled into the drive at his house in Central City followed by Luther in his blue pickup, behind him was Cooter in his green pickup, and Jesse,Bo,Luke and Daisy in Jesse’s white pickup. LB was coming out of the house, headed to his black pickup with a big box “thought I was gonna have to move all this by myself”. Everybody gave him a look as they went in the house to pack stuff so it could be moved. In BL’s room the girls had a white trash bag each, so they could keep good stuff going to the orphanage separate from stuff that was garbage. Daisy was going through the closet “does this go or keep?” Daisy asked, holding up a jumper. BL looked up from where she knelt by the wooden toy box, she was too old for toys now, so was giving them to the orphanage; “it goes, I don’t really wear it,” BL replied. Dixie was bagging the stuffed animals. Everybody worked until noon, when Luke ran up town to get them all some lunch from the Whistle Stop Cafe. As soon as they finished lunch, the 5 pickups headed out back to Hazzard with the last loads. At the new house once everything was unloaded, Clyde got his grill off the back porch and got it lit, promising supper would be ready when Luther, Jesse and the boys got back from doing their evening chores. When the others got back the corn on the cob, baked beans, pork chops and the baked/grilled potatoes were almost ready. “Just in time, the potatoes will be done in about 8 minutes,” Clyde said. Dixie and Daisy took their sleeping bags in the house to BL’s room. When they came back out, everybody fixed their plates and then sat down at the picnic table, except the girls who opted to sit on the porch steps and hold their plates on their laps. “Mighty good pork chops, Clyde,” Jesse said. The others at the table agreed. Everybody was enjoying the good food and good company but it was getting late, the 4 boys headed out to the Davenport farm. Luther stayed to help cleanup, which wasn’t bad because everything was disposable. Jesse got in his pickup cranking it he said “Clyde, Luther ya’ll and the kids come to Sunday lunch tomorrow, we’re having fried chicken with all the fixin’s.” “Thank ya Jesse we will,” Luther spoke for all the Davenports. Clyde usually would have raised a fuss at Luther for speaking for him but he didn’t have his kitchen,ready to use yet. After everybody left, the girls got ready for bed but wasn’t sleepy so they were talking, “are ya’ll ready to go back to school?” BL asked. “I am kinda, I’m hopin’ Larry notices me,” Daisy said. Larry was the boy she’d had a crush on since 6th grade. “I’m not, I’m nervous about being in the highschool,” BL said. “It'll be ok honey, I was nervous my first day of 7th grade too “ Daisy replied. “I want to join 4-H, why don’t you join too BL, it’ll be fun,” Daisy added. “Wish I was going to be with ya’ll but I have to go home next week and my friends probably wouldn’t do it with me,” Dixie sighed. “Maybe your Mom will let you stay with Uncle Luther, it’d cut out those long distance phone calls,” BL grinned, saying hopefully. “Maybe,” Dixie replied but she had her doubts that her Mom would say yes. Next morning instead of breakfast and then going to church, Clyde decided to take the girls out for breakfast since everything he needed to cook with was still packed, “how about we go out for breakfast, girls? Clyde asked, poking his head in BL’s room. His suggestion was met with yes and that’d be great! On the way Clyde listened to the girls chatter but wasn’t really paying attention to ‘what’ they were saying, he was thinking about how right the decision to move to Hazzard had been. Dixie broke into his thoughts, “do you think Mama will let me move here with Daddy now? She’s always said I was too little but I ain’t little nomore.” Clyde looked over at his niece replying “I don’t know sugar, you’ll just have to talk to your Mama and see.” After breakfast they went back home for the girls to get their sleeping bags before going to the Duke farm for lunch, even though Daisy’s bed was big enough for all 3 girls they were sleeping in sleeping bags on Daisy’s bedroom floor. At the Duke farm, Jesse Duke was frying the last of the chicken while the biscuits browned when Clyde and the girls arrived. “You girls can put your sleeping bags in Daisy’s room, then I need your help Daisy,” Jesse said. “Ok, just a minute, Uncle Jesse” Daisy replied. Luther and Cooter’s pickups drove up as Daisy and the Davenport girls was putting ice in glasses and about to start carrying lunch outside to the picnic table. The boys went toward the barn, while Luther came in the house, sitting at the table with Clyde, “afternoon Jesse,Clyde” Luther said. BALLADEER: Mmm don’t that look GOood! After a lunch of fried chicken, biscuits, white gravy, green beans, fried potatoes and peach cobbler for dessert, Jesse and the Davenport brothers sat on the front porch talking while the boys headed out for a night of camping. LB was the only one not in school still but he’d taken the day off work to spend with his cousin and friends. Luther had given Cooter the day off, because it was the last week of summer break. The girls cleaned up the kitchen and went to Daisy’s room. That night the girls were in their sleeping bags talking into the wee hours, Jesse got up to go to the bathroom and heard them talking quietly. He looked in on them incase something was wrong or one of them was sick “you girl alright?”Jesse asked. “No sir, we was just talking, '' Daisy replied. “It’s late, nomore talking now, good night” Jesse said firmly but gently so he didn’t sound mad. “Yes sir” Daisy said, all three said “good night Uncle Jesse. Thursday afternoon about 2 o’clock Luther headed across the garage parking lot, whistling a tune. He was enrolling Dixie at Hazzard County High while Cooter was renting his locker. It had been no easy feat to convince his wife to let Dixie transer to Hazzard. She didn’t want her little ‘lady’ raised by ‘wolves’, which was what she’d said Dixie being raised by men would be like but thanks to wise words from Jesse and deep respect for his opinion she had agreed, ‘c’mon you two, let’s run over to the school while things are slow here,” Luther said. At the school Daisy and BL were going up the front steps, BALLADEER: That girl’s full of surprises…. when Dixie tapped them each on the shoulder “guess who’s staying in town?,” Dixie said. “Dixie!,” BL and Daisy said together, hugging her.
