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  1. Hobie you were right about Hoss knowing the answer! Thank you for clearing that up Hoss.
  2. I have another puzzling memory, I need help straightening out. I think I heard once Cooter mention he had a cousin Tyrone, but I'm not positive. I remember he mentioned a cousin Earl [a few times I think]
  3. Thanks Roger and Hoss! I can always count on you to steer me in the right direction even if you don't know the exact answer.
  4. That sounds like it might be what I'm looking for, thanks Hobie!
  5. Does anyone remember an episode where Daisy is said to be visiting an Aunt but is back at the farm later in the episode? This is driving me nuts because I remember it so clear or think I do but I can' t remember the Aunt's name. Might have my timing wrong, could be closer to the end of episode, I don't know. I do remember Uncle Jesse trying to send Bo and Luke to stay with Aunt Lavinia and Luke telling Bo 'Jesse ain't spoke to Aunt Lavinia in 20 years.'
  6. BL groggily opened her eyes, looking at the clock she’d overslept. She and Dixie were up til after 2 talking. Grabbing a pair of jeans and a sleeveless top she went to the bathroom, taking a 5 minute shower. She went back to her room giving herself a couple squirts of body spray, getting socks, sneakers, and her travel size makeup bag BL headed downstairs quietly, trying not to wake Dixie “Sadie come”, BL called standing up from the front porch step, once she’d put her socks and shoes on. She saw the mail truck coming as she pulled up to the stop sign in town. Crossing the road, driving by the church and down the alley by the hardware store, BL parked in back of the post office, hurrying in the back, she made it out front just in time. —---------------------------- After getting out of the tub in the wee hours of the morning, Dixie couldn't help herself. She studied her body in the full length mirror. She had never considered herself small but she wasn't fat. Her mother had tried telling her she was 'big boned' whatever that meant. Her stomach was pretty flat and her hips and boobs made her shapely. Finally, she had gone to bed. Her mind was still going several miles a minute. She kept hearing BL's comments about Luke doing the 'right thing and doing right by her'. Those ideas lead to her briefly considering grabbing her stuff and fleeing Hazzard again. But, where would she go? Home to Mom? No. Call her former roommate and tell her to move over? That would work exactly until her next shift when Luke would be outside Tri-Counties jail waiting for her to arrive. No, those were bad ideas. Dixie set her alarm clock just in case before finally managing to fall asleep. —-------------------------------- Luke had thought over his and Jesse's conversation, then the fact in his mind that he had systematically asked half of Hazzard to watch the jumps today. He rolled over for what felt like the hundredth time and saw dawn breaking. He knew if he went to sleep now, he'd not want to get up. He sat up, killed his alarm, and stepped into his jeans that he'd laid out. He grabbed his boots with his wallet and keys inside and his shirt. In the kitchen, Luke sat his boots down, hung his shirt over his chair and set about making coffee. He was standing on the porch in only his jeans, sipping on coffee when Jesse joined him. “I knew you’d be up early but not this early, something wrong?” Jesse said. Luke took a drink of his coffee shaking his head ‘no’ “no, nothing wrong,just got alot on my mind,” Luke replied. Jesse sipped his coffee, "I'll listen if there's something you want to talk about." Luke chose the easy topic, " I have to keep my mind focused today. I asked Dixie, Bo and you to come watch. I know by default I'll also get Cooter and BL." Luke held up his hand, "That's fine. My concern is I have rookies I'm responsible for. All should be ok, but especially if something goes wrong, I need you to deal with them. I can't. I have to take care of the crew. This is why I never wanted y'all there before Luke sighed, "Dixie has to know what I do. Fire season starts soon. I've seen a lot of divorces and break ups because of this job.” Jesse took another sip of coffee “Don’t worry, Cooter and BL will take care of Dixie and I’ll be there for Bo if something happens. Heaven forbid. You just concentrate on them rookies having a successful first jump. Likely they’ll have family and friends watching too, that is, if they're allowed and it's not just a privilege only for senior jumpers,” Jesse said, raising a questioning eyebrow. Luke gave Jesse a look, "Sometimes we have family show up there to watch. It's hard to tell how many watch from other areas. I'll let the girls at the front desk know to expect ya'll." “Alright.What time should we be there?” Jesse asked. Luke replied, "About noon if you want to see the prep stuff. The plane is scheduled to take off for the first jumps at one." Jesse nodded and asked one more question, "I've never watched any jumps, how will I know if something goes wrong?" Luke dryly assured, "Ya'll will know. Trust me on that. —-------------------------- When Dixie's alarm clock went off she heard it, sort of, it was this far away noise that wouldn't stop. Finally she realized it was her clock going off, she barely got her eyes open and tried to figure out where she was and where her clock was. With the new black out curtains in the room and the fact she had little sleep but a really heavy sleep, Dixie was totally disoriented for a couple minutes. Then she realized where she was, why she felt like she was on a bad hangover and why the clock was set. Once she stood up to cut off the clock, she had to pee, now. It wasn't I need to go to the bathroom in a minute or three, but if you don't go to the bathroom now, you will have wet feet sort of need. Dixie started to the bathroom and saw where she had left the other pregnancy test she had bought. She grabbed it and went to the bathroom. "OK, she said to herself out loud, one more time, just to make sure before I have to open a huge can of worms." A couple minutes later, she found herself staring at the third ‘+’. "Dammit." She jumped in the shower hoping to get rid of her puffy eyes from crying and lack of sleep. She wanted to make a good impression on Luke's co-workers. —-------------------------- Bo came into the post office before BL had even got the mail sorted, she had just finished putting on her makeup and pulling her hair into a ponytail because she didn’t have time to fix it at home. “I don’t have the mail sorted yet, I’m running behind a little. I overslept so had to bring my makeup and fix my hair here,” BL explained, while hunting the Duke's mail. “It's ok, darlin’, I’m not here for the mail, I’m here to ask a question. Luke invited me to base camp to watch him jump, wanna go?” Bo asked. “What time? I’d like to but I can’t just close early, everytime I want to do something,” BL explained but obviously not happy about it. “Luke said the prep stuff starts about noon but the plane is scheduled to take off for the first jumps at 1,” Bo replied. “Great, I can do that,” BL said. “See you at noon,” Bo said, taking the mail, BL had gathered and left. The morning was busier than most days because it was Saturday and most people who worked through the week, was off. BL put a sign in the window about closing at noon. This was a change in business hours, she was considering making regular. Bo was waiting for her when she returned from Central City “ready?” Bo asked. “I got to take Sadie home, follow me over,” BL said. “Why don’t you just bring her?” Bo suggested. BL thought why not, "Alright, but swing by the house. If Dixie hasn't left, she can ride with us. She may want to ride back with Luke." —--------------------------- Bo followed BL across town, home with Sadie. “Hey Dixie, you want to ride with me and Bo, to watch Luke jump?” BL asked. Dixe was still in a state over all 3 pregnancy tests being ‘+’ and wasn’t sure driving to base camp so far away was a good idea. “Yeah sure, that’d be great,” Dixie said. Mrs. Cravitz had heard General Lee and was watching from her porch where she was watering her potted plants. BL and Dixie both getting in General Lee with Bo, had captured her attention so fully, she was drowning her poor plants “hussies”, she said to the plants as Bo drove off. Dixie said from the back seat of General Lee, "If she keeps watering her plants like that she's gonna have to plant pond lilies." BL agreed as Bo circled town square instead of taking the right out of town. BL asked, "Bo where are you going?" Before Bo had time to reply he had swung into the garage parking lot nearly entering the empty bay, "Figured Cooter may want to go." Dixie said a silent prayer that the garage was busy today and that he'd not be able to go. —----------------------------- When Bo stopped, Dixie almost swore, not only was Cooter there not looking real busy but both Luther and Clyde were there too. “Hey ya’ll. Cooter, are you busy,” Bo said. “Nope, as you see ain’t nobody here, why?” Cooter replied. “Luke invited us,” Bo thumbed at the General Lee, where Dixie and BL waited for him, “to come watch him jump, thought you might want to come too,” Bo said. “Sounds fun, I’m in,” Cooter replied. Bo thought a minute then said to the older Davenports,“ya’ll can come too.” This time Dixie did swear. Thankfully Bo had gotten out of the General before he began talking or Dixie might have strung him up from the garage rafter so no one but BL heard her swear. Luther looked over at his missing daughter, ""Well, it would be a chance to get to see my missing daughter, but someone has to run the wrecker and keep an eye on the pumps." Cooter had washed his face, hands and put on a clean work shirt, "I'll take the wrecker as soon as we get back." Luther threw his hands up in defeat. Bo said, "Come on, you can ride with us." Cooter jumped in the back seat with Dixie, Bo up front and they were off heading toward the County line. —----------------------------------- Just a couple miles and they’d be at the county line, with no sign of Rosco, BL was thinking only to have sirens to break into her thoughts “I knew this was going to smooth, we’ll be late if Rosco catches us Bo,” BL said. “He ain’t going to catch us; bye, bye Rosco,” Bo said, speeding up. “Bo he’s going to catch us,” Cooter said, when he saw a road construction sign. “Hang on,” Bo said, giving the General more gas, the road had been cut in half, hitting a pile of dirt, the General soared over the workers and equipment, notes of ‘dixie’ sounding along with Bo’s trademark “YEEHAW”. Landing with a bone jarring ‘thud’ across the county line, Dixie had pulled Sadie into her lap, holding onto the dog securely. Bo had stopped to watch Rosco attempt the jump, only to nose dive the patrol car into the gully. “He’s ok,” Cooter said, looking over his shoulder. Dixie said just a might too sharp,"Bo, have you lost your mind?" She heard herself and knew everyone but BL would be wondering where that came from. She had made bigger jumps with both Bo and Luke since she was fifteen and normally loved it. She hugged Sadie to her and began petting and making over the pup, "You scared poor Sadie to death! It's OK Girl." She hoped she smoothed that over as she nuzzled the pup. Bo looked over at BL, he knew Dixie loved it when he or Luke made a jump but BL wasn’t looking at him so he couldn’t gauge whether or not she knew something. —-------------------- On a break, Luke went to the front office where the human resources department was, that consisted of two girls. They were known as Missy and Becky. Luke had worked with employees a lot of years but was put on the spot, if he ever saw one without the other he might mix up their names. Where you saw one the other was there too, at work or not. "Hey, Ladies, ..." He sighed, "I did something last night that sort of snowballed on me." Working with all these guys so long, and this coming from Duke, they were a bit hesitant to jump into his conversation. One of them asked, "Do we want to ask?" "Probably not, but you likely need to be prepared." Luke rubbed the tension in the back of his neck as he began, "I asked my girlfriend Dixie to come watch the jumps today. That turned into asking my cousin, then my uncle,...." The little blonde said, "Awe, that was nice of you. I don't think we've gotten to meet any of your family." Luke finished, "Well, I know my cousin Daisy is going to insist on equal rights, then Bo is bound to bring a friend and that means someone has told my buddy." Balladeer: "Too bad Luke doesn't know that Sadie too was invited." —------------------------------- At 12:45 General Lee parked out in front of the base camp’s main building, BL got out and took Sadie from Dixie, so she could slide out the window “ya’ll go let someone know we’re here, me and Sadie will wait outside,” BL said. So Dixie, Bo and Cooter went inside. Becky saw them come in, just as she came out of the front office “can I help you?,” she asked. “We’re Luke Duke’s guest, he told us to come here and someone would take us to a place where we could watch the jumps,” Dixie said. “Oh you must be Luke’s girlfriend. I’m Becky, come with me,” Becky said. “My girlfriend is with us and she has her dog, they are waiting outside,” Bo said. Becky smiled, saying cheerfully, “no problem”. Becky led the group back out the front door and around the building to a small area with picnic tables under a shaded pavilion. “Thanks Becky,” Dixie said. Jesse and Daisy were just about to go inside, when Becky saw them asking if she could help. Telling them where the others were, when Jesse said they were there to watch Luke. The airplane hanger that housed the plane as well as the Smokejumpers gear was a good distance away from the classrooms, offices and HR department, but Luke couldn't help hear the General's arrival. One of the rookies spoke up, "Wow, something has a motor in it." Luke shot him a look, "So does that plane you plan to jump out of. OK everyone last check, check yourself then check your buddy." Luke took the time to do just that himself before he and the other experienced jumpers gave each of the rookies one last look before they boarded. The pilot had given the plane its final check, fired it up and was talking to the control tower. Luke looked at the wind socks around the field. A slight breeze. He was good with that. Everything was a go, everyone boarded the plane. —----------------------- “Hey Bo, can you help me later? I bought a bedroom suit for my third bedroom and it’s being delivered today. Daddy is going to be at the house when it’s delivered but the bed will need to be put together,” BL said. "Sure. It shouldn't be a big deal." Bo said. Dixie said, "That must be the plane." Jesse checked his pocket watch, "Right on time.” “Thanks,” BL said, everyone turned their attention to the sky. —----------------------------------- The plane took off, climbed to the desired height and radioed the man in back at the door. Due to the engines being so loud he gave Luke a hand signal, then opened the door. Each rookie was paired off with an experienced jumper and would jump just behind the experienced jumper. Luke and his rookie would be last. As the first two jumpers came out of the plane, all eyes were in the sky. Missy and Becky also came out to watch. Bo said what everyone was thinking, "I wonder which one is Luke." Missy explained, "They are jumping in pairs. The experienced jumper will go first, controlling their speed to be able to come down with the rookie. Luke will be in the sixth pair. “I still don’t get why anybody would want to jump out of a perfectly good airy plane,” Jesse said. “Looks like fun to me,” Daisy said. Dixie replied, "I think so too, Daisy. Well out here like this, not jumping into a forest fire." Cooter said, nodding his head, "Yeah, yeah, ... I could do that." “It’s pretty, those white parachutes kind of look like clouds from this far away,” BL said. Jesse said, "Look, there's the second pair." Sadie had laid down on the cool concrete floor of the pavilion, enjoying a nap while the group all watched the jumps, waiting for Luke’s turn. —------------------------- Everyone had seen the first of the jumpers land and clear the landing area. The fifth pair had cleared the plane, when Missy said, "The next one out should be Duke." Luke cleared the plane door, then began to control the free fall turning to see his rookie and positioning himself to slow his descent. The rookie cleared the plane and pulled his chute as trained. Luke now too pulled his chute as the rookie caught up to him. Luke watched him go down and landed away from the rookie so their chutes wouldn't get tangled. Once on the ground there was the matter of gathering the chute to be repacked. At the Pavillion, Dixie couldn't help but to let out the breath she hadn't realized she was holding since she had heard the plane start up. The rest of the jumps went as planned without incident. Balladeer: Once everyone was on the ground, they were picked up by a pickup truck and taken back to get another chute to jump again. By four o'clock the rookies had six jumps under their belts. Now it was time to put their gear away so the chutes could all be repacked on Monday. —---------------------------- Luke was never one to let on that he wasn't getting any younger, but it was days like this that he sure felt it. He was learning that usually two jumps and he was fine, but three or more and he felt it. After six, he wanted a real long hot shower. After getting all his own gear squared away, then he had to check behind his crew and the rookies. Only after everything was checked did Luke get his quick hot shower. He knew the others were waiting on him, so he'd wait until he got home for a longer shower. So freshly showered, shaved and smelling wonderful, Luke finally headed to the pavilion where the others were. Bo was first to see Luke headed their way, “here he comes” Bo said. “That looked fun Luke,” Daisy said with an excited look in her eyes. “It is when you’re not jumping into an inferno, flames all around you,” Luke replied. Dixie was a bit quieter than normal, but added, "I like watching the chutes, after they open glide gently down to the ground. They are pretty." Luke reminded, "The ground is still pretty hard when you land. Especially after doing it more than once. So, do ya’ll want to get something to eat here? That way ya'll ain't hurrying to throw something together." —------------------------------- “I got supper already cooked and a waiting. Ya’ll just come onto the house all of ya, Cooter you too,” Jesse said. Heading back to the farm, Bo stopped at the garage, so Cooter could get the wrecker. Dixie was riding in her usual place in Luke's truck. Not the passenger side, but the middle. She took in Luke's scent and was content to lay her head on Luke's chest, with her right hand tucked in his shirt. Luke had followed Bo around town and said, "Do you need anything from town?" Luke received no answer. He looked down to see Dixie sound asleep on his chest. He headed the pick up onto the farm, figuring Dixie would be awake when he got there. BL crawled up front to the passenger seat when Cooter got out “c’mon Sadie,” BL patted the front seat between her and Bo. Cooter saw that Luther was locking up as he came around General Lee “I’ll take the wrecker Dad,” Cooter said. Luther handed over the wrecker keys, got in his truck and headed home. Jesse and Daisy got to the farm ahead of the rest and Jesse put the big pot of crawdad bisque he made earlier, on the stove to heat. —------------------------------ Luke parked in his normal place, still a couple minutes ahead of Bo, "Dix." Nothing. He brushed her hair back and said a bit louder, "Dixie." Dixie managed to respond with a questioning moan, "Huh?" Luke said, "We are here." Dixie replied, "Good." But never moved. Luke couldn't help but grin at her, "Dixie come on. Let's go eat." "Ok." She said, still not moving. Luke had still not gotten Dixie to wake up, when Bo drove up and parked. Bo got out then went around, helping BL with Sadie. “What’s the matter Luke?” Bo asked. Luke had his door open and was getting ready to just carry Dixie in “she fell asleep on the way and I can’t wake her up to go in,” Luke replied. “Guess we stayed up too late,” BL said. —----------------------- The added commonition of Bo and BL made its way into Dixie’s mind. "Yes, we did. Sorry. I'm awake." Dixie finished that statement with the thought, 'I think.' She felt like she had been run over by the truck she was in as she sat up and got her bearings before getting out of the truck. BL was giving her a concerned look to which she shook her head slightly 'no' and mouthed, 'I'm fine.' She only hoped no one else thought her unplanned afternoon nap was strange. By this time Cooter had arrived, parking the wrecker to the side, incase he got a call. “Let’s go eat,” Bo said, Jesse’s crawdad bisque was his favorite food. They all headed inside, noone giving Dixie’s nap another thought. Inside they all washed up and the girls helped Jesse and Daisy finish setting the table and fix drinks for everybody. After dinner, Jesse took his coffee to the porch while the others cleared the table and put up the left overs.The girls were tidying up the kitchen when Bo, Cooter and Luke came out on the porch with iced tea or coffee. Jesse asked, "Ya'll got any plans tonight?" Cooter replied, "Just hoping the County stays home or learns to drive." He pointed to the wrecker. Bo said eagerly, "I was hoping we'd all go grab a beer." Luke replied to both Jesse and Bo, "Count me out. My plans involve this chair then my bed." Bo almost complained until he remembered the ladies. Surely BL was game, so maybe Dixie could change Luke's mind. When the girls came out with their tea and a pitcher for refills, Bo tried his charm. —------------------------------ “Hey ya’ll want to go grab a beer?“ Bo gave the girls an irresistible smile. “Sure,” BL said. “I gotta get going that way here in a minute, Roxie just called, she’s sick and needs to go home, I got to close for her,” Daisy said. “How about you Dixie? Luke wants to be a wet blanket and stay home and go to bed,” Bo said. "I'll let you know before you're ready to leave." She took Luke's hand and started off the porch. Luke was sure this was Bo's doings and that Dixie was trying to talk him into going out for a beer. "Now, Dixie...." was all of the conversation the others heard, but Dixie heard the rest, "I really don't want to go to the Boar’s Nest tonight." "Good. Neither do I." Dixie said, "But, I'd like us to talk somewhere." Luke sighed. It was never good when women wanted to talk, "Is this a let's take a walk sort of a talk?" Dixie shook her head 'no', "It's more of a let's take General Lee for a drive, sort of a talk." Luke took that to mean that Dixie wanted them to get lost awhile. He really didn't want to go out but to get lost, he could do. "Are you sure it's not a pickup sort of a talk?" Dixie replied, "I'd rather take the General, if it's not an issue." "Come on before Bo takes off." Luke didn't often insist on taking General Lee, so in his mind, Bo shouldn't have a problem with when he did. Back on the porch, Luke motioned for Bo to step inside, "How about trading me vehicles tonight?" Luke held out the keys to his pickup. —---------------------------- Bo looked at the keys, then at Luke “what’s up?” Bo asked. Luke shrugged, “It’s Dixie’s idea, she wants to take a drive in General Lee, maybe get lost for a while.” Bo thought Luke hardly ever let anyone drive his truck, not even Dixie really. Taking General’s keys out of his pocket handing them to Luke, he took the truck keys “thanks Bo,” Luke said . Bo and Luke came back out on the porch. “We got Luke’s truck for the night darlin,” Bo said. “Nice. Hey Cooter, will you take Sadie home? I don’t want to get dog hair all over Luke’s truck seat,” BL asked. “No problem cousin,” Cooter replied. —---------------------------- Luke and Dixie were in the General Lee, Luke fired him up and started out of the driveway, "Where to? Anyplace in particular you want to go?" Dixie replied, "How about still site 4." Luke headed that way. All the way there he figured that this talk was going to be about his Smokejumping, but he'd known Dixie a long time and he really didn't see her asking him to quit jumping after watching them make six near perfect jumps. Yet, this upcoming conversation had that fill to it. Luke really hoped he was wrong, as he backed General Lee up the hidden path to the flat just below the still site. They walked up to the still site, then out by the stream. Luke took Dixie in his arms and said, "OK, is this about the jumps today?" He figured he might as well cut to the chase. Dixie looked up in surprise, "What? No." Luke was a might relieved, "So, this isn't about wanting me to stop jumping?" "No, Luke. I know your job is a part of you and I'd not ask you to stop." Dixie said. Luke let out a breath he'd been holding as he had dreaded this conversation with most girls. "Good, thanks." Dixie added, "Just like you don't like what I do, but you haven't asked me to stop either." "Right." Luke pulled Dixie to him and remembered his and Jesse's conversation. He took a deep breath and began, "Dixie, I had reasons for asking you out to see the jumps today." "You did?" Dixie asked. Luke replied as he moved closer, "I can't expect you to live with something like that the rest of your life if you've never even seen it before." Dixie raised her eyebrows, "Live with it the rest of my life? Luke, what are you talking about?" Luke took her hand and dropped to his knee, "Dixie will you finally marry me?" Dixie had water works running down her face before she found her voice, "Luke, if you would have asked me since I walked into Hazzard last time how I would answer that question, well right up until about midnight last night I knew what the answer would be, .... now, ..... noowww, ..... I just don't know how to answer that." Luke was confused. Dixie was crying even harder.Luke tried to calm her and figure out what Dixie was so upset about, "Tell me what changed after midnight." Dixie took a small box from her purse and handed it to Luke. He opened the box, moved the tissue back and found three identical items that sort of resembled old thermometers. He asked, "Thermometers?" Dixie shook her head no and pointed to the little window on each item. Thankful that beside the window had + pregnant and - not pregnant beside the window where she directed his attention. Balladeer: Don't go to the refrigerator now………..
  7. The new drapes worked wonders. No light had managed to get into Dixie’s room at all, then she heard this annoying sound through her sleep. It was several minutes before Dixie realized it was her alarm clock. Even as she went through the motions to begin to get ready for work, all she could do was think about her pillow. Dixie was never a morning person, but today, there wasn't enough coffee in the world to get her moving. She hadn't showered last night so she had to this morning. In the shower she stood there letting the hot water run over her, finally washed her hair and stood there some more when her inner voice said, 'You're gonna be late.' "s***!" Dixie got out of the shower, now trying to rush to get dressed and on the road which meant the more she hurried, the more she dropped or fumbled things making her morning process take more time than usual. —---------------------------- BL had been up for a while, sitting on the back porch watching Sadie, cup of coffee in hand. Having Dixie a travel cup of coffee fixed,giving it to her on her mad dash out the door. Once Dixie had left, BL went to shower still having plenty of time, to get to the post office before the mail truck. After showering she went to her room to get dressed, looking over at the clock BL swore “damn it,” she’d had showered too long, now she had to hurry which meant she didn’t really have time to fix her hair like usual, so pulled it up in a ponytail. Dixie checked her watch, she’d just make it if she bent a speeding law or three and Rosco nor Cletus stopped her. Dixie was a bit relieved when she crossed the county line without Rosco or Cletus stopping her. Now, she could speed up a bit she thought as she took a drink of her coffee. —------------------------- At the Duke Farm, Luke had been up awhile. He had done his part of the morning chores, showered, dressed for work and managed to eat breakfast before heading to his truck to drive to base camp. They would be packing chutes today in order to do jump training tomorrow. "I will probably be late this evening depending on how many times it takes these people to get their chutes right." Luke said. Jesse was pouring coffee, "Luke, ..... how many times did it take you to get it right?" "First try at Missoula, I could fold it faster than the instructors." Luke said proudly. Jesse clarified his question, "I wasn't talking about Missoula as a Smokejumper I meant for the Marines." Luke frowned a bit, "That's different. I was younger then." Jesse said calmly. "About the age of your Rookies now." Luke gave Jesse a grin, "Thanks Uncle Jesse. I'll try to be patient." Bo made his way into the kitchen, pouring a cup of coffee “Am I that late or are you that early cousin,” Bo asked Luke, seeing that he was ready to leave for work. “You're that late, I done my part of the chores, showered, got ready for work and ate,” Luke replied, heading to his truck. “Go do your chores Bo, your breakfast will be ready by the time you're done,” Jesse said. —------------------------------- Balladeer: Back in town at the post office it was busier than a one armed paper hanger. BL handed a roll of stamps and a package in a big yellow envelope to Miss Clara Coltrane at the counter “there ya are Miss Clara, that’ll be $10”. Clara paid for her stamps “thanks alot hon, see you later” Clara said on her way out. Three more people came in just as Clara was leaving, they only wanted to mail something, which didn’t take very long. About 1o’clock, BL ran the mail route as usual, today she had a package for Artie Bender the Hazzard Piccaso, as he was called by many. Finding him at his favorite painting spot, BL gave Sadie his mail “you take these and I’ll carry the package,” BL said getting out of the car. “Here’s your mail Artie,” Sadie dropped the stack in his lap. “You got a package here too” BL said, giving him the small brown box “thank ya Miss, must be them new paints I ordered,” Artie replied. —--------------------------- Luke happened to check a parachute packed by one of the rookies. There was no way that it would have opened and caught air. The Marine in him wanted to loudly explain that he would have died had he been wearing that chute. Instead, he heard Jesse's words from this morning. He took a deep breath, let it out slowly, then began, "OK, folks, listen up. We are going to go back to square one here. We've got ALL day. Remember, you can get away with getting most of the information on some things and be ok, but if you don't fold your chute right, YOU will be the first to know when it fails and failures happen even if you do everything right. Around fires that create their own weather, conditions change quickly. Everyone spread your chutes out again and we'll do them once again together....." Randy couldn't believe how patient Luke was being today. "Remember we are going to fold 20 chutes each for practice before you fold the 21st one. The 21st chute is special, it's the one you will be wearing bright and early tomorrow." Luke said to the rookies. —--------------------------- At the Boar’s Nest things were slow until mid afternoon when people started coming in droves, to cash and spend the week’s paycheck. The garage was busy too, with Friday ‘date night’ activity. Cooter wished he’d volunteered to make the part run for Luther or that Luke was around to help out, the pumps were backed up 4 deep and he just got a call that Rosco was up a tree. At the farm, Bo was having his own problems trying to get the tractor started. He had never been the mechanic of the bunch. He was the driver. He wished Luke was here for about the hundredth time since starting this project. All he could figure out was it wasn't getting fuel. He hoped the filter was clogged. "Uncle Jesse I'm gonna run up town for a fuel filter." BL saw Bo pull up at the garage, needing a breather she gathered up the mail to take to Central City and put the out to lunch, sign in the window and headed to her car “Sadie come, want to go for a ride. Balladeer: Cooter and Luther don’t just keep everybody’s vehicles running but they get parts to keep everybody’s tractors running too. —--------------------------------- Well if it ain’t the prettiest postmaster in the county. How's it going darlin’?,” Bo asked, giving BL his trademark grin. “Not bad, it’s been busy today. I don’t see how Miz Tisdale did it all by herself on days like today, I’m tempted to hire someone to help out. That way I ain’t gotta close, just to run the mail upto Central City,”BL said. “Here you go buddyroe, one tractor fuel filter,” Cooter said, coming from the back corner inside. “Here’s the mail Cooter,” BL said, handing a stack of part catalogues and car magazines to her cousin. —------------------------- Dixie had gotten to work just before being late. She had been there for about an hour when all of a sudden she was hit out of the blue with a wave of nausea. She figured it was where she had drank only coffee and not eaten anything. She went to the snack machine for a bag of chips to hold her til lunch and went back to work thinking no more about it. Bo told BL at the garage he’d pick her up later to go jukin’ at the Boar’s Nest, he was going to have to do all the evening chores, Luke usually worked late when he had a group ready to make their first jump. BL went straight home after work, cooking supper. Balladeer: Jukin is a term used to describe music, dance and social intercourse. —----------------------------- Dixie was supposed to get off at four. No one had called in to say they wouldn't be in for their shift so by 230 she was pretty certain she would be leaving on time. She thought that right up until one two letter word or maybe it wasn't even a word but just two letters, C O set off a chain of events. Dixie had worked the Control room for her shift. When she heard someone call out, "C O". Which is what most of the jails inmates called any of the officers. The next time Dixie had a free moment to register what time it was and not just looking at the clock for a time to log something it was 8:15! Before she could even pick up the phone a voice from behind her said, "Hey, sign the log book over and you can head out." Dixie didn't have to be told twice. "Ok, great!" She said. BL wondered why Dixie hadn’t called but figured Dixie might have thought she wasn’t home but out with Bo already. Bo parked at the garage and walked to the house, to keep Rosco off her case about too much noise. Sniffing the air,coming into the kitchen he said,“Hey good lookin’ whatcha cookin’? Smells great.” BL got them, plates and silverware “meatloaf, mashed potatoes, pinto beans and cornbread,” BL replied. They planned their night out, while they ate. Putting the food in the refrigerator for Dixie and the dishes in the sink, BL left Dixie a note on the table supper in the fridge. Dixie knew she should take the time to call someone to let them know she was late, but she also knew if she didn't leave now that she could get stuck longer. She signed over the logbook and headed for the time clock, the door and then her car. Once in the car she pulled out of the parking lot, took in a deep breath which she let out slowly trying to get rid of the day's stress. Now she could drive toward home to change out of her uniform before going out for the evening. Luke had stayed over until he was sure everyone had their packs right for tomorrow's jumps. He figured everyone would already be at the Boar’s Nest but when he got there he saw he was the first to arrive. It was payday weekend and the place looked packed. Luke parked his truck and headed inside. —------------------------ BL changed into a tank top with a bit of lace at the top in front and denim shorts, then she and Bo walked to the garage to get General Lee. Bo spotted Luke’s truck saying, “looks like Luke got here first.” BL slid out of the General, “hope he got a table big enough for everybody, it’s packed tonight,” BL said. The couple wound their way through the crowd to where Luke sat “saved ya’ll a seat,” Luke said. Daisy came over with them all a beer. Cooter came in about 10 minutes later but there was still no sign of Dixie. Dixie saw everyone's cars at the Boar’s Nest as she went by but hadn't taken any clothes with her and there was no way she was going in there as packed as it was in uniform. She kept going to BL's to change. Once inside, she placed a call to the Boar’s Nest. Daisy answered, "Daisy, it's Dixie. I got stuck at work and came home to change. I'll be that way in a bit." Luke and BL had talked. Neither had heard from Dixie. He finished his beer and got up to either call her or head out looking for her when Daisy stopped him half way to the bar, "If you are thinking of calling or going looking for Dixie, ... she just called. She's at BL's and will be here soon." Luke wasn't sure that he liked Daisy reading him that well, but nodded and asked for a second beer. Bo stood up, beer in hand “how about some pool darlin’?,” Bo asked BL. “Sure, I don’t mind skunking you again,” BL said, grinning. So the two threaded their way through the crowd, to the pool table. Dixie knew everyone was already having a good time, she quickly ditched her uniform, being grateful she was off tomorrow. She found her favorite blue jeans that she always thought fit her great. When she went to button them, tonight they felt a bit snug. Dixie cursed, figuring she was just bloated. Next she found a spaghetti strapped top and put it on with her cowboy boots. She took her hair down, gave it a good brushing, then replaced the ponytail holder. In no time flat she made her way to the table with the others at the Boar’s Nest. “Where’s BL and Bo?” Dixie asked. “Playing pool, I think BL’s about to school him again. Want a beer?” Daisy asked bringing Cooter another beer. “Would you make that a soda?” Dixie said, she hoped the soda fizz would help get rid of her bloating. “Sure, be right back,” Daisy said. “8 ball corner pocket,” BL called her shot, hitting the white cue ball diagonally across the table sinking the 8 ball in the corner pocket. —------------------------------- Daisy brought Dixie her soda “here ya go Dix,” she said. “Thanks Daisy,” Dixie replied. The Jukebox began playing Mel McDaniel’s Baby’s got her bluejeans on, “want to dance?” Luke asked. They headed to the dance floor, Luke then took Dixie in his arms singing along quietly in her ear, Up by the bus stop and across the street Open up their windows to take a peek Y'all she goes walking, rockin' like a rollin' stone Heaven help us, baby's got her blue jeans on She can't help it if she's made that way She's not to blame if they look her way She ain't really tryin' to cause a scene It just