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Hmmm, I think it was the Fresh Prince of Chickasaw County.

That would have made an interesting episode Roger, but I think you misunderstand for comic effect :). Besides, when 'Any Which Way You Can' was made Will Smith would have been 11 years old - hardly a fair match-up to Clint in a fight. Waikiki got the right answer.

Q. In 'Granny Annie', which denomination of US currency was she forging?.

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I should know this since it's one of my favorite episodes.

I'll guess a patrol car and some flowers.

If I was a betting man I'd bet I'm wrong about both.

Roger, you could win a fortune betting against yourself :). No correct answers yet. I'll make it multiple choice - it's two of the following:

A) War memorial sign

B) The Boars Nest

C) Jesse's pickup

D) Old cannon

E) General Lee

F) Boss's Cadillac

G) Gas pump

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Well done Lizzy, you saw through the red herrings. First Rosco reversed into The Boars Nest, then knocked Boss's front bumper off. The war memorial sign (which I've recreated in the Signs of Hazzard thread) got run over when Hard Luck steals the APC.

Q. In 'Treasure of Hazzard' Laura Bardsley has a letter from Lt. General Walker Atkinson dated Nov 2nd 1862, the day before what historic event?.

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Hoss also didn't meant historic for us but rather for Hazzard.

Nov 2nd was the eve of the battle of Hazzard.

Sorry if the question was ambiguous Roger. Well done Lizzy, you were spot on.

Q. In 'People's Choice' what is the name of the bus company on the side of the bus that Thelma Claire 'T.C.' Rogers arrives on?.

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Congratulations Roger, you've broken your losing streak. It was B) Overland Charter Lines.

Q. In 'Duke of Duke' Bo, Luke and Gaylord have to paint road signs as punishment, but what sign does Gaylord paint?. Bonus points for the other signs that are seen on the table a little later.

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Gaylord painted a sign telling drivers to keep left since he's used to driving on the left in England.

I think I get a bonus point too. He painted a sign that said 155 Kph. (I'm not sure what that translates into mph.....but I'm guessing it's close to 100....LOL)

Well done Roger, Gaylord's first sign was 'Stay Left' because the British (and Irish