  2. Monday morning about 7:15, BL in her 1970 GTO convertible, pulled in the empty lot behind the post office. She had brought a few things for Sadie and wanted to get the dog settled, before the mail truck came at 8. Dixie had hit the snooze once too many and knew she was pushed for time as she entered Hazzard Square. She could only hope that Rosco had also slept in. Even though she was in a hurry to reach the Tri-Counties jail in the next County of Placid, still several miles away, she looked with purpose toward the Post Office as she went by. She caught just the tiniest glimpse of BL’s GTO. She hit her horn and reached for the CB mic using the CB handle she had been given years ago first by Luther then Luke, “Little Shotgun to Sweet Talker. You got your ears on?” Reaching for the CB mic, BL leaned against the car door, Sadie's leash looped around her wrist "Hey, you're pushing it this morning, ain't ya? You should be more like me, I'm forty-five minutes early." BL couldn't resist bugging Dixie about being late. “Oh, well if I have forty-five minutes to get there, I’m not as late as I thought I was.” Dixie said as she backed off the gas pedal of her Thunderbird just a bit, at least until she got out of the main part of town. “I’ll be there in plenty of time. Have a good first day and I’ll hopefully see ya’ll about five.” —---------------------- BL wasn’t the only one up early this morning, Boss Hogg stood in his office window with the shade barely cracked enough to see the town as he listened intently to the CB conversation between the girls. He took a big puff of his cigar and said out loud to no one, “Yes, have a good first day.” But just then he saw what he hadn’t counted on as Emma Tizdale passed by his window on her motorcycle heading for the Post Office. BL grinned at her cousin's reply about not being as late as she thought, BL replied "10-4, see you about five. Thanks, have a good one yourself." Reaching back over the GTO's door, BL then grabbed Sadie's fleece dog bed and a bag of other things for Sadie from the backseat. Looking up with a smile as bright as the morning sun, seeing Miz Tisdale pull into the lot on her motorcycle. "Morning BL" Miz Tisdale said, getting off the motorcycle, removing her gloves and helmet. "Morning ma'am, nice day ain't it?" "Sure is honey" Miz Tisdale replied, patting Sadie's head as she held the back door open for the young woman, seeing as her hands were full. —------------------ Luke stacked the bale of hay, "It will never work Bo.""It's got to work. How else are all our loyal fans from the circuit gonna get my,... well our picture?" Bo asked. Luke replied, stacking another bale of hay, "I guess they'll just have to come watch us run on these smaller circuits. You can leave it at your picture. I'm fine with that." "OK." Bo said, "I'll just go get a PO Box to have the letters sent to, when we go up town in a bit." "Which gives you a chance to see BL." Luke teased. In town BL was helping Miz Tisdale sort the mail, surprised at how the older lady knew who each P.O. box belonged to and wondering how she would ever remember them all. The door opened and in came Emery Potter. "I've got this ", BL said, handing over the stack of mail she'd been sorting. Stepping over to the counter, aware Miz Tisdale was watching and listening to make sure her rules and regulations would be upheld, after her departure. "Number 1" she said, feeling silly noone else was in the post office. "ID please" BL continued the regulation, as Emery showed her his license. Handing Emery his mail. Taking the mail, Emery quickly shuffled through the envelopes saying "thanks BL, have a nice day ladies.”"You too Emery", BL replied as Emery turned back to the door, quickly leaving. A bit later Bo and Luke pulled up outside the Hazzard Post Office. Bo slid up into the window, "Are you coming?" "Might as well." Luke said not really having anything else to do. BL saw the boys and figured they were just here to pick up the mail, "Morning guys." she said smiling. "Are ya’ll here to get ya'lls mail?" Luke replied, "I am." "Well, just take a number." BL said. Luke had hoped that with BL working at the Post Office, that some of Miz Tisdale's formalities could be relaxed a little. He almost said as much until he saw Miz Tisdale in the back. He picked up the next number and handed it to BL who promptly called his number. Luke already had his wallet out displaying his driver's license before BL even asked for it. Once BL gave Luke the mail she asked, "Ok, Bo how can I help you?" "I need to rent a box, a large one," Bo said. Luke rolled his eyes heavenward. "Well, take a number." BL said as she got out the book Miz. Tisdale had shown her earlier. BL called Bo's number and said, "For a box I need two forms of ID." Bo handed her his driver's license and voter's registration card. "Alright, I'll just write it up, is box 100 alright with you?" BL asked. Bo looked at the few large boxes on the bottom row and saw box 100. "Yeah that should do. Thanks Darlin." Across town Boss Hogg told Cletus, "Now you just go over there and get me a box rented to you. You ask for Box 100 you see. Now git." Cletus would have liked to know why he was renting his cousin Boss Hogg a mailbox in his name but knew better than to ask. "Box 100? Ok." The door opened again, this time Cletus entered saying as he saw the Dukes, "Morning Bo, Luke. Morning BL, I want to rent a box,"Cletus said. "Morning Cletus", the group said in unison. BL added "Sure thing Cletus, just take a number and, I'll be right with you." Bo and Luke headed back to the farm and BL called Cletus's number asking, "now what can I do for you Cletus?" "I'd like to rent a box. Box 100", Cletus said BL opened the book again saying "I need to see two forms of ID." Cletus took out his wallet but discovered the only form of ID he had was his license, "buzzards on a buzzsaw, BL I only got my license." BL insisted, "Cletus, I have to have 2 IDs, but the box you wanted is taken." "Taken?" Cletus asked. BL nodded, "Yes it was rented