comes naturally Aww, the girl can't help it Well, up on main street by the taxi stand There's a crowd of people and a traffic jam But she don't look back, she ain't doin' nothin' wrong Lord have mercy, baby's got her blue jeans on She can't help it if she's made that way She's not to blame if they look her way She ain't really tryin' to cause a scene It just comes naturally Aww, the girl can't help it Down on the corner by the traffic light Everybody's lookin' as she goes by They turn their heads and they watch her 'til she's gone Lord have mercy, baby's got her blue jeans on Heaven help us, baby's got her blue jeans on Back at the table, the more Dixie watched the others drink their beers, the more she actually wanted one. When the second round of her soda arrived with the others beers, she reached across Luke and picked up his beer mug, taking a nice drink of it. "I'll have Daisy bring you one over." Luke said. Dixie shook her head no, "Yours always was better, besides I don't want to have to go to the bathroom all night." She took another drink of the cold watered down beer, but tonight it seemed better than usual. She handed Luke back his mug and began telling of the inmate that had a medical emergency and had to be taken to Tri-Countues hospital which caused her to be late. —------------------------- BL and Bo finished their pool game and came back to the table as Daisy brought everybody’s second round, having seen them come back and sit down she’d brought them one too. When Dixie finished her story about the sick inmate, BL asked “did you find my note that I cooked supper and it was in the fridge?” "Yes, I did. Thanks. I'm figuring on it for a midnight snack." Dixie said. Luke was about to take another drink of 'his' beer when his mug went away from him. He just shook his head. It reminded him of when they had gone to the Boar’s Nest years ago and Dixie would snitch his beer. “Welcome.” About an hour later, Luke said “I’m going to ease on out of here, tomorrow’s jump day for my current bunch of rookies.” Dixie took another drink “think, I’ll head out too I’m tired, see you at home BL,” Dixie said, leaving with Luke which nobody gave a second thought now that the couple wasn’t sneaking around. Cooter got a wrecker call, so that just left Bo and BL. “Guess it’s just us, want to dance?” Bo asked. They went out to the dance floor as Fishin’ in the Dark started playing. —---------------------------- Luke had walked Dixie to her car where the couple began saying goodnight. Luke ended the kiss before Dixie was really ready to do so, but said, "I'll follow you to the house and make sure you get in ok." Dixie smiled up at Luke, "Ok." She got in her car as Luke walked to his truck. He had to straighten his rather tight jeans before getting up into his truck. Dixie parked in the driveway attempting to be quiet. Luke parked on the street but away from the Cravitz home. They found the porch swing and began to swing. "Do you really have to leave this early?" Dixie asked. Luke replied. "No, not really, but I wasn't wanting to take chances on everything flying apart at the Boar’s Nest. Say, what are your plans tomorrow?" "Nothing really. Why?" Dixie figured Luke may have a better suggestion. "The jumps will start about 1 if you or ya'll would want to come watch." Luke said. Dixie knew Bo had begged for this opportunity. "I'd love to come watch, but you better ask Bo or we'll never hear the end of it." Luke laughed, "I'll ask him later." Mrs. Cravitz had gotten used to hearing the Davenport girls' cars coming and going but that was two vehicles and only 1 belonged to the girls. Looking out the window Gloria could see BL’s front porch, she saw Luke and Dixie on the porch swing. Back at the Boar’s Nest, Bo and BL had danced to three more songs, Bo signaled Daisy for another round of beers, BL shook her head ‘no’ and held up one finger letting Daisy know to bring only 1 beer. When Daisy brought Bo’s beer she asked “can I get you anything BL?” “Tea, I got to work tomorrow, so better lay off the beer,” BL replied. Daisy was only gone a minute before BL had her tea “thanks Daisy”. After talking about Dixie coming to Base Camp about noon tomorrow, conversation had died down. They swung and listened to the night sounds awhile. "Abner, they are on the swing on the other side of the porch. I don't hear them and I can't see what they are doing." Gloria said. Abner puffed his pipe blissfully unaware of what his wife had said due to the ear plugs he'd slipped in when he too heard the cars next door. By the time Luke had kissed Dixie goodnight and made it to his truck, he knew he would need a cold shower when he got home. Jesse had been home a couple hours when he heard Luke's truck pull in. Then he heard the shower turn on. He gave it a few minutes before heading to the kitchen for a cup of coffee. —--------------------------------- “I used to worry about running out of hot water, when you, Bo,Jeb,Vance and Coy was all living here. Now maybe I need to worry about running out of cold water,” Jesse said, ribbing Luke. Luke and Jesse both had a good laugh. BL was having a good time, she looked at her watch and it said it was 11:30. She wasn’t ready to go home yet and Bo apparently wasn’t ready to go either, he was taking his turn at the dart board. He and Dobro had been playing darts for the last hour. “Bo I need to get home, I gotta work tomorrow remember,” BL said. “Give me 5 minutes darlin’” Bo replied. Jesse motioned for Luke to sit down. Luke almost groaned out loud, but knew better. "Son, it's none of my business and I try to stay out of you kids' relationships, but...." Jesse paused to take a drink of coffee. "Luke, it's just shy of midnight. Dixie is off work tomorrow. Why are you home so early?" Jesse asked. Luke thought this was a safe question that he knew the answer to, "Dixie is off tomorrow, but my rookies make their first jumps tomorrow." Jesse nodded, "So you have to get up when?" Luke replied, "About five." Jesse nodded again, "I've known you come in just in time to put on work clothes, work all day here, drive the wrecker all evening, make a shine run and still go jukin." Luke smiled, "That's been awhile ago Uncle Jesse." "It has. So what's changed?" Jesse asked. Luke said with a laugh, "I've got older." Jesse held up his finger, "Got it in one. So now that we both agree you've got older, when do you think you are gonna settle down?" Luke went on the defensive like he had since he was a young adult, "Now, just hold one there a minute Uncle Jesse. Ain't no need in getting that serious right now...." Jesse just looked at him like he had four heads. "Dixie is a might younger than you, but if you ever want to have a family and be around to see your grandkids, .... You might want to start doing some math, there son." Jesse got up patted Luke on the shoulder and said, "Night son. Be careful tomorrow." Luke swore to himself as he watched Jesse go back to his room. Why that man started conversations like this at this hour then went to bed leaving you to think on the conversation when you should be asleep was beyond him. —---------------------- Bo parked on the street in front of the house, he didn’t want her walking home from the garage in the dark. “You’re going to wind up Mrs. Cravitz parking in front of the house, at this hour,” BL said. “So…” Bo replied. “So, this is Hazzard not New York City, I would have…” the rest of the protest was cut off, by Bo’s lips pressing against hers.”Abner, I just heard another car, it parked across the street but nobody got out,”Mrs Cravitz said almost hysterical but Abner just kept smoking his pipe. The earplugs he put in his ears earlier were still there. Bo eased back from BL’s lips, he was taking a cold shower when he got home. “See you after work tomorrow,” BL said, sliding out the General Lee’s window, heading to the house. Bo waited until she was on the porch before leaving. —----------------------- Luke had his pajama bottoms on, he was in bed, laying on his covers, hands laced together behind his head in the dark staring at the ceiling when Bo entered the room carrying his clothes and boots, wearing a towel and trying to be quiet. Luke quietly said, nearly making Bo jump out of his skin, "I'm awake." “Luke, you done scared my dog,” Bo fussed. “Sorry,” Luke replied. Bo asked “how come you’re still awake, thought you had to work?” “I do, just thinking,” Luke replied. Bo sized Luke up as he finished drying and put on his pajama pants. "Anything you are ready to talk about?" Luke replied, " Not particularly." Then he said, "You know how you've been wanting to watch us jump?" Bo replied, "Yeah." But figured to hear the same hundred reasons why he shouldn't be there. "How about tomorrow, .... be there, say no.... " Bo was now standing, "Really!? You mean it!?? Wow!!! YEAH!!! What's the catch?" He asked lastly. Luke replied dryly as he pointed to the door, "You explain to Jesse why you are shouting at one in the morning. Luke had just gotten the warning out of his mouth, when Jesse burst in the room “what in tarnation is all the hollering about?” Jesse demanded. “Sorry Uncle Jesse, go back to bed,” Bo said. —----------------------- Jesse huffed, "Go back to bed! Not until you tell me what is wrong." Jesse said a bit harsher than normal. Bo grimaced, "Really, nothing is wrong, ..... something is right. Luke, finally, said I can go watch him jump tomorrow. I've only wanted to see that since he was in the Marines." Jesse looked over at Luke, who promptly said, "And I'm already regretting it. While I'm at it, do you want to come too?" Jesse now understood Bo's outburst, Bo had begged for this chance for years. "I might just do it. I never could get past the idea of jumping out of a perfectly good airy plane. Now go to sleep." —-------------------------- At BLs, Dixie had just made it upstairs after eating her dinner, planning to take a really long bath when BL came inside. She called, "BL do you need in the bathroom before I take a bubble bath?" BL replied, "Yeah, I'll be right up." Once the bathroom was clear, Dixie sat everything she needed down then began to get undressed. Seeing that she still had not started, she shook her head, wrapped a towel around her and crossed the hall to the room she was claiming. She picked up her pocket calendar and then dug in the back of her dresser drawer to find a test. She was hoping, really hoping, she had been mistaken about the dates before. Inside the bathroom, she did something none of the girls ever did. She very quietly locked the door. Opening the calendar, Dixie began to count back. She hadn't been mistaken. She was late, but hey that happens sometimes. There can be lots of reasons a girl is late. OK, she would take the test, find out she was overreacting, then she'd surely start in the morning. Dixie read, re-read, and read a third time the instructions for peeing into a cup. She dipped the test with a shaky hand and looked at her watch. For the next couple of minutes the 'what if's' kept trying to get into her head. Dixie promptly shot all those ideas away. She knew it was crazy. She just knew this was her mind playing games on her. Looking at her watch, time was up, but she gave it another minute just to be safe. She picked the test up. From reading the directions she knew - was negative and + was positive. It should be easy to read according to the instructions. Dixie knew she was being silly as she watched her hands shaking. She had known plenty of women who had tried for years to get pregnant that had not. She and Luke had been really careful, well mostly, ... there was the night at the lake, ... well in the lake, ... that Luke had tossed his pants before, .... and then well, in the heat of the moment he didn't go back after protection, ... but that was one time, ....well ok it was more than once but it had been all that same night, Dixie tried to reason with herself. 'Just look at the thing, then you can get in the tub.' She said to herself. She quickly flipped the test over knowing a ‘-’ would be there. ‘+’ was staring at her. It felt sort of like being kicked in the gut by a mule as her stomach dropped to the floor about the time her knees buckled as she sat down hard in the middle of the bathroom floor. BL was laying on her bed, reading to unwind. Sadie lay at the foot of the bed snoring; hearing a noise on the other side of the wall that BL’s room shared with the bathroom she raised her head up completely alert now. “Jumpin’ Jehosefat!What was that?” BL put down her book. “Dixie you ok?” BL hollered but Dixie didn’t answer. Getting up BL went around the corner to check on Dixie, finding the door locked, which was strange. The only time the girls locked the door was if all the guys were there too, “Dix you ok? Unlock the door.” BL jiggled the knob. —--------------------------- Luke kept thinking about his talk with Uncle Jesse, even though tomorrow would start early and be long he couldn’t get to sleep. Luke was also thinking of the many reasons he had not wanted his family there when he jumped. He knew his mind needed to be 'in the game' not on them. He knew what it would do to them each time he pulled out if something went wrong, anyone got hurt or worse. He had asked Dixie, because she needed to know exactly what he did when he went to work once fire season was in. He had a great crew, he hoped the rookies would learn to be great. Accidents happened, crew members and himself had been hurt. It was one thing to jump out of a perfectly airy plane as Jesse called them, but another to not be landing in a soft sunny hay field, but a fully engulfed mountain side. —------------------------ After the first few times BL called to Dixie, her panic made its way into Dixie’s mind. She swallowed the nausea down and tried to speak. In a voice that didn't sound anything like herself she said, "Can't unlock it right now. I'm fine." She said feeling anything but fine. Dixie knew there was no way her legs would hold her right now. "Open the door or I'm calling the guys,"BL insisted. Dixie was nearly in a panic her own self hearing that, "Don't!!! Give me two minutes." BL counted loud enough for Dixie to hear…1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi… Dixie’s legs wobbled but she managed to stand and get the door unlocked by the time BL reached 10 Mississippi, she had no doubt that if she didn’t unlock the door BL would make good on her threat and that would bring alot more questions she didn’t want to deal with. The second BL heard the lock, she let herself in “Dixie, WHAT in Sam Hill is going on? You’re shaking like a leaf,” BL said, making Dixie sit down on the toilet lid. As Dixie looked up, she felt tears welling up in her eyes from out of nowhere. She looked up further willing said tears not to fall. "I'm fine." “Malarkey” BL said, seeing the test instructions laying by the sink. “Judas Priest on a pony! Tell me this was negative,” BL said almost plaintively but Dixie wouldn’t even look at her “oh Lord”. —-------------------------- "Yeah." Was about all Dixie could get out right now. She knew the delicate house of cards that was the relationship between her father, Luke and even Cooter was surely about to get rocked to its core, very much the way it had years ago when Luke and her were caught at the lake. BL didn’t really know what to say at the moment, she knew how delicate things were still between Luther and Luke and it was likely Cooter wouldn’t take the news well. She also was thinking about how her own relationships would be affected. Not that she was selfishly worrying about herself but both men knew Dixie confided in her and Luther atleast would accuse her of hiding it from him. “It’ll be ok, Luke will do right by you, not because it's expected but because he loves you. You can see it, when he looks at you, heck it was there when you was just 16,” BL said. Dixie shook her head 'no', "I won't be accused of trapping, ... Luke. Don't want him that way." Tears were falling and now it was all Dixie couldn do to not sob. —---------------------------------- BL sighed, it was going to be a long night, “come with me,” BL guided Dixie back across the hall to her room. After Dixie was sitting on her bed, BL got her housecoat off the hook on the closet door, like her own it was rarely worn “put this on, it's better than just that towel.” Sitting beside Dixie now, BL spoke gently “whether you marry Luke or not is between you and him but you HAVE to tell him you're pregnant and the baby is his, he has a right to know he’s going to be a father. Dixie looked at BL with a surprised look, "BL, I know all that and you are right, ... but I just need a minute here. OK? I just knew I was overreacting. I just knew I couldn't be..." “I know you need some time to wrap your head around this Dix, I just didn’t want you to think you could just not tell Luke, so people wouldn’t accuse you of trapping him,” BL explained. "I probably am saying all this wrong, but I don't want Luke to think I trapped him." Dixie said. She and BL knew she had made real sure that she had taken her birth control regularly. “I don’t think he’d think that or believe it, if somebody tried to convince him you did,” BL said. A sudden thought hit her like a rock, her mouth falling open. Dixie saw the look, "What?" She was nearly afraid to ask. —------------------------------- “Your birth control must have failed. I keep track, just in case you get caught up in something and forget,” BL said. Dixie replied, "Oh, I've been taking it regularly, especially since coming back here." BL then asked the same thing Dixie had been. "So, how?" Dixie's eyes filled up again, "The night ya'll showed up at the lake...." BL didn’t have to hear more, she knew what had occurred “one night wouldn’t result in pregnancy, unless you missed one or more birth control pills, would it?” BL asked, confused. “Especially if ya’ll used protection. You did, right?” BL asked, not knowing the details of Dixie and Luke’s actions before she and Bo got there. Dixie nodded, "Yes, Luke always used protection too, well, except for that night." Dixie remembered why Luke had parked so quickly and so close to the road. “Well I just don’t know what went wrong, can’t change it, so might as well try to get some sleep,” BL said. Dixie nodded that BL was right but she knew she'd not get to sleep tonight. "Yeah, I think I'll try that bath again." Dixie got up off the bed slowly since she wasn't sure her legs would hold her. Once she knew her knees weren't going to buckle, she said, " Night, BL. Thanks for everything. Please, if you see Bo, before I can really talk to Luke, please don't tell Bo. I love him, but Luke can read him like a book." BL hated to be the one to tell Dixie this but felt she needed to, "Darlin' Luke Duke also reads you like a book. He's going to take one look at you and know something is up." "Thanks, Cousin, I needed that right now. Night." “Night Dixie,” BL went to bed, putting her arms around Sadie and got doggy kisses in return “night Sadie,” BL said. —------------------------------ Dixie dug around for the bag with the tests she had bought. She took them in the bathroom with her. Dixie looked at the sink where the test she took was still setting. She looked at it again. The "+" was still very clear.After she turned on the tub, Dixie dipped a second test and sat it by the tub. She then got in the very warm water and poured extra bubble bath into the water. Normally a hot bubble bath could about undo any stress Dixie had from her work week, tonight she didn't think it was going to help much. After several minutes the tub was full. Dixie loved the high sides on the old antique clawfoot tub. Before sinking down into the bubbles, she picked up the second test, turned it over and again saw the "+" staring back at her. "OK, so we are two for two here. No mistake." Dixie said aloud for only herself to hear. She sank in the tub and tried to picture Luke’s reaction. It was a conversation she had never thought of having with him. Then she tried to wrap her mind around just the logistics of having a baby around. Hell, BL even had issues with Sadie and often had to get a sitter for her. Luke worked mostly five days a week during the day but this was his off season, she had no idea what his on season would be like. She worked forty plus hours, normally dayshift but could be called in early and she never knew when she'd have to stay late. Dixie knew Jesse Duke might not be happy about the timing but would be over the moon with excitement. Then, there was her father.....moon and going into orbit wouldn't be out of the question, but she didn't think it would be from excitement. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  8. The next morning BL was a bundle of nerves, she couldn’t sit still, Bo parked at the garage and walked down the sidewalk to Miz Tisdale’s, it was early but he figured BL was probably up. Knocking on the front door, when noone answered he let himself in to find BL with a rag and bottle of windex, “what ya doing darlin’?” Bo asked. “Cleaning the windows, gotta do something until time for work or I’ll go nuts,” BL replied. “I have a better idea than cleaning windows, that’ll only give Mrs. Cravitz a better look at what’s going on over here. How about we go get breakfast in Colonial City at the new Waffle House? We will be back in time for you to meet the mail truck, promise,” Bo said. BL thought about it, getting out of town for a bit did sound nice. Laughing, some of her tension relieved, BL said “Wouldn’t want to do that, she sees too much already,” continuing “ok sounds good, just let me tell Dixie and get my purse. Hey Dixie? Bo and me are going for breakfast at Waffle House in Central City, be back in time to get ready for court.” BL said. —----------------------- Dixie got up, let Sadie out in the back yard and put on coffee. She hadn't bothered to get dressed, so she was still in her long night shirt that she had put a pair of really short shorts on under it. She poured her coffee and went out on the small back porch to sit while Sadie romped in the yard. Mr. Cravitz, unlike his wife, hardly ever looked out the windows. If he did, it surely wasn't to see what the neighbors were doing. This morning as he poured his coffee movement out the window caught his eye. He looked up to see a younger girl sitting on the porch in nothing but a sleep shirt. He had to look twice. As he did, Gloria had stepped into the kitchen. Seeing her husband looking hard out the window, she had to see what he was looking at. When she saw the half dressed Davenport girl outside on the porch, she had an attack of the vapors! —----------------------- Bo parked General Lee in front of the Waffle House building, then climbed out going around to the other side, helping BL out and taking her hand leading her inside to a booth. “Now ain’t this better than cleaning windows?” Bo said. “Yeah, just what I needed this morning,” BL replied. The waitress came to get their order, she wasn’t really hungry but ordered pancakes anyway. It was sweet of Bo to take her out for breakfast, to distract her from worrying about the day ahead. —----------------------- Dixie was about ready for a second cup of coffee when she heard the wrecker pull up out front. Sadie's ears popped up as she too heard it. "I'll be back, girl. Let me see why Cooter or Dad are here so early." Dixie went through the house and to her surprise found Luke coming to the door, not Cooter or her Dad. "Hey!" "Wow, you are up and bright eyed this morning." Luke said surprised since Dixie wasn't normally a morning person. "I just heard the wrecker and expected Dad or Cooter." Dixie said. "Well I'm sorry to disappoint you. I can go send them over." Luke said. "Don't you dare! You look tired." Dixie said as she led him inside to pour coffee. Luke began to explain, "There could be a reason or three for that. We left here and planned to sip on a beer at the garage. Your Dad showed up and asked me to drive last night." Luke said. "Rosco,....." Dixie cut him off, "Oh, no." Luke nodded, 'yes', "But, it wasn't bad just a tow and impound, but I had to go to the lake, back to town, then back to the farm. And, don’t ever let me park where we were the other night and do what we did, unless you want a repeat of years ago. Dixie poured Luke a cup of coffee and handed it to him, then picked up the tied up trash bag that was sitting by the door “go rest on the porch and watch Sadie, I’ll just be a minute, the garbage truck runs today.” Dixie said. Sitting his coffee on the counter Luke reached for the bag, “I’ll take it out for you,” Luke said. —------------------- Dixie shook her head “it’s not heavy, go relax and I’ll be right there,” Dixie replied as she went out, Luke followed. Gloria and Abner both were still watching “Abner, what’s he doing there so early?” Abner was watching Dixie take out the trash in her nightshirt. Abner gave Luke the slightest glance and replied, "Looks to be drinking coffee." Dixie sat the trash down at the curb, came back to meet Luke on the front porch, then they both went out to the back porch where Sadie was. Dixie was sure of his reply, but asked anyway, "Have you already had breakfast?" Luke replied, "Would Jesse have let me out of the house otherwise since he didn’t have anyone else to cook for?" They heard the shower kick on. "OK, well I'll see what Daisy wants when she gets down here." Dixie said. She and Luke continued to talk, when Sadie started barking, when they looked over she was looking up into a big oak tree. Going over to see what it was, Dixie and Luke shaded their eyes “look Dixie it's a squirrel,” Luke said pointing up into the tree. As Dixie turned around, she saw the kitchen curtain move in the next house. "I don't believe it. She is at it already." Luke had forgotten all about the local busy body. "Who?" Dixie lowered her voice, "Mrs. Cravitz, I just saw the curtains move." —------------------------- Daisy came downstairs to get a cup of coffee, spotting Dixie and Luke in the backyard looking toward the house next door she came out, to see what was up. Sadie came to greet her, having lost the squirrel. “Hey girl”, Daisy gave Sadie some petting then going to where Dixie and Luke were “what ya’ll lookin at?” she asked. “Mrs. Cravitz is at it already, this morning,” Dixie replied —--------------- “What time is it Bo? BL asked,drinking the last swallow of coffee. Bo looked at his watch,replying “It’s 7:30, you still got plenty of time to get back and meet the mail truck.” For another 15 minutes BL relaxed and enjoyed Bo’s company, getting back to Hazzard and getting her car in time to meet the mail truck. Leaving Sadie home until after court. Instead of delivering the mail though before opening at 9:00 she sorted delivery from PO boxes, before going home to change clothes, for court. Luke finished his coffee, "I'll be back in a few minutes, Darlin'." He gave Dixie a kiss on the cheek. "Where are ya goin'?" Dixie asked. "To take the wrecker back to your Dad before the sun and moon line up and Hazzard breaks into chaos." Luke said seriously. Dixie and Daisy both laughed as he walked through the house toward the wrecker. Daisy asked, "How? Why does he have the wrecker." Dixie replied, "Long story. I'm gonna grab a shower while he's at the garage." BL was just coming up the porch steps as Luke came out the door “morning BL,” Luke said. “Morning Luke,” BL replied. She headed straight to her room, hearing the shower running as she went by the bathroom door, glad she hadn’t done anything to need one since taking one earlier in the morning. —------------------------ “Abner that Davenport girl from the post office is home, when she should be at the post office,” Gloria said, adding “I wonder why,” she was talking to herself now more than her husband. BL looked at herself in the full length mirror on her closet door, Daisy and Dixie had decided she should wear the yellow dress with white flowers and wedge sandals but now the outfit didn’t look right to her. Looking in the closet she got out her green tiered, maxi dress and beige chunky heels. Putting a few hot rollers in her hair, to give her waves, not frizz BL went downstairs while they cooled. Sadie came over and put her head against BL. Across the square, Luther Davenport opened his garage to find something he hadn't expected. Luke Duke's truck. For just an instance that bugged him, then he tried to be more reasonable as he thought back to a conversation with Bill McCormick about the eldest Duke that had for years been a burr under his saddle. That fact tended to also bring back memories of hard feelings, fights and nights in jail, then he remembered how things used to be before Dixie came to spend that summer with him and even about a year longer. Luther couldn't deny that other than family he had given the Duke more freedom at his garage than any other employee. Just before time for the garage to officially open, Luther heard his wrecker pull in. He didn't have to look at the clock but he did. Ten minutes early. Luther shook his head. Luke got out of the wrecker, "I hope ya didn’t mind me leaving the pickup here last night." Luther replied, "No, that's fine." "There's also an impound in the lot. I'm glad the key to the lot was on the truck's keys." Luke said. —---------------------------- BL leaned down, taking Sadie’s head between her hands “hey girl, you're worried about me ain’t ya? I promise Mama will be herself by this afternoon,” BL said. Sadie looked up with her big brown eyes, as if to ask, 'Promise' As Luke was giving Luther the information from the night before, the kid Luther had hoped to have hired a truck driver walked in. Looking at the clock, Luther noted he was ten minutes late. Luke handed the keys and tow/impound ticket to Luther, "We'll, let me get this thing," referring to his pickup, "out of here and ya'll can get some work done." He turned to his truck. At 9:40 Bo drove up, parking General Lee on the street, making his way to the front door he knocked . “Come on in Bo,” Dixie called, coming down the stairs. “Hey, what are you doing back so soon?” BL asked, coming from the kitchen. “I came to take ya to court,” Bo said. BL looked down at her dress “if you think I’m climbing through the General’s window in a dress…”. “We’ll take your car,” Bo said. —------------------------ Luke pulled up in the driveway just as Mrs. Cravitz came out to water her flowers, Abner was tinkering with the lawnmower “Shouldn’t those young people be at work this time of day, especially the Davenport girl,works at the post office.” Mrs. Cravitz fussed . At the garage, Cooter went to the bathroom in the garage, washed up, and changed shirts. He eased out the bathroom door and saw his dad under the hood of a truck. Cooter stepped out the back door and took the long way around the Square getting to BL's just before the others were ready to leave. Everybody left in pairs; Luke and Dixie were in Luke’s truck, Bo and BL were in BL’s GTO and Daisy and Cooter brought up the rear in Daisy’s roadrunner. Parking in front of the courthouse, Bo held BL’s car door, taking her hand to go into the courthouse. Jesse was waiting for the ‘kids’ as they all came in. “Daisy said you girls was going shopping this afternoon,” Jesse said to BL. “That’s the plan Uncle Jesse,” BL replied. “I just wanted to tell ya, I’ll run the post office and look after Sadie for ya, so there’s no need to rush, go have yourself a good time.” “Thanks Uncle Jesse,” BL said, taking a seat up front, this would likely be a less formal hearing, than say a drug related crime hearing, at least she hoped so. —---------------------- Luke and Dixie hung back on the street to meet the four witnesses who were coming in for the hearing. Luke hoped his plan worked as he scanned the street. "So far so good, Rosco and Cletus' cars are both parked at the Courthouse." Dixie gave Luke a questioning look. "No roadblocks, detours, dirty handed tricks to stop our friends." He said. "Ah, I see." Dixie said. Inside, Jesse had taken a seat beside BL. Bo, Cooter and Daisy were behind her. So far no one else was in the courtroom except Cletus who would be the Court Bailiff. It was about two minutes to 10 when Rosco and Boss Hogg showed up and took seats across from BL. Cletus heard Judge Druten's door and advised all to stand while the Judge took the bench. Once everyone was seated, the court was called to order with the tap of the judge’s gavel. Dixie heard the gavel tapping, "Luke." "You can go on in if you like, but it's OK. It's part of the plan." Dixie knew that you didn't just show up late for court ever. —------------------------- About ten minutes into the hearing a big Chrysler sedan pulled up to the curb in front of Luke. Luke greeted them, then directed the four witnesses into the Hazzard County courtroom. Balladeer: Now by the time Luke, Dixie and the witnesses got in the courtroom, most of the formalities of swearing in, reading rights, charges and such had taken place, which just might be part of Luke's plan. Judge Druten had read the charges but said. "Now, let me get this straight, Sheriff. You charged Miss Davenport with Mail Fraud because Mr. Hogg there said he wasn't getting his mail to PO Box 101 which he himself rented?" Rosco replied. "Yes, ...." Boss Hogg looked pleased. "Well, ... um. .... no." Rosco continued. Judge Druten looked at the Sheriff, "would you care to explain that?" Rosco replied, "Well, Boss there, sent Cletus to rent the mail box." "Mr. Hogg sent our Bailiff, Cletus Hogg to rent a post office box for him, Jefferson Davis Hogg?" The Judge asked specifically. Rosco replied, "Yes." "So, if the box was for Jefferson Davis Hogg, why was it rented in your name?" The Judge asked Cletus. "That's what cousin Boss told me to do." Cletus said proudly. "Did you plan to have any mail sent to this box? Or did you have any mail sent to this mailbox?" The Judge asked. "No to both." Cletus replied. "So which box did you rent?" The Judge asked. "Box 101. Cousin Boss wanted Box 100, but it was taken." Cletus helpfully explained. Boss Hogg was beginning to turn purple. Judge Druten turned to BL,"Who rented the mailbox?" BL replied, "Cletus Hogg." "You are certain?" The Judge asked. BL replied, "Yes, Sir. He gave me his ID." "So if Cletus was supposed to rent box 100 but couldn't because it was taken, who rented box 100?" BL replied officially, "Beauregard Duke." "Did he get any mail there?" The Judge asked. "Yes." BL replied. —----------------------------- "Mr. Duke, that would be Beauregard, since there are several Dukes here. Did you get any mail in your box addressed to either of the Hoggs in question?" Bo replied. "No, Sir." "Was all the mail addressed to you that came to this box?" The Judge asked. "No." Bo replied. "If it wasn't addressed to you, how was it addressed?" The Judge asked. Bo replied, "To P. O. Box 100, Hazzard" Judge Druten nodded. "Which was your mailing address?" Bo replied. "Right." "I know that you live with your Uncle Jesse on the farm. Is there a reason that you got a separate mailbox for yourself?" Druten asked. Bo replied sheepishly, "Yes, I put an ad in a magazine or two to reach out to some of mine and Luke's fans from when we ran the racing circuit. If they wanted an autographed picture of General Lee and myself they could send in five dollars." —------------------------------ Rosco said, "Oh, good grief." "So, you had some response. Is that all that came to that box was five dollar orders for pictures?" Bo replied, "No, there was several hundred dollar bills too." "What were they for?" Druten asked. Bo wasn't certain how to answer that, "Well, when the first one arrived I thought it may be a fan club or something making one big order." Rosco again mutter, "Oh for Pete's" Bo paused, "Then I got a couple in one day. Then a couple more a day or so later." Judge Druten asked, "so what were you thinking then?" Bo replied, "I wanted to think they were more fan club orders, but I wasn't really sure what to think." "Did any of the five or hundred dollar orders come with any explanations? Or order forms?" Bo replied, "A couple of the five dollar envelopes had letters, but no order forms or explanations in most." —--------------------------- Boss Hogg was seeing red and itching to say his peace. Judge Druten turned to him, "So tell me why you had Miss Davenport charged with mail fraud?" Boss Hogg said, "Don't you see he got the envelopes with my money in them. That was my hundred dollars." "How do you figure?" Judge Druten asked. "Because that dumb dipstick rented box 101 not 100." "Why were you expecting to get money in the amount of a hundred dollars sent to you at box 100?" Boss tried to calm down, "It was investments into a business deal. " "What sort of deal?" The Judge asked. "Land deals." Boss replied. "Would it be for these luxury vacation spots?" The Judge held up one of the ads. Boss began to sweat, "It would be." "Would this be the same luxury houses that are actually these tiny homes out at Hound Dog lake blown up to look much bigger?" The Judge asked. Rosco again mutter, "Oh for Pete's" Boss began the studder, "We'll, I'm not sure which tiny homes you are speaking of." —----------------------------- Judge Druten looked back at Luke, "Mr. Duke, Lucas for clarification, I understand you have some pictures for me." Luke stood and replied, "Yes, Sir and I also have a letter from one of the people who sent a hundred expecting a land title for their down payment on their luxury home spot but got twenty pictures of Bo and the General Lee. Also, there are four more witnesses here to swear to the same thing." Judge Druten compared Luke’s pictures to the picture in the ad, then read the letter from the witness. He sat back in his chair and collected his thoughts, "JD I'm fixing to throw this whole mess so far out of my court that you won't believe. You have the nerve to have someone falsely arrested and brought into my court because Bo there got money in his box when it was being mailed to Cletus, not you, for something that doesn't even exist. If you continue to run this ad, put the house size in the ad with a company name and correct your box number. Beauregard if you continue to run your ad you may want to add a form to be included just so you know why someone is sending you money. Do you plan to give these nice people their money back?" Boss Hogg couldn't contain himself, "Give them their money back? It's my money." Judge Druten tapped his gavel, "It is not your money unless they want to conduct business with you outside of my court, after hearing how you planned to cheat them. Now, Bo, are you going to give them their money back?" Bo pulled out his wallet, "Yes, sir, that was my plan." Judge Druten continued, "Good, I'll let you all take care of that after court. As for you Miss Davenport, you are free to go. I see nothing that you did wrong at all and you even saved these people from investing in a sham. Court dismissed, I've got fish to catch!" With a tap of his gavel, his robe came off to reveal his fishing outfit that he had on under his robe. He picked up his lucky fishing hat and headed toward an exit. —------------------ In the hallway the Dukes,Davenports and witnesses gathered to talk. “Thank ya’ll for coming today, I really appreciate it,” BL said. “You’re very welcome dear,” said Fran, one of the witnesses. Bo took out his wallet once again, giving them all their $100 back. Talking for a few more minutes the group walked out to the street, the witnesses getting back in their Chrysler sedan. “Ya’ll ready to do some shopping,?” Daisy asked BL and Dixie. “I need a couple hours, Uncle Jesse said he’d run the post office while we go but I want to deliver the mail first,” BL said. “Ok, we can do that. Whose car we taking?,” Daisy said. Dixie replied, "Unless ya’ll really want me to get mine, I'm good to ride but I got shotgun." —----------------------------- Luke suggested, "How about a cold one while BL does the mail?" Cooter was the first to reply, "I'd love to fellas but some of us got to work. I'll be by later though. Dad may have a fit when I get there anyway. I sort of snuck off like I used to do at about age twelve." The others loaded up to head to the Boars Nest. BL called, "I'll meet ya there." —--------------------------- BL went to change into something comfortable and picked up Sadie “c’mon girl, time to go to work,” BL said, holding the door as Sadie bounded out, over to the GTO that was running still, hopping over the side. Next a quick stop at the post office to get the mail and they were off. First doggy delivery was for Widow Hawkins, “Take this to widow Hawkins,” BL said, giving Sadie the mail. Next was Hobbie, she hoped he wasn’t three sheets to the wind already, this early in the day. While BL did the mail, Bo and Luke were ready for a beer. They had been more worried than either would admit about trying to get BL out of hot water. When Sarah Jane came over to take the orders, Luke said, "Give us all a beer." Dixie corrected, "I'll have an iced tea instead." "Me too. I'll drive so BL can relax today." Daisy said. BL put Hardluck Jones’ monthly check in his mailbox, then went on down the road to Mary Lou Thompkins house, she moved back to Hazzard with her baby boy Jamie after getting custody back from the baby’s rich grandfather, that had Mary Lou declared an unfit mother because she was a poor country girl. Jamie was 4 now and was tickled to death, when Sadie brought Mary Lou the mail. —------------------- At the Boar’s Nest, Bo, Luke, Daisy and Dixie sipped on their drinks and talked while waiting on BL to finish the mail run. Luke asked Dixie, "Do you want anything for lunch or are yall going to eat somewhere out of here?" "I'm good, we'll probably find something somewhere that's different." Dixie replied. The guys got a second beer and the ladies got a refill on their tea as they continued to make small talk and talk about the hearing earlier. BL saved Clyde’s mail for last, stopping at the cabinet shop she was glad to see only one car there besides her father’s tan pickup “c’mon Sadie let’s go see grandpa,” BL chuckled, it bugged Clyde to no end when she called him Sadie’s grandpa. “Hi daddy, here’s your mail,” BL said, coming in the cabinet shop office, laying a small stack of envelopes on the desk. “Hi sweetheart, not still mad at me?” Clyde said. “I’m sorry, guess it was just that Davenport temper, coming out. I need to tell you something, I probably already should have but I didn’t want to worry you,” BL said, holding up her hand for Clyde to let her finish. She then told him about the mail fraud charges, Boss Hogg’s scam and all the details leading upto court a little while ago. “I didn’t want to worry you but I don’t think I could have done it all by myself either. Dixie has been staying, well living with me and Daisy has stayed with us a few nights. Dixie, Daisy and Luke all took the day off for court this morning. Cooter was there too he snuck out back of the garage,” BL smiled saying. “Me, Dixie and Daisy are going shopping for the afternoon, after I finish running the mail. They are waiting at the Boar’s Nest,with the guys,” BL said. “What are you going to do with Sadie?” Clyde asked. “Uncle Jesse is running the post office for me and said he’d doggysit too,” BL replied. “She can stay here, that way you can meet the girls sooner, without making an extra stop to drop her off,” Clyde said. “Ok sounds good, thanks Daddy,” BL replied, calling the post office telling Jesse the new plan. “Be good for grandpa,” BL said, stroking Sadie’s head. Clyde fumed, “I ain’t no dog’s grandpa.” —---------------------- It was about time for BL to arrive, Dixie took a sip of her tea listening to the others about Boss Hogg nearly ready to explode during court today. Even though Dixie hadn't eaten today she felt bloated again being followed by a sudden urge to have to pee really badly. She excused herself and wasted no time heading to the lady's room. She figured the bloated feeling meant she was due to start her period. While in the restroom she looked at her calendar figuring if that were the case she'd better get some supplies to take to BLs with her. She was right, she actually should have started yesterday! 