earlier." She didn't tell him that it was Bo Duke that rented it, figuring that it would violate some sort of privacy rule. "Well, ok. I'll be back." Cletus left to go tell Boss Hogg that he couldn't get the box. Boss Hogg grinned widely as Cletus came back into his office at the Courthouse, "You got it?' "Well, no Boss." Cletus said. "No? What do you mean no? How hard can it be to rent a mailbox?" Boss Hogg asked, perplexed. "Well first off, I only had one ID, then BL told me that the box was rented." Cletus tried to explain. "RENTED?? By whom???" Boss exclaimed, "That box has been empty for years!" "I don't know who it was, cousin Boss, BL didn't say." Boss Hogg grumbled, perturbed his plans were ruined. "You want me to rent a different one?', Cletus asked. Boss chewed on the end of his cigar thinking he'd already had P.O. Box 100 printed in the newspaper NOW, he finds out THAT box, which hadn't been rented in years had suddenly been rented but, by who?, he wondered. "Yes, just get 101 instead "Okie dokie, Boss", Cletus said. —------------ At the farm, Bo used his spare time to sign several of his pictures that Daisy had taken and developed for him. Jesse noticed Bo being very busy at the kitchen table after lunch, "Bo what has your attention today?" Jesse might have been asking Bo but he was looking at Luke. Luke just smirked a bit as Bo answered. "I'm autographing pictures." Bo replied. "What sort of pictures?" Jesse asked as he moved closer to his younger nephew. "The ones I had Daisy take of me with General Lee." Bo replied. Luke still had half a smirk on his face, waiting for Jesse to ask the next question that he knew was coming. "Oh, Ok, .... I'll bite, why are you signing pictures of you and General Lee?" Jesse asked. Bo replied, "I put an ad in Big Race Magazine for any of mine and Luke's loyal fans, but Luke didn't want any part of it." "What sort of an ad?" Jesse inquired further. Bo said proudly, "I figured since we left the circuit, that some of our, well, my loyal fans might want a picture of me with my current car. So I gave them a way to get them." It seemed harmless enough to Jesse, but he cautioned, "Just don't go ripping people off. I don't need another Boss Hogg living under my roof." —------------- Back in town BL was getting ready to run the mail route, it would be the first time the Hazzard mail was delivered by car instead of by Miz Tisdale on her motorcycle but BL had a surprise in store. "C'mon Sadie girl, time to deliver the mail",BL said. Sadie barked happily, bounding to the back door. Picking up the mail bag off the counter, BL followed Sadie to the back door, calling over her shoulder, "Are you ready to go Miz Tisdale? " "You bet, let's get this show on the road!", the spunky elderly lady replied. “You got to take the mail that needs sending, over to Central City at 3:00,” Miz Tisdale continued. —------------ Out on the back roads of Hazzard with Miz Tisdale riding shotgun, BL slowed the car to a stop at the mailbox of Homer and Wilma Perkins but seeing Wilma sitting on the porch in her rocking chair, BL held the small stack out to Sadie in the back seat instructing the dog "Take this upto the porch to Mrs. Wilma. Jumping over the car's side, Sadie trotted up the porch steps, laying the mail in Mrs. Perkins lap. "Thank ya Sadie girl, these old bones weren't looking forward to a trip to the mailbox" Wilma said stroking Sadie's silky head, before the dog returned to the car, leaping over the side into the backseat in one bound without scratching the paint. After a few more stops, BL made a right onto Crabtree Lane stopping about a mile down the road at Granny Annie Coggins. Waving at Granny Annie, BL held another small stack of mail out for Sadie instructing, "go give it to Granny Annie". Sadie bounded over the car's side. Going over to Granny Annie with the mail, "thank ya" Granny said, giving a scratch behind Sadie's ears. Sadie returned to the car, again bounding into the backseat without scratching the paint. Miz Tisdale remarked as Sadie jumped back in the car, "That there is surely an efficient way to get the mail right to the people! Maybe I should have one with me in the sidecar. Sadie, you sure are a good girl." BL commented, "She sure is a good girl. I'll have to reward her this evening. "Well, we can head back to town as soon as we drop this next registered letter to Widow Parsons just up the way here." —----------- Dixie had finished her shift and was glad to be heading to her car just after she had clocked out at four and changed clothes. She figured to meet the others at the Boar's Nest and didn't want to go in uniform, plus it tended to make the guys just a bit uncomfortable when she showed up in uniform. The thought made her smile just a bit as she put the car in gear and headed toward Hazzard to see how BL's first day at the Post Office had been. BL headed back to the post office, after delivering Widow Parsons letter. Pulling into the lot in back, "See you tomorrow Miz Tisdale", BL said as Miz Tisdale got out of the car. "See you tomorrow dear", Miz Tisdale replied.Pulling out into the road that ran behind the post office. BL,with the day’s mail already in the back floorboard, ran it the 3 miles to the main branch at Colonial City, then headed for the Boar's Nest to meet the others. She couldn't wait to tell them about her first day on the job, she hoped tomorrow was as good. Pulling up at the Boar's Nest between General Lee and Daisy's yellow roadrunner, she put the GTO in park saying to Sadie as she got out,"stay here girl, I won't be long." Yawning, Sadie lay down in the backseat to wait. Dixie drove up about this time, catching up to BL at the door, "hey cousin". "Hey" BL replied. BL could see the curiosity about the day in her cousin’s eyes but she ignored it, saying nothing until they were at a back table with the others. —---------------- Bo, Luke and Cooter were at a back table, when Bo saw the girls walk in and motioned them over to the table. Daisy saw the girls walk in also and headed to the table to get their orders and see how BL's day was. "Hi girls. What will it be?" Dixie said, "I'll have a beer." BL add, "Me too." Luke said, "Daisy bring us all another round too." A couple