'That's why I'm feeling bloated. Great, I should be cramping anytime now. Lovely, I get to deal with that on our day out.' Dixie thought and as she was washing up at the sink another thought, well actually the memory of her and Luke's 'swim' the night Bo and BL found them parked at the lake entered her mind. A blush, hot flash or all out panic rose from her toes to her face. Her breath caught in her chest and she actually held on to the counter to steady herself while trying to regain some of her composure. BL went straight to the ladies room when she got to the Boar’s Nest, not expecting to find Dixie in there not looking well but not really sick either “Dixie are you ok?” BL asked. —----------------------- Dixie took a couple more deep breaths and let them out slowly. She wasn't ever the type of female to have a panic attack, but if whatever that was wasn't one, she was sure she never wanted to have one. Fearing her voice at the moment, Dixie just nodded her head 'yes' that she was alright. She slowly took in another deep breath and let it out slowly again, then swallowed, and finally replied, "Yeah, I'm good now." She tried her best to shake it off and put 'all that on a shelf' and tried her best to convince herself that her period would be right along as she splashed her face with cold water and dried off while BL was taking care of why she had come to the restroom. “Ok” BL didn’t really believe all was good but decided she’d just watch Dixie for now. Dixie headed back to the table, saying as she and BL sat down “look who I found.” “Hey, I made it,” BL ordered an iced tea, seeing that’s what the other girls were drinking. She'd been drinking more beer than she normally did because her nerves were on edge because of the mail fraud mess. Daisy replied, "Good. We can take my car and leave whenever you are BL. But take your time and finish your tea." Dixie asked, "Where are we going to go? I know we are looking for drapes and stuff." “How about Capitol City, it’s not as far as Atlanta but has some good places to shop,” BL suggested, taking a drink of tea. “Sounds good to me,” Daisy replied. “Fine with me,” Dixie said. BL finished her tea and the girls headed to Daisy’s car. —-------------------------- The first stop was McKinsey’s department store “I need darker drapes for the livingroom, to keep the one woman neighborhood watch from spying,” BL said. Dixie nodded ‘yes’ adding “my room needs something darker too.” The girls headed to the curtains and drapes. With black out drapes found for the entire one side of the house, that mission was accomplished. BL had several things on her list so they were looking at everything from towels and sheets to pots and pans. Dixie told them she'd catch up as the tea from earlier was calling her. In the restroom she noted no sign of her period. She was sure she was worried about nothing and it would be along. —------------------------- Exiting the restroom without any sign of Daisy or BL, Dixie exited the department store and headed across the street to a pharmacy that she had seen when pulling in. She made her way to the feminine products and made a couple selections. She was about to leave the aisle when she saw something that caught her eye. She was more than sure that she was worrying for nothing, which would likely cause her to be later, but being out of the county she decided to entertain the possibility of maybe needing sometime in the future what she was looking at. Dixie began looking more closely at the pregnancy tests. She again started to just walk off, but there was the fact that the night at the lake happened and the first few times, no protection had been used. Surely she was being overly concerned, but at the last second grabbed four tests from two different manufacturers. She figured if she was around Luke, that she may need them at some point. Once outside she placed the four tests in her bag, then tossed the other products in the car and returned to meet the others. —--------------------- Dixie met BL and Daisy in the rug department, BL flipping through large area rugs that were hanging from the ceiling “what do ya’ll think of this blue one, for the livingroom?” BL asked. “I like it,” Daisy said. “It will go really nice with the blue curtains that have that same design pattern on them,” Dixie added. Daisy asked, "Where did you get off too?" Dixie replied, "Just been browsing and I ran across the street on an errand while you were both busy looking. BL asked,“do they have furniture in here? I know it won’t be cheap but I have one empty bedroom, if I don’t find anything, I’m sure Daddy will either make a suite or let me have one of his displays.” They had wandered into the bedding department now as they browsed around. Dixie and Daisy looked around Just browsing while BL may be doing more shopping and planning. After awhile Dixie asked, "So have you all thought about where we are going to eat?" Daisy shrugged her shoulders “Steakhouse or Ryan’s buffet?” “I’m good with either, wherever ya’ll pick is fine,” BL said. She was about finished with big items for the house, they hadn’t come across any furniture but there was a furniture outlet store around somewhere, she’d seen a billboard sign advertising it. Dixie asked, "Are you done looking around and ready to head out to eat or is there somewhere else you want to look at?" “I’m done here, let's go eat then we can stop at some other places if we want,” BL replied. They headed out to the car and fired up heading out to eat. —----------------------- They had decided on the buffet, Dixie started with a salad, cottage cheese and brown beans and cornbread. BL had settled on the fried chicken, fried potatoes, and a biscuit. Daisy had gone for baked ham,brown beans,mashed potatoes and cornbread. Dixie looked at the others plates and giggled just a little. "Don't get me wrong here and all and I know we came to a buffet so we could each eat what we wanted but with steak on the bar, we are eating brown beans and chicken. However, I do plan on steak in just a bit." "At least we didn't have to cook it. This is probably all I will have but Bo took me out for breakfast this morning remember, I might get dessert." BL said. "I wasn't really feeling breakfast, Luke had already eaten so I just had coffee. Now I could eat the cow." Dixie said. “Where do ya’ll want to go next?” BL asked. "I'm just along for the ride now that we got the curtains. Any place else you want to go BL?" Dixie asked. Daisy shrugged her shoulders “I’m just the driver.” “Ya’ll must have somewhere you want to go, thought this was supposed to be a girl’s day? I do want to go to that discount kitchen outlet store across the street, I want to get some pots and pans and such, so I can cook instead of living on tv dinners and frozen pizza,” BL said. —----------------------------- "I want a piece of steak before dessert." Dixie said as she got up to go to the steak bar, then stopped at the salad bar for a cup of Thousand Island dressing. She also spotted the fried okra. On the way by the dessert bar she grabbed a slice of cheesecake with strawberry sauce on it. Daisy also got a piece of steak and banana pudding as her dessert. BL got a piece of chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, sitting back down she gave Dixie a curious look, she must be trying to make up for skipping breakfast but the cup of Thousand Island dressing really had her baffled, she didn’t see anything Dixie had that she herself would put it on. Dixie cut a piece of steak and dipped it in the Thousand Island. She noticed BL giving her a strange look, "What?" “Nothing, I’ve just never seen anyone do that before,” BL said. “Don’t knock it til you try it.” Dixie dipped another piece, offering it to BL,”want a bite?” “No thanks, I'm good,” BL replied. —--------------------------- They finished up their meal and headed out to look at pots, pans and other kitchen gadgets. “I really only have to have some basic things but if ya’ll see something ya think I should get, tell me” BL said and added grinning “just don’t break the bank.” Getting a buggy she headed down the aisle. "Hey BL, how about a crock pot? I'll even buy. We can put stuff in and let it cook all night or all day while we are at work." Dixie said. “We? Are you moving in?,” BL teased. “Sounds good” BL answered Dixie’s question. “This is a must have and it makes upto 12 cups,” Daisy put the coffee maker in the buggy. Dixie replied. "I'm a vagabond. Yes, Daisy we need a 12 cup when you and the guys are around." “You need one of these,” Daisy held an immersion blender in her hand. “I’ll pay for it, consider it a housewarming gift. Think I’ll get me one too, they’re easier to store than a big blender,” Daisy added. “How about a microwave, BL? We can heat leftovers, when we don’t want frozen pizza or tv dinners but don’t want to cook, ” Dixie said. “I’m on board with that,” BL replied. Dixie noticed two buggies after they all loaded their selections in it, "Daisy is your trunk empty? Just remember ya'll we're not in a pickup here.” “Maybe we should have asked Luke, if we could borrow his pickup,” BL said but her look directed at Dixie said YOU even though her mouth said WE. “Yeah, well my spare and tire iron are in there but we should have enough room if BL don’t mind a few things in the back with her,” Daisy said. “I don’t mind if it’s a little cramped, it’s stuff for my house,” BL replied. Dixie grinned, "You said you were looking for curtains, not furnishing a house. Besides, how do you know getting Luke's truck isn't like getting General Lee from Bo.” “I didn’t furnish the whole house, just needed more than just curtains,” BL replied. Balladeer: BL couldn’t argue with Dixie about that last bit, getting General Lee from Bo was like pulling teeth. Dixie laughed at BL, "Well, true you did need some things. Ya'll keep looking, I'll catch up." She went to the restroom before heading off to who knew where was next. In the restroom, Dixie found no sign of her period. 'You have had to have miscounted. Calm down. Don't even think, what you are even considering. Just get home, relax, recount. The more you worry the later you'll be. I'm NOT late.' Dixie internal voices argued in her head. She brushed it off and caught back up with others. —------------------------- “I’m ready to head home if ya’ll are,” BL said. Daisy and Dixie said they were ready to head back too. Dixie wanted to get home and relax, maybe soak in the bath. Dixie offered, "I bet the guys are at the Boars Nest. If we stop by we can get them to unload the car." “Good idea, bet we can get them to help hang these curtains too,” BL said. Dixie had an idea too. "Daisy we need to make one more stop where I can get some beer, a cooler and ice all at the same place. I figure we may want to 'pay' the guys for their help." The girls had a good laugh as they headed to the store for beer. —--------------------------- Back at BL's, the first order of business was the drapes. BL got Bo busy with Daisy's help. Dixie went to her room to help Cooter and Luke. Luke said, "We have the hardware part, you just sit there and make sure the curtains are right." Dixie playfully corrected, "Drapes." Luke and Cooter looked at each other wondering what the difference was. After getting the new brackets up, they got the rod up. Dixie had put the drape hooks in each panel and told the guys how to hook them. After several minutes and much 'pain', Luke stood back looking at the curtains, "How's that? ... Dixie, how does that look?" When he got no answer the second time, he and Cooter turned at the same time to find Dixie with her head at the foot of the bed and her feet hanging off at the head, curled in a ball holding her pillow. Cooter stepped to wake her. Luke stopped him. He stepped closer, eased her shoes and socks off. Then seeing an extra blanket covered her up and gave her a gentle kiss. Before leaving the room he set her alarm for the next morning, cut off the light and closed the door so the conversation downstairs wouldn't wake her. Cooter stood by watching Luke with Dixie. At times he couldn't believe this was his life long friend that had fought many a fight with him, played football, and done all the other rough, tough, wild things with him being so gentle with Dixie. —------------------------- Downstairs BL, Bo and Daisy were hanging the new curtains and rolling out the new rug in the livingroom. “How does it look?” Bo asked. Daisy looked around the room, the geometric pattern on the rug and curtains gave the room an updated look but Miz Tizdale’s furniture still gave it a bit of elegance. “Looks great,” BL said. Seeing Luke and Cooter coming downstairs but no Dixie BL asked “where’s Dixie? I didn’t hear the shower cut on.” “Taking a nap, we got the curtains up and I asked her how they looked but she didn’t answer. When we looked she was sound asleep,” Luke said. Daisy looked at the clock, "Nap? I'm betting she is out for the night." "I set her clock if she doesn't wake up on her own." Cooter opened his third beer, "How many of these did she have?" He asked jokingly. BL and Luke both replied, "None.” BL was a little worried, Dixie hadn’t been herself all afternoon she’d gone to the bathroom alot now she was asleep. Largely due to Gloria's watching, the guys and Daisy slid out around eleven. BL let Sadie out, then locked up for the night. She peeked in on Dixie to find her still asleep before heading to her room. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
  9. Next morning Mrs. Cravitz heard an awful racket, she looked out the window to see what it was and saw that it was the young Duke’s and Davenport's,shuffling vehicles. “Abner all them young people are leaving now” Mrs. Cravitz said. Dixie and Luke were leaving so early because they worked out of the county and Daisy had to open the Boar’s Nest for the breakfast crowd. Cooter headed to the garage to open a bit early or at least get some work done on a car brought in 2 days ago. Bo headed back to the Duke farm to get the chores done. “Well Sadie noone’s left but us, it’s still a little over an hour til we meet the mail truck, so what should we do?” BL said, petting Sadie on the front porch. BL reached inside for Sadie's leash, "Come on girl. Let's take a walk around the Square." —------------------ Luke was glad he got to base camp a bit early today. When he saw what was on the schedule he cursed himself. All the gear he'd had out of his truck had put it in disarray. Today, they would be dressing out like they would on a real fire with packs and equipment. They would hike out a bit from base camp and make a fire line. The pack Luke carried in addition to his equipment was in his truck under a bunch of other stuff and missing other items that he had failed to put back in the pack. Luke knew that everyone on his team admired his neatly packed, well stocked pack. He opened the side door of his truck and swore again. He hadn't been this unorganized since he joined the team. He dropped his tail gate and began emptying his truck's contents. Randy was the first to arrive to find Luke’s truck looking like a flea Market for Smokejumpers. "What are you doing Duke?" "I know how you like me to open my neat, well organized pack. Well this morning it's not. I'm trying to get it that way before the rookies show up." Randy grinned, "Luke, stop. This is much better. Let's go make coffee. When they get here, you can show them what and why you carry the stuff you have and how to pack it up." Luke liked that idea, besides he may get some help from the rookies as he showed them how to pack a lot in a small bag. "Alright." —---------------------- Randy handed Luke a cup of coffee and asked, "So why is your stuff unorganized? We haven't had a fire since last season." Luke replied, "Did a bit of camping." When Dixie got to work, expecting to be a floor officer, she found that due to call ins and off days, she was a senior officer and would be running the shift. Nothing she hadn't done was just a bit of a curve ball. A bit later, her supervisor came in and asked, "Are you in Control today?" She meant was Dixie running the Control room. Dixie replied giving her an answer with double meaning, "Yes, but things could fly apart at anytime." She meant she was indeed running the Jail"s Control room, but that being in control of the shift was undetermined. It was all in how things fell into or out of place. They both laughed and went on with their day hoping for a quiet one. —------------------------ Since there wasn’t anything at the house to cook with, nobody had eaten breakfast, they had gotten atleast a cup of coffee in them, thanks to Dixie but BL figured they would all grab something somewhere “stay here a minute girl,” BL said tying Sadie’s leash outside the coffee shop, going in for a doughnut and a cup of coffee. Luther was not a happy camper when he stomped into the garage, Dixie hadn’t called to say she was staying with BL again last night and Cooter was MIA all night. “Atleast you showed up for work,” Luther said. “Sorry Dad, lost track of time me and Bo and Luke were talking about the race in Placid county next month, over beers and I didn’t think it was a good idea to drive, these weren't watered down,” Cooter said truthfully. They had talked about the race, had a few beers and he had been with the Duke boys all night, he just left out their exact location. Luther grunted and got to work Jesse pinned Bo with a look as he sat at the table eating breakfast after he’d finished the chores, “I thought you young’ins was going to meet Dixie and try to get BL out of this mess,” Jesse said. "We did Uncle Jesse," Bo said, in mid chew while taking a drink of milk. "We got back to town late." "Don't talk with your mouth full." Jesse fussed. Bo swallowed and took another drink, "Sorry”. “You got back late but you didn’t come home.” Jesse said “No sir, me and Luke stayed with Cooter and Daisy stayed with BL and Dixie,” Bo said, with Bo reasoning it was just as he said because he, Luke and Cooter were downstairs while the girls were all upstairs. Bo took another big bite of his food. Jesse thought for a minute, "I thought those rooms above the garage were just being used for storage now. I haven't known you boys to stay up there in five years." Bo swallowed, saying truthfully but without thinking, "They are. We ain't stayed up there in awhile for sure." Bo said, taking another bite. “You said ya’ll stayed with Cooter but you say them rooms above the garage are full, is that right?” Jesse said. —--------------------------- Bo realized too late he’d stuck his foot in his mouth “yes sir,” Bo said. "So, ya'll went to Luther's?" Jesse asked slowly, but didn't think that was the case. “No sir,” Bo was starting to feel like a kid again. “So you stayed at BL’s too? Are you two TRYING to give the whole town something to talk about? Ruin the girls' reputations!?” Jesse said, getting worked up now. “It wasn’t like that Uncle Jesse…the girls all slept upstairs and me, Luke and Cooter slept downstairs,” Bo said. “That ain’t good enough! Folks will still talk bad about Dixie and BL,” Jesse kept fussing. “Like, I already told you Cooter was there too, he’s Dixie’s brother, BL’s cousin but he watches out for her like a brother,” Bo said, then added, " Just like we do Daisy." Jesse picked that up and ran with it too. "Right and speaking of Daisy, she was there too. Which puts her reputation in question." Bo frowned, not following Jesse's logic. "How?" "I count three girls, three guys. I end up with a lot of suspicion." Bo still didn't follow, Cooter was like a member of the family even to Daisy. He then thought about Dixie and BL being almost like members of the family too, to Daisy anyway but Luke and he saw them differently. “Daisy and Cooter, together?” Bo asked. “No way, wouldn’t nobody think of them together like that,” Bo said with all the conviction he could muster. —--------------------------- There was one person who could and would in town. Soon after BL went to work Mrs. Cravitz was outside pruning her flowers where she had a good view of all of Hazzard Square. BALLADEER: Rosco was out with Flash. Flash was taking him for his walk, don't ya know." As Rosco got near, Mrs. Cravitz called to the Sheriff..... “Sheriff, yoohoo Sheriff, can I speak to you for a minute?,” Mrs. Cravitz said. Rosco led flash across the street to Gloria’s yard “what can I do for you this fine day Mrs. Cravitz?” Rosco asked. “Sheriff I thought you should know, them Duke boys was back over at Miz Tizdale’s last night with them Davenport girls,” Mrs Cravitz said. Rosco thought about that for a minute, “Ain’t nothing I can do, it’s BL’s house now,sorry,” Rosco said remembering the chewing he had gotten from Miz Tisdale when he arrested the 4 young people. “Daisy Duke and Cooter Davenport was there too, ALL night, disgraceful. I heard them leaving this morning, you never heard such a racket.” "Now Mrs. Cravitz, you've heard Miz Tisdale’s motorbike leaving early for years now." Rosco dismissed the complaint ,there wasn’t much he could do. “I’ll have a talk with BL,” he said, more to appease Mrs. Cravitz than anything. —--------------------- Leaving Mrs. Cravitz, Rosco went over to the post office, there was noone there so he went in saying “BL, I had a complaint a little bit ago.” “About what?” BL asked. “About there being 6 vehicles at your place, that was disturbing the peace,” Rosco said. “Disturbing the peace?! I don’t think it’s anybody’s business but yes there was 6 vehicles and none of them are quiet really. You’ve known that since for forever,” BL said. Rosco scratched his head. She was right. "Six vehicles. There is no way that six cars fit in your driveway." “Some were parked on the street but those weren’t the only vehicles,” BL said. "Were they blocking anyone's driveway?" Rosco asked. "No, well just mine." BL said. BL was saved from answering anymore questions when Widow Hawkins came in to get her mail, "here you go Mrs. Hawkins, have a nice day ma'am," BL said. Widow Hawkins began asking questions about mailing a package. Rosco reminded, "BL, just remind those guys to keep it down." He said going out the door. BL nodded that she would. —----------------------- BL pulled in at the garage, she had a package for Luther, “Luther I got a package for ya, postmaster said it came in after the mail truck left for Hazzard this morning,” BL said, sitting the box on the desk. “Thanks BL,” Luther replied. “If you see Daddy, will you tell him I went by his house and got the rest of my clothes and stuff?” “Sure, if ya don’t mind my asking, why are ya moving out? BL didn’t want to get into a discussion about why she left home in the first place, Luther would likely take Clyde’s side. Still it was a reasonable question, “it’s alot easier going across town than worrying I’ll be late meeting the mail truck because I have to drive 5 miles to get to work. I better get going, see ya later Luther,” BL replied. “See ya” Luther waved at BL as she left. —------------------------- Things went about as Dixie had figured they would and of course she was a few minutes late leaving work. Luke and the other Smokekumpers had a long hot day of training. After a shower at work, he was more than ready for a cold beer at the Boar's Nest. Both Dixie and Luke were crossing into Hazzard from two different directions as fast as they dared. —------------------------ BL was first to the Boar’s Nest for a change and made her way to the back table,Luke was next “how about a couple beers Daisy,” Luke said when Daisy came over. “Coming right up sugar,” Daisy said. “Better make that 4, here come Bo and Cooter,” BL said. Dixie as usual had taken a few extra minutes before leaving work to change out of her uniform. She showed up a few minutes behind Bo and Cooter, wearing jeans and an off the shoulder top that she had worn a shirt over to get out of work, but had since shed. Even off duty she was very conscious just how much skin she showed anywhere near work. Daisy saw Dixie come in as she filled the beer mugs and added hers to the tray. "Hey, ya'll. Boy am I glad to be off work tomorrow." Dixie said. “I’m glad you’re off too, I don’t think I could go to court by myself,” BL said just as Daisy brought their drinks. “Don’t worry darlin’ I’ll be there,” Bo said. “Me too, that’s why I worked extra today, so I can be there,” Daisy said. "I took tomorrow off too." Luke said, then added more for Dixie’s benefit, "But,... I got to work this weekend." —--------------------- He took a long drink of beer, "We are getting this bunch ready to jump. God help them, and us." Bo asked, "That bad?" Luke shook his head 'no', "That young. I don't think I was ever that young and knew everything." Bo and Cooter looked at him like he had five heads, "Oh, yes you did!" BL and Dixie chuckled when Bo and Cooter spoke and Luke pretended to be offended. “I am gonna be there too little cousin, even if I have to be missing from the garage for a while,” Cooter said. “Thanks ya’ll, this would have drove me crazy without your support,” BL said. Luke took a long drink of beer from his mug as he saw none other than Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane come in and head to the bar. "The heat must be getting to Rosco too. He's early." BL briefly told the others about her visit about so many cars being at her house the night before. Luke shook his head, "How about let's finish these and slide out real easy like." He finished his beer and put the empty mug back down. Everybody else at the table finished their beers and followed Luke out to the parking lot, “ya’ll can come to my place for a bit if you want but I don’t think ya better spend the night,” BL said. “I thought Rosco said for us to keep the noise down, how is that supposed to happen if we all show up together?” Bo asked. BL shrugged her shoulders saying “cut your engine’s and coast in.” Dixie suggested, "Why not park the General Lee, wrecker and Luke’s truck at the garage and walk over?" The guys all agreed so they headed for town. —-------------------------- The guys came walking down the sidewalk after parking at the garage,Luke carried a 6 pack of bottled beer. Dixie and BL were on the front porch watching Sadie in the front yard. “Hey ya’ll, BL I brought you a housewarming gift,” Luke said, handing BL the beer, BL sat the beer beside her “thanks Luke”. Inside, Dixie was sitting with Luke on the love seat. She looked at the blanket that Luke had hung over the thin curtain. "BL we've got to do something about those thin curtains BL agreed, "After tomorrow, assuming things go OK, like yall think they will. How about we get Daisy and go do some shopping this weekend?" Dixie knew Luke would be working, so she readily agreed, "Sure, sounds like fun." Bo added, as he wrapped his arm around BL a bit tighter, "Trust me. It's going to be just fine." "Abner, Abner, Abner you are not going to believe this!" Gloria had done her usual daily snooping, but as soon as she heard BL and Dixie’s cars pull in the driveway, she had been glued to the window. She was there long enough to see Bo, Luke and Cooter show up. "Those Duke boys and the mechanic are back over there and that oldest Duke has beer!" He turned the page of the paper and remarked, "I didn't hear them pull in." "They didn't. They walked up the street. It must be because I spoke to the Sheriff about all the noise this morning." Gloria replied. Putting his paper down for the first time, Mr. Cravitz, who had been dealing with his wife's snooping for years, said, "You did what?! Now, Gloria Mr. Davenport has been nothing but good to us for years keeping our vehicle running and Jesse Duke is one of the most upstanding men in this county. You are messing with the wrong bunch trying to push those young people's buttons." —--------------------- BL looked at the clock, Daisy should be off work and joining them anytime, “What does everybody want for supper? I got lasagna,chicken pot pie and frozen pizza, none of which requires a dish to cook it because they’re all frozen,BL said. Daisy came in before anybody made a decision, “hey ya’ll”. Daisy had heard BL telling about Rosco’s visit but hadn’t seen the guys' vehicles “how’d you fellas get here, I didn’t see your vehicles outside,” Daisy said. “Parked at the garage and walked,”Luke said. "Yes, it seems Mrs. Cravitz sicked Rosco on us." Dixie explained. “Oh no,”Daisy said. “Anyway Rosco warned me to tell ya’ll to keep it down, cos none of us drive anything that’s real quiet. I told Dixie and the fellas at the Boar’s Nest,” BL said. Daisy replied, "No, none of our rides are not quiet, that is for sure, but no one has tried to be loud or acted stupid either." “No we haven’t but everybody in the county knows Mrs. Cravitz is a cantankerous ole busy body,” Dixie said. “Yeah,” BL agreed. —---------------------------- Everyone could see how on edge BL was. Even Sadie was staying closer to her tonight. Daisy grabbed Cooter’s hand, "Come give me a hand in the kitchen." Cooter didn't have much choice in the matter but figured it was closer to refill. Dixie also recruited Luke's help to help her cover the window in her bedroom. Luke was getting things together to cover the window when Dixie got up on a chair to be able to fix one side of the blanket they were using to cover the window. Gloria was intent on her snooping. She saw a bedroom light come on. She couldn't make out the figures but could tell one was female, the other male. "Abner! One of those boys is UPSTAIRS with one of those girls!" She rushed to another room to get a better view. Dixie over extended her reach, lost her footing. Luke dropped the blanket and caught Dixie just as his feet got tangled in the blanket. They both ended up on the bed. —--------------------------- Downstairs BL and Bo were cuddled on the couch Bo held BL close now they were alone, talking quietly about nothing really. Bo leaned in, kissing BL softly. “Sounds like they are remodeling up there,” BL said when there was a thump overhead from Dixie’s chair falling over. “Mmhmm,” Bo sort of mumbled, he was doing his best to relax BL, not caring really what their cousins were doing. —------------------------------- Upstairs Dixie and Luke were in a tickling match, Gloria was getting a case of vapors as she watched the wild movements of silhouettes, not able to see their exact activity “Abner,ABNER! Bring me my smelling salts.” They weren't sure how they managed to go from almost breaking their necks to a tickling match but were giving as good as they were getting. They wiggled and squirmed trying to get untangled from the blanket they were attempting to hang up when their lips found each other, then their hands began to wander wildly. Just before reaching the point of no return, Luke groaned in frustration. He used all his control to push Dixie off. Breathlessly he said as he nearly whimpered, "Come on." Taking Dixie’s hand, he was up and moving to the door. Dixie was having a hard time keeping up with Luke as he drug her along, taking the stairs 2 at a time.”We’re going for a ride,we’ll be back later,” Luke called on the way out the door. Bo and BL looked at the closing door, wondering what was going on. A minute or so later, Luke's truck could be heard going around the square. BL asked, "What was that?" Bo replied, innocently, "I'm not sure, but Luke was in a heck of a hurry." Now, after Bo had time to think, "Ummmmmm, no it couldn't be that." “Couldn’t be what?” BL asked, then she said “oh” as her mind caught up with Bo’s. She was so worried about court tomorrow that she wasn’t thinking fast. —------------------------— A couple hours later Luke and Dixie came back in alot less of a hurry than they’d left in. Luke looked at the clock, it was only 9:30, still early but he didn’t want Rosco harassing BL again because Mrs Cravitz siced him on her because of him, Bo and Cooter “hey guys lets slide out,” Luke saw Bo open his mouth to protest “it’s still early I know but BL don’t need nomore trouble with Rosco,” Luke said. Bo frowned, one part of him knew Luke was right, the other part was just getting his jets warmed up. "But, Luke." Luke shut him down, "Later Bo, besides we've all got a long day ahead of us tomorrow." BL, "sighed heavily “Don't remind me. I still don't know what I'm wearing." Dixie added, "And I still need to cover that window until I can find heavy drapes." "Sh--!" Luke swore. "Stay out of that, ...." He was going to say chair, but knew he was wasting his breath. "Come on Cooter. You girls stay down here a minute." Luke and Cooter headed upstairs to cover the window. "It's not like it was my fault the chair threw me out of it." Dixie said to the retreating forms. —------------------- Luke and Cooter went to Dixie’s room, Luke picked the blanket up,off the floor handing one side to Cooter and in no time flat, Dixie had a makeshift privacy curtain until she could buy thick drapes. Finding another blanket, they did the same to the other window “All fixed, until you can do better,” Luke said when he and Cooter came back downstairs. “Thanks Luke,” Dixie said. The guys said their goodbyes and left, BL then said to Dixie and Daisy “ya’ll gotta help me pick something to wear tomorrow.” —-------------------- Dixie said, "That's more of Daisy’s department than mine but I'll get us all a beer and be up. Mrs. Cravitz wasn't happy when she saw dark coverings being put up on the windows on her side of the house. Then, she saw flickers of movement on the front porch, but the porch light wasn't on. She couldn't quite tell if someone was leaving or not. On the dark porch, Luke motioned the others to be quiet and stay against the wall of the house. He made his way to the side of the porch away from Mrs. Cravitz's house and stepped over the banister. Bo and Cooter followed. They snuck around the square avoiding Mrs. Cravitz view as they made their way to the garage. —------------------- At the garage Cooter had unlocked the small door planning to grab them all a beer. It was a nice night so Luke dropped his tailgate and took a seat. Bo was sitting on General Lee's front fender when Cooter came out with the beers and took a seat beside Luke. It was only now that the three noticed the wrecker was gone, but Luther's pickup was parked on the other side of the lot. They were all still sipping their beers and shooting the breeze when Luther pulled in with the wrecker. He walked across the parking lot, “How many of those have you drunk, Luke?” Luther asked. Just 2, this one and 1 at BL’s earlier, why?” Luke replied. “Was wondering if you’d take the wrecker tonight?” Luther said. “Sure I’ll take it, no problem,” Luke said, sitting down his beer, not planning to finish it now, because of Luther’s 1 beer rule when driving his wreckers. Luther handed Luke his wrecker keys, then got in his pickup leaving. Cooter got up asking, "Bo do you want another?" Luke took a sip of the beer he'd sat down, "Here, Bo finish this one." Bo took the mostly full beer, "I'm good Cooter." "Hey, before you lock up, I'll pull my truck in the bay and get it in the morning." Luke said. "I can drop you off or you can come on out with us." —---------------------------- BL’s room looked like a tornado had hit, there was clothes all over the bed and pretty much everywhere else off the floor. Dixie had shoved enough out of the way to sit on one corner and drink her beer. Not wanting to ruin Miz Tisdale’s furniture but not having coasters, BL and Daisy improvised, sitting their bottles on a pair of BL’s underwear. “Here try this,” Daisy said, handing BL a yellow dress with little white flowers.BL pulled off the baby blue top with cap sleeves and matching tiered skirt, putting the dress on, “how does it look?” BL asked. “Either one, they both look nice,” Dixie said, then got up and headed to the bathroom she returned and finished her second beer and said, "Something is going on. I think I'm gonna drink tea or something for a few days. There is no way I should be having to go to the bathroom after just drinking two beers. It did that the other night too." Luke dropped Cooter off at his house and headed to the house. Jesse was almost asleep when he heard General Lee and then the wrecker pull into the yard, but he didn't hear Luke's truck. “Probably an infection, drink water they say it flushes you out,” BL said, trying on the hunter green pants suit Daisy handed her. “This is it, the rest is jeans. How about shoes? Heels, flats, sandals or boots?” BL said. —-------------------- Bo and Luke figured Uncle Jesse was already in bed asleep, so they tried to be extra quiet going to their room. Uncle Jesse heard Bo step into the hallway, "Bo? Where's Luke? Is everything alright?" "I'm here, Uncle Jesse. Everything is fine." Luke said, picking the phone up off the table and bringing the cord under their bedroom door. "I have the wrecker and the phone will be in our room so it won't wake you if I get a call." Jesse was fine with that. He could now figure Luke's pickup was at the Davenports or at the garage. Either way his boys were home safe. He was surely glad that it seemed Luther had somewhat a change of heart where Luke was concerned, which had been a lot of years coming. "Night boys." In unison, they replied, "Night Uncle Jesse." —-------------- In their room both guys changed into pajama bottoms. Luke laid his jeans, shirt and boots where he could grab them in the dark. Bo had turned his bed down and sat down but made no move to lay down. Luke was in bed under the covers, ready for the light to go out but Bo was still sitting there not moving to turn out the light. "Bo, what are you doing?" "Thinking." Bo replied. Worrying might have been more accurate. Luke turned on his side and faced Bo, "OK, thinking about what?" "BL, what if we are wrong about tomorrow?" Bo asked worriedly. “We ain’t wrong Bo, those pictures is hard evidence that Boss scammed those people. You heard’em they are gonna be at court to testify that BL had nothing to do with it. Now lay down and go to sleep so we can get an early start on chores, BL is gonna need you with her as soon as you can be in the morning,” Luke said. —----------------------- “How about these?” Daisy said, holding BL’s black suede ankle boots. [some call them booties] Dixie remarked, "Just remember no underwired bra." BL replied, " I need that tonight." Dixie grinned wickedly. Luke picked up the phone, remembering he hadn’t told Bertha Bradley, the night operator at the Hazzard phone company, to put all wrecker calls through to the farm, he had the wrecker tonight. “Bertha this is Luke Duke, put all wrecker calls through to the Duke farm,” Luke said, then hung up after Bertha said she would. Luke looked over, he knew Bo was still awake, but at least he was laying down and quiet. Luke did the same thing. He covered up, turned on his side, snuggled his pillow and just as sleep was about to take him away, the phone rang. "Duke residence, this is Luke." Bertha, the operator, said, "Luke, Mr. Peabody just heard on the CB that Rosco needs a wrecker out by the lake. He said you'd see his lights." Luke was shaking his head 'yes', figuring the lights were likely the only thing of the car he'd see. "Thanks Bertha." Then, he said to no one as he dressed. “The man has all day to wreck, but no he waits til I get the keys." Luke was surprised when he got to the lake. Rosco's car was fine. He actually had an impound. The car was sitting not ten feet from where he had parked with Dixie, not even two weeks ago. 'NOTE to self. Bad, very bad parking place.' Luke thought as he hooked up the car. Luke couldn't help but notice a very embarrassed looking couple in the back of Rosco's patrol car. By the time Luke got back in bed for a second time it was late or maybe even early. He was almost out when he heard Bo get up. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  10. Next morning as predicted, Sadie had her up in plenty of time to grocery shop, “See you after work, Dix”, BL said as they went to their cars, “see you after work,stay out of trouble”Dixie said, getting in her car. “Where’s the fun in that?” BL laughed following Dixie into town, the cousin’s turning opposite ways at the church. Dixie checked the clock and speeded up just a bit to make sure she would be on time. Meanwhile, over at Rhuebottom’s, BL wasn't the only Davenport out early. Luther saw her car outside as he pulled up. He had stopped by on his way to the garage to get some things for the garage that he never remembered to get unless he'd been out of them for a day or so, like toilet paper, sticky notes, paper towels for the bathroom that had been used when the toilet paper ran out and lights bulbs. He had already taken everyone from up stairs to replace the blown ones down stairs. Once inside he saw his niece grocery shopping. "Morning BL. What brings you in here this early." “Morning Luther, just picking up some things before work,”BL said, glad she didn’t have anything in her buggy yet that couldn't be for both home or the post office. Unsure whether he’d talked with Clyde she didn’t want to get into a discussion about the situation nor did she have time. “I best get this done so I ain’t late for work,” BL said. Luther said before she could step away, "I got a strange note from Dixie last night. It said she was at your place." BL asked, "What's strange about that?" Luther said, "The fact it was attached to a beer where several more had been. She's never taken beer from the house to ya'lls place." BL swore under her breath, there was no way to explain without outright lying or telling the complete truth, atleast those were the only options she saw at the moment… “I signed an agreement with Miz Tisdale about her house and we were there,” BL said at last, proud of herself, her answer was truthful but vague. Luther nodded, taking the information at face value for now since several others were coming in to shop early. "Alright." —------------------------- At the Duke Farm, Bo was enjoying a few extra minutes in bed as Luke had gotten up extra early to do all the morning chores before he left for work. BL was glad her Uncle had seemed to believe her story, not having any pots and pans, she went to the frozen foods, getting some tv dinners, a frozen lasagne and a family size chicken pot pie, and another frozen pizza. That should be enough for supper a few nights for herself, Dixie and Bo and Luke if they came over. Shopping done, BL went back to the house to put it away. “C’mon Sadie, let's go to work.” BL called to her dog. Making it just in the nick of time, BL hurried to park in back and leave Sadie inside “Morning Sam” BL said as the driver handed her a sack of mail. “Good morning Miss Davenport,” Sam answered. —-------------------- Bo had managed to sit down and try his best to find the people he had received the $100 from. He had planned on doing something special for their fan clubs until he found out there weren't any fan clubs for him, at least wise that he knew of. Pulling up in front of the Post Office, Bo climbed out of the General Lee and went inside. He began petting Sadie while BL waited on another customer. “Morning Bo”, BL said when the customer left. “Good morning” Bo flashed his trademark smile. “Here’s that list, those I could remember, anyway,” Bo handed her the list. ”Thanks” BL put the list in her back pocket. BL thought for a minute. She had seen some phonebooks under the counter. "Say,Bo, are you in a big hurry?" Bo replied, "No, why?" BL handed him a phone book and she took the other. She then pulled out the list of names and addresses Bo had given her. “See if you can find phone numbers for these people, if not maybe Luke’s newspaper friend can look them up on the computer or something,”BL said, beginning to look through the phonebook. “Good idea”, Bo said looking through the other phonebook. BL called Tri Counties and got Dixie on the phone. "Where can I meet you after work?" Dixie gave BL the name of a food place near the jail. She knew better than to ask why over the Hazzard phone system. BL hung up the phone and told Bo where Dixie had said to meet her after work. “I’m going with you,” Bo said. “Ok, tell Daisy she can come too, if she don’t have to work tonight. ‘I’ll tell Cooter he can come too, that is if I can talk to him, without Luther around. Luther seen me at Rheubottom’s this morning buying some groceries, thought he’d give me the third degree but he asked a few questions then went on with his shopping and let me finish mine. Dixie can call Luke and tell him, we are meeting up there in Tri-counties today instead of the Boar’s Nest or garage so we can talk private.” BL said. “Sounds like a plan, what time we leaving?” Bo asked. “Between 4 and 4:30. Do me a favor, ask Uncle Jesse if he minds puppy dog sitting. I don’t want to leave Sadie alone in an unfamiliar house for longer than I have to, if I have to. Ask him too if he’ll take over here, so I don’t have to close early,” BL said. “Sure thing honey. I better get back to the farm, see you later,” Bo said, heading to General Lee. —--------------------------- Cooter came in the post office about 11 to get the garage mail. Cooter petted Sadie while BL finished up with a customer. When they were alone BL told him about meeting Dixie at the food place near Tri-Counties jail and that Bo and possibly Daisy was going too. “Count me in,” Cooter said. BL told him when her and Bo were leaving. At 10 minutes to 4, General Lee and Jesse’s pickup parked in front of the post office. “Jesse Duke reporting for post office and puppy dog sitting duty ma’am” Uncle Jesse said, coming behind the counter. “I’m much obliged Uncle Jesse,” BL said. —------------------------- The training class that Luke was helping with had broke for lunch. Several had gone outside to smoke or talk on their phones. A few had gone out for food. Of the instructors, Luke had stayed behind with the rookies. Luke rarely got personal calls at work, so when the girls from Human Resources told him he had a call, he figured it was something to do with work. He picked up on the closest extension, "This is Duke." He said in way of greeting since the person had already gotten the official greeting from the girl in Human Resources. Dixie thought that Luke sounded very official when at work, "Hey, I just got a call from BL. The others are meeting me over here if you want to take the long way home. We're gonna meet near here at Mel’s Diner." Luke was just a bit surprised to hear Dixie's voice on the other end of the line, but didn't let on, "Yeah, ok. I can do that. Do you know what's up?" "With the Hazzard phone system. All I got was that Bo, Cooter, Daisy and BL were all likely coming. Dixie explained. Luke nodded as if she could see him, then reached around and rubbed the tension in the back of his neck that he just realized was there. "I'll be there as soon as we get things closed up here." Dixie replied, "See ya then. I hope I caught you at lunch and not in the middle of class." "You did. Be careful over there, ok?" Luke said. Dixie smiled, it was nice to know someone worried about her just as long as they didn't get over protective. She knew that part of that meant keeping them all on the outside of her facility. "Remember it's you that jumps from perfectly good planes into forest fires." Luke replied, "That's the easy part. It's as easy as falling off a log, but we're not jumping for a few more weeks yet." —------------------------------- The Hazzard crew arrived at Mel’s Diner at 5 o’clock they had run into some road construction and had moved at a snail’s pace for about 10 miles. Upon entering they looked for an empty out of the way table, spotting one in the back corner. As soon as they were seated a waitress came to give them menus and take their drink order, “I’m Angie, I’ll be your waitress this evening, what can I get ya’ll to drink?” Daisy said “I’ll have a sweet tea”. “Make that 2 sweet teas. We have 2 more coming as soon as they get off work,” BL said. Cooter and Bo both wanted a root beer. Angie checked to make sure she had the order right and then went to get the drinks. Dixie, who worked nearby, had gotten busy the last part of her shift. She arrived just as the drinks arrived. "I'll have a sweet tea with half lemonade please." She saw Luke pull in. "He looks hot. Make that 2 half and half teas." The waitress agreed with Dixie, "Yes he does look very hot." As Luke walked up to the table everyone was laughing at the young girl's comment about Luke. "What's so funny?" Luke asked. “You have an admirer,” Daisy said. The young girl brought Dixie and Luke their half and half teas and menus for everyone. “If you need anything just give me a holler,” the young waitress looked right at Luke as she spoke, setting the table off in another round of laughing. “She can’t be more’n 15, just a kid,” Luke said. "So why are we all here?" Luke asked. —------------------------- Bo pulled out a list of names, addresses and phone numbers that they had added to several of the names. Luke looked closer at the list,"Bo, what am I looking at?" Dixie had leaned in closer to see the list Luke was holding. “That is a list of people, their addresses and phone numbers that sent $100 to PO Box 100 thinking they were going to get a certificate for a deed on land and one of them tiny houses,” Bo said. “Now we just got to contact them,set up meetings to show them pictures you took and get them to come to court Thursday. Only problem is, we only have tomorrow to meet with them.” BL said. Luke looked around for a pay phone, and being the closest thing the county had to being a truck stop, it had four payphones and a counter nearby. One phone had an out of service sticker on it. " "Well, ladies, I'll get the quarters. On second thought, here Cooter." Luke handed Cooter some money. "Go get some quarters and us another round of drinks. I'll keep up with the list while you girls make some calls." —------------------------------ Bo asked, "What should I do?" Luke replied automatically, "Just look pretty Bo." Cooter took the money from Luke and walked toward the counter where Angie was at the register “Leaving already?,” Angie asked, a little disappointed she wasn’t getting to sell the group a burger or maybe the day’s plate special. “No ma’am I need quarters for the payphones and refills for the table,” Cooter said. Angie took the money and gave Cooter two rolls of quarters, “I’ll bring the drinks in a moment,” Angie said. Cooter took the quarters back to Luke. Angie brought the drinks a couple minutes, asking “can I get ya’ll anything else, menus?” Daisy, Dixie and BL started dialing the phones. Cooter shrugged at Angie's question. Cooter decided that they would know more in a bit. " "We'll let you know in a few minutes." By the time the girls were done on the phones they had five people willing to meet them to talk. It would take them a bit to get there so the group decided to order. —---------------------------- “What can I get ya’ll?” Angie asked. “Burgers and fries ok?” BL asked, wanting to get on the road. Six different orders would take up extra time. Everyone agreed, discussing their day while they ate. Finished and ready to leave Luke put $5 under his plate for a tip. “I got to go to the bathroom before I go anywhere, all that half and half tea is going straight through me” Dixie said. “I need to go too.” BL said. “Me too,” Daisy said, the three of them going to the ladies restroom. The group then headed out for their meeting, the meeting was in the rich part of town, no wonder they’d bought what they thought were luxury vacation homes, they could afford them. “This must be it,” BL said when Bo parked General Lee in front of an office building. One of the 5 who had agreed to meet, was the company president, had offered the use of the building’s conference room. When everyone laid everything out, things were making sense. All five were neighbors, who had passed the information from one to the other. Everyone there wanted to make sure that BL was clear and that Boss got his 'comeuppance'. Everyone was available and could be in Hazzard for court except the company president who typed up a letter for BL to take to the Judge. With everything settled the group headed back to Hazzard. —----------------------------- Back in Hazzard everyone went to Miz Tisdale’s. As usual Gloria Cravitz was watching out her window and saw General Lee and Luke’s truck arrive at the same time as Dixie,Bo had let BL off at the post office to get her car, so she could pick up Sadie at the Duke farm. “Abner them Duke boys are back over at Miz Tisdale’s but only one of them Davenport girls,” Gloria said. “I’m sure the other one will be along,” Abner said, never looking up from his newspaper. A couple minutes later Daisy's roadrunner and Cooter’s truck pulled up in front of the house “Abner, Abner 2 more vehicles just pulled up” Gloria was about to get a vapor lock, when she saw Daisy and Cooter. “That’s nice dear,” Abner was only halfway paying attention to his wife’s hysterics. BL was just returning with Sadie as Cooter was heading to his truck,“wrecker call?” BL asked. “Nah, just going to get us some beer,” Cooter said, getting in his truck. —---------------------------- Inside, BL dropped onto the couch beside Bo,laying her head on his shoulder, his arm around her holding her close, “I’ll be glad when Thursday comes and goes, so I can put this mail fraud mess behind me,” BL said. Bo, Luke Dixie and Daisy nodded. Cooter came in saying “honey I’m home”, he was carrying 4 plastic grocery bags,each with a 6 pack of bottled beer. “Had to go over to Rheubottom’s, we were out at the garage,” Cooter said. Luke was sitting on the loveseat with Dixie. He reached for a beer. "This is nice. No Ernie." Dixie replied, "No Dad." “No Rosco harassing ya’ll” Daisy addeed. “Not unless Mrs. Cravitz calls him again,” BL said. Dixie got up, "Anyone need a refill when I come back?" She asked before heading to the bathroom. Cooter and Bo both said they did. Luke got up, "I got ya." He said picking up the empties. Luke came back with refills and Dixie was still in the bathroom. Several minutes later, Dixie returned, kicked off her shoes and curled back up beside Luke as she picked up her second beer. “Anybody want another?” Bo asked getting up after a while. “No thanks I got to work tomorrow,” Dixie said. “Me too,” BL said. “No more for me either, I swapped shifts with Betsy Ann and have to work the breakfast shift,” Daisy said. Luke and Cooter took him up on the offer. Gathering the empties, Bo went to the kitchen, bringing back another beer for Luke and Cooter, sitting on the couch beside BL, putting his arm around her shoulders, holding her close. Cooter asked Bo, "So are ya'll going to run the race next month over in Placid?" Bo grinned, "I,..." He stressed, "want to." He was looking dead at Luke as he spoke. Luke gave him a look, "Now, Bo, we've talked about this. I don't care one bit to help get General Lee ready to show this young bunch of know it alls, just how fast the Ole boy still is. It is just I can't promise I'll be here to be the crew chief." Bo said glumly. "I know Luke but you've sorta gotten me spoiled. But, I would sure like to put the General on the track with those young punks." Luke asked, "Cooter, are you planning on running anything?" "Naw, I hadn't really put anything together. There hasn't been any competition where you guys haven't been on the track." Luke looked at Bo, they both looked at Cooter. "What?" They both with the girls, said, "You could be the crew chief if Luke ain't here." ”I could?” “Yeah, Bo couldn’t get a better crew chief, you’d know if there was a problem right off,” Luke said. Cooter thought for a minute “Bo you got yourself a crew chief, even if Luke can’t be there,” Bo let loose a rebel yell, "YEHAA". Balladeer:Atleast that's what folks in these parts call it. —--------------------------- Sometime later Daisy yawned “is it ok if I stay the night? I don’t think I can hold my eyes open to drive home.” Daisy asked. “Sure, I only got 2 beds so you’ll have to share with me or Dixie,” BL said. Mrs. Cravitz was still glued to the window, "Abner! All those kids are still over there! It's a weeknight. There are three couples over there. It just ain't right. It's nearly eleven o'clock." "That's nice, Dear." He said. He had put cotton in his ears hours ago when he turned the TV to his ballgame. Dixie got up from her place beside Luke and went to the bathroom again. Then came back from the kitchen with a large glass of water. "I think I'm getting a kidney infection or something. You'd think I drank a case of beer, not two." Luke said, "More like three, but who's counting." Dixie had been snitching drinks of his beer occasionally since declining another beer earlier. The guys talked awhile longer, Dixie was curled up next to Luke listening. Luke looked at the clock noticing it was getting late, him, Dixie, Cooter and BL had to work tomorrow. “Bo you still got your sleeping bag in General Lee,”Luke asked. “We best be getting settled, it’s getting late and some of us have to work tomorrow,” Luke said. Standing the two of them went out to their vehicles “Abner looks like two of them are finally leaving. About time too, it's nearly midnight.” Mrs. Cravitz reported from her post. Luke got his bag of spare clothes out of his truck, so he could shower before work. He got a couple blankets too. Still at the window Mrs. Cravitz was about to have a fit, seeing them go back into the house. But seeing the lights go out really got her goat. —----------------------- Inside BL was still curled up on the couch as Luke came back inside. Luke looked at how the furniture was arranged. "Alright guys. If we can get these ladies to move, we can move this over here, that over there and put the sleeping bags here so we aren't sleeping on the furniture and breaking it down." Dixie looked at her seat on the love seat. "What's wrong with us just cuddling back up the way we were?" Luke said, " I don't know about furniture and stuff but I've heard it all my life that sleeping on couches breaks them down. This is good furniture that Miz Tisdale nor BL need or want messed up." Dixie sighed but got up so the guys could rearrange the furniture. "OK, I can still camp out with ya'll down here." Luke shook his head, " This ain't the first time we've slept under the same roof. It won't be the last. Go to bed, sleep and get some rest for work." Mrs. Cravitz grabbed her sweater. "Where are you going?" Abner asked. "To get the cat." She replied. "We don't have a cat." He said to the closing door. She went out to her porch, the lights were all out on this side of the house. Walking up the sidewalk, there were no lights on in the front of the house. She crept down by the side of the house. No lights. She even crossed the back yards and came in her back door. "Abner there ain't a light on in that house over there. Abner. Abner? Abner!" She found her husband already asleep with cotton balls in his ears. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  11. The next morning BL woke with a pounding headache and the morning sun full on her face. “Sh@#!” BL swore. “What’s the matter darlin?” Bo yawned. BL was reaching for her clothes, what she could reach and keep her modesty anyway, “I’m going to be late, it’s my first day completely solo. Miz Tisdale left for her sister’s, yesterday.” BL said. “Relax, me and the General will get you there on time”, Bo said,pulling on his boxers. “Could you just drop me off at Dixie’s, I need my car to deliver the mail.” BL said. “Dixie, can I grab a shower and borrow some clothes, instead of wasting time going home,getting ready then going to the post office.” BL asked. Dixie was in a good mood, even though her night alone with Luke hadn't gone as planned, “sure just go on into my room and help yourself. You know where the spare key is, right?” Dixie replied. —---------------------------- Luther Davenport was a pretty early riser even though his farm wasn't really a working farm. He came downstairs, put on coffee to make and from years of habit looked out of the kitchen window to see the wrecker, Cooters truck and both the girls' cars. Luther was peaceful and content. He was glad the three kids had been so quiet last night when they came in. He poured his coffee and took his normal seat at the table trying to figure out what he was going to fix for breakfast after he'd had his first cup of coffee. ”Just drop me off at the end of the drive and I’ll walk to the house from there”, BL said as Bo was taking her to Dixie’s to get her car. “I can take you on up to the house darlin, no problem I got plenty of time”, Bo said. “I don’t know if Luther or Cooter one, might be home. I got a better chance not being seen, at least till I’m in the house if they don’t hear the General.” BL smiled, leaned over kissing Bo’s cheek. A few minutes later, Bo pulled over, halfway down the drive, reasoning BL could get to the house and out undetected maybe, if she didn’t have as far to walk. One last kiss and BL slid out of the General, heading for the Davenport farmhouse. Luther by now had fed the chickens, gathered the eggs, and now had a skillet full of eggs frying for scrambled eggs. He'd been in his house without his wife for years now and still no matter how he tried to make eggs they came out scrambled. He was in a far better mood this morning than he was waking up in the Hazzard jail yesterday morning. He looked at the ceiling. The house was still pretty quiet for a Monday morning. He was sure the smell of coffee and eggs would have gotten the kids attention by now. Then he heard the faint sound of the front door knob. Luther stepped to see through the house to see BL cross the room and start up the stairs. "BL?" Balladeer:"It was 2 letters, but there were way more questions behind them. —------------------------- BL swore under her breath, before turning around to face her uncle,”yeah?” “What are you sneaking around for?” Luther was looking for any signs he was being lied to. “Thought you might not be up just yet,didn’t want to bother you on my way to the bathroom,” BL tried to keep a neutral expression, at least she wasn’t telling a big fib, she was going upstairs to the bathroom. “Do I smell eggs and coffee?”,BL hoped to ward off anymore questions she didn’t want to answer, by asking a question of her own. Luther ignored the breakfast menu question and asked, "If you are on your way to the bathroom, just where might you be coming from?” BL felt her head start pounding harder, this morning just kept getting worse, “Hounddog lake”, BL said quietly, eyes on her boots. She would have given a nearby location between mail drop offs but Luther would know she wasn’t delivering mail this early. "Hounddog lake?" Luther must not have been good and awake yet without his second cup of coffee because BLs answers weren't fitting together in his mind. "Your car has been here for two days. So how did you get here from the lake?" BL took a deep breath,blowing it out slowly. Clyde would probably hear about this before she got halfway down the drive, “Bo dropped me off down the drive and I walked to the house,” BL said. "Bo? Bo Duke? Dropped you off coming from Hounddog lake?" Luther didn't need to ask anymore questions as he brushed by BL taking the steps two at a time. His boots thundered up the steps, he flung Dixie's bedroom door open to see the beds made and the sewing stuff still in disarray. He was back down the stairs again two at a time. Out the front door he went slamming the door so hard the glass in it rattled. BL had frozen on the stairs when Luther went by her twice. Hearing the bang of the front door then the wrecker started up Cooter had nearly fallen out of bed. He got his feet under him, stepped in his pants and started downstairs carrying his boots and shirt. Seeing BL, he said, "What was that?" BL managed, "Tornado Luther." —-------------------------- “We got to get to Dixie first”, BL said, “Why?”,Cooter looked confused, Luther was mad about something but he'd never hurt Dixie. BL was acting like he might, BL gave Cooter the short version. “Shoot fire and save box matches!”, Cooter said, shirttails flapping on his open shirt as he ran out the door. BL hurried to the CB home base in the kitchen, showering and getting ready for work, forgotten “Little Shotgun, Lost Sheep 1, ya’ll got your ears on? There’s a tornado headed your way.” BL hoped the home base was working and that Dixie was listening and had caught on that Luther was headed that way. —-------------------------- Luke watched Bo pull out, "So what are you wanting to do today." "Stay right here." Dixie said snuggling in nothing but Luke's blanket. Luke was a bit more practical, "Instead of me building the fire back up for coffee and hoping to catch a fish for breakfast, how about you take a few minutes to pull yourself together, I'll toss this stuff in the truck and make sure the fire is out. I'll take you out for breakfast and we can go print out those pictures for BL. I think it's about time you meet my crew." It wasn't what Dixie wanted to do but she agreed as she picked up her clothes. A bit later, Luke's truck was headed out of the county heading toward Chickamahoney. —------------------ Luther slowed the wrecker just enough he didn’t miss Luke’s truck, there was no sign of the F250. There were tracks up ahead going toward Chickamahoney, Luther couldn’t be positive they didn’t take one of the side roads though so he followed the tracks until the forks of the road. The left fork dead ended apiece up the road, the rlght led straight to Chickamahoney and the tracks lead that way. Letting loose a string of curses, Luther banged his hand on the wrecker’s steering wheel, making a U-turn,he headed for the garage. —------------------ Back at the Davenport farm, BL had given up trying to reach Dixie from the house CB base and had gone upstairs for a quick shower and to get ready for work. Picking up the CB mic in her car, BL tried to reach Dixie and Luke on her way into town, “Little Shotgun this is Sweettalker and boy do we need to talk”. All BL got in response was the crackle of static. A few more tries got the same results, “they must be out of range, dangit!”, BL muttered to herself, hanging up the mic. Seeing the mail truck turn the corner, BL parked out front of the post office, hurting to unlock the door she’d park in back later. Bo went to the farm and did the morning chores then went to town to check the mail. Luther parked the wrecker, flung open the bay doors and tossed the open sign in the window as he stomped with every step. Cooter pulled in exactly five minutes late since he had waited for BL to get out of the bathroom. He saw Luther stomping around inside the garage and knew it was going to be a day. Luke pulled over near base camp at Denny's so they could grab a good breakfast. He and Dixie both got a large coffee to go as they headed to base camp. Once there, Luke took out the camera and he and Dixie went inside for her to meet his crew. Dixie couldn't help being just a bit surprised to find that two of Luke's immediate crew were females. One of which he had handed the camera off to so that she could pull the pictures off and print them for him. “This is my girlfriend Dixie Davenport,” Luke said, introducing Dixie to the group. —------------------------------. BL had just finished sorting the mail when Bo came in, “how’s it going darlin?” Bo asked. BL didn’t even bother with Miz Tisdale’s old regulations “just dandy Bo..Luther caught me sneaking in,proceeded to ask questions and I didn’t want to tell lies, he stormed out, ready to kill. I tried to warn Dixie and Luke, he was headed their way but couldn’t get anything but static,” Bo gave her an I’m sorry look. “Now I’m going to pick up Sadie and deliver mail and I will probably see my own Dad but I can’t deal with him till after work.” BL blew out a long breath. “Speaking of mail, got any for me and might as well get the farm’s while I’m here,” Bo asked. BL handed him a small stack “that’s for the farm”, “and this is yours”, BL handed over a mail bag a little bit less than half the size of a regular mail bag. Bo asked, "Ain't that a lot of mail for just me? Are you sure it's all mine?" BL shrugged, "It's all for your box." —----------------------- Cooter had no idea that the girls had been out all night, so he assumed Luther was mad at him for being late, "Look Dad. I was only five minutes late. I'll stay over this evening and close up." Luther stomped some more, "You mean you aren't going to the wedding?" "Wait. What? What wedding is that?" Cooter asked. He hadn't heard anything about a wedding, besides who gets married on a Monday. Luther replied, "BL said Dixie was at hounddog lake with Luke Duke. I got there. Seen where they had been parked. I followed those 6 ply tires Luke runs to the cut off to Chickamahoney. Any other reason you'd figure those two might be heading that way?" Something didn't seem right with his Dad's assumption, but Cooter couldn't come up with any other reason. "Nah, but that just don't seem right either.” Cooter kept trying to come up with another reason, any reason at all besides eloping, Dixie and Luke would go to Chickamahoney but getting nowhere he called to Luther “I’m going to get the mail,Dad”. If anyone knew what his sister was upto, it’d be his cousin the girls were as thick as thieves. “Alright, what do you know?”,Cooter demanded. “Know about what Cooter?”, BL said. “Dixie and Luke running off to Chickamahoney to get married.” Cooter said. “What…get married? Dixie ain’t said nothing to me about getting married”, BL had no clue about any wedding and she was almost positive Dixie would have asked her to be maid of honor and Luke would have asked Bo to be his best man. “Luke didn’t say nothing to me neither”,Bo said. —----------------------------- Daisy popped in to mail a letter, "Luke didn't say anything to you about what?" Replying as if it was buying a stamp, Bo replied, "About eloping." Daisy squealed, "Oh my Goodness! REALLY?! Luke elpoed?!!" “Looks that way, Dixie didn’t tell me either,” BL said. “I got to order a cake, what kind do you think they'll want?” Daisy was turning toward the door, when BL grabbed her arm. “Hold up just a minute Daisy, there’s a reason they kept it quiet, if we go giving them a party before they tell us,even if it’s just family they might not be so happy about it”, BL said. “I guess so”, Daisy said, more subdued. —----------------------------- BL looked at Bo, "Can you find them?" Bo looked from Daisy to BL, "I should be able to." That was good enough for BL. She was already making a sign for the window. 