minutes later Daisy returned with the five beers, "Alright tell us how your day was while I take my time putting these beers down, Sugar." "It was real good, Sadie helped me deliver right to folks." BL said, taking a sip of the beer Daisy sat in front of her. "How so?", Dixie asked. "Took it right to 'em, if they was outside," BL said "Bet that was cute. Anything interesting happen?", Daisy said. B.L started to shake her head 'no' but then said "Yeah Cletus came in to get a P.O box, that wouldn't be strange except he wanted a big one." Everybody exchanged looks. This was strange, none of them figured Cletus got enough mail to fill a small P.O box, even if he didn't collect his mail for a week, let alone a large box. After a minute or so Bo said, "Maybe he's ordering some comic books or something. He's always reading Enos's at the jail." Luke shrugged his shoulders and said with a laugh, "Or maybe he's sending away for a mail order bride." Daisy nudged Luke, "They wouldn't fit even in a big mail box, Luke!" Luke gave Daisy a look he normally saved for Bo, but this time Daisy deserved it, "If he thinks he's going to get a lot of offers to his ad, the letters would fit." "Oh well, yeah, ok." Daisy said as she turned back to the bar. Dixie took a sip of her as BL asked her, "Have you started on your dress yet? Dixie replied, "I haven't even got the material out of the bag yet. I figured I might think about it tonight." BL laughed at Dixie, it was no secret Dixie didn't like deadlines when she sewed, "better do more than just thinking about it, dance is only five days away." Dixie smirked, turning the tables on her cousin, "how's your dress coming?" BL didn't like feeling rushed and she knew it. "I haven't started on it yet", BL admitted grudgingly, she knew Dixie was just trying to get her goat. Changing the subject, getting Dixie's mind off giving her a hard time she hoped, BL looked at the three guys at the table "who are you fellas taking to the dance?" Her answer was three sets of shrugged shoulders. Cooter took a drink of his beer and sat back giving BL's question some thought. Bo had pretty much figured that he and BL would sort of, maybe, end up together. Stranger things had happened lately, but hadn't really asked her or anyone else. He ran his hand around the back of his neck as he suddenly felt put on the spot. Before Bo could turn the subject on him, Luke stood up and said, "I'll be right back. I got to make a call." He reached for his pager as he crossed the room to the phone. He promptly turned the pager from bell to silent. "Daisy, can I make a quick call?" Seeing the pager in Luke's hand she figured he'd gotten paged out on a fire. She sat the Boar's Nest phone on the counter, hoping that Luke didn't have to rush out. Luke dialed the number to their home base camp. He knew the voice and was glad it was one of the men he worked closely with as he said, "This is Duke, I got the page. Yeah, I know. Ok tomorrow about 8 AM I can do that. Yeah. See ya Ryan." He had to smile to himself seeing the image his mind played of his work partner trying to figure out just what that was about. It was alright he'd explain tomorrow when they were in the already scheduled class that Ryan knew he'd be at. He had taken some calls like this from his men before but he really hadn't made them often. He ordered another couple of beers before he returned to the table, hoping the conversation had changed as he sat the second beer down in front of Dixie. BL watched as Bo seemed to be downright squirming at the question, which amused her. She'd swear Luke was avoiding answering but he took work calls from time to time, answering a page. Cooter though seemed to be giving it some serious thought. "Anybody asked you yet, Dix", BL asked. Dixie shook her head 'no', taking a drink of her beer she said, "Thanks Luke." Luke gave her just the slightest nod as he sat back down. Cooter finally answered, "I really hadn't planned to go with anyone in particular. I seem to have more fun that way." "That's pretty much how I see it." Luke said. —---------- BL finished her beer saying,"I better git, I left Sadie in the backseat. See ya'll tomorrow." Standing, BL was on her way to the door, when halfway there a drunken cowboy that had been in school with her, although at the moment she couldn't remember his name, grabbed her wrist slurring "hey, sweetie lesh dance." "Let go of me!", BL said at the same time, grinding her high heel into the cowboy's foot. Hearing BL over the racket of the crowded bar, Bo and Cooter both stood up from the back table, Bo getting to the cowboy's table seeing the source of the 'damsel in distress' sounds, he grabbed the arm of the other man, "I believe the lady asked you to let go of her arm," Bo said. The cowboy slurred, "I jis' wansa dance, she jist bein' all high 'n' mighty jis' like in school," so go 'way." Next thing Bo knew, a fist came flying his way, the owner being too drunk to hit its mark. Flying by Bo's head, Bo's own fist flying out in defense, only it found its mark, knocking the cowboy out cold. BL had moved over against the wall, the minute she was free. Rosco came in the door, at the same time Bo's fist connected with its mark. —--------------- "Alright Bo Duke I seen ya, you're under arrest!" BL seen Rosco get his cuffs off his belt, "Rosco you can't arrest Bo, he was just defending me from this ogre!" BL pointed to the guy on the floor, who was beginning to come around. Roscoe said "Defending you my foot! More like disturbing the peace as usual!” At that moment the ogre came to, jumped to his feet, and launched himself at Bo. He wasn't even close, he missed and plowed over Rosco instead! Before Bo and Cooter knew what was happening Rosco was on the floor in a wrestling match and trying to get control of the drunken man. "s***!" Luke swore as he crossed the bar. Since being a Smokejumper he'd done pretty well at staying out of these things but it really looked as if Rosco could use a hand. "Come on guys. Let's give Rosco a hand." Bo frowned, wondering why they were gonna help Rosco when he had been about to arrest him. Even though Bo wasn't thrilled by Luke's directions he and Cooter followed Luke's lead grabbing the drunken