'Closed for family emergency. Mail will be delivered this afternoon.' "Let's go Bo. Come Sadie." Daisy said, "I'm going too." Cooter added, "Count me in. I'm not dealing with Luther today." They all headed to General Lee with two separate conversations going. No one noticed Mrs. Sims, the town busybody as they walked by, heard the distinct phrase 'Nice day for Dixie and Luke to elope.'] If the search party had been paying attention to who they met, one of them would have stayed in town to do damage control. Mrs. Sims was about to burst by the time she reached the beauty parlor, the best place in a small town, to hear the town gossip “guess what I just heard?” not waiting for a response from anyone she said “Luke Duke and Dixie Davenport eloped.” There was a flurry of talk, most everyone remembered the past and the rumors back then. —----------------------- Mrs. Sims continued, "Then Bo and Daisy Duke, BL and Cooter all took off heading out of town and they were heading toward Chickamahoney. Lulu Hogg was just coming out from under the dryer. Being the Hazzard Commissioner's wife, she refrained from being part of the general gossip. She went right home and promptly placed a call to Jesse Duke. —------------------------- Jesse just happened to have been in the house when the phone rang, "Duke Farm." “Hello Jesse, this is Lulu Hogg. I just heard that congratulations was in order”, Lulu said. “Congratulations? What for?”,Jesse asked. “Luke getting married.” “Luke WHAT?!” “Lydia Sims passed Daisy, Bo and Cooter and BL Davenport on her way to the beauty parlor, she said they were talking about Luke and Dixie Davenport eloping, one of them was saying it was a nice day for Luke and Dixie to elope.” “Well thank you for calling Lulu, I’ll give Luke your message. I gotta go now, bye”, Jesse hung up the phone. Jesse grabbed his red cap, headed out the back door at a trot, "Move Maudine I got to go see what that mule headed youngin is up to." He said as he passed the mule. Once in the pickup Jesse grabbed the CB as he pulled out of the yard, "This is Shepherd. Come in Lost Sheep One." Nothing. "Lost Sheep Two, this is Shepherd." Nothing. Jesse mumbled to himself as he made one more call, "Shepherd to Bo Peep." Nothing, that told Jesse a lot. He was behind. If they were heading to Chickamahoney he wouldn't be able to reach any of them until he got to the county line past Iron Mountain. —------------------------ Clyde Davenport had no idea what was going on, all he knew was BL hadn’t been home since friday and had called saturday night to say she was staying the night at the Duke farm with Daisy. Pulling upto the post office in his pickup, he read the sign in the window, saying there was a family emergency but he hadn’t been notified. Going over to the garage, seeing Luther at the pumps baffled him even more, parking he got out of the truck “What’s going on Luther?”Clyde asked. “Nothing,why” Luther asked, he sensed Clyde hadn’t asked, by way of greeting. “BL has a sign in the post office window says closed due to a family emergency,” Clyde said. “Well, what in Sam Hill is Cooter doing, he went to get the mail” Luther grumbled, now that he thought about it Cooter had been gone a while. Pete Sims was bringing his wife’s car in for a tuneup, getting out of the car greeting the Davenport brothers “howdy fellas, Lydia told me you are getting yourself a son-in-law. Luther.” Pete said. “Said, your girl eloped with Luke Duke”, Pete kept talking, not paying attention that Luther practically had steam coming out his ears.” Said she saw Daisy and Bo Duke and Cooter getting in General Lee.” “Said your BL was with them.” Pete said to Clyde. “Lydia needs some things from Ruehbottom’s, I’ll be back in a little while” Pete wandered off to do his shopping. “Looks like I might not be the only one getting myself a Duke son-in-law,” Luther said, opening the hood of Pete’s car, while Clyde was processing it all and that his little girl was with Bo Duke in or near Chickamahoney right this very minute. —--------------------- Charlie had just unlocked the front door of the Boar’s Nest to get set up and open. They were never busy this time of day but if someone happened in Charlie would wait on them while he got ready for the evening crowd. He was surprised to hear the door open when Lulu Hogg came in. Lulu’s arms were full of streamers, balloons, paper decorations of all sorts. She came in and set the stuff down on one of the tables. "There is a box in my car Charlie. Will you get it please." Charlie looked in the box and saw it had Christmas lights and such in it, "What's all this stuff for Ms. Lulu? It's too early for Christmas." "I just think this place needs a bit of cheer and decorations." Lulu said. Charlie wasn't at all sure how Boss Hogg was gonna like this remodel but she was his boss's wife so he'd do as he was asked. —----------------------------- At base camp, Luke and the rest of the crew gave Dixie the grand tour and explained some of the equipment to her. Luke's team members had his pictures printed out and in a folder for him when they came back in, "Duke why are you taking pictures of dollhouses?" Lisa ribbed. He gave her a look and corrected her, "Those are luxury vacation homes." "For Ken and Barbie maybe." Lisa joked. "Speaking of pictures. We should likely get these back." Luke said as he picked up a copy of the new schedule. They said their goodbyes and Dixie was invited back to watch some jumps. —---------------------- In Chickamahoney, Bo parked the General Lee in the center of town, "Anyone know where to start?" Daisy, Cooter and BL looked at each other, then at Bo three sets of shoulders shrugging. “The hotel, if it was somebody other than Dixie and Luke, Dixie ain’t gonna want to stay someplace Luther can find them easy” BL said. Cooter knew his sister and was nodding ‘yes’. Cooter said, "You are ahead of yourself cousin, before a hotel they would need a license." Daisy added, "Then a preacher." Bo looked the town up and down seeing the various signs and such for different types of wedding packages. "They could be or have been to any these places." Bo said. Cooter added, "Wait. No, let's circle town and look for Luke's truck." —---------------------- Back in Hazzard Luther filled Clyde in on the early morning visit from BL and where their wayward daughters had been all night. The search party drove around town at a snail pace, eyes peeled looking for Luke’s pickup but were coming up empty, “no sign of them nowhere” Cooter stated what the others were thinking too. Daisy and BL went to the Courthouse to see if there had been a marriage license issued. “Well that didn’t help much”, BL said once she and Daisy exited the courthouse. Three marriage licenses had been issued that morning but the filing deadline was 24 hours. ”Now what?” Cooter said. Just as they were heading out of town they saw Uncle Jesse coming toward them into town. Bo stopped in the middle of the road as Jesse also stopped alongside him. "What in tarnation is going on? Where is Luke?" “I don’t know where Luke is, Uncle Jesse. We can’t find him or Dixie either” Bo said. "Did Luke or Dixie say anything to any of yall?" Uncle Jesse asked. He was met with four young people looking at each other, then shaking their heads ‘no’. "Then, why are we all out here?" Jesse asked. The others looked to Cooter and said together. "Cooter said..." Cooter cut them off, "We'll Dad told me after he stormed into the garage." “Told you what?” Jesse asked. “They eloped, Uncle Jesse” Cooter answered. “I ain’t your Uncle Jesse” Jesse fussed. —----------------------------- Back at the Boar's Nest the place was decorated to the hilt. It looked like a cross between a high school prom and a bridal shower. At the garage Luther had hurt himself while trying to get work done for the last time, "Clyde I'm calling it a day. Let's go get a beer." Clyde responded, "As long as it is not a repeat of the other night."Luther gave his brother a look. "You got it." —---------------------------- In Chickamahoney, Jesse asked, "But You can't find them or any record they got hitched?" "No." Replied Daisy, just a bit disappointed. "We'll there ain't no sense hanging out here. Let's get back to the Boar's Nest and see if anyone has seen them two." Jesse wisely said. Everyone got turned around and headed for Hazzard. Balladeer: "Now look here. There is Luke and Dixie. Theys a few miles back behind the search party. —---------------------------- Luther and Clyde got out of Clyde’s pickup,heading inside the Boar’s Nest. Luther nearly swallowed his tongue when they walked in and saw a big banner CONGRATULATION’S LUKE AND DIXIE stretched across the room. “Bo will you drop me off at the post office please? I want to get my car, so I can deliver the mail. I’ll follow ya’ll to the Boar’s Nest and then leave there to get the mail and deliver it in a bit,”BL said “Sure darlin” Bo said, pulling around back, sliding out the driver’s window. Then he lifted Sadie, settling her “stay” Bo helped BL out, giving her a peck on the lips. “Load up”, BL told Sadie, opening the car door. Within minutes the General Lee and GTO were pulling into the Boar’s Nest lot. Luke and Dixie were having a very pleasant ride back to Hazzard talking about everything and nothing at all. When Luke turned the curve and the Boar’s Nest came into view they couldn't help but notice the crowd for so early in the afternoon. Luke said, "Something must be up for everyone to be here this early. Even Uncle Jesse's here. We better stop." "Right. I hope everything's alright with BL." Dixie said. "Grab that folder with the pictures in case we need them." Luke said as he was parking the truck. Inside, everyone was taking in all the decorations. “Here they come”, Thelma Claire hollered above the noise. Luke and Dixie walked in, seeing the congratulations sign hanging across the room “Congratulations, for what?”Luke asked. “On your nuptials, of course,” Lulu explained. —------------------------- “Nuptials, Miss Lulu, where did you hear that?” Dixie asked. “That’s what Lydia Sims said when she came in the beauty parlor this morning. Said she met Bo, Daisy, and Cooter and they were talking about you and Luke eloping” Lulu explained. “We got some pictures printed at base camp, I wanted Dixie to meet my crew. Show them, Dix”Luke said. Dixie lay the folder on the front table. Bo and BL had moved closer to the door before hearing themselves named as part of the reason for all the decorations and fan fair. Daisy and Cooter weren't far behind them. Jesse, as well as Luther and Clyde had also moved a bit closer to hear the missing couple's explanation. Jesse spoke up, "So ya'll didn't run off and get hitched?" Dixie had the good graces to blush crimson which she had not done in years Luke was still a bit shocked as well as a lot confused at how they all had come up with this conclusion. Luke replied, "No. How? No, why? Did ya’ll think that." BL looked at Bo, who looked at Daisy, then they all looked at Cooter who turned to Luther and said,"Dad?" Luther heard the question but for now he wanted to make sure he heard Luke, "Ya'll didn't go to Chickamahoney and get married?" Now things were becoming a bit clearer to Luke as he smiled just a bit, "We went TOWARD Chickamahoney, took the bypass around town and went south to our base camp." Luke thought he was seeing the fire in Luther's eyes lowering a bit but figured for good measure he had better add, "No, we didn't get married." “Beers for everybody, their on Boss” Bo announced to the bar of people, everyone chuckled. Bo, BL, Cooter and Daisy were all glad that Dixie and Luke hadn’t left them out of wedding plans afterall. When everyone was served and occupied with their drinks Luke leaned closer to the group, voice low ”these pictures are what Boss Hogg is upto. I’ll show you when there ain’t so many people around.” —----------------------------- Daisy set Luke and Dixie another beer down beaming, "I just KNEW y'all wouldn’t run off and get married without at least telling some of us." BL added, "Yeah. I thought we were closer than that." Dixie replied, "We are, but I can keep a secret pretty well." Bo and Cooter were having much the same conversation with Luke who replied, "Look, when we do y'all will be the second (after himself) to know, alright." “I hate to run out ya’ll but I was ‘busy’ this morning and didn’t deliver the mail, BL gave Dixie and Luke a look, so I have to now, then still have outgoing mail to Central city by 3” BL said. Dixie asked, "What were you busy doing that was more important than the mail getting out?” “Playing hide and seek”, BL said sarcastically but grinned, so Dixie would know she wasn’t really mad. Bo added, "Do ya’ll have any idea how many places there are to get married in Chickamahoney?" Dixie asked with a slight grin, "Y'all really went over there looking for us?" Cooter answered Bo then Dixie, "A lot and yes!" Daisy added, "Even Uncle Jesse came behind us." Luke looked up at the senior Duke who gave him an assured look that had a 'we will talk about this at home's meaning. “How about we meet at still sight #4, at 4 o’clock after you get back from Central City, BL? Ya’ll can take a look see at these here pictures,” Luke said. “Sounds good, see you then” BL said. “You are coming home” Clyde said, his tone was a question but his look said it was a command, “Be home by 6 o’clock” BL said, then dashed out the door to deliver mail. —----------------------- At 10 minutes after 4 o'clock, BL pulled up behind General Lee, “Sorry I’m a little late, they were doing road construction on county 103” BL said. Bo said, "They are always working on 103." Luke layed out the pictures. "Here's these luxury homes. Look at this one. It's in the ad and compares the size to that truck pictured with it." Dixie said, "They would make really cute playhouses for kids.” “Who'd want to live in a crackerjack box? Be about the same as a car with the doors welded shut, to me” Jesse said. BL looked at the pictures, Dixie was right they would make cute playhouses. Expensive too she bet. Luke said, "So I've been thinking. Maybe we should contact those folks who got Bo's pictures and have them come to court and tell that this isn't what they thought they were paying for. I think some may be happier with Bo’s pictures. “How, there ain’t enough time to write them all and wait for replies back or just hope they show for court. We can’t call them, we ain’t got phone numbers” BL said dejectedly. “We call information with the names and addresses, get the phone numbers from there” Dixie said. “After hearing how these people were scammed, the Judge will drop the charges, I just know he will” Daisy said with all the confidence she could muster into her voice. —----------------------------- After everyone figured what to do with the pictures they took, everyone decided to go back to the Boar’s Nest for a while. Dixie leaned over for only Luke to hear, "Can you believe they done all this for us just because they thought we went to Chickamahoney." Luke smiled and said as a slow dance came on, "Seems ashamed to not enjoy it. Come on." They danced to the song then Dixie headed back to the table as Luke went to the bar to get them a beer. The place was unusually busy for a Monday night. While Luke waited for Charlie or Daisy to get to him he felt a tap on his shoulder. Luther was standing behind him. "Can we walk outside for a minute?" Luke replied, "Sure." Bo looked up in time to see Luther and Luke heading outside, but he wasn't the only one who saw it. Jesse Duke was already heading out behind them. —-------------------------- Luther went around the side of the Boar’s Nest that the kitchen was on, so noone could see or interrupt. Luke followed his guard up but he’d still be respectful as long as Luther stayed civil. “There’s something I been meaning to talk to you about,”Luther said, pausing this wasn’t easy. Luke waited while the senior Davenport figured out what he wanted to say. Clearing his throat, Luther continued “I need you to help out driving the wrecker, at least part time.” Luther held out his hand for a handshake. Luke wasn’t sure he was hearing right. After all the trouble between them, Luther was asking him to drive the wrecker for him again. Giving Luther’s hand a firm shake Luke said “I’d be glad to Luther. One more thing, I had one too many drinks the other night,“ Luther said. Luke nodded, accepting the unspoken apology. Seeing the handshake between the two made Jesse feel better. Luke said, "Luther, I ain't never set out to make trouble for any of our families. I have always liked driving for you and only stopped because you fired me." Luke saw the man start to object and held up his hand in hopes of finishing his thoughts, "As for today, we went to my base camp and spent most of the day. Yes, it was in the general direction of Chickamahoney, but we was nowhere near there." “I’ve watched how you’ve been with other girls, so I hope you don’t take offense but what are your intentions with my daughter?”,Luther asked. Luke did his best not to take offense, Luther was perfectly justified in asking, Luke’s track record wasn’t the best “I am not going to drop Dixie, like a sack of potatoes, I swear. If we do decide to get married at some point, I promise we ain’t going to elope” Luke said. Even though Luther had been thinking long and hard since spending the night in jail, he wasn't really ready to let everything just go and give his blessings for the Duke to date his daughter. "So why was BL sneaking into my house in the wee hours and telling me that Dixie was at the lake?" Luke was caught slightly off guard, Luther hadn’t let on that he knew anything. Luke thought about the best way to answer the question at hand without incriminating anyone. "I can't answer for BL, but Dixie and I were out by the lake yesterday evening. We were talking, it got late. I broke out my gear and we stayed by the lake until we went to base camp this morning." Luther wasn’t sure he completely bought Luke’s story but it was a reasonable enough reason, he guessed. Jesse was still listening and although Luther was accepting Luke’s story, Jesse was still going to have a talk with Luke at home. Bo was itching to know what was going on with Luke and Luther but he was staying inside, Uncle Jesse could handle any problems he needed to. "So are you intent on marrying my girl?" Luther asked. There it was. On the table for all to see. Well at least for all they knew, Luther and Luke. —----------------------------- Luke rubbed the back of his neck, thinking hard before he answered, "Dixie deserves far better than me. I'm sure we can both agree on that." Luke stood up just a might taller before continuing, "But I have loved her enough since she was 15 to ask for your permission. Now I just need to know her heart and mind." Luther nodded, “that’s all I wanted to know, I just needed to know you weren’t yanking her chain. How about we go back inside, before they all think we’re out here killing each other?” Luther said. Jesse was quick getting out of sight, heading back inside before Luke or Luther saw him,shooing Bo, Dixie, as well as Cooter as he moved. —---------------------- Luke couldn't help still being a bit puzzled at Luther's line of questioning. Inside, Luther went to the bar to get a coffee,Luke went back to the table with the others, “Where’d you get to?” Dixie asked before Luke got set down good. “Luther had some things he wanted to discuss, so we went outside where it was quieter,” Luke said. "Oh, Good. That bad?" Dixie asked. Luke gave her his award winning smile, "It could have been worse." He took a drink of beer and said, "Are you ready to get married any time soon?" Dixie looked at Luke like he had three heads, "What? No! Are you?" Luke took a drink of beer and replied, "Not really." Luke had gotten everybody at the table’s full attention with his question. Bo choked on the drink of beer he just took. BL patted Bo’s back while looking at Luke, Dixie voicing her thoughts, “HAVE you lost your mind?” Cooter looked as stunned as the rest. —------------------- Luke continued to smile, largely at Bo's reaction as he talked to Dixie, "I think our little trip to base camp rattled him. I can't believe that just because we left town in the general direction of Chickamahoney that everyone thought we had eloped. I did sort of have to promise IF we ever decide to get married, that we would not elope." Dixie played along with Luke and said, "Now, there went all my plans." Daisy had been close enough to hear the exchange, "Ya'll better not. I've been planning these guys' weddings almost as long as I have mine!" —---------------------- Around the small bar, there were several girls who really didn't like all that marriage talk around the Duke table since they weren't on the arm of either Duke. Some vowed to double their efforts of getting those Duke boys' attention. Luke pretty much figured Hazzard just needed something to talk about. Dixie too knew how Hazzard was, but by her assessment, Luke and her weren't even seeing each other exclusively. At least wise, they hadn't talked about it, but even way back when neither could tell anyone when they went from friends to dating. Their relationship seemed to have always been complicated. One thing she was sure of, there were several girls in this room who were not at all happy about her current location at Luke's table, by his side with his arm around her. BL could see some of the green eyes of jealousy around the room, they were shooting daggers at her and Dixie, mostly Dixie as she sat there, Luke’s arm around her shoulders. All the ‘kids’ were having a good time and after hearing Luther and Luke’s talk, Jesse was satisfied there would be no trouble so he said his goodbyes to some old buddies then went over to the ‘kids’ table. “I’m going to head home,got chores to do,” Jesse said. Much to Bo’s displeasure, Luke motioned to his half full mug of beer, "We'll finish up here and be behind you." Dixie added, "Yeah, I have uniforms to wash for tomorrow." Luke gave her a look. "We'll, I do." Dixie said and then asked, "Are you ever going to get used to me wearing a uniform?" Luke said as he finished his beer and stood up, "Band uniform, softball uniform, ..." Dixie also stood up and playfully gave him the slightest knee strike to his thigh. "Keep it up. You know those tactics are based on Marine Corp. training, meaning ya'll got a taste of what we were trained in." When he put his arm around Dixie's waist his hand went a bit below her belt. BL grinned watching Dixie's and Luke's antics while she finished her beer, “I ain’t got uniforms to wash but I’m going to cook Daddy his favorite for supper, soften him up so he won’t give me so much grief about being gone all weekend,” BL said, standing up. “Whatcha cookin’ good lookin?.” Bo asked, flashing his lady killer grin. “Chicken ‘n’ dumplings with biscuits and peach cobbler for dessert,” BL said. —-------------------------- As Luke approached his pickup he was reminded that along with the farm's evening chores that he had another task of repacking all his gear before work tomorrow. Dixie climbed in the passenger seat then promptly slid over to the middle of the truck's seat. Luke wasn't planning to eat Bo's dust all the way to the Davenport farm so he pulled out while Bo and BL were saying their goodbyes. "What would you think of me driving for your Dad some when I'm off work?" Luke asked. "Wait a minute. I thought he swore you'd never drive for him again, years ago." Dixie stated. Bo brushed BL’s hair back from her face, leaning close to give her a long kiss, “See you tomorrow darlin”,Bo said. “See you tomorrow” BL got in her car, Bo shut the door giving Sadie a little scratch behind the ears, watching BL go out of sight. Bo got in the General and caught up to Luke as he was pulling in to let Dixie out. So Luke should pretty much be right behind him. Luke had noted that both Davenport men were still at the Boars Nest when they left. "Well, here you are." Luke said. Dixie nodded as she sat up, kicked her shoes off and turned around sideways in Luke's seat to face him. "Do you have any idea how much I don't want to go do laundry?" Luke nodded, "Probably as much as I want to go clean the barn." They weren't sure who moved closer first but several minutes later the windows of Luke's truck were steamed up even with the air conditioner running. Luke's hands were wandering. Dixie was gently rubbing Luke's neck, shoulders and chest. Luke knew he needed to get to the farm but moved his kisses to Dixie’s. She responded by doing the same then moved to blow in his ear. Since she was now on Luke's lap she suddenly felt Luke's jeans become much tighter. Luke let out a sound between growl and whimper as he was very torn between what he should do and what he wanted to do, "Dix, go get your laundry done, I'll come back or you come over." Bo got home, going straight for the barn. “Where’s Luke?”Jesse asked. “He was dropping Dixie off, should be right behind me,” Bo replied. —------------------------ Clyde Davenport thought he’d died and gone to heaven, when he opened the back door and was met by the aroma of chicken n dumplings, ”that smells great sweetheart”. BL straightened from checking the biscuits, “supper’ll be ready in about 15 minutes” BL said. Clyde asked casually “how was work today”? “Could have been better”, BL said. “Why’s that?” Clyde fished. “Because Cooter, me,Bo and Daisy spent half a day in Chickamahoney checking at every wedding venue there was, trying to find out if Dixie and Luke Duke had gotten married,” BL said. Clyde had opened the pot of chicken and dumplings, got a spoon and was ready for a taste as his daughter spoke. After nearly choking on the sip of broth he had taken in, he caught his breath, then squeaked out, "Why would any of you think THAT?" BL thought hard to come up with a truthful answer, without telling on herself, that she had stayed the night at hounddog lake with Bo and Dixie had been there with Luke still this morning when Bo took her to the Davenport farm but they were gone when Luther got there. Tire tracks headed toward Chicamahoney. No telling all that now would ruin a peaceful meal. “Cooter said he heard it, couldn’t get them on the CB so we did some tracking”, BL said. “Why didn’t you just call to see if Dixie was at work?” Clyde asked, it sounded like an easy solution to him. “They both had the day off,” BL said. —---------------------- Luke pulled into his usual spot and instead of heading to the barn and chores he headed to the bathroom and the shower, .... a cold one! Jesse saw Luke head to the house and found the shower on when he entered the farmhouse. He poured a cup of coffee and waited.... Almost an hour later Luke came down the hall socks in one hand, boots in the other. Sitting down putting his boots beside the chair, Luke waited for Uncle Jesse to say something, finally Jesse spoke, “When you get done, get yourself a cup of coffee and join me on the porch.” Getting up for more coffee, Jesse then headed out to the porch, —---------------------- Luke knew Jesse wasn't asking him to the porch for a social call. Socks on, boots on, shirt tucked in, cup of coffee in hand, Luke checked his tongue at the door. Luke hopped up on the banister in front of his uncle, "Yes, Sir?” Jesse Duke took a long drink of coffee, took in a deep breath and began, "Luke." He paused. "Now I know you are all grown. I know you, Bo and the Davenport girls were NOT home last night. Times might have changed, but I ain't. Now I know ya'll have run around with a number of girls since you've been 12, but you are living here. I won't have either of you putting those girls reputation into question." Luke tried to speak. Jesse held his hand up, "You'll have your turn. I'm not done. I can't believein’ the whole town thinking ya'll ran off to get married, but no, ya'll just spent the whole night out, then disappeared all day. And let me tell you, IF you two boys ever do decide to get hitched, which those chances rank right up there with hogs producing beef, but as long as I'm on this here Earth, I'd better be there to see it with my own eyes. All this here grey hair I got earned me that right to watch some poor unsuspecting girl take you to be hers and let me tell you, once she does, there ain't no returning you." Luke remained quiet,to make sure that Jesse had finished. Took a long drink of coffee and began, "I'm sorry Uncle Jesse." Luke rubbed the back of his neck and felt about twelve, "You know first and foremost, that you taught us right." He stopped the next thought that he was about to say about being careful. There was that ice water effect going down his back again. He did add, "Uncle Jesse, how are we supposed to find out if what was there before is still here today if everytime we are out together it leads to all sorts of chaos?" “I don’t rightly know, you’ll just know if ya’ll are meant to be together, even in all sorts of chaos those feelings will still be there” Jesse said. "All I know is if we are out of peoples sight someone comes looking for us. We were out by hounddog lake, went for a swim. No one was around so I built a fire. Got out some of my camping stuff to stay awhile, ..... and in pulled Bo and BL. At that point it was pretty late so we stayed." Jesse frowned, "I'll take that as the short version. Now, are ya'll talking about anything serious?" "Jesse, I've been around a lot of women but, .... there's something different about Dixie. I knew that years ago." Luke admitted. —------------------------------------ "Speaking of that, it's not gonna do either one of ya'll, both your jobs, or either of our families any good if ya'll get caught buck naked in the back of the General Lee by the State Police again. Those records are sealed, but there are still a few people around who remember ya'lls past." Jesse said calmly. Luke knew his Uncle was right. "I hear you loud and clear. I know you are right." Jesse asked, "Do I hear a 'but'?" It was times like these that part of Luke wished Jesse didn’t know him so well. "Yeah." Jesse waited. "She's not 15 anymore. She knows what she's doing and it's driving me nuts." Jesse chuckled a little “sounds like a woman. —--------------------- They looked up to see Bo coming out of the barn, meaning the evening chores were done. Luke shook his head and said to Bo, "I was coming out to help." Bo found that hard to believe, "Just get up extra early in the morning so you can do mine in the morning and we'll call it even." "Deal." Luke said remembering his earlier remark to Dixie about coming over and his exact reason he planned to see her again tonight. Then turned to Jesse, "I'm gonna run out for a bit then." Jesse held up his finger as a reminder of their conversation. Luke replied, already giving Bo his coffee cup and heading off the porch, "I know." Jesse shook his head at his oldest, "I think I'll try my good suit on later." Luke stopped dead and looked at Jesse, who was smiling with a bit of an evil twinkle in his eye, before getting in his pickup. Bo gave Jesse a questioning look,knowing that he had missed something between Luke and Jesse. —------------------------ Clyde decided he was going to have to confront BL about all that Luther had told him that morning, it was obvious she wasn’t going to confess. “Luther told me something interesting this morning”, Clyde said. “Oh?” BL said not paying real close attention. “He told me you came by early this morning” BL looked at Clyde, he had her undivided attention. Clyde continued, “Said you and Dixie had been at hounddog lake all night with Luke and Bo Duke.” “Yeah, we used to all camp out there alot,” BL didn’t like where this talk seemed to be headed. “Me, Luther and Jesse knew where ya’ll were then,” Clyde was making a real effort to stay calm and reasonable. “Care to tell me what ya’ll were doing?” Clyde asked. “Just camping out” BL did not want to get into a discussion of being accused and arrested for mail fraud, nor did she want Clyde to know about her court day, later in the week. “Just camping out, well just camping out with a guy, especially when that guy is a Duke boy could make you talk of the town.” Clyde said. With Clyde’s last statement, BL heard Dixie coming out of her mouth,“talk of the town…why should I care? Might leave others alone. I’m not a kid anymore, you can’t tell me what to do.” “Young lady as long as you live under my roof…” Clyde bellowed but anything else he was going to say was cut off as BL stormed to her room “maybe it’s time I moved, I been trying to decide what to do with Miz Tisdale’s house.” —-------------------- Within 15 minutes BL had packed her bags and Sadie’s food and water dish as well as the large plastic tote,where the dog food was kept, “I’ll come tomorrow for the rest of my clothes. Sadie come” BL said. GTO loaded, BL spun out of the driveway, turning toward town off calico road. Not wanting to broadcast her trouble over the CB, BL picked up the phone at Miz Tisdale’s house…her house, calling Dixie Dixie stopped folding the last of her clothes and answered the phone, "Davenport residence. This is Dixie." She answered, never knowing if the call was business for a wrecker call. “Dix its BL, we need to talk, I’m at Miz Tisdale’s, I mean my new house.” BL didn’t want business overheard by Maybelle Tillingham who was known to eavesdrop on private calls and spread gossip then, Dixie sighed as she saw her plans for the evening going South, "Do you want me to come over? I'm almost done with my laundry." “Yeah, this just hasn’t been my day,” BL said. Dixie replied, "Yeah, it's been like that everywhere today. Should I bring clothes for tomorrow?" She felt like it was going to be a long night and nowhere like the long night she had had the night before. “Sure, there’s plenty of room. Bring snacks too please, icecream if ya’ll got any, ain’t nothing to eat here except Sadie’s food that I brought. We need bowls and spoons if ya’ll got disposable.” BL said, she’d have to go grocery shopping tomorrow. —------------------------- Dixie envisioned instead of her taking a small bag and a hanger that this was going to turn into an epic adventure, "Yeah, ok. It's gonna take a minute." She said as she took her laundry to her room. A uniform on a hanger she left on her door. Set the rest on her bed. Reached in the closet and grabbed a duffle bag. She grabbed her badge and brass for her uniform and put in a change purse into the duffle. Grabbed 2 sets of socks and underwear from her folder basket. A night shirt, her house shoes. Tooth brush, paste, deodorant, body spray, to the bathroom for her shampoo and conditioner. Set her work shoes by the bag, then mentally checked again everything she had and put a couple more things in the bag. Grabbing the bag, hanger, shoes, wallet and keys she headed down stairs and left everything in the living room as she went to the kitchen and got a box from the panty as she thought, 'She said snacks but we haven’t eaten yet.' She found a frozen pizza, foil to heat it on, a 2 liter of soda. She was glad her Dad and Cooter hated washing dishes before she came home. She found paper plates, cups, a roll of paper towels, toilet paper for good measure. Then remembered she also had to take bath towels and washcloths. Coffee, she would need coffee. Back in the pantry she found an old coffee pot for the stove top. Chips and dip. In the back of the fridge was beer that either Cooter or Luther had put in there. Figuring on replacing it, Dixie left them two a piece and promptly put the rest in her box. Another look around the kitchen and she decided after last night she had better leave a note. Gone to BL's I owe ya a beer. Love Dix. —------------------------ With that she was out of the kitchen, opened the front door and set the awkward heavy box on the porch just as she heard Luke's pickup cut up the driveway. She waited until he parked beside her car. Luke saw Dixie standing in the doorway with a large box on the porch. Luke got out of the truck and gave her a questioning look. Dixie flashed an award winning smile, "So you came to rescue me?" Luke was puzzled, but replied, "Always. It's my job." He looked in the box and had to ask, "Dixie, are you running away from or to somewhere or are you moving or what?" "Luke, you can't get rid of me that easy. Something is up with BL. She's at Miz Tisdale’s place which has nothing. I'm gonna go spend the night and leave from there. Here,take this box ..." She put it in his arms, "Hold on." She set her bag and shoes on the box. "I'll just grab my uniform, wallet and keys. As Luke managed barely to get to Dixie’s car, he said, "I've seen platoons of Marines go out for a week with less." Dixie was packing the items in the car, "Sorry." Dixie was almost done, when she remembered the ice cream “shoot, be back in a sec” Dixie told Luke, going back inside she decided to get a few more things. Heading to the bathroom for towels and washcloths, she snagged the blanket off the couch. Luke asked, "Ice cream?" Dixie shrugged, "It makes everything better, besides BL asked for it." Luke put up his hand to stop further explanation of something apparently only a woman would understand. —--------------------- Waiting for Dixie, BL unloaded her car. “Well Sadie looks like it’s just us BL said to the dog at her heels. ”Think BL will mind if I show up too? I’d kind of like to know what’s up, her not coming here or the farm ain’t right” Luke said, this just wasn’t like BL if she needed space from Clyde. “No I don’t think she’ll mind, we better get going though or the icecream will melt,” Dixie said. Dixie got in her car backing out before the ice cream started to melt, Luke got in his pickup, not exactly how he had planned his time with Dixie but at least there was no danger in Luther seeing something to get him riled. Luke followed Dixie around Town Square and to BL's. Once there, he said, "Get your uniform and ice cream and warn BL I'm here. I'll get the rest." Dixie gave him a smile with puppy dog eyes, sort of like she had at the age of five, "Thanks Luke." Dixie opened the door and called, "OK, BL. We and half the house are here." “Who’s we?” BL asked coming down the stairs from putting the few things she’d brought in a bedroom upstairs. —---------------------------- "Luke came with me to carry in everything you asked for or I needed." Dixie replied as Luke stepped onto the front porch with his arms full. “He just happened to come to see you and got drafted?” BL asked, continuing. “More like ya’ll had plans and I threw a wrench in them,” BL grinned. Luke came in with the box and asked “where should I put this? Hey BL”. “Hey Luke, just sit it on the table’s fine. You can put your bag in one of the bedrooms Dixie, except the first door on the left. Nothing in that one, it was Miz Tisdale’s and she took the furniture because it was a wedding present from her mama,”BL said. Dixie took her bag from Luke before he took the box to the kitchen. She sat the bag on the stairs with her purse and keys. Then seeing an empty nail where a picture had hung she hung her uniform there to go help Luke unpack the box of food and such. In the kitchen she put the ice cream in the freezer and saw Luke had started setting stuff out of the box. BL if you want to call Bo, I'll put the pizza in the oven. It should be done by the time he gets here.”Dixie said. —-------------------------------- Across the small yard, Miss Tiztale's former neighbor Mrs. Cravitz had gone from the front door then from window to window since BL had pulled in, then when Dixie and Luke pulled in, she had nearly broken her neck trying to see who all had entered her elderly neighbors home. Mrs. Cravitz had gotten used to Ms. Tizdale's motorbike leaving early and coming in after the Post Office closed, she fed her cat and nothing else hardly happened over there unless there caelld to her husband, "I'm telling you, there is something going on over there that shouldn't be." He kept reading the paper. Soon the loud power engine of General Lee, easily pulling up in front of the little house had again gotten Mrs. Cravitz undivided attention. Seeing Bo Duke's car and the young blonde Duke taking the porch steps two by two, she decided it was her civic duty to call the Sheriff. He was always going on about those no account Duke boys and all. —------------------------------ For all she knew they may be stealing her neighbor blind. She put the call through to the Sheriff's department. Rosco answered on the second ring “Sheriff’s office, Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane speaking”. “Sheriff this is Gloria Cravitz, I just saw those Duke boys go into Miz Tisdale’s house, those Davenport girls is there too. I think they’re going to steal that poor old lady blind.” “Thank you for the information Mrs. Cravitz, I’ll check it out.” Rosco hung up the phone and went out to his patrol car, within a few minutes he pulled up at the little house,siren wailing, “wonder what Rosco wants now” BL said,peeking out the glass in the front door. “Alright you Duke boys and Davenport girls come out ith your hands up” Rosco shouted into his megaphone. —----------------------------i Luke set his beer down. Turned the oven off and said, "Go on out and stall him." Luke picked up the receiver, "Get me the Duke Farm." "Sure thang, Luke." the Hazzard operator Maybelle Tillingham said. "Duke Farm, this is Jesse." Luke heard his Uncle say. "Uncle Jesse, call Miz Tisdale and have her call the Sheriff's department in about ten minutes. We're all at her house Rosco is out front summoning us out front with hands up. Dixie and I both work in the morning. We'd prefer not to be late. I got to go before he gets excited." Luke hung the phone up. Rosco was already yelling, "Luke Duke come on out here! Don't make me come up and get you." Across the yard Mrs. Cravitz was glued to the window watching the blue lights flashing. BL was losing her patience, it had been one of those days if one more thing went wrong she was going to scream, “Rosco! What in the world is wrong with you?” BL said. “Mrs Cravitz called and said you all were here and she thought ya’ll was going to rob the place,” Rosco said. “That’s ridiculous, we’re giving BL a house warming party, she said Miz Tisdale signed some papers giving her rights to be here” Dixie said. “I wanna see proof,”Rosco said. Everyone looked at BL, she thought about the signed agreement with Miss Tizdale, "It's at Daddy's." Rosco said, "Well all of you just git in my car, where is that Luke Duke?" Luke picked that exact time to step out of the house onto the porch and said,"Rosco, you are making a big mistake here. BL has the house, we are her guests." "Guests? Tiddly tuddly! Guests, my Aunt Fannie!" Roscoe stated, just come on down and get in this here patrol car. Feeling secure in the fact that he had already talked to Jesse and knowing BL had the right to be there, Luke did as he was told. The girls and Bo looked at each other, after Luke got into the patrol car, “What just happened?” Bo asked. Both girls shrugged their shoulders “c’mon Dix let’s go get that agreement”, BL got in her car. Rosco almost went into a fit and started waving his pearl handled pistol around, "OH NO you two don't. Ya’ll ain't going nowhere. I'm taking ya'll all four of you in. Shame shame shame trying to loot poor Ole Miz Tisdale." —----------------------------- Luke had just reached the patrol car, Bo had been about half way there when they turned to see why Rosco was pitching a fit. Luke motioned for them all to just get in the car. "Dixie, if ya'll want to be on time for work tomorrow, let's just get this over with." All four knew getting away from Rosco could have easily been done, but Luke knew as soon Miz Tisdale called they would be let go. Trusting that Luke knew what he was doing, the others followed him to the patrol car. Bo being, Bo asked, "Care to tell us how this is supposed to work?” Rosco replied, simple. He pointed to Dixie, you up front, you three in the back. The foursome got in their assigned spots, Rosco getting behind the steering wheel. Mrs. Cravitz had stayed glued to the window watching it all, “Abner he’s taking them to jail, I knew they were upto something.” Just as Rosco was moving his four prisoners into the downstairs part of the jail, the phone started to ring. "Ya’ll just freeze, freeze it right there." He turned to answer the phone. Luke couldn’t hide the slightest grin on his face as Rosco answered the phone. “Sheriff’s office…”Rosco said but he didn’t get a chance to say more. —----------------------- “Sheriff, I signed an agreement with BL stating that my house was hers, now that she runs the post office. Puts her closer to town, so she can meet the mail truck at 8 every morning. So what’s this I hear, about you harassing her, Luther Davenport’s girl and them nice Duke boys?” Miz Tisdale fussed. “Mrs Cravitz said they was upto no good” Rosco said. “Well they ain’t, so leave‘em be,you here?” Miz Tisdale scolded. “Yes ma'am,” Rosco said, hanging up, then to the group he said “that was Miz Tisdale, she said the house is yours BL. Ya’ll are free to go.” "Come on ya'll." Luke said. Everyone started up the stairs as Bo said, "Bet that just ruined your night didn't it Rosco?" Luke swore, "For THE love of God Bo!" "What?" Bo replied as Rosco said, "Ruin my night, huh? We'll just see whose night gets ruined!" He took that as a personal challenge. Outside, Luke said as they crossed the square, "You just had to run your mouth didn't you?" Bo said again, "What? What did I do?" Luke shot him a look as he put his arm around Dixie, "Sorry, none of this is what I had planned." "Just exactly what did you have planned?" Dixie stepped in front of Luke and looked up at him with a wicked grin. Luke didn’t say anything, he just returned Dixie’s wicked grin. The foursome walked back to the little house, where they heard Sadie whining inside, she wasn’t used to BL just disappearing, leaving her behind. “Poor thing, probably wondered where I went”, BL said. —---------------------------- “Why don’t we take her for a stroll? It's a nice evening for one,” Bo said. “How about it Sadie, want to go for a walk?” Bo said, patting Sadie’s head, his answer was Sadie bringing him her leash. “I think that’s a yes,”BL said. Bo clipped the leash to Sadie’s collar, taking BL’s hand, heading out. “Pizza should be cooked,by the time ya’ll get back” Dixie said, giving Luke a slight grin, they were getting some alone time after all. Bo and BL set off down the sidewalk with Sadie. "How about grabbing us a beer while I do a little remodeling for BL?" Luke asked. Dixie had no idea what sort of remodeling Luke had in mind, but went to get them both a beer. The evening hadn't gone as planned but had some potential. When she returned she found Luke with a blanket at the double window in the living room that had far too sheer of a curtain on it for his taste since the neighbor on that side had just gotten them arrested. "Good idea." Dixie said as the phone rang. She simply answered, "Hello?" Followed by. "Yes Sir, he's here just let him get off the chair. Luke,it's Uncle Jesse for you." "It's Luke, .... I was hanging something up for BL, .... Yes, thanks, I'm not sure what Miz Tisdale said but Rosco let us go before he even got to lock the cell door..... Yes Sir, we will." Dixie asked, "Hanging something for BL hmmm?" "I was." Luke confirmed as he pulled Dixie to him on the couch." —------------------ Bo put his arm around BL’s shoulders as they walked along the sidewalk, Sadie, nose to the concrete following something’s trail. “How come you all the sudden, moved into your own place?” Bo asked. “I’ll tell you when we get back to the house,” BL said. Their beers forgotten, Dixie and Luke were very busy with a heavy petting session. Across the yard, Gloria said, "Somethings wrong over there. Them kids are back there, then two of them left with a dog. Now, I can't see anything through the living room window." She had gone to every window on that side of the house and confirmed, "Nope, nothing." Her husband laughed to himself, "Good." —---------------------- Bo and BL took their time walking down the sidewalk, then cutting across, up by some of the businesses in the square, it was too dark already for window shopping in the closed stores darkened windows, so they crossed the street to the church then back to BL’s. “We better make our presence known before entering the livingroom,looks like,” BL said, seeing the blanket over the livingroom window. “Yeah”, Bo said. Bo made sure when he hit the wooden porch that his boots were heard. Across the yard, he and BL saw what Luke had suspected as the living room curtain moved. Dixie sat up quickly to fix her bra and shirt. She just remembered she was supposed to turn the oven back on, "Crap, I forgot to turn the oven back on." She jumped up quickly and hurried to the kitchen. After turning the oven back on she took the time to redo her ponytail. Luke had stood up to do some adjusting and shirt tucking of his own. He took his beer and sat back on the couch. He was grateful for his cousin's loud boots. “Pizza ready yet? I’m starving,“ Bo said. “Not yet”, Luke said. Dixie came back to the livingroom, sitting on the couch by Luke. BL sat down by Bo on the loveseat, “I guess ya’ll would like to know what’s up with my sudden move” BL said, three heads nodded ‘yes’. —--------------------------- BL told them about the talk with Clyde, “next thing I heard Dixie coming out of my mouth when he said…well bellowed is more like it…and I quote ‘Young lady as long as you live under my roof…’ and that’s when I told him I’d been wondering, what to do with this place, I packed some stuff and left,” BL said. Luke nearly choked on his beer at BL saying she heard Dixie come out of her mouth. "Hey! What's that supposed to mean?" Dixie asked. “It means cousin dear, at times you are ‘mouth of the south’,” BL said. Bo and Luke grinned widely. “I’m moving in for a few days atleast, then we’ll see,” BL said. All three nodded their understanding as they sipped their beers and waited on the pizza. —------------------------ When the pizza was done, Dixie cut it into four pieces and put it on paper plates. BL grabbed four beers and the group opted to eat in the living room. "Abner, Abner! Those boys are still over there with those girls and they are drinking BEER!" Gloria stressed the last word. Abner wondered out loud, "I wonder if they have an extra case or three?" When the pizza and beer was gone, Luke looked at the clock, "Bo we need to get out of here in a bit." "Why?" Bo asked. Luke began counting, "One - Mrs. Cravitz has already called Rosco. Two - We have to work tomorrow. Three - We know Mrs. Cravitz is watching our every move, ....." Bo broke in, "So what?" Luke gave him a look, " Four - If we stay much longer it won't be 'decent'. Five - None of us need to be the topic of the town gossip for the next month." —-------------------------- Gloria had gone about her routine, ignoring the young folks at least that’s what she wanted her husband to think. “We better get going Bo it’s nearly 10 o’clock”, Luke said. “Alright, I’m coming” Bo said, pulling BL up with him, putting his arms around her, holding her close. —----------------------------- “I’ll come by the post office tomorrow with a list of people Boss sold ‘luxury homes’ to,”Bo said. The girls walked the guys out, saying goodnight with long deep kisses, that left the guys needing a cold shower. “Abner, it's 10 o’clock and those boys are just leaving,” Mrs. Cravitz reported. “Gloria come away from that window!” Abner demanded, he’d had enough of Gloria’s spying. There was no way General Lee could be pulled out from anywhere quietly, but Bo did try. Luke ran dual glasspacks on his truck and it wasn't the quietest one in town as he backed out of the driveway and turned toward home. Once the guys were gone Dixie called it, "Dibs on a bath while you take Sadie out. I got farther to drive in the morning." BL chuckled “ok, I’ll clean up from where we ate too, won’t take me long”. Dixie got a towel and washcloth from the box of stuff she’d brought along with her nightshirt and headed to the bathroom. BL went to the kitchen, cleanup was a breeze it was just throwing away some trash. That done she opened the back door onto the back porch, “c’mon Sadie let’s go out”. Sadie bounded out the door to explore the fenced backyard, BL sat down on the porch edge thinking about her upcoming court hearing and wondered if any of the people Boss Hogg scammed, would show up to testify for her innocence. She also thought about whether or not she should move here permanently. —------------------------ Bo pulled General Lee into his usual place but unlike usual, Luke came around him to park closer to the house. Jesse looked at the clock and smiled. The boys were actually home early. He put down his Bible and picked up his coffee cup for a refill. He wanted to know more about Luke's call to him earlier about Miz Tisdale's place. Just as Jesse opened his door he heard the shower kick on and the refrigerator open. In the kitchen he found Bo about to make a sandwich. Jesse looked toward the bathroom door questioningly. Bo shrugged his shoulders. Jesse sat down at the table while Bo ate, “how did you four kids get on Rosco’s radar to get yourselves arrested?” Jesse asked. Bo finished chewing and swallowing ”beats me Uncle Jesse, Rosco said he got a call saying we were there to rob Miz Tisdale”. “Who in tarnation would do that?” Jesse fussed. “Mrs, Cravitz,” Bo said, answering Jesse’s question. “Miz Tisdale, sure, set him straight, didn’t even get us in a cell, he let us go soon as he got off the phone.” "Well that's good." Jesse said as he heard the shower cut off. He took a sip of coffee and waited. Bo rinsed his plate and glass out. "Night Uncle Jesse." "Good night Bo." Jesse said. —--------------------------- Luke came out of the bathroom carrying his boots and shirt. Dressed only in his jeans. "Hold it a minute Luke." Jesse said. Luke came into the kitchen, "Yes Sir?" Jesse asked, "Mrs. Cravitz?? What did ya'll do to her?" Luke replied, "Nothing. We showed up. I carried Dixie’s things in. Bo got there. We had a pizza in the oven. Rosco showed up to arrest us like we didn't belong. BL had an agreement with Miz Tisdale." "Were ya'll being loud with the cars?" Jesse asked. Luke replied. "Not intentionally but none of them are quiet." Jesse decided to push his nephew's buttons just a might. Jesse asked with a twinkle in his eye, "How many showers do you need a day?" Luke started to be annoyed but saw Jesse's expression and replied, "You wanted me home early. We left about 10 all nice and proper." "Good, keep it that way, but Luke, there are other options." “Other options?” Luke asked not quite following his Uncle. Jesse said straight faced, "If you married her, you wouldn't need those cold showers." Jesse grinned widely and stood up to head back to his room. Luke looked like he’d been slapped with a wet dish rag as he watched Jesse go back to his room and shut the door. —------------------------- In town at Miz Tisdale’s, BL was just coming out of the bathroom ready for bed in her nightgown, wet hair still wrapped in a towel. “Night Dix”, BL said on her way past the room Dixie had claimed earlier. "Night, BL. I'll try not to wake you and Sadie when I get up in the morning." Dixie said. She was in bed but not really sleepy.“Don’t worry about it, Sadie usually wants to go out about 6,” BL said, thinking she might do a little grocery shopping before meeting the mail truck at the post office at 8AM, Rheubottom’s opens at 7AM. "So, if I should get off on time, where do you think you'll be when I get back in the county?" BL pushed away from the bedroom doorway, going to the bedroom next to it to get her hairbrush. Coming back to sit on the end of the bed,removing the towel from her head, “The Boar’s Nest or the garage with the others I guess, like pretty much everyday after work. Why?...” Dixie replied, "OK. No reason really. Just wondering if I should pack this up in the morning or take a change of clothes with me to work. You know how the guys love it when I show up in work clothes and I really don't think Rosco likes it any more than he does knowing Luke’s pickup can legally run red lights." Dixie giggled at the thought of Luke driving the sheriff nuts once forest fire season arrived.BL giggled a little too, guessing what Dixie was thinking. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  12. Next morning Uncle Jesse saw Cooter’s car parked alongside Luke’s truck and Daisy’s car, so he naturally assumed Cooter had stayed the night. He didn’t find the boys andCooter asleep in the barn as he’d expected, instead when he went back inside, he found the Davenport girls and Daisy cooking breakfast. Jesse wasn't really surprised that the girls stayed with Daisy but since the boys weren't in the barn he was now more than curious about where they were, after all he didn't run any broady house, "Here's some fresh eggs ladies. Where are the boys?" The girls looked at each other, each hoping the other would answer. Just then the phone rang. Daisy offered, "That's gonna be for you." “For me, how do you know that?” Jesse said, answering the phone. “Duke farm, this is Jesse” “Uncle Jesse it’s Luke” “Luke, where are you boys at?” ”Jail…” "Jail! What in tarnation for? Why, ain't neither one of ya been in jail since Bo went off to run NASCAR and you went to Smokejumper school." Jesse fussed. Luke was trying to be patient but Rosco was rushing him. He just needed a break to jump onto Jesse's train of thought, "Uncle Jesse, we'll explain everything on the way home. Rosco's rushing me." "You just put Rosco on the phone." Jesse said. —-------------------------- Luke knew that tone and winced at it as he handed Rosco the phone, but not without saying, "He wants to talk to you." Bo frowned, "That bad?" Luke nodded his head 'yes'. Rosco cleared his throat and said very official like, "Good morning. This is Sherifffff, RoscOooooooo P. Coltrane and how can I help you this lovely Sunday morning? Git. Git. GIT!" “ROSCO What in tarnation, are them boys in jail for?” Jesse was fired up. W…Well Jesse they was fighting and as usual it was their fault.” “Who was they fighting with?” Jesse asked, trying to stay calm. He looked over at the girls. “Ernie Ledbetter, who else?” Rosco said.”And Luther Davenport.” he added. LUTHER DAVENPORT!” Jesse looked at the girls again but none of them would make eye contact. Dixie knew what was coming when Jesse hung up the phone. “Have a seat ladies and tell me about last night”. —----------------------------------- Back at the jail… After handing the phone to Rosco Luke went over and made himself as comfortable as he could on half of the narrow bench that was on 3 sides of the old cell. Bo looked at him again like he was crazy, "What are you doing?" "Waiting." Luke said as he closed his eyes. Back at the Duke farm, Jesse poured a cup of coffee and waited to see which one of the girls answered him first. Daisy saw the pleading look on Dixie's face and began, "Well, after Cooter took his date home early, I rode to work with him. The others came with us since it was early." Jesse tried to remain silent but it was hard not to say something about early enough to stay out of jail. BL said, "Everything was OK until Ernie came in and Luke and Dixie were dancing, then, ... then, ...," All eyes went to Dixie. Dixie knew she was the only one close enough to have heard the exchange, "Erie called me a name to Luke,....." She put her hands up, "You know Luke. That is all it took." BL picked up the story, “next thing we knew total chaos erupted. Uncle Luther even got in the middle of it. Bo and Cooter were trying to break it up…unsuccessfully when Rosco came in.” “Rosco had Charlie call Cletus on the CB for backup and asked Dixie to call Tri-Counties for a transport van, cos 2 patrol cars wasn’t enough.”Daisy told him. Dixie picked back up, “Luke gave me his wallet and keys before he was taken out. Bo and Cooter saw what he did, so they gave their keys to BL and Daisy.” —------------------------------ Rosco had called Justice of the Peace, Boss Jefferson Davis Hogg, to tell him that he had a jail full of people needing a bond set. Jesse Duke filled his cup and poured a second cup, "Dixie, would you care to join me on the porch while they fix us up some breakfast?" It was a question, but left no room for decline as he left with both cups of coffee. Dixie replied lowly, "Sure, Uncle Jesse." She sent a pleading look for rescue to Daisy and BL. On the porch, Jesse handed Dixie her coffee and waited for her to get comfy. Then, said, "Honey, what did Ernie say to Luke?" Dixie looked at the porch floor as she repeated the slur Ernie had made toward her. Jesse pressed, "What got Luther in it?” —---------------------------- Dixie kept looking at the porch floor,”He just can’t let mine and Luke’s past go, we were dancing and Luke said something in my ear that was private and I guess Luther saw us closer than he liked and it got under his skin, even though him and Luke called a truce. He’d been drinking…”, Dixie trailed off not knowing what else to say. Jesse listened then asked “where do you want this relationship to go, or are you just trying to get back at Luther for interfering in that past you say he can’t let go of?” He tried to ask the question as gently as he could. Dixie was about to let Jesse have it but took a deep breath before speaking “I don’t want to start or cause trouble for any of us, I’ll be with him as long as he’ll have me. That’s what I told him yesterday when he asked me if I was on board openly seeing each other.” Jesse said “ok” He had no doubt, the young lady before him was sincere. —------------------------- Bo couldn't believe Luke, he'd been up all night basically pacing the floor and now that Uncle Jesse should be on the way to get them, Luke layed down. Bo had tried to get sleep last night but had managed to be kept up all night by Luke. Bo hadn't been at all happy about the way the night ended or being in jail either. He sat down on the bench with his back against the bars to wait. Boss Hogg came into the Courthouse and made his way to his office. Seeing 6 sets of paperwork he saw dollar signs! "Rosco, How on Earth did you manage to arrest six people after I left last night?" "Well, Boss, I'll tell you how it happened." He laughed his trademark laugh. Before Rosco could say two words the phone in Boss Hogg’s office rang, forgetting that Bo and Luke were in the cell, Boss picked up without closing the office door, “Hazzard County Courthouse, JD Hogg speaking.” “Say hello from Rosco”, Rosco said. Boss waved him away,listening to the Mob boss, who happened to be the ex-husband of the fancy lady who visited Boss at his Boars Nest office. He wanted to know what his ex-wife was spending his money on,”a spacious vacation home,with beautiful views.” Luke wasn’t asleep but pretended to be, he was listening to every word. Boss barely got the phone hung up, before it rang again, “Hazzard County Courthouse, “You got what? Pictures of a dude with an orange car!” Boss exclaimed, getting Bo and Luke’s full attention. Getting two more calls about getting pictures instead of deeds of ownership certificates, Boss pointed his cigar at Rosco. “Do you know what them last two calls were about?” Rosco shook his head ‘no’ “no Boss”. “They wanted to know why they got 20 pictures instead of a deed of ownership certificate for a vacation home.”Bo and Luke looked at each other Bo saying “so that’s what he’s upto.” —------------- Downstairs Cooter was thankful, that after Rosco had told Luther to hush that he had laid down and passed out. Cooter had slept some lightly. His eyes were open the minute Luther rolled over and began cursing. Luther couldn't believe it and had no recall of why he was waking up in jail this morning. When Rosco brought the phone down, Erie made his call. Then, Luther instructed Cooter to call Dixie to come get them. Cooter put the call through. After a full minute of rings he hung up. "What?" Luther said. "She didn't answer." Cooter said. "Call Cylde." Luther said. Rosco said, "Nope, naughty naughty. You only get 1 call, Cooter." "Give me that damned phone." Luther took the phone and placed his call to his brother. —--------------------------- Rosco was now out in his office when the Leadbetter’s people showed up and bonded them out. He made his way downstairs to get the ring leader of last night's trouble. Seeing Luke still in the cell Ernie smirked “see ya around jailbird” he said over his shoulder. On their way out the Ledbetter’s met Clyde on his way in, “Rosco, get my brother and nephew”. Clyde said. Bo and Luke were starting to get antsy, Jesse used to come bail them out as soon as they called. Rosco brought the 2 Davenport men upstairs and Clyde paid their bail, “Luther, what in the world got into you? You ain’t been arrested on a Saturday night, since you had kids”. “Too much beer got in him”, Cooter muttered. —------------------ Jesse pulled up at the courthouse as the Davenport men were pulling onto the street. Jesse was glad for the opportunity to get his boys without having to deal with them and Luther running into each other. "Alright, JD. What's it gonna take to get my boys?" Jesse boomed. He'd been doing this for too many years. Luke was holding his breath after hearing Boss Hogg’s conversations this morning. He wasn't at all sure they would be released on bail. Boss Hogg, however, named the bail at $200. Jesse paid it, signed the papers and waited for Rosco to open the cell. Luke still wasn't sure this was going to work even after the cell door opened. Bo stepped out first and Luke none to gently hurried him towards the door. Jesse had seen them anxious to get out of jail before but picked up on Luke's urgency. Once in the truck and away from the curb Jesse said “let's have it.” —----------------------------------- “It wasn’t our fault Uncle Jesse, Ledbetter shot off his mouth like he always has and I shut it for him”, Luke said. “We swapped a few licks, then he sent me crashing into Luther’s table, next thing anybody knew, all chaos had broke loose and Luther was in it but he only wanted to fight me, which didn’t make much sense cos we agreed to a truce before the dance, shook on it even. Then Rosco came in and saw it all, don’t know who called Cletus though.” Bo jumped in, “Me and Cooter sorta just got dragged into it, Ernie was about to get Luke again, while he was trying to defend hisself from Luther so I punched him. Cooter was trying to get Luther under control. He’d had too much to drink,” Luke finished the tale, “Rosco had Dixie call Tri-Counties for a van because there wasn’t room in 2 patrol cars.” "We gave the girls our keys." Luke said. Bo added, "Yeah, we gotta get up with them and get your truck and Daisy’s car." Jesse broke in to stop the speeding trains of thought, "Hold it, jist hold it one danged minute!" Jesse said, pausing to let them both hush, "I want to know why you, Luke, were in such a hurry to get away from the Courthouse? I saw you shove Bo at least three times on the way to the car." Luke replied, "I, we, heard and learned some stuff while we were waiting, but the girls need to hear this too. I'll just yell for them on the CB so we can all meet up." Luke reached for the CB mic. Just as he keyed the mic, Jesse reached over and cut the radio off. "There's no need to radio them. They are at the farm with Daisy." —----------------------------- A few miles down the road Clyde broke the silence “Luther,what got into you? You ain’t spent a saturday night in jail, since before Cooter was born. Luther mumbled something about his girl and a Duke. Cooter just gave his uncle a look that said it had nothing to do with Dixie. —------------------------- At the Duke farm Luke told everyone “me and Bo heard something while we were waiting for Uncle Jesse, lets go out on the porch, with something cold to drink and I’ll tell you.” Daisy fixed a tray with a pitcher of tea and enough glasses of ice for all. Jesse sat in the old rocking chair, Luke and Dixie were on the porch swing, Bo was on the edge of the porch, BL sat on the step below leant against his leg. “Shouldn’t Cooter be here to hear this too,” Daisy asked .------------------------------- Clyde made a non committal sound, he didn’t believe Luther that this was about Dixie. As soon as Clyde “dropped them off, Cooter headed to the Duke farm, without telling Luther where he was going. Pulling up at the Duke farm, he saw everybody on the front porch,”Hey, what’s up?” Cooter asked. —-------------------------- "Grab a seat, Cooter. The boys are fixin' to tell us what they heard at the jail." Uncle Jesse said. No one paid any attention to Luke's arm across the swing, behind Dixie, as she snuggled in closer to the freshly shower and shaved older Duke. Bo started, "Darlin' you ain't gonna believe this..." "If Boss Hogg is involved and making money, I'd believe just about anything," BL said. Cooter headed to take a seat on the porch banister, only now seeing Luke’s arm on the back of the swing, behind and around Dixie, who was doing her own snuggling of Luke. The boys repeated what they had overheard at the jail. "Does any of this make any sense BL?" Luke asked, then added, "Is there any way Bo could have gotten mail intended for Boss?" “I guess Boss must have already told that the money should go to PO box 100, so yeah Bo could have gotten Boss Hogg’s mail.” BL said. “If we can get hold of how, they know what PO box we can get Boss to clear you darlin” Bo said. “Yeah but how are we gonna do that? BL asked. —------------------------- Back at the Courthouse, Boss Hogg asked Rosco, "How, just how, could my customers have gotten pictures of Bo Duke instead of their money getting to me?" "I don't know Boss, maybe you should have asked Bo, before he made bond." Rosco said. "Dang. Danged and double danged!" Boss said, knowing he had had Bo and Luke behind bars and let them go without answers. At the Duke farm. Everyone had collected all the recent newspapers, magazines, and trading papers. Each was looking to see if they could find and look at any ads that could be being mailed to PO Box 100 Hazzard, USA. Rosco was cleaning up the jail from all his prisoners and found a racing magazine. He thumbed through it and found none other than Bo Duke's ad for an autographed picture. “Jit,jit Boss ain’t gonna like this”, Rosco muttered. Taking the magazine to Boss Hogg’s office, Rosco laid it on the desk saying, “Look at this Boss”. Boss Hogg looked at the ad, "That could explain a lot." Now he just had to figure out how to tie the Duke boys in with the Davenport girl. —--------------------------- At the Duke farm in one of the papers from Atlanta, Cooter saw the ad,"Luke look at this." Luke indeed looked at it. The paper was old. "This here paper is from Atlanta, let me call Phil and see when it started running." Luke went into the house to make the call “Thanks Phil, appreciate it”. Luke hung up the phone and came back out on the porch.” Phil said the ad was placed the Wednesday before you got the post office job, BL”. “When did you rent the box? Luke asked. “It was Monday or Tuesday,” BL replied. Back at the courthouse, Boss Hogg paced in his office, puffing on his cigar trying to come up with a plan of how to tie the Duke boys in with the Davenport girl. He had sent Rosco on patrol so he could think better. —---------------------------- Later, the Dukes and Davenports decided to try their luck at the Boar's Nest in hopes of seeing or hearing something. Boss Hogg made his way out front to get some pickled pigs feet to help him think. That's when he saw it. There was Bo Duke dancing with the Davenport girl from the Post Office and not far off was Luke Duke dancing with the other Davenport girl. That was it, surely they were in cahoots! —---------------------------- It was stifling hot in the Boar’s Nest, so the Duke boys and Davenport girls had gone outside to cool, the CB in BL’s car crackled to life “Rosco you out there?” Boss Hogg said. “Roscoooo P. Coltrane here”. “Rosco, I want you to get over to Holly Hills pronto.” “What for, Boss?” Rosco asked. “NEVERMIND WHAT FOR, JUST GO!” Boss Hogg shouted. “Wonder what’s so urgent?” BL wondered aloud. Luke replied. "I don't know, but what do you say we find out?" Dixie replied, "I'm game." Before Bo could say anymore, Luke suggested rather strongly, "While we are gone, ya'll can keep your ears open here." With that, he and Dixie were in his pick up and gone. “Well, are we supposed to just sit here in the parking lot til they get back?” BL asked. Bo shrugged, "Might be a long wait, Darlin'." “As long as they don’t completely forget what they're supposed to be doing,” BL said. —------------------------------ At Holly Hills, Luke slowed up and parked out of sight. He reached in his turnout bag and grabbed a camera before heading off to see whatever it was Boss surely didn't want seen. Cresting the hill Luke whispered “Luxury vacation homes, my Aunt Fannie”, zooming in the powerful lens of the state of the art digital camera used by the Smokejumpers to take pictures at fire sites. At the bottom were several tiny homes, all built in one grand style or another to look like full size houses of the same styles. “Hey Dixie, ain’t that the house in the ad.?” Luke asked. Dixie raised the binoculars,scanning the tiny houses “Sure looks like it, make sure you get a picture so we can compare it to the house in the ad,” Dixie said. Luke took enough pictures, especially of the one in the ad, "There, now we can get them printed tomorrow." Luke eased his truck out easily without being spotted. Since he was already at the lake he figured to circle around just to see if there were any more little houses around. —--------------------------- Feeling confident they had what they had come to get, Dixie kicked her shoes off, pulled her feet up in the seat and turned to face Luke as he drove, she began running her fingers around and down Luke's neckline of his shirt getting lower and lower as she managed to undo a button or three..... Luke’s jeans got a little bit tighter with every touch of Dixie’s fingers against his skin and every button she undid,”keep that up and I’m going to need a cool dip in the lake,” Luke said. "Are you sure about that dip?" Dixie asked. Luke was sure she knew exactly what she was doing to him and doing it purposely. The next wide spot off from the lake, Luke stopped the truck. He nearly couldn't get stopped soon enough for his taste. Once stopped, he was out of the truck and managed to shuck his clothes off down to his boxers before he hit the cool water. Dixie watched from the truck until he hit the water. She got out and went toward the lake, "Luke? What are you doing?" She asked, smiling widely. "Cooling off. Care to join me?" Luke asked. The cool water had the desired effect on over heated areas of Luke's body. Right up until Dixie called his bluff by kicking off her boots, tossing her shirt and bra. She stood watching Luke watch her as she undid her jeans then met him in the water. —----------------------- Back at the Boars Nest, Rosco was just going into Boss Hogg’s office to give a report as BL and Bo sat back down at the table, to wait for Luke and Dixie to come back. It being a sunday afternoon, there wasn’t much of a crowd in the Boar’s Nest so there wasn’t alot of noise, Bo and BL listened to Rosco’s report to Boss because he had forgotten to close the door completely. “I hope Luke and Dixie got some good pictures,”BL said. Bo put his arm around BL just a bit tighter, "They will, Darlin'. I know it sounds easy to say, but things will really be alright." BL leaned into Bo smiling, she still felt goosebumps being in his arms, despite her worry about court, “I know you're right Bo.” Bo added, "Besides the dinners chip beef ain't that bad at Hazzards jail and at Tri-Counties you and Dixie could visit while she's at work " BL pulled out of Bo’s arms, punching him in the bicep, “that’s not funny Bo!”, BL exclaimed, folding her arms. “I was just teasing darlin, don’t be mad,” Bo wheedled, giving her his lady killer grin. "Bo, if Rosco is back here talking to Boss,...." BL began, "Where is Luke and Dixie?" “They are probably just taking their time coming back,” Bo said. Bo was probably right BL decided, they hadn’t been arrested Rosco was back she reasoned. —-------------------------- At the lake the cool water had calmed Luke down, right up until he felt Dixie in his arms. All other/reasonable thoughts had left their minds as years of pent up desire reached its boiling point. Since Luke had his pickup, setting up a pretty cozy camp hadn't been hard. He had laid out his tarp and blanket then before it got dark had built a decent fire. Dixie currently had his lighter blanket wrapped around her like an oversized towel while Luke had found his swim trunks he kept in his work bag. Dixie was sitting in front of Luke as they were watching the fire. Luke was usually the voice of reason asked, "Are you in a hurry to get back?" Dixie turned in his arms and replied, "Nope." "Good." Luke said as he put a couple more pieces of wood on the fire. He had been watching Dixie in the fire light. He brushed her hair back from her face as Dixie moved closer he began kissing her deeply. —--------------------------- “Where are they Bo? They should have been back way before now” BL said. Bo kissed her forehead “they prob’ly decided to watch things awhile, don’t worry darlin”, Bo replied. BL picked up the CB mic “Little Shotgun, Lost Sheep 1, ya’ll got your ears on?, come back. Little Shotgun, Lost Sheep 1, this is Sweet Talker.” BL tried to raise Dixie and Luke on the CB but they just wasn’t answering. “C’mon we know where they were going,we’ll go look for’em.” Bo said, starting up General Lee as BL climbed in. A little ways from Holly Hill, BL saw what looked like smoke rising into the sky “is that smoke”, BL asked. “Let’s see”, Bo said. Swim trunks and blanket had been shed. Dixie and Luke were very involved in some very unlady and ungentlemanly things, so much that the sound of the General Lee didn't register to either of them. “Down there’s where the smoke’s coming from,” BL said. About 100 yards off the road they saw Luke’s truck, “we found ‘em”, Bo said as they got a little closer they could tell the couple was very involved. “Holy toledo!”, both BL and Bo said in unison, covering their eyes. “Good thing we came looking, if Luther got a wrecker call out this way and came to investigate the smoke Luke would be a dead man”,BL said. Bo keeping his eyes on his lap, hit the horn, the sound of ‘dixie’ breaking into the quiet night. —----------------------------- Dixie jumped and reached for the blanket. Luke was close very close, "Don't stop. It's just Bo. Don't stop." He doubled his efforts to recapture Dixie’s fullest attention. Bo did have the good graces to shut off General Lee's headlights. Luke pulled Dixie tighter, entering her deeply. Dixie was trying very hard to be quiet. She was glad her nails were short or Luke's back would be bleeding as she dug her nails into him and pulled him tighter to her with her legs. Luke knew he'd succeeded in pleasing Dixie as he found his own release and really didn't care that Bo knew. Dixie and Luke were now trying to remember how to breathe. Giving Dixie and Luke a couple minutes to catch their breath, Bo climbed out of General Lee, keeping his eyes averted from Dixie, ]“I thought you were smarter than this? There are at least 100 better places, with more privacy in the next 5 miles down the road”Bo ranted. “Bo..”,Luke tried to break into Bo’s rant. “What if it hadn’t been me? You didn’t even stop to consider whether or not somebody might be with me, which there is, or did you forget BL?” Luke cursed when he saw BL leaning forward, head in her hands, so she couldn’t see anything, she shouldn’t. —--------------------- Luke swore, "Sh--!" Dixie saw Bo looking away as he was talking to, ..... well ok, maybe fussing at Luke was a better choice of words. She reached for the blanket and again put it around her like a large beach towel. She then found Luke shorts and put them in his hand as he replied to Bo. "You are right on at least a couple of points there,.." He now slid his shorts on. He felt about ten as he said, "There were some extenuating circumstances. Sorry BL, you can get out now." BL slid out General Lee’s window when Luke said it was ok now. Sitting on the tarp BL looked at Dixie, blanket wrapped around her like a beach towel. “Are you deliberately trying to antagonize Luther?” BL asked. She wasn’t thinking about how Clyde was going to react to her not having been home yet since leaving Friday morning, except to take Sadie home, Friday afternoon. “No”, Dixie replied. “Well what did you see?”, BL asked. “This”, Luke said, getting the camera and a flashlight from his truck. “You’ll be able to see better once they're printed.” Bo sat behind BL, putting his arms around her as Luke scrolled through the pictures with one hand, holding the maglite in the other. BL stated the obvious, "They look too small to be luxury homes." “That’s cos they ain’t luxury homes, Boss just blew up the picture in the ad so it looked like a luxury home”,Luke said. Dixie nodded her head 'yes', "They are very tiny.” Luke said, "Are you all staying with us?" He had a piece of wood about to put it in the fire to keep it going. “How about it darlin’?”, Bo asked BL while massaging her shoulders. “Yeah”, BL said. She was more relaxed now, than Bo had seen her all day. Luke tossed another piece of wood on the fire then he put the camera and flashlight back in his truck. —-------------------------------- Luke had to dig deep in his bag but finally found what he was looking for, a full quarter of Jesse's finest. It had been a long while since he and Bo had had a night like this with the girls of their choice. Luke intended for it to be a good one. "Anyone care to join me?" “I will” Dixie said, adding as she took her clothes from BL,”be back in a second”. Dixie got up, disappearing behind what little coverage there was. ”Me too”, BL said. It had been a rough few days and Bo’s massaging hands had her relaxed.Coming back after dressing, Dixie took the tin cup of shine Luke handed her. Luke had found a couple tin camping cups he kept stowed in the pickup. Bo got his own camp cup and his sleeping bag, from General Lee’s trunk, something had told him he might need his camping gear, so he’d put it in the General before going to the Boar’s Nest. Spreading out the sleeping bag, he sat down, patting beside him “come sit with me darlin”, Bo said to BL. —----------------- Everyone was enjoying a drink of shine while relaxing by the fire near the water. The evening temperatures were nearly perfect with a bit of a warm breeze blowing. Dixie and Luke had always been comfortable together, for the most part way too comfortable. Dixie knew that BL and Bo had always run around together but really hadn't known them to date or well date steadily. Maybe it was something, maybe it was nothing but it seemed that they were acting a bit closer tonight. Dixie took a long slow drink of the shine, "I really missed all this while I was gone." "All what, Darlin'?" Luke asked. "This. Just coming out here. Stopping at a random stop and being able to set up camp, have a drink with friends and family. By the way, exactly how long were you planning all this?" Luke smiled, "I really wasn't planning anything." —---------------------- BL said, "Yet you had everything ready to camp out?" "Remember I work in the woods. If I have my truck even at base camp, I'm golden. If we jump or hike in then we are limited to what we want to carry besides everything that we have to carry." Luke noticed Bo's hands doing a bit of wandering as they were all talking. Wandering hands was not unusual for Bo Duke, but the fact they were wandering over BL Davenport and she wasn't objecting was different. “Camping gear maybe but do you always carry this?”,BL held up the jar of shine, before refilling her cup. “No, I planned to bring the shine”, Luke admitted. Bo pushed BL’s hair to the side nuzzling her neck. Luke was always the planner, "Say Bo, before we get too settled, we need to go grab a bit more wood." Bo gave BL a kiss and said, "We'll be right back." Bo didn't complain because he had actually wanted to talk to Luke in private. Down by the water, Bo checked his wallet and found what he expected. He had just one rubber. "Luke, would you happen to have an extra?" Luke wasn't thinking along his lines, "Extra what?" —----------------------------- While the guys gathered more wood BL and Dixie had some privacy and BL wanted to talk, “Dixie, have you lost the good sense the good Lord gave you?”, BL asked. Dixie couldn't help but give BL the slightest grin, "Meaning what?" “Well for starters, how about being parked so close to the side of the road, doing what you were doing”,BL said. "I'll admit I'm probably more than a bit to blame for that." Dixie bit her lip and grinned mischievously. “There’s no probably about it”, BL tried to give Dixie a disapproving look but didn’t quite pull it off. Dixie shrugged her shoulders and took a long drink of shine, "It was a long time coming." She couldn't help the grin as the double meaning of her statement struck her funny bone. “Better ease up on this stuff”BL shook her cup, swirling her shine around. “We got to work tomorrow”, BL took a long drink, ignoring her own advice. "I have a holiday, they missed giving me. I'm off tomorrow." She said taking another drink of shine. “Got an answer for everything tonight don’t you?, What are you gonna tell Luther about not coming home?”, BL gave Dixie a smug look. Dixie said, "Maybe I'll just tell him what I do isn't any of his business." Before BL could reply, the guys were back with the wood. Luke asked, "What isn't any of who's business? —----------------------------- “You know what. There’s a pretty girl waiting for me over there,” Bo said. Luke finally caught Bo’s train of thought, “I think so, let me check”, Luke took out his own wallet, he had a few rubbers and gave one to Bo. “Here, lucky for you, I have a few”. They gathered more firewood, then returned to the campsite, Luke threw a couple sticks on the fire. Bo let his hands wander some more as he and BL started to kiss, a little at first then deeper with each kiss they shared. The campfire wasn’t burning as hot as their passion though. Luke had managed to move his stuff just a bit out of the light and a might further away from Bo and BL. Luke certainly had no plans to sleep beside Dixie with Bo and BL on the other side of the fire. Once everything was laid out they settled back in to watch the fire, sip some more shine and cuddle under the stars. Bo and BL picked up where they had stopped earlier, Bo slid his hands under BL’s shirt undoing her bra. At the same time she was unbuttoning his shirt, trailing kisses all the way to his belly button. Not giving Luke nor Dixie another thought, clothes were shucked and they were soon spent and breathing hard, Bo’s sleeping bag around them. BL wrapped in Bo’s arms, drifted off into peaceful slumber. Kissing BL’s temple, Bo too found sleep easy. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
  13. Saturday morning the town was a hive of activity,everyone was getting things set to start celebrating founder’s day in a couple hours when they normally started conducting business. Miz Tisdale was running the post office one last time, before moving to her sister’s, so BL could finish her dress and get ready for the dance. “Whew, done at last’ BL held up the finished,dark green dress for Dixie to see. “I still got a few threads to trim.” BL said. —------------------- In town decorations and stands were being put out for the many planned events. At the Duke farm Luke was on the porch putting the finishing touches on his ax with his sharpening stones. Jesse was packing stuff in a cooler to make his famous chili at the chili cook off, while Bo got in some target practice with his bow and arrows for the archery contest. Balladeer: This time without dynamite arrows. Daisy was entering the pie baking competition and was busy setting her famous apple pie out of the oven, to cool. Luke ribbed, "I loaded some dummy arrows if you want to try them out." Bo glared at his older cousin, "Cute, Luke, real cute!" Luke shrugged his shoulders and kept sharpening. "So you are really taking Dixie to the dance tonight?" Luke glared hard at Bo, "Yes, and what about it?" Bo knew the look and promptly put his hands up in front of him in defense, "Nothing Luke. I swear, ..... it's just that… "That what?" Luke asked. Bo breathed in and out deeply before beginning. "Now I like Dixie. Love her like a sister....but last time ...." Luke glared with a hard look, "Yeah last time I was 19, she was 15. Did you know she was 15???" Bo dropped his head, "No. No, Luke I didn't." Luke threw his hands up in his own defense, "I didn't either Bo. So, sue me! I didn't either, .....and she didn't know what a major issue a few months was,.... but now it's years later and those few months mean nothing." Bo said lowly, "Unless you are Luther Davenport." Luke shot him a look. —---------------------- In town booths were set up all over, Luke, Dixie, Bo and BL wandered from booth to booth looking at the handmade quilts, ect. for sale. —--------------------------- “Hey Dixie, that looks like fun” BL pointed to the dunk tank, where Cletus was just climbing back onto the platform after getting a good dunking. “Sure does, let's play” Dixie replied. The couples went over to the booth where Bo gave a dollar to the vendor, getting 3 baseballs which he handed to BL “it’s on me darlin’”. BL took the balls, hurling one at the little target that covered the dunking lever “this is for scaring me and Dixie half to death last night” BL called to the soggy deputy.SPLASH Cletus yelped as he hit the cold water. SPLASH,SPLASH two more times, BL hit the target giving Cletus another unscheduled bath. After making sure that Cletus had a couple weeks worth of baths the group decided to make their way to other booths. —------------------------- Church groups, lady's league even the orphanage had booths set up with games, ring toss, clothespins into milk bottles. The food and other contests would be later in the day since some foods had to be cooked on site. After the prizes were awarded, the contestants sold their entries to raise money for various charities. "Good luck Uncle Jesse, we'll see you later for the judging" Daisy said as they watched the chili cookoff contestants preparing to get started. The others wished Uncle Jesse good luck too. "Thank you kids," Jesse replied. Other food contestants had already begun cooking and the town was beginning to smell wonderful. Bo rubbed his stomach. "I sure hope they cook fast." Luke shook his head, "Always thinking about food. Shouldn't you be thinking about who else entered the archery contest." "I ain't worried." Bo said confidently. "What about the axe throwing?" Luke replied, "I still wished some of my guys would have come over and entered. Some are pretty good but when I told them you have to catch the axe first, everyone lost interest." Luke rubbed his neck as if he just could not figure out why his guys lost interest. —----------------------- “Let’s all enter the horseshoe toss, guys against girls” BL said. Luke stepped up to the table paying his and Dixie’s entry fee, stepping out of the way so Bo could pay his and BL’s entry fee. Dixie went first for the girls, Luke took position a few feet away. When Dixie bent over to pick up a horseshoe, Luke’s toss went wild, nearly hitting Jed McCoy in the shin, “Hey watch what you're throwing them thangs at!” Jed yelled. “Huh, oh sorry Jed” Luke looked a bit sheepish. Bo ribbed his cousin a bit even if he hadn't seen the reason for Luke's wild throw. "You don't have to just throw them things away over there. We'll beat you fair and square." —------------------------ “Cute, Bo. It slipped. Let's see what you have." Bo threw the horseshoe that landed around the pin for a nice wringer until it spun around and slid right off the pin. Bo was just about to brag when the shoe slid away from the pin. Luke nearly spit his teeth out. —---------------------------- BL managed to get a leaner with her first horseshoe. Bo's second shoe was much closer than where his first had landed, however it moved BL's leaner off the pin. —----------------------------- A live band had been hired too, tuckered from running around all morning the two couples had spread blankets on the grass so they could rest and listen to the music. The band was playing Kenny Chesney’s ‘ When the sun goes down,’ Luke slid his arm around Dixie’s shoulders as they listened. —------------------------ Luther was on his way to the garage when he cut through the square where people were watching the music. He really hadn't been looking at anyone as he crossed until he caught a glimpse of Dixie sitting on a blanket with Luke. Luther stopped dead in his tracks in front of the couple. Luke had been paying more attention to the music than who was walking by or where his hand was at. Right up until Luther stopped in front of him and glared. Dixie was watching the goings on in the square so she missed the exchange. Luke was trying hard to not make a thing out of this so he removed his hand and reached over for a cold drink from the cooler. Dixie may not have seen but Bo did. —---------------------------- Once Luke's hand was moved, Luther proceeded on after giving Luke another look. BL had seen it all too, she was glad Luther hadn’t made a scene, she just hoped there wasn’t one tonight when Luke picked Dixie up for the dance. Bo was glad he wasn’t Luke. Although Clyde was a might over protective, having raised BL by himself after his wife died when BL was 13, he wasn’t unreasonable and tried to treat BL like a responsible grown woman, not a kid. —--------------------- The veins in Luke's neck tensed as he watched Luther walk away. He couldn't help but wonder if he should just walk away and go back to Atlanta. No, maybe Dixie would go to Atlanta with him. Then he thought of something Uncle Jesse told them years ago, 'Dukes don't run. Sometimes we want to run, sometimes we ought to run, but we don't and aren't now.' They had asked. 'Why?' Jesse had said. 'Because we got nowhere to run.' Well, it had been good enough for Dukes before him, so it would have to be good enough for him now. "Want to take a walk?" He asked Dixie casually, while giving Bo a look that said he wanted sometime. Dixie said. "Sure, Luke." getting to her feet. After Luke and Dixie had gone Bo moved a bit closer to BL, he didn’t want any looks from Clyde should he walk by, so he was watching how friendly he was with BL. “I can’t wait for the dance tonight,” Bo said. “Me either” BL replied. “Has Luke said anything to you about him and Dixie being back together?” BL asked,careful not to let her expression betray Dixie’s confidence. “No, he’s been tight lipped, I tried to get him to admit something the night he and Dixie went MIA but he wouldn’t talk” Bo said. BL nodded, reaching for a drink from the cooler. —---------------------- Dixie walked with Luke in silence for a long while before she took his hand and stepped in front of him, "What's on your mind Luke?" Dixie had done it to him again. She could nearly read him like a book. Luke took a deep breath before he began, "You know that no matter how I've wanted to ask you out officially, I've taken my time. I've given you, me, everyone else time to get used to seeing us together." Dixie nodded, "Yes." Yes he had, which had nearly driven her insane. "A bit ago, no one but me noticed that your Dad walked by," Luke stated. It was true, Dixie hadn't seen her Dad. "He gave me one look and for about a whole second, I thought about packing it in." Luke said. Dixie's heart fell to her shoes as she heard what Luke had said, "Luke..." He stopped her in mid sentence, "I said for a second." Luke paused, "I just need to know, 100 percent, you are on board with this before I have to dig in my heels. Last time, .... ages and law got in the way. I didn't have a leg to stand on. This time, ....." Luke looked Dixie up and down, "this time, ... ages be damned. There's no laws to stop us, ..... Just as long as you are on board." Dixie felt a long ago sensation of electricity run through her as she stepped close to Luke, "I don't want to cause or start any trouble for any of us, but I'm here, with you, for as long as you'll have me." That wasn't exactly what Luke expected to hear, but he knew her heart. He leaned in for a long, deep kiss.... The kiss lasted a full 2 minutes before Dixie slowly pulled back. “Guess we should get back, before our cousins come looking for us,” Dixie said breathlessly. “S’pose so” Luke said,wrapping his arm around Dixie’s waist. The couple walked back to where the band was playing, Luke still had his arm around Dixie. —---------------------------- “Was wondering what happened to you two, hey Dix, we better get going if we’re going to be ready for the dance on time, ” BL said. The guys were going to find Uncle Jesse, so the foursome parted ways and the girls headed back to the Davenport farm. BL looked over her shoulder after putting the last hairpin in “Dix you're not going to have any nails at all if you keep chewing on them” BL said. Dixie took the pinky from her mouth “I can’t help it. I’m just a wee bit nervous” Dixie replied. “A wee bit?” BL cocked an eyebrow at her cousin, “you're as jumpy as a long tailed cat,in a room full of rocking chairs” BL said. Dixie replied as she looked at the wrecker sitting in the yard through her window, "Why can't he get a call? You know standing in Luke's arms, I wasn't a bit nervous about Daddy. But right now at this moment I feel like I'm three again." “Dixie you ain’t 15 anymore, Luther’s just gonna have to accept, that you're grown now and he can’t run your life,”.BL said continuing. ,“how do you think my Daddy feels? He don’t like what I do always but he lets me do it anyway, don’t get me wrong, he don’t just accept it quietly, no siree he fusses till he’s blue.”. —----------------------- At the Duke farm, Luke had set to as he put it, cleaning his truck up, even though it was clean, while Bo took a shower. Bo was getting dressed when he heard Luke swear from the bathroom. Followed shortly by another round of swearing. "You alright in there Luke?" Bo asked. Luke mumbled something then said, "I swear Daisy has been using my razor again." “At least it wasn’t mine,” Bo ribbed. “Cute Bo” Luke grumbled, as he came into his and Bo's room. He took out a good pair of jeans which he put a pair of suspenders on with. Took out a clean shirt. He then brushed his polished boots. “You sure are pulling out all the stops getting ready” Bo commented casually, buttoning his shirt. “Tonight’s kinda special.” “What’s so special, it’s just the founder’s day dance”. “Well you know that walk me and Dixie took in town today?” “Yeah…” Bo said. “Dixie and I talked, we don’t want to start trouble for nobody but I ain’t gonna let Luther or anybody else get in my way again. I am going to see Dixie and I don’t give a damn who don’t like it. Dixie said she was with me 100 percent.” “I hope you know what you’re doing cousin,” Bo said. “I do..If you want, go on and pick up BL”. “Think I’ll go when you do, you might need backup”, Bo said. Luke replied, "Suit yourself." —------------------------- A short time later, all three younger Davenports were dressed and ready to head out on the town for some fun. Luther was drinking his coffee and reading the paper not paying much attention to the goings on in the house. Cooter had just picked up his keys, ready to go get his date when the unmistakable sound of Daisy's Roadrunner coming up the driveway was heard. It was followed by Luke's F-250 King cab pickup. Luther looked up from his paper, "Are you all meeting over here or something before going out?" Cooter wasn't sure what the others had planned, "Not that I know of, I was about to head out." But, something made Cooter wait before heading out. —------------------------- Luther heard not a set of high heels and boots on his porch but two sets of boots. He looked at Cooter. Cooter shrugged his shoulders. He answered the door when it was knocked on. Bo said, "Hey Cooter. Is BL ready?" Cooter yelled upstairs, "BL, Bo's here." Bo stepped aside a bit waiting for BL. Cooter saw Luke behind Bo and thought it was a might odd, even if the two were riding together, that Luke would have gotten out of the vehicle too. Either he would have picked up his date or be rushing Bo so they could get on their way to pick his date up. "Cooter shrugged his shoulders, “Hey Luke. What’s up? Luke stood up just a bit straighter. He was talking to Cooter, but years of knowing the family told Luke that Luther was in earshot. "I've come to take Dixie to the dance Cooter." At that moment Bo wished he wasn't standing basically between Luke and the Davenports. Before Cooter could reply, Luther was at the door. "You think you are going to do what?" Luther's voice boomed. Yes, this was the scene. The exact one Luke deep down expected. "I am taking Dixie to the dance. I asked. She accepted. Plain and simple." BL cringed when Luther boomed and thought here he goes. “Hey Bo, Luke”, BL said, going to stand by Bo, watching the other men. —---------------------- “Hey BL” Luke said. “Hey BL, you look nice” Bo said the tension in the room was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Dixie hoped to make it down the stairs and continue on out the door. The rafters of the old farm house had just been rattled. She hoped the roof didn't collapse. "Hi, guys. Are you ready Luke?" Dixie said wisely, stepping to Luke's left side. —----------------------- Luther looked at his daughter, then to Cooter. Cooter was giving his father a look that he hoped would remind him that the last time Dixie left it was years before she came around again. Luther was torn between normal reason and still owing Luke the lesson he apparently didn't get several years ago. Luther said calmer than he felt as he looked, Luke in the eyes, "I'd like a word with you." Dixie gently held on to Luke's arm as she said, "We'll be late." Luke's eyes never moved off of Luther, "We won't be long Darlin'." He said as he stepped to follow Luther into the kitchen. —------------------------- As Luke followed Luther into the kitchen the others gave each other worried looks. ”Patty Lou’s, going to think I’m standing her up, if I’m late” Cooter said but he wasn’t leaving until Luke and his father came out of the kitchen. “I bet Dad is going to blow a gasket and try to start something,” Dixie said. “It’ll be fine Dixie” BL said with more confidence than she felt. The room went silent, each of them trying to hear what was being said in the kitchen. “At least it ain’t sounding like WW3 in there”, Bo said. “Yet…” Dixie said, knowing both men were stubborn. —-------------------------- Luther began, "Luke... Nothing has changed here. Dixie is my little girl." Luke cut in, "Everything has changed. She is your daughter and I respect that, but she is a grown woman. Until the other night when I asked her out I had not pursued, chased or even encouraged her. Dixie is an adult. She makes her own money and decisions. I just want to take her out and be able to have a conversation without half the County...." Luke trailed off and regrouped his thoughts, "Luther I respect you. I have never intended to hurt Dixie. What happened before wasn't intentional. You should know me better than that." “I do Luke, Jesse raised you right” Luther said. “Truce” Luke held his hand out for a handshake. Luther gave it a firm shake, “You better treat her right and not hurt her, or you’ll answer to me and most likely Cooter too.” “Yes sir”, Luke said respectfully, leaving the kitchen, Luther following. —----------------- As soon as Luke saw Dixie’s worried look he smiled, taking her hand heading for the door, “Ready?..told you it wouldn’t take long”. Luther told them goodbye,returning to his newspaper. Luke took Dixie's hand, heading toward the door at a trot. He wasn't slowing down until they got to the truck. At the truck, Luke decided the best, fastest, easiest way to get Dixie in the truck was to just lift her into the passenger seat and let her wrangle all that dress inside while he made his way to the driver's seat, "Ready?" Dixie replied, "Always." —-------------------- With that Luke unintentionally slung a pile of gravel as he backed up, turned around and headed down the driveway. Dixie cringed just a bit, knowing how Luther was about his gravel. "That bad?" "Worse....." Luke began gripping the steering wheel tightly. "We called a truce. Shook on it even, but I don't see that being the end of the tension." Dixie didn't either, "Maybe he's come to terms that we are both adults." Luke laughed out loud, "I seriously wished he had. If he had, that wouldn't have happened." —---------------------- Luke pulled his F 250 truck in the mill parking lot, Bo right behind him in Daisy’s roadrunner, the place looked packed. Dixie was the focus of several women as she came in holding Luke’s hand. Balladeer: It sure looks like the green eyed monster has a hold of several of those girls, don’t it? Seeing the looks she was getting being with Luke, Dixie couldn't help smiling just a bit wider. Luke just grinned and acted as if he didn’t see the attention they were getting as they walked in and found a table. Luke and Dixie danced to a slow song, everyone might have been dressed in period clothes but they were dancing more modern. —------------------- Cooter was at the punch bowl getting Patty Lou a glass of punch. Bo and BL were taking a moonlit stroll, the evening was perfect, almost too perfect. Returning to the mill BL and Bo got plenty of looks themselves from girls who would have given their right arm for a date with Bo. Some of them were former classmates, who thought Bo and BL were just friends in school, because they were always with the others but tonight, they were on a real date was easy to see. —------------------------ Jesse had taken turns dancing with several of the widows and of course Miz Tisdale had her place in line. Balladeer: Now it was certain the apple didn't fall from the tree. Them boys got it honest from their Uncle Jesse. Daisy and the others were having fun watching the ladies fawn over him. Finally Jesse took a seat at the makeshift bar that had been set up for mostly the older men who might want a bit more than the sweet punch the ladies made. Luther came in and took a seat beside him. —-------------------- Dixie and Luke stayed on the dance floor for another slow song. Luke didn't realize that Luther had come in. He was relaxed and enjoying himself holding Dixie close to him. Dixie for her part was enjoying being held. Luther turned his back to the dance floor, he might have agreed to a truce with Luke but that didn’t mean he liked Luke holding his little girl anymore than before, it just meant he had to accept it. “Hey Jesse.” Luther said. “Howdy Luther.” Jesse replied. They were soon joined by Clyde, who noticed Luther was facing the bar. Instead of watching all the activity around him. “You ok brother?” Clyde asked. “I guess”.” Luther replied. “You guess?” Jesse said, picking up on Luther’s unconvincing answer. “I’m just trying to keep my word and not butt in on Dixie’s and Luke’s relationship.” Said Luther. “I thought you might have eased up, after our talk the other day. Dixie is a grown woman, makes her own money. She handles herself just fine everyday at tri-county jail.” Clyde said. “Clyde’s right, you have to let Dixie make her own choices, if you try to run her life, like she’s still a kid, you might just run her off”. Jesse said wisely. Luther finished his beer saying, ”I hear what ya’ll are saying.” —-------------------- At around 10 pm people began to leave and by 10:45 only the six Duke and Davenport youngsters remained, Cooter had taken Patty Lou home with a headache a while ago. “Looks like the party’s over, it’s still early, how about we head to the Boar’s Nest for a while?” Bo suggested and they all agreed. Dixie said, "That sounds good to me if I can just go grab a bag out of Daisy’s car." Luke watched as she set to gathering the yards and yards of material in her dress. "Where is it? I'm a bit quicker." With a look of gratitude, Dixie replied, "Back passenger side. Blue." Luke was headed to the car figuring exactly what was in the bag. The girls had all looked great in the older style of clothing but he was up for seeing Dixie in a lot less yardage. “Hey Luke, will you grab my bag too, it’s the red one in the backseat driver’s side?” BL asked before Luke got out the door. “Sure BL” Luke said, coming back a couple minutes later handing the girls their bags. “Thanks, we’ll be back in a few minutes,” Dixie said, going to the restroom with BL and Daisy. —--------------------- After hours of a dress with enough material to make three dresses Dixie was really glad to get out of it and into a pair of jeans, tank top with a shirt/jacket over it and her boots. "Lordy, that feels so much better." She said while hanging her dress on a hanger. BL pulled on her other boot, glad to be in her comfortable jeans and off the shoulder top, “Sure does, those shoes were killing my feet.” BL said, putting the shoes in her bag. “I’m glad I don’t have to dress like that for work,”Daisy said, buckling her high heel with an open toe. She was ready for her shift wearing her short denim shorts and a tank top. —-------------------------- While the girls were changing clothes Bo was curious about what Luke and Luther discussed in the Davenport kitchen, ”Luke what’d you say to Luther back at the house?” “Yeah” Cooter chimed in, “I figured ya’ll would have WW3”. Luke didn’t want to say so shrugged his shoulders saying “we came to an understanding”, “we called a truce”.”Who called a truce?” Dixie asked just hearing the last part as the girls came back from changing. "Just telling them about earlier." Luke said as he put his arm around Dixie. Cooter agreed that Dixie was an adult now and more than capable of making her own choices, but the familiarity of Luke’s touch did bother him. "Let's get moving." Luke said. They all headed out to the vehicle —------------------- A short time later, the group all skidded to a stop outside the Boar’s Nest. It looked more packed than the dance had been. Daisy hopped out of Cooter’s car heading inside to work, Boss Hogg had given her a few hours off to go to the dance but now she had to close up at 2am closing time and he’d docked her pay. Darcy had to leave the dance early but Uncle Jesse had said he’d drop Daisy off at the Boars Nest. Cooter had taken Patty Lou home early with a bad headache, so Cooter had given Daisy a ride instead of Uncle Jesse, since he was going to the Boars Nest with the others, after the dance. —------------------ “Be with you in just a minute everybody.” Daisy said, hurrying to get her order pad. Luke held Dixie’s hand as they walked in the dim lit bar. He gave his eyes a few seconds to adjust to the lighting before heading toward the back to maybe find a table. It may have been a bit dark but the glow of several sets of green eyes could be seen or felt by Dixie and Luke. Seeing the looks she was getting being with Luke, Dixie couldn't help smiling just a bit wider. Luke wasn't blind. He saw the looks and thought it was funny. He was in a good mood as he thought about some of the girls that were shooting daggers their way. If they wanted something to look at he'd give them something to look at. —----------------------- The group managed to find a table toward the back and took their seats just as a great slow song began to play. Luke didn't even ask Dixie to dance, he just took her hand and led her to the dance floor where he took Dixie in his arms, pulled her close and wrapped his arms around her tightly. Dixie responded by stepping even closer to Luke with her arms wrapped around him. Luke smelled Dixie's perfume as she got closer. Right then he knew he was done for as his tight jeans suddenly got a bit tighter. —-------------------------- Luther had left the party early. His intention was to go to the less crowded Boar’s Nest and drink coffee until he got a call or maybe, just maybe, Cooter would take the wrecker at midnight and then he could have a couple beers. He really wanted something much stronger and a lot of it about now. “Hey BL, want to play some pool?”, Bo asked. “Sure” BL said standing up. The two headed for the back room, Bo holding BL by the hand as they wove their way through the crowd. —------------------------- Cooter went over to Luther’s table and sat down when he saw both of them were sitting alone. Luther only spared his son a glance, he was watching Luke and Dixie he might have agreed to a truce with Luke but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t still watch him like a hawk. Luther asked Cooter after they had sat awhile, "Where's your girl?" "I took her home a bit ago." Cooter replied. "Well, since you are free. How about taking the wrecker tonight?" Luther asked. Unknowingly, Cooter played into Luther's hand as he shrugged, "May as well." —--------------------- While Bo and BL played pool BL thought about what Bo said on their stroll earlier, she was still worried about court though. Bo caught her eye, giving her his best grin that made all the girls swoon. “I told you don’t worry darlin’ me and Luke, Dixie, Daisy and Cooter ain’t gonna let bogus charges stick, we’ll find out what Boss’s scheme is before court.” “I can't help it, Bo,” BL said. —----------------- After taking Mis Tisdale home, Jesse Duke walked into the Boar’s Nest hoping for a cold beer before heading home. Besides, he rationalized, he was way too dressed up to go home this early. He took a seat with Luther, just as Cooter had taken the keys to the wrecker and headed back to the table where Luke and Dixie had just come back to. Luke motioned Daisy over. "Give us a round of beers, Darlin'." "Alright, Luke. Is that 3 or 5? Since BL is about to skunk Bo at the pool table?" "Better make it 5.," Luke laughed as his arm dangled over Dixie’s shoulder. —------------------------ “I win again, ready to call it quits, before I smear your record completely?” BL teased after beating Bo for the 4th time. “Just you wait, I’ll beat you and redeem myself, but let's take a break and have a beer,” Bo replied, heading back to the table. Daisy came back with beers for the table, just as BL and Bo sat down, “here you go, ya’ll enjoy.” Daisy said, sitting the last beer down. Cooter began nursing his beer as the others were pretty much drinking up. Bo noticed and said, "Drink up Cooter, I'll get the next round." Cooter shook his head ‘no’, "Can't." He said as he held up the familiar keys of the wrecker. Everyone knew Luther's strict 1 watered down beer limit if you were driving his trucks. —------------------------ The fact that Luther was in the bar had the same effect on Luke as if Daisy had dumped a dishpan of ice in his lap. He swore to himself as he was now able to spot Luther at a table up front with Uncle Jesse. Everyone was having a good time, talking and laughing. Luther was on his 3rd beer now after giving Cooter the wrecker keys. Noone was really paying attention when Ernie Ledbetter walked in until BL glanced to the right, leaning over she whispered to Bo “Don’t look now but trouble just walked in.” Balladeer: Now just because Ernie walked in isn't immediate trouble, but he and Luke have had a history of trouble dating back to their high school football playing days. Bo saw Ernie just inside the door checking out the crowd. "Luke,.... don't look now but, Ernie is here." —------------------ Luke looked from where he was watching Luther toward the door and saw that Ernie, who had always been a mountain, had not gotten any smaller over the years since he'd seen him last. Thinking that maybe, just maybe the fool over there had gotten some sense, Luke said, "Well, we’ll just leave him over there." Everybody kept right on having a good time, Luke relaxed after a bit even though Luther was there, he wasn’t butting in, even though Luke and Dixie danced a few more times. Cooter had switched to soda after he’d finished his beer. The jukebox started playing ‘Dixieland Delight’ by Alabama, one of BL’s favorite songs, Bo held out a hand saying “wanna dance”? BL took his hand and they were soon joined by Luke and Dixie. Cooter looked at his Dad to see what effect the song’s lyrics and Luke holding Dixie was having on Luther. Luke’s tight jeans were getting even tighter as the song and Dixie in his arms worked together. Next was Conway Twitty’s ‘I’d love to lay you down’. Luther gripped his beer mug tighter as Luke bent down and said something to Dixie. He then saw Dixie look up at Luke and smile widely. —------------------ Jesse had been watching the crowd but nothing he saw concerned him. He finished his beer and asked, "Luther, can I give you a ride home?" Jesse knew Cooter had taken over the wrecker hours ago. "Thanks Jesse, but I’m gonna have another." Luther said. Slurring just a might. Jesse had seen the man drink heavily but It was few and normally far between. He waved to Daisy and headed to his pickup and toward home. —----------------------- As Conway's song played Dixie had moved even closer to Luke who was only paying her attention. Luke had thoughts of sliding out of here just as soon as he could gracefully get Dixie off the dance floor. She was driving him up the wall and unlike her teenage self, she knew exactly what she was doing to him. With the song in full swing, Luke felt a hand tap his shoulder. He turned to see Erie standing beside him, smiling, "I'm cuttin' in." "No ya ain't." Luke said, trying to ignore the distraction. Ernie pushed Luke's buttons "Come on now Duke, you can't be taking up all the wench's time." —------------------------- Luke turned to Ernie speaking through gritted teeth “what did you call her”? “A wench” Earnie sneered. “That’s what I thought you said” Luke growled, punching Ernie in the jaw. Stumbling back from the unexpected punch, the mountain of a man came at Luke with a roar, hitting him so hard that Luke crashed into Luther’s table, knocking over his beer. Having had a few too many, Luther slugged Luke in the jaw sending him stumbling back a few steps. What started out a near perfect night was quickly going south. Luke managed to get to his feet before Ernie took another run at him. Luke saw him coming and punched him dead on in the jaw, sending him toward the bar. Luther figured now was as good a time as any to even the score with Luke for pawing his daughter. He let a roundhouse punch fly. Bo saw Luther's swing and called to Luke, "Luke watch out!" —------------------------- Luke turned in time to deflect Luther's punch and sent him flying across the bar. Bo saw Ernie get to his feet so he took a swing of his own. Cooter saw Luther about to plow drive Luke and stepped in trying to stop his father. Luther was already too far gone to think rationally or have complete control of his reflexes, he couldn’t stop his forward momentum, Cooter being the one on the receiving end of the plow drive meant for Luke. “ Ernie lookout” Ernie’s pal Floyd warned seeing Bo about to clock Ernie, he threw a punch of his own. Rosco, having been on patrol, stopped in to check on things, the Boars Nest was more crowded than usual. Opening the door, stepping inside he was nearly hit by a flying chair. “Jumping Jehosophat, what a mess”, Rosco mumbled. Pulling out his gun hollering “FREEZE” he fired a shot in the ceiling to get the combatants attention. —------------------------ Which only half worked. Bo, Cooter and Ernie's friend Floyd all stopped. Luke didn't have much choice since both Ernie and Luther were intent on fighting him. "Alright! I said quit it now!" Rosco demanded sending a chandelier falling to a nearby table and sending flying glass everywhere! Luke managed to get to his feet just as Luther took one last all out effort to make him pay by running full force at Luke. Erie saw a chance for a couple cheap shots and jumped back in the middle of the fight. Bo. Cooter and Ernie's friend Floyd jumped in to stop the fight. —---------------------- None of the girls had time to even process who was fighting who and why. After wrestling around for several minutes, Cooter finally got Luther pulled off Luke “Dad…Dad just simmer down.” Bo and Earnie’s friend Floyd weren’t having much success though. Rosco was trying to separate the two as well “Charlie, get Cletus on the CB and tell him to get over here, I need backup,” Rosco called over to the bar. Rosco looked at the group still tusseling about. At best he and Cletus could haul four and he was seeing at least six right now that he planned to give a ride to. For once Rosco was using his head as he spotted the younger Davenport, "Dixie get on the phone to Tri Counties and tell them I need a van." Even though Luke had been drinking and currently had his hands full with Luther and Ernie, he heard Rosco loud and clear. It was as if someone had poured ice down the back of his shirt. Seeing Dixie officially and at work was not on his bucket list. Cooter and Bo looked at each other then Luther, both were sure that had he drank just a little less, he’d not like what Rosco just told Dixie to do. Just because he was her kin, both knew Dixie would do her job. Cooter wasn't exactly thrilled with the idea of dealing with his ‘little’ sister professionally. —------------------------ Dixie went over to the phone making the call, then turned back to Rosco “the van will be here in 10 minutes.”, Dixie said. A minute later Cletus arrived, gun drawn. By this time Cooter had gained control of Luther, sort of anyway. Ernie's friend was moving him away from Luke who was trying to convince Bo he was done. By the time Rosco had froze everyone and Cletus arrived the van from Tri-Counties arrived. Cletus saw the place, "Sheriff, we can't transport them all together." Rosco had seen enough to figure who were the trouble makers in his mind. "Right, you put the Dukes in your car, the rest can go in the van." Luke managed to get his truck keys and wallet and laid it on the bar, passing it to Dixie who was still behind the bar from using the phone. Bo, like Luke fished the keys to Daisy’s car out of his pocket, laying them beside BL, on the bar where she retreated to keep from being clobbered by mistake, “you need these more than me.” Cooter followed suit, handing Daisy his car keys, “here Daisy take these, so nobody has to wait for you to close up or come back and get you.” —--------------------------- Rosco told the officers from Tri-Counties. "I just needed them taken to the Hazzard Jail tonight and didn't have enough room with the cruisers." Luke was sure as he and Bo were cuffed and put in the back of Cletus's patrol car, that he had not ever been more happy to be in a cruiser heading to the Hazzard jail. Rosco did a fine job of directing Cletus and Tri-Counties Correctional Officers to get his 6 arrestees heading into Hazzard, then outside the Courthouse he let the officers take Luther, Cooter, Ernie and friend to the downstairs cells, then brought Bo and Luke to the upstairs cell. —------------------------- Meanwhile, Dixie was just glad the officers didn't recognize her in real clothes, or if they did, they didn't let on. "Daisy before we head out, give us another beer that I only hope we can drink in peace." Dixie knew there was nothing to be done for the men tonight. “Here you go girls”, Daisy sat a beer in front of each of the Davenport girls, “Thanks Daisy, I’ll bring your car home in the morning. Hey Dix, if you take Luke’s truck home, we can get Cooter’s car, then I can get my car from your house,” BL said, having it all worked out in her head anyway. Daisy said, "Or, ya’ll could just come home with me tonight. There's two empty beds." BL thought for a minute “Daddy’s watching Sadie till I get home but I’m sure he won’t mind dog sittin’ overnight.” BL said, looking at Dixie for her answer, It actually made the most sense since she was sure that tomorrow was going to be eventful. "If you are sure Uncle Jesse won't mind with everything that will need done tomorrow." Daisy replied a bit selfishly, "It may be better to have ya’ll around." Dixie replied, sipping on her beer, "It sounds like a plan." —--------------------------- At the jail, Luke had walked the length of the small cell by now about twenty times trying to get somewhat calmer. It had been several years since he'd been on this side of the bars and he hadn't missed it at all. He raked his hand through his hair. Bo knew it sounded stupid, but asked. "What's wrong Luke?" Luke gave him a look of total disbelief, "For one, I sorta thought I'd be spending the night with someone prettier than you." He immediately regretted saying that out loud even to Bo. Bo looked at Luke like he had two heads, he couldn’t believe Luke was even thinking that considering the past. —---------------------- At the Boars Nest BL and Dixie had volunteered to help Daisy clean the mess up from the fight. “Daisy, can I use the phone? I need to call Daddy, see if he minds dog sitting overnight.” “Not at all, help yourself,” Daisy replied. BL picked up the receiver dialing, Clyde answered on the second ring “Hello”. “Hi Daddy it's me, do you mind watching Sadie overnight?” BL asked. “No, I don’t mind. Are you staying with Dixie again?” “Well yes and no, Dixie and me are both staying at the Duke farm with Daisy.” BL was glad her father hadn’t asked more questions, she didn’t want to discuss how the evening had ended. ^^^^^^^^^^^^