man, pulling him off Rosco, then Luke helped the sheriff to his feet. "Alright you, you're under arrest for assaulting an officer," Much to everyone's surprise, Rosco forgot all about arresting Bo, instead putting the cuffs on the drunk, escorting the guy out the door to the patrol car. Luke, Cooter and Dixie went back to their table. BL started for the door again, Bo at her side. "You ok BL, he didn't hurt you, did he?" Bo asked. "No, I'm fine Bo", BL said When they reached the car Bo gave Sadie a scratch behind the ears, when she walked over to the end of the backseat." Leaning back against the car's side, Bo looked at BL a moment then asked, "Wanna go to the dance, saturday?" BL nodded "yeah". Luke tucked his loose shirt as he walked back to the table. He, Dixie and Cooter took their seats at the table as Daisy brought over another round of drinks. —-------------- Cooter nodded his head toward the door as he looked from his sister to Luke, "What's up there?" Luke shrugged his shoulders, "What do you mean? Bo's always ready to jump into a fight." Cooter frowned, "That wasn't what I meant. I meant him following BL outside." "Maybe he didn't follow her. He might have just needed to cool off." Dixie said. Luke suggested, "Or making sure that creep didn't have any friends out there." Bo came back into the Boar's Nest, sitting back down in his chair, without a word as to why he'd followed BL, Dixie knew she could call BL later and find out why Bo had followed her. Luke wasn't too curious either it seemed, like Dixie he figured Bo would give him details later. Balladeer: Curiosity was about to kill Cooter's cat though. Cooter waited, took a drink of beer and waited some more as the conversation went to things Cooter wasn't curious about. "Can you believe Rosco never gave me a second look after he got that guy cuffed." Bo asked. "Don't brag so loud. " Luke said, taking a healthy drink of beer. Dixie said knowing how far this was going to go, "I should have been the one to help Rosco. I am trained and all for that you know." She wasn't quite sure who gave her the look first but it was Luke who spoke first. "I was too Darlin', by the Marines." Luke's statement ended whatever protests Dixie may have. Cooter was hearing but he wasn't believing, "Blood's thicker than water". Cooter said. Luke nor Dixie had an argument for that, normally they would wholeheartedly agree. Luke finished his beer, "I think it's time we slide out of here Bo while the getting is good." "Right, I agree." Bo stood up finishing his own beer as he did. Luke added more for Dixie's benefit than anyone else, "And, I've got to be in that training tomorrow so I need to leave early to get things set up, " he said looking at Dixie, which means "that I'll likely be late getting back here. Cooter wasn't always credited for being a smart man but he was observant, thus the look Luke gave Dixie when he said he'd likely be late getting back, didn't get past him. Before he could ask what was up, Luke was gone. Turning to Dixie to ask instead, Dixie cut him off, guessing what her brother was doing, "I better get going too, see ya Cooter." Before Cooter could stop her, Dixie made her escape. —------------- "Wonder what Boss is upto, he ain't never in his office this late", Luke wondered aloud as Bo drove General Lee past the courthouse and, he noticed Boss's office lights were still on. Bo replied, "I don't know. He's likely up to something." "Well, just keep driving, Bo. We ain't getting involved this time, whatever it is." Luke said matter of factly. "Hey, we're not involved already." Bo said, grabbing another gear and heading out of town toward home. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  3. This is a collaberation between Dixie Davenport and myself, the story is complete but we are still editing. It was a bright beautiful morning in Hazzard, nothing could go wrong thought BL Davenport as she walked Sadie, her Sheltie a beautiful miniature Lassie lookalike. Stopping to read the town notice board, BL saw a notice that caught her attention instantly, it was a notice looking for a replacement for Miz Tisdale the postmistress. “Come on Sadie, lets go ask Cooter about this.” BL gave the rose print leash a gentle tug, pulling Sadie away from the grasshopper that held the dog’s attention. Crossing the street to her cousin Cooter’s garage, BL smiled brightly when she saw the Dukes were all there too. “Hey have ya’ll seen this?” Handing the notice to Cooter, BL removed Sadie’s rose print leash, the dog wagging her fluffy tail happily at the group’s attention. “I don’t believe it, Miz Tisdale given’ up the post office.” Daisy said, reading the notice in her hand. “Do you know anything about this Uncle Jesse?” Luke asked. Balladeer: Now it’s no secret to the assembled young folk, that Miz Emma Tisdale, is sweet on Uncle Jesse and, most likely told him her reason for leaving the position as postmistress. Before Jesse had a chance to answer, a familiar Thunderbird whipped into the garage's lot. Cooter's 'little' sister Dixie got out dressed in her old blue jeans, boots and a blue summer shirt with spaghetti straps. "Hey ya'll what's going on?" It was Luke who replied first, "We were just asking Uncle Jesse if he knew why Miz Tisdale is giving up the Post Office." "She is?" Dixie said in surprise. Jesse then replied, "Well, it seems her sister hasn't been getting along real well lately and Emmar is going to go stay with her for a spell. I think it will do both of them some good. I think that's why she's stayed working this long is that she is just lonely." Luther Davenport had just gotten off the phone inside the garage where he'd been watching the goings on outside. He walked outside, "There's a tow up on Iron Mountain." He looked around at the group and reached in his pocket for the keys to the wrecker. He was about to do something he hadn't done in years. He tossed the keys to Luke. Luke had quick reflexes and even though he wasn't expecting in a million years to be given the wrecker by Luther he caught the keys. "The kid inside is wanting a job around here." Luther explained, "Take him out and see what he knows." The surprised look on Luke's face showed, but he replied, "Alright." Luke headed toward the wrecker, "Come on." He called to the kid who had no idea that he was getting an unofficial interview. Jesse had walked across the street as Luke and the kid pulled out. Dixie and BL were talking about the post office. Cooter looked at Luther and said, "They still get under your skin don't they?" ”Yeah they do”, Luther replied. “Never thought I’d see that again” BL said. Dixie looked at her, with a look of confusion and asked “what?” “Uncle Luther ain’t give Luke the keys to the wrecker, since you left Hazzard.” “That was six years ago”, Dixie said. BL nodded ‘yes’ then asked “are you coming to the Founder’s day celebration? There’s a dance next Saturday night, at the old grits mill. Everybody will be dressed in clothes from the period.” Dixie replied, "I'm off that weekend so I probably will if I can talk you and Daisy into helping me find or make something to wear. How am I supposed to know what they wore back then?" Luther had heard the girls' conversation about clothes for the dance and added, "Well, for starters they had a lot more material than anything I've seen you wear since you've been home." Dixie rolled her eyes. Cooter said lowly as he walked around to the other side of the car he was working on, "I thought you wanted her to stick around?" Luther grumbled something as he went toward the back of the garage. “Sure we’ll help,“ BL replied then looked at Daisy, “won’t we Daisy?” “You bet, we’re going to Fanny’s Fabrics, to look for material later you should come with us”, Daisy invited. Bo had been thinking about Miz Tisdale leaving and looked at Cooter, voicing his thoughts “Sure is gonna be strange around Hazzard without Miz Tisdale, wonder who her replacement will be?” “Yeah sure is”, Cooter replied. BL spoke up saying “hopefully that replacement will be me. I was walking Sadie, when the notice on the notice board, outside the courthouse, caught my attention and I came to see if Cooter knew what it was all about. I’m going over shortly to ask if the position is still open. Bo nodded encouragingly, "I think you'd be good at it, .... but I didn't know you rode a motorcycle." He ribbed her just a bit at the end of his encouragement. "Well, I think Sadie could ride in a sidecar." Cooter added. "There's a big difference in driving one than riding with Jeb on his or, on the back of a dirt bike with you, which I've done plenty of times." BL said in response to Bo's ribbing. " I’m going to let Sadie bring the mail, right up to the front porch." BL said. "The doggy express instead of the pony express."Bo and Cooter grinned. "Folks'll get a kick out of that, especially the young'uns", Cooter said approvingly. ------------------------ A few miles from town Luke asked the 'kid', "So what do you know about a wrecker?" He saw the kid trying to figure out how to answer that. "Not really a lot. My parents told me I needed to find something to do after school and weekends. I have a car and I want to learn how to work on it, so I figured that maybe I could help around the garage." It was a good enough answer for Luke. "Alright, when we get out here we'll see what we have." A few minutes later, Luke saw the pickup off the road and across the ditch. It didn't look like it was hurt but stuck. He pointed to the pickup as he pulled to the rear of the truck. "Let's get out and take a look see." The kid watched as Luke got out of the wrecker and followed him to the driver. Jim Smith looked just a bit surprised to see Luke Duke getting out of the wrecker instead of a Davenport. "Morning Jim. What happened?" Luke asked as he approached the driver. "Ole Toby was out this morning. I wasn't paying as much attention as I should have been when the fool came around the curve on my side. All I could do was get away from him." Jim said. Luke nodded, "Are you in a real big hurry? I got Chris here with me and I need to show him what I'm doing if you got a few extra minutes." Jim shrugged, "I got all day." Luke showed the kid what he was looking at, no oil or gas leaks, no damage to the vehicle. With the way the truck sat, he said, "It looks like it will come out just the way she went in with a little encouragement from the wrecker." Not knowing the kid’s experience with vehicles, Luke turned to the owner, "Can you get in when I get ready and just keep the wheels straight?" "Sure Luke." Jim said. In no time Luke was backed up to the edge of the road and began getting the cables out. "Ok take the hook here and hook to the frame on your side. I'll get this side." Luke went to the truck and had the hook where he wanted it in seconds. Then he went to the other side to check where the kid had hooked up to. After a minute or so of watching, it was obvious to Luke that the kid didn't know where the truck frame was. "Here, let me show you where I want it so that it doesn't bust a break line or hurt anything on the truck." Luke flipped the hook where he wanted it like he had done it in his sleep hundreds of times. He went to the control panel and showed Chris which lever to pull and began pulling the truck back, up and over the ditch. Once the truck was clear, Luke put the cables back in place, grabbed a clipboard from the cab and went back to Jim, "That should do it. I didn't see any damage underneath." Jim asked, "Thanks Luke, what do I owe you?" Luke advised, "It was a simple tow out, twenty five should cover it." Reaching in his wallet, Jim took out the money and handed it to Luke. "Let me write you this receipt." Luke quickly wrote out the receipt and put the cash in the clipboard. "Hope your day gets better Jim." "It will be as long as Toby went home to sleep off last night." Jim said with a wave. Luke asked after getting pulled back onto the road, "Did you learn anything?" Chris admitted, "I think I learned what a frame was." Luke laughed, "It's a start." As they rode back Luke explained about the truck, its gauges, and things to watch for on it. He noted the gas level was low. "Now see here, the gas is under a quarter of a tank. We'll be going by the Boar's Nest where I could get gas but I know the truck, I've got enough to get back to the garage and fill up there. It's several cents cheaper there since it's not owned by Boss Hogg." "What difference does it make? It needs gas and it's not your money." Chris asked. Luke advised, "Because if I treat it like it's my money, Luther can afford to keep me." He said as an example, not really figuring that he'd ever work for the senior Davenport again like he did in high school. --------------------------- As Luke rounded Hazzard Square in the wrecker, Boss Hogg was looking out the window. "Well, I do declare! That Luke Duke is in the wrecker!" Rosco hurried to try to see, "He is? Wonder if he's working for Luther again?" "I don't know or care." Boss Hogg affirmed, "What I care about is who gets the Post Master job once that old bag is out of there." Boss had been checking the notice board from the window to see who may be Miz Tisdale's replacement. "The notice is gone Rosco!" Rosco confirmed, "Yes it is. I wonder who could have taken it." Boss Hogg replied, "Someone interested in the job I suspect!" He looked around but didn't see anyone in the Square. "The only person I've seen anywhere near the square is that Davenport girl with the dog." "Git, kit, kit! That would be BL and her little puppy Sadie, Boss," Rosco stated and continued, "It's such a cute puppy, Flash likes her but she is just too quick for him......" "ROSCO! Enough of the Wild Kingdom!" Boss said. "I need to know my plan is going to work. It never would with that old bat and all her postal regulations!" "Wish me luck. Come on Sadie, time to go," BL clipped Sadie's leash to her collar, when the dog bounded to her side. Waving to the group, she walked past the court house where Boss Hogg was still watching out his window. -------------------------------------- Back at the garage, Luke parked the wrecker in front of the pumps, got out and automatically filled the wrecker's tank with gas. He took out the clipboard and logged the date and amount in the receipt book so that there were 2 copies. Luke took the first copy and the twenty five dollars with the copy of the receipt he'd written out for the truck owner and headed into the garage. He almost stuck the money and receipts in the register without thinking but he stopped himself. "Luther, here's the receipts and twenty five for the tow out." "You know where it goes." Luther said. Luke looked around, Cooter and Luther were elbow deep in a car. Catching Dixie's eye, Luke nodded for her to put the money in the register. Dixie continued to finish her sentence to Daisy as she went to the register and put the money in the register with the receipts under the change drawer and went back to where she and Daisy had been talking. Luther saw Luke's actions but also saw how attentive Dixie was to him. Looking up he saw that the wrecker was still in front of the pumps, "Say Chris, how about you moving the wrecker out of the way." Chris walked over to the truck and got in. A couple minutes later everyone noticed the wrecker was still at the pumps and thus far not even running. "Something wrong?" Chris replied, "It's got three pedals." His statement took a whole minute for the group to figure out what he was talking about. "Oh good grief!" Dixie said as she stepped to the wrecker door "Move over." She got in, pressed the clutch in, started the wrecker and promptly backed across the lot and put it in its place almost without looking. She set the brake and hopped out. They had all seen what had just happened, Luke shook his head. The kid really didn't know nothing about vehicles. Bo couldn't help but grin, the kid had just been showed up by a girl, nevermind the fact said girl was the garage owner's daughter. Over at the post office BL was feeling pretty good, she met all the requirements for the job. "Be here Monday morning 8 A.M. sharp, when the mail truck runs." Miz Tisdale said she was glad to know her post office was going to be in good hands, BL was a responsible girl. "Yes ma'am, I'll be here at 8 A.M. sharp.Thank you ma'am", BL said, picking up Sadie's leash, heading to the door with a wave. She would miss the feisty little old lady of course. Miz Tisdale had run the post office her whole life but as sad as Miz Tisdale leaving was taking over was exciting, she couldn't wait to get back to the garage and tell Cooter and Luther. ------------------------------- Chris was amazed even though Dixie was Luther's daughter that she put the truck in its spot that easily. "Ya'll seen that right?" Though most everyone thought Dixie showing the new kid up was funny there was one pair of eyes that didn't find it at all funny. Luther frowned as he watched Dixie talking to Daisy. Luke grimaced a bit and merely said, "Sorry." Meaning that it was largely his fault that Dixie could drive and operate the wrecker as good as Luther, Cooter or himself. Luther looked at the kid and asked, "Can you pump gas and sweep?" "Yeah, I can do that." Chris said. "OK, you can start now by giving this place a good sweeping." Luther said. Dixie looked up, "Hey, BL is finished." BL picked up her pace a little, grinning from ear to ear, she was glad everybody was still at the garage and she could tell them her good news all at once. "How'd it go?",Dixie and Daisy asked at the same time. "It went great, Miz Tisdale said for me to be there at 8 A.M Monday, that's when the mail truck comes." "Congratulations, you'll do great!", Bo said. "Yeah, congratulations BL knew you could do it." Cooter said Luke and Luther congratulated her too. "Dixie, are you and Daisy ready to head on over to the fabric shop now?" "Sure, let's go." Dixie said. ---------------------------- Across town Boss Hogg laughed as he saw the group at the garage and it looked like BL had given them good news, "Rosco it looks like that Davenport girl is going to be the new Post Mistress." "She is?!! Well, that will be nice." Rosco said. "No, it's down right perfect." Boss Hogg said. BL left Sadie at the garage with the men while she, Dixie and Daisy went to Fanny's fabrics, the bell over the door tinkling merrily as they entered the shop. A woman with gray hair pulled into a bun, smiled warmly, greeting from behind the counter,"afternoon, how can I help you ladies?:" "We're looking for material and dress patterns to make dresses for Founder's day" BL answered for all of them. Franny, the woman who was also the owner, walked over to a table of cotton print fabrics, most of which was a small floral print. "Any of these will make beautiful dresses and, you'll find patterns over there in the books, just find something you like in the book, then find the pattern on the rack by the number in the book. Let me know if you need any help." At nods from the three young women, Franny retreated back behind the counter. The girls flipped through the McCall's patterns. Some were dresses for a 'higher class lady' while others could be wedding dresses. Some they all knew would get them killed by Jesse or their fathers. Finally Dixie settled for a blue Victorian Civil War Hoop Dress with a bit of light blueprint and a bit of white ruff around each layer. It was off the shoulder so it wouldn't be as hot as the long sleeves. "What do you think of this one?" "I like it and Luther will approve", BL said. BL flipped the pattern book to the halloween section.Daisy leaned over to look at the picture, Dixie wAs showing them "nice, I can't find a thing." "Me either, hey Dix what color are you thinking about? That blue is really nice, you'd look great in it", BL said. "I like that color, so yeah I hope to find something at least similar", Dixie said. "Luther approving isn't what this is about ya'll." Dixie thought a moment more, "If ya'll aren't getting anything I may just remember this number and look some more. I can always run back and get it. Did y’all look in patterns for maybe Halloween? Are ya'll trying to go authentic, dressier than what people here in those times would wear or are you trying not to push Uncle Clyde's buttons?" BL shrugged her shoulders, "I don't want something as tame as Laura Ingalls but, I ain't really trying to push Daddy's buttons either but if it does I can't help that, now can I?" BL flipped the pattern book to the halloween section. "That's pretty much me. I would like to be noticed but I would NOT want to be seen in some of those dresses by one of my 'inmates'." Dixie stated since she worked at the Tri-Counties Jail as a correctional officer. As soon as it was out of her mouth she knew how it sounded by the looks on Daisy and BL's faces . "I didn't mean it to sound that way. I know all of us have been known to see the other side of Rosco Iron Bar Hotel but that is and always has been Hazzard justice. We get guys from all three counties and I don't need someone I've arrested or comes in often seeing me in a next to nothing dress. It could open a can of worms I'd have to close the next time they came in the jail. Not to mention if one of them said something in front of Luke." BL cocked an eyebrow in Dixie's direction, at the mention of Luke. This wasn't a straight up confession that Dixie was seeing Luke again but helped confirm BL's suspicions they were together, why else would Dixie care what Luke might hear. ------------------------------------- Back at the garage Clyde Davenport pulled into the garage lot, in his tan pickup truck, he got out and waved as Bo passed in the General Lee. Cooter and Luther were elbow deep under a hood when he walked up, Luther wiping his hands on a grease rag as he came over, "What brings you by brother?", Luther asked. “I had to come up town for a bit, I just stopped to see if you’d seen BL today.” Clyde said. “She was here a bit ago. She had been to see Miz Tisdale, now as you can see, we are dog sitting Sadie, while she and the girls are off looking for material or something for that dance they have all been talking about. Luther mumbled a bit, “Yeah, I’ve heard about it.” Clyde took the moment to kid with his older brother, “Well, ain’t ya going, …. It will be the biggest dance of the year.” He said stressing the last part, as he’d heard nearly everyone in town referring to the dance. “I ain’t got time for such foolishness, besides I’ll have the wrecker so they can all go.” Luther said. Clyde frowned a bit, “I thought you had someone interested in helping with the wrecker.” Luther let out a sigh, I did have, …. Right up until the point he got in the truck and said it had too many pedals!” Clyde nearly spit his teeth out, “He couldn’t drive a stick shift?” Luther said discouraged, “I don’t think the kid had ever seen one.” ------------------------------ "How about this, it's pretty", BL said. She held the Simplicity pattern book so Dixie and Daisy could see the Victorian Civil war hoop dress of dark green, with a lace trim about 3 or 4 inches from the hem. It was off the shoulder with a sweetheart neckline. "Nice", Dixie said, Daisy nodded in agreement. "I like this,it's simple but still elegant", Daisy showed them a yellow Victorian Civil War hoop dress, with a small white dot print and off the shoulder, same as the others. Finding the pattern numbers, the girls found some material, making their purchases they headed back over to the garage. "Dixie, can you give me a lift home? I don't want to carry all this stuff and have to try to keep Sadie under control." "Sure," Dixie replied. Sadie barked a greeting, seeing the three girls approach the garage. "Wonder what Daddy's doing here" BL asked, noone in particular. Going over to Dixie's car, putting her purchases in the backseat,then walking over to the two senior Davenport men, she said "hi Daddy, what are you doing here?" "I had to run into town, get some screws from the hardware store. How did it go with Miz Tisdale?" Clyde asked, he had seen the notice for postmaster a few days ago and had mentioned it to BL, who was looking for a job that was more than part time or just to make a few extra bucks. Smiling wide, BL said "You are looking at Hazzard's new postmistress. I start Monday morning at 8 A.M., when the mail truck runs." "That's great honey!" Clyde said. "Luther said ya'll was looking for material for ya’lls dresses, find anything?' Clyde asked. BL nodded 'yes'. Dixie piped up before Luther could say something sarcastic "you should be happy Daddy, they'll cover more than our shorts do." "Good", Luther grumbled as someone pulled up at the pumps and he walked away. "I better get back to the cabinet shop", getting his pickup, Clyde waved. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
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