  14. Friday morning had the Dukes and the Davenports up and moving early. With Luke and Dixie out of town working, Cooter was about to get some extra help at the garage, better known as Hazzard Central. With the Post Office and Courthouse in plain view, what better location to watch and listen from. Bo, BL, Cooter and even Daisy were all at the garage before most people in town started to stir. Sadie was curled up by the desk snoozing. By 9am the town was a hive of activity, with people going about their business. Bo wiped his hands as he straightened from under the car, he and Cooter were working on, “Think I’ll go over to the post office and get my PO mail, want me to get the garage mail too?” Bo said. “Yeah, that’d be great Bo, Mr. Hawthorne is coming to pick up his car”. —----------------------------- Bo jogged across the street, taking out his wallet as he went in the post office door. Miz Tisdale was covering BL. Dixie had thought it best, if she didn’t work today inlight of the mail fraud accusation. “Morning Bo” Miz Tisdale greeted ”How’s your Uncle Jesse?” “Morning ma’am, Uncle Jesse’s fine. Can I get the mail for PO box 100 and the garage”, Bo got a number then, waited for Miz Tisdale to call it showing his license when she did. Taking the mail he went back over to the garage. At the garage Bo laid the garage's mail on the register, then thumbed through his mail. He had 5 envelopes. He opened each one and found they all contained a crisp five dollar bill. “Anything interesting?” BL asked. Bo shook his head ‘no’ “just the expected $5 for a picture.” —------------------------ A little before noon, Luke had wrapped up the classes he had taught the new group of Smokejumpers. He filed the last of their certificates and closed the file cabinet. "I'll see ya Monday, Ryan." Ryan gave him a surprised look, "You're not leaving me with them? Are you??" "Afraid so. I told you that you'd regret that collar brass sometimes." Ryan nodded. Luke had set him back on the ground when his head was in the clouds about his recent promotion. "Well, have fun and drink one for me." Luke gave him a half smile, "I hope this weekend goes that smooth." Minutes later he had his truck in the wind heading back to Hazzard while hoping the others hadn't managed to get into too much trouble without him. He frowned at that thought and rethought it, ... no he didn't want them to get into trouble with him, he hoped they all managed to stay out of trouble. —----------------------------------- Just after Luke pulled in, Daisy pointed out the garage door toward the Courthouse. "Boss going in." The others looked to see the white clad little fat man making his way up the Courthouse steps. —-------------------------- Some time later, both Rosco and Cletus were seen going inside the Courthouse too. Then, shortly after Cletus went to the Post Office and returned to the Courthouse. Luke motioned to Bo to go with him out of the garage toward the Courthouse. Under Boss's window, they heard.... —------------------------------------ "Are you sure there wasn't any mail in that there box?" Boss asked. Cletus replied, "I'm sure Cousin Boss. Just like every day since I got that mailbox. No mail”. —--------------------------- Luke and Bo exchanged looks, a lightbulb going on, Boss Hogg definitely had some scheme going that had gotten BL arrested for mail fraud. Luke motioned for Bo to follow him back over to the garage. —--------------------------------- Sadie dropped the ball at BL’s feet, wagging her tail waiting for BL to throw it again but BL wasn’t paying attention, tuned in to what Luke was saying instead . “Bo have you gotten anything in the mail that was ‘off’? Luke asked. Bo thought a minute before nodding ‘yes’ ”I got a letter from Tennessee, wanting to know where their bill of sale was and they didn’t seem too pleased.” Luke thought for a minute. "Bo, did you keep those envelopes from those picture orders? I wonder if that was one of those hundred dollar bills you got." —---------------------------- Bo frowned, "You mean they weren't from no fan club?" Luke replied, "I don't know yet. BL could Bo have gotten any mail at his box that wasn't his?" Luke further explained his thinking so she didn't think she had done anything wrong, "I'm wondering how long his box was closed before he opened it?" "Hmmm" BL thought "I guess it's possible but I don't recall seeing nothing when I put the mail in. Maybe something could have stuck together and I didn't notice, Cletus wanted that box but it was already taken". "Cletus wanted that box? He asked for it specifically?" Luke asked. Bo asked, "Was that when I rented Box 100? "Yes to both questions" BL answered. She added, "When Bo asked for a big box I gave him the first open one being 100. Cletus came in as Bo was leaving and asked to rent box 100. I told him it was rented so he took box 101." Luke frowned, "Bo were those envelopes addressed to you?" Bo was getting a sinking feeling, "Yeah, well most of 'em. Some just had P.O. Box 100 on them.” —--------------------------- Just about then Luther Davenport, Cooter's father, backed a flatbed truck up to the garage door loaded with various boxes of parts and supplies for the garage. “A bit later the garage CB came to life requesting the wrecker to come to Hazzard pond. It seemed Rosco had run in the pond again. “Luke, you mind getting Rosco? I got some things here to take care of” Luther said. Luke looked at the others, shrugging his shoulders “Sure no problem, Luther” Luke replied. —--------------------------------- Dixie’s thunderbird turned in at the garage, just as Luke was pulling out with the wrecker Bo, BL, Daisy and Cooter, wasn’t sure they had heard and seen what just happened. —------------------------------ Chris broke the stunned silence that fell over the young folk “How come Luke knows so much about how to operate the wrecker? Chris asked. “He’s been doing it a long time,” Cooter said. "Y'all drove it before y'all got your license didn't you Cooter?" Dixie asked since she had not been around at that time. "We sure did." Cooter replied as he was helping unload the truck his father had brought in. Dixie picked up the notebook beside the register. Nothing had been logged down, "Where did Luke go?" Luther scolded at her question before thinking. Dixie gave her father a look. Raised the notebook a bit and said, "I was going to log the wrecker call for you. I used to do that a lot too." “He went to fish Rosco out of the pond," Daisy said. "Him being in there ain't my fault this time" Bo stated proudly, gaining chuckles from everybody but Chris, who didn't get why Bo would say this with pride. Chris thought that there was a lot of history here that he didn't know as he kept sweeping. Dixie wrote down the wrecker's destination. She wanted to know what the others found out but with Luther there wouldn't ask. "I think I'm just gonna head out." Dixie said as she started heading to her Thunderbird. BL asked, "Want some company?" Dixie replied, "Keep doing what y'all are doing. I might be back out in a bit." Dixie hoped it sounded as if she were heading home as she backed out of the garage lot. True enough she was heading in the general direction of the Davenport farm at least wise until she got to the turnoff for Hazzard Pond. BL looked over at Bo, her eyebrow cocked, he looked back no doubt remembering Dixie and Luke both being MIA the other night after they’d all met at the Boar’s Nest after work like usual. BL still hadn’t got a confession out of Dixie about her and Luke being back together but she’d bet the farm, Dixie hadn’t gone home. “I got to do something, be back shortly,” BL said, heading to her GTO. ”C’mon Sadie let's go for a ride”, BL said, Sadie sprung over the side of the car. A drive out to the Davenport farm might not confirm Dixie followed Luke but it’d confirm she didn’t go home. When Dixie got to the turnoff for Hazzard Pond, she took the turn. About a mile later, she grinned widely as she saw Cletus' patrol car with Cletus and a very wet Rosco P. Coltrane heading back to town. Easing up the road, taking in the sight before her, Dixie watched Luke unwinding the cables, pulling them down the hill toward the water and the patrol car about 6 feet out in the pond. The bank was steep and alone, Luke would have had to have made several trips down the hill. Dixie cut her engine and came to a stop without Luke noticing. She walked over to the wrecker and called down to Luke, "Need any help?" Luke laughed as he saw Dixie standing beside the wrecker ready to help him, much like she had been at age 15, though she didn't look like 15 now, hell she hadn't looked like 15 then he thought. "You wouldn't want to wade out there and hook that thing up would you?" Dixie grinned widely, "Now I wouldn't be opposed to a swim, but wading out there to hook up wasn't what I had in mind." Luke had figured the last part of her statement even before he asked, "Just keep giving me slack then." There wasn't any way around it. He was going to get wet, so out to the car he trudged through the water and sandy mud that made Hazzard Ponds bottom. —--------------------- BL eased on her brakes, slowing the car as she passed the Davenport farm. As expected no Thunderbird was in sight. Not wanting Dixie to accuse her of being nosey and spying, even though she was doing exactly that, BL turned back the way she'd come, instead of taking the short way by Hazzard pond. Getting the patrol car out of the pond, up the bank and ready to tow became the first priority. Once that was done, Luke sloshed back to the wreckers control panel wet from his thighs down. Dixie teased, "How's the water?" Luke replied...."Wet", giving Dixie a wicked grin, Luke tossed her over his shoulder in a fireman's carry, toting her down the hill, stopping at the water's edge, he proceeded to pull Dixie off his shoulder and pretend like he was going to throw her in the water "1...2...3..." Luke counted. Dixie wasn't expecting to be picked up and carried to the pond! She held on tightly, "You would..." Balladeer: Yes he would and did! Luke had done exactly what Dixie had expected him to do by tossing her right into the pond. He promptly took off the only dry piece of clothing he had on, dropping his shirt to the ground as he kicked off his soaking wet boots and socks, then headed into the pond. Dixie moved to the edge of the pond and discarded her wet tennis shoes and socks, "You're gonna pay for that." Dixie said playfully. Luke replied, "I'm scared to death." Dixie had moved in a bit closer as she managed to cut Luke's feet out from under him, sending him totally under the waist high water for a split second. Dixie was trying to hide the mile wide grin as Luke stood back up and moved in closer to her. Luke was also smiling at Dixie's antics, right up until he reached out, pulled her close to him and gave her a long hungry kiss…. —---------------------- Back at the garage, a tan Rolls Royce pulled up to the garage pumps, Cooter got out of the big wrecker just as Chris started to pump gas, walking over to check the car out, it wasn’t everyday a Rolls stopped at the garage. “Howdy ma’am” Cooter greeted. Cooter said as he gave the Rolls a good looking over, "We sure don't get many of these babies through here." He was practically drooling. “Hello, could you tell me where I might find JD Hogg we have some business to discuss”, the well-to-do redhead woman asked handing Cooter a business card proclaiming ‘Bobbie Jo Jefferson, realtor Acme realty,Atlanta GA.’ “You should find him over at the courthouse” —--------------------------- Chris finished pumping the gas and took the money inside asking, "What is with Cooter?" “Cooter’s in love” BL said,grinning. “In love, he just met the lady 5 seconds ago” Chris statd. Chuckling, BL shook her head ‘no’, “not the woman, her car.” —---------------------- Dixie broke the kiss”you should get back to the garage, before Dad sends out a posse or comes looking for you hisself”. Luke nearly groaned, he didn’t relish either possibility happening but he wasn’t ready to let Dixie go and go back to town either. “I’m goIng to run home and change into dry clothes, then I’ll come to the garage,” Dixie said. “Ok” Luke said, pulling Dixie to him for another kiss. Letting Dixie go, both putting their socks and shoes back on, went their separate ways, Luke buttoning his shirt as he walked up the hill to the wrecker. Dixie was still pretty wet to get into her car with her wet clothes on. "Luke, is there anything to cover my seat in there that they won't miss til I can get it back on the truck?" Luke replied as he opened a side compartment, "There's a couple of tarps back here." He covered the wrecker seat, then the driver's seat of the Thunderbird. "So, do you think we can get away with going to the dance together?" Luke asked. Dixie replied, "I was really thinking that you might not ask." Luke brushed her wet hair back, "Well, I hadn't asked anyone else either." Dixie shook her head, "It's not the same. I kind of miss the evil looks I used to get walking into the Boars Nest with you." Luke said, stepping in closer, "We've been to the Boars Nest about every evening since you came back." "Again, not the same thing Luke."Dixie replied as she looked up at Luke. Luke eventually broke away from her. "Dix if you don't head out now...." The remainder of his thoughts were left unsaid. "I already really need another dip in the pond." Luke added. Dixie managed to give Luke a very innocent look with just a slight mischievous grin, "Sorry. I'm going." Luke watched her walk back to her car and waited for her to pull out. He let out a groan, gave the cool water of the pond another wishful look, then headed back to the garage. —------------------------ Dixie made it to the Davenport farm, tucked the tarp in her trunk then hurried inside, upstairs she grabbed another pair of jeans, underwear, socks and shoes. She hurriedly peeled off all her wet clothes, dropping them all in a heap on the floor, then ran a dry towel over herself and through her hair, quickly dressed, then headed back to town. With the windows down and moonroof open she hoped her hair was dry by the time she got back out of the car at the garage. —--------------------- Luke backed the wrecker up to the garage bay, getting out and going to the controls, letting the patrol car down and unhooking it “How’d you get so wet Luke?” Cooter asked. “I had to fish Rosco’s car out of the pond,” Luke replied. —-------------------- Dixie’s thunderbird came whizzing into the lot, BL raised her eyebrows when Dixie got out wearing different clothes than when she’d gone home, her hair was wet too. “What’d you change clothes for Dix” “Took a shower when I got home, the jail was HOT today” Dixie replied without giving it much thought. BL thought to herself something was hot besides the jail. —----------------------------- "A shower doesn't seem like a bad idea about now." Luke said as he came back in the garage after unhooking the patrol car and then moving the wrecker back outside. "Say, Cooter, does that old shower in back still work?" Cooter replied, "As far as I know. But it hasn't been used in ages." Luke said. "Well I think I'll give it a shot." He headed out the front of the station, walking away from the shower in question. The others watched him walk outside, then looked at each other. Noone had any idea what he was up to. Luke walked to his truck, grabbed a small duffle bag, then headed toward the shower. A couple minutes later the old pipes of the garage complained as water ran through them once again. In no time flat Luke returned. In no time flat, Luke returned freshly showered, shaved and dressed in dry clothes. He even had on different dry boots. Mainly what Dixie noticed was that he also smelled wonderful. Bo and Cooter nodded to each other in approval. Bo asked, "Are you prepared for every situation?" "I try to be, but I wasn't expecting to need to change here. I keep a bag in the truck in case I get toned out or wet." Luke said. —------------------------- Just as Luke was heading back to the garage from putting his duffle back in his truck, Clyde pulled into the lot. "Hey Daddy, what are you doing here"? BL asked. "I came to see if your Uncle wanted to join me at the Boar's Nest for a beer." Luther had joined the group "I don't think I better Clyde, still too much to do here, thanks anyway" Luther replied. "Go ahead Dad, we got things covered here." Cooter said. —------------------- "Thanks son," Luther said. The Davenport brothers got in their trucks and headed out. Once the older men had left Dixie asked "did we miss anything while we were gone?" BL told them about the Rolls royce. "It was a realtor looking for Boss, said they had business to discuss," Cooter added.“ Once everyone was caught up on most of the day's happenings, Cooter said, "So they have all left over there for the day. Are ya'll ready for a cold one?" Bo was the first to accept. "Sure sounds good to me." He said, wiping his hands on a shop rag. Luke replied, "I could do that. Ladies?" "If I'm gonna have anything ready to wear tomorrow night. I need to get sewing." Dixie stated. “Come on Dix, just one beer won’t hurt, I got sewing to do too,” BL gave Dixie her best puppy dog eyes. “Alright, just one beer,” Dixie agreed. Soon the garage was locked up tight and the group of young folk were on their way for a much needed beer. —------------------------------ The Dukes and Davenports pulled into the Boars Nest five wide, parking by Daisy's Roadrunner. They walked into the bar in a group and were glad to see it had not begun to fill up yet. There was Luther, Clyde and a few other older men there. Being that it was payday weekend, the place was bound to fill up soon. Luke motioned for Daisy to bring them all a beer. When Daisy brought the beers over, Cooter asked, "So where is everyone? We figured getting a table would be hard." "They'll be along. Maybe they went to clean up first."Daisy replied. Before Bo could reply that most of those guys never cleaned up, a very fancy old lady walked in and stopped at the bar. After speaking to Charlie the bartender, she made a beeline for the entrance of Boss Hoggs office. She didn't bother knocking as she let herself into the office and closed the door with a loud thump. Uncle Jesse came in just after the woman went into Boss Hogg’s office, speaking to a few of the older farmers. Then spotting Luther and Clyde, he went over saying “Howdy Luther, howdy Clyde, haven’t seen you in a coon’s age. “Cabinet shop’s been busy Jesse” Clyde said. —-------------------------- In Boss Hogg’s office, things were a little unnerving, Boss Hogg’s fancy lady visitor was Camilla Raines, the ex-wife of a mobster down in Savannah. “Mind telling me why I got these, instead of a deed of ownership certificate on a spacious vacation home lot, like the ad in the paper said” Camilla slapped a stack of pictures of Bo with General Lee on Boss Hogg’s desk. “I..I…have no idea” Boss stammered, confused. Camilla raised her voice a bit, "I am getting my Ex-husband's money fair and square which wasn't an easy thing. I'm sure he wouldn't want me ripped off. I made a down payment on a vacation home and land and that's what I'm going to get, right Tubby?" Boss Hogg stammered, "Right." "Good." Camilla tossed a card with her address on it. "I'll be waiting, but I won't wait long for my certificate." With that she was gone leaving Boss Hogg a chance to see the stack of pictures of Bo Duke and General Lee. Boss nearly turned 3 shades of purple. Boss Hogg grumbled. —------------------ The Boar’s Nest, not being too busy yet with people spending their paychecks, made it possible for everyone sitting close to Boss’s office to hear what Camilla had said, when she raised her voice. “So that’s what he’s upto” Luke said to noone in particular at the table. —------------------------ Boss Hogg got on the CB radio, "Rosco! Rosco! you best be walking through my office door pronto!" Rosco had been out at speed trap number 2 all day and hadn't had so much as a nibble. "I'll be there in two shakes of a little lamb's tail.” —-------------------------- Five minutes later Rosco came hurrying through the outside door to Boss Hogg’s office ”what’s up Boss? I got here as fast as I could” Rosco said. Boss took a puff on his cigar “Rosco I want you to watch them Duke and Davenport kids” Boss said. “All of ‘em?” Rosco asked. “All of ‘em!” Boss replied. Rosco counted on his fingers then said “but Boss there’s 6 of ‘em”. "Well, Rosco, you can count. I'd bet your salary that they are all 6 right on the other side of that there wall. They are up to no good, especially that Bo Duke." Boss declared. Rosco opened the door, quickly counted and closed the door. "How did you know that they were all here Boss?" Rosco asked. —------------------------ A slow song began to play on the jukebox, forgetting that Luther was at the Boars Nest too, Luke stood, holding his hand out to Dixie “want to dance?” “Would love to,” Dixie said, taking Luke by the hand, moving out onto the dance floor. —------------------ Jesse had taken a seat with Clyde and Luther. He and Clyde were studying a chess board between them. Luther was watching the game as the three carried on a normal conversation about crops, cabinets, garages and such. Jesse said, "Luke said, you asked him to give one of the kids a ride in the wrecker the other day. How did that go?" "Danged fool kid didn't even know what a clutch was when he was asked to move the wrecker." —--------------------- Clyde spoke up, "Yeah, I heard that Dixie showed him up." "That's not funny Clyde." Luther warned. Clyde laughed a little, "It is where I sit. Why don't you want the girl to learn your trucks Luther? She works at Tri-County, I think she can handle herself." "Her mother would have a fit if I let her run around in those trucks." Luther said. Clyde replied, "You and Cooter can't do it all, for forever." "I know that Clyde, that's why I wanted a trainable kid to teach. Hell, I've even kicked the idea around about maybe talking to Luke. I swear I can't get past the fact that in some situations he handled that wrecker better than me or Cooter." Luther stated truthfully, then he glanced up from his beer and saw his baby girl wrapped tightly in the same Luke Duke's arms. "Then, I see something like that and it makes my blood boil." Clyde and Jesse turned to see what Luther was seeing. “I see your point brother, would probably feel the same way if it was my little girl” Clyde said. “But don’t you think it’s time to let that part of the past go? Dixie has apparently. You said so yourself, that Luke handled the wrecker better than you or Cooter at times. I think you should talk to Luke, in my opinion,” Clyde counseled his older brother. —--------------------- When Luke and Dixie came back to the table, BL looked at her watch “Dix if we don’t want to be sewing all night we better go.” BL said. The group said their goodbyes and the Davenport girls headed out."I’m gonna take Sadie home and get my stuff, I’ll come on over then”, BL said. “Ok, see you in a bit”, Dixie replied. Finishing their beers the guys headed out a few minutes later. —---------------------------- “Huh?...Oh..yeah, I’m on it Boss”, Rosco said, opening the office door leading out into the Boars Nest. Closing it again Rosco said, “they ain’t out there nomore Boss.” Boss Hogg grumbled, "Not there? What do you mean not there?" Rosco explained, "Gone. Disappeared,Blip. The only one still here is Daisy." Boss Hogg exclaimed, "Then you find Bo Duke and follow him!" Rosco headed out the door quickly. —-------------------------- At the Davenport farm, BL and was just arriving. Dixie had insisted BL get her stuff and the two were going to have a sewing marathon that night until they were done. After carrying in her stuff, BL declared, "First things first. Cousin! I have got to go pee. That beer went right through me tonight." BL said, heading for the bathroom. Dixie teased, "Well, you know where it is, just take the time off from sewing your dress." BL saw the clothes Dixie had been wearing when she stopped at the garage right after work, on her bedroom floor in a heap on her way to the bathroom. “Since when did you start leaving clothes on your floor,instead of putting them in the hamper?"BL asked, nudging them with her bare foot. "How'd these get soaking wet?" —--------------------- Dixie cursed to herself but replied innocently, "I figured I could save time by showering in my clothes. Wash me and them at the same time." BL couldn’t help it, she giggled at Dixie's reply "Funny, now how about the truth this time. You know I won't tell anybody anything, I’ve never told on you before,we used to tell each other everything" BL said. Dixie considered BL's plea. It wasn't like she was 15 anymore. "Alright, but you have to contain yourself." Dixie stressed. BL tried to contain her excitement but was about to burst. "I rode by the pond earlier to see if Luke needed a hand getting Rosco out of the pond." BL added, "Rosco is gone when you get there right?" "Right. I helped with the wrecker controls. We got the car loaded and then one thing led to another. Then Luke tossed me in the pond." "So ya'll went skinny dippin'?" BL agged Dixie on. "No, we were both fully clothed for the most part." Dixie said, remembering well the site of Luke without his shirt. "Most part?" BL pushed her luck. Dixie shrugged, "Luke did take his shirt off and well, after we were wet we did ditch our socks, boots and my shoes." “My lips are sealed” BL made a zipping motion over her lips. “Does this mean you and Luke are unofficially together?“ Dixie nodded ‘yes’ “sorta” “If Luther gets wind of this he’ll blow a gasket.” Rosco wasn’t seeing much of interest, out at the Duke farm just Bo sitting at the kitchen table,putting a picture of himself with General Lee, in envelopes. Luke had his boots drying on the porch so he had gotten out a 2nd pair that he was busy polishing. He looked up to see Bo signing more pictures. "Are you still messing with those pictures?" Before Bo could reply. "Let me see one of those." Luke reached for an envelope that Bo had just laid down. It was addressed to Bo Duke P.O Bo.x 100 Hazzard.. Yes, that was Bo. "Are all these addressed the same way?" Bo replied, "Mostly, some just put the P.O. Box address on them." —------------------------ “Luke, come out to the barn, I want to talk to you,” Uncle Jesse said,heading to the kitchen, getting his red cap off the hook by the back door. “Yes sir” Luke said, putting on his boots, following Jesse to the barn. Luke had no idea why he was being called to the barn for a serious Uncle Jesse talk but he would obediently go. Inside the barn Luke leaned against a barn pole with one of his boots propped up on the pole. Jesse Duke was a man of few words and mostly stayed out of his boys business where women were involved, but there was a lot different this time. "So I hear you've been driving the wrecker again." Jesse began and then let the conversation go to Luke to see what he would say. "Yes, Sir. I've done a couple runs lately." Luke replied. "Why?" Jesse asked. Luke shrugged, "Luther asked me to show the kid the wrecker once, then there was a call today and I guess he didn't want to get wet like I did." Jesse studied that answer, "But, why now?" Jesse asked. Luke replied, "Beats me. Maybe it's because I haven't been around much until lately." Jesse nodded, "Or maybe he needs the help. He and Cooter can't do it all for forever." "That's why I drove in high school. I never would have stopped driving. That was his choice." Luke said. "Luther has been thinking about asking you to drive for him again, especially after hiring that kid who didn't work out so good. Said the kid didn't even know what a clutch was." Jesse said. Luke chuckled a bit "no he didn't, Dixie showed him up good." Luke said. Jesse jumped all over the opportunity to get to the part of the conversation he was hoping the conversation turned to, "Well, now that is another thing I hoped to talk to you about. Dixie." Luke nearly kicked himself right straight in the rear end for opening this can of worms. He shifted from one foot to the other. "What about Dixie?" Jesse asked, "How many gals have you been out with, danced with or even bought a beer for in the last 4 months?" Luke hadn't really thought about it. "I don't know. Why?" Jesse said, "Well, there was Sarah Jane the first night you was back in town. Then the next day there was Becky Mae, then Dixie walked in and I haven't even heard you telling Bo or Cooter none of your stories about the girls in Hot-lanta." Luke might not have thought about it before but really couldn't deny what Jesse had said. Luke replied, "Ok." "Now, son, you know I try to stay out of such things but do you see starting things up again with Luther's daughter when he is just coming around to consider letting you drive again is such a good idea." Luke was just a might rubbed the wrong way with his Uncle's questions. "First off, ..." Luke stopped. Walked off, took in a long deep breath, let it out and started over, "Uncle Jesse since I've been back, I've bought Dixie and everyone at the table a dozen beers. I've danced with her a handful of times. We have talked once without a cousin ten feet away, once and half the County made a big deal about it. Today I bought her a beer and everyone else at the table. A good song came on, we danced. I ran a wrecker call for Luther. She pulled in to see if I needed help. Her running the controls sure beat 15 trips up a wet slick hill. We both got the car out and hooked up. By that time I was wet to my knees. She said something cute and I threw her in the pond. That sums up our relationship." He made quotes around his last word. "As for the wrecker, I like to drive it. Really get a kick out of driving it better than Luther, like in the snow but I don't have to drive it. But, have you had this talk with Bo? It seems from where I sit that he and BL have been playing a bit of tiddly winks themselves." —---------------------- Uncle Jesse took in what Luke said, "You threw Dixie in the pond? Son, I don't know how you do it! You threw that gal in the pond and she's still speaking to you?" Jesse tried hard to hide his grin. Luke gave his Uncle a full grin when he replied, "She's going to the dance with me tomorrow night." "Well that maybe, but I'd still think twice about rubbing Luther the wrong way over her." Jesse said. "I hear you. Believe me I do. I've tried to be friends, friendly. I've tried to tell myself it's a bad idea. I've tried to lay low. Uncle Jesse, did you ever have a girl get at you that way?" Luke asked. Jesse replied, " Yep, .... once, ... Only once. I married her." Luke studied his words as he watched Jesse walk away. "Hey, I asked once!" —----------------------- At the Davenport farm, the sewing marathon was going slow “Dang it!, I did it again, Dixie fussed. “Did what? BL asked. “Broke a needle, it’s the third one in 2 hours.” Dixie said. She didn’t like to sew much anyway but hated to have a deadline. BL didn’t mind sewing but hated to feel rushed by a deadline. All was quiet and going as well as could be expected for the Davenport girls,when a ruckus in the chicken house startled them. “What in the world? BL declared looking at the seam/mess she’d just sewn. “I don’t know,” Dixie said, looking out the window but not in time to see Cleatus, who Rosco had sent to watch the 3 Davenport cousins, one of his rare moments of true smarts. “Must have just been a varmint, that’s moved on now” Dixie shrugged. The peace returned until about 45 minutes later, when the dog began barking, sighing Dixie put down her sewing, going to the window “hush up Bandit!” No sooner than Dixie had sat back down and started sewing. Bandit started barking again, Dixie rose again to tell Bandit to hush. Seeing something or someone in the light from the full moon, scurrying across the yard, sent a shiver up Dixie’s spine. “BL get Cooter and Dad, there’s someone out there.” BL put down her own sewing, heading to alert the 2 men, a knot of fear in the pit of her stomach. Waking her cousin and uncle,telling them what Dixie had seen, she then went back to Dixie “I told ‘em, they’re going to check it out.“ BL said —--------------------- Cooter and Luther crept out the back door, Luther with shotgun in hand saw the dark figure Dixie had seen in the moonlight, pointing it out to Cooter, raising the shotgun in the air, Luther fired both barrels ‘BOOM’. “Ahh, don’t shoot” Cletus called through the dark. “Cletus!” Cooter and Luther said at the same time. Cletus thought real fast, "Yeah it's me! Cletus!!" He knew that the Davenports were just a might crazy and seeing two of them with shotguns was not a comforting feeling. Luther pointed the barrel of the shotgun downward after reloading, he said, "What in tarnation are you doing creeping around MY property at this hour. You scared the girls, the dog and all the barnyard critters, not to mention nearly getting a first class ticket to the pearly gates". Cletus knew he was in deep with Boss Hogg but was right worried about his hide, "Rosco made me come out here.” “Why? We ain’t done nothing” Cooter said. “Alls I know is Rosco said that Boss said for him to watch Bo, Luke, Daisy and you, Dixie and BL.” Cletus answered. Luther frowned into the darkness “something sounds fishy to me” Luther grumbled. Cooter fussed, " The only thing fishy here was the cat's dinner.WE, He pointed to his father, "were in bed and them girls have themselves wrapped up in about a half a dozen yards of material up there, so you can go back and report that we are just fine out here." Cletus was about to say he'd been told to stay there all night, but another look at the Davenport men changed his mind. Luther thundered the butt of his shotgun into the ground and growled, "Git!" That was enough to put Cletus into 'git' mood as he began making his way back to his patrol car. ^^^^^^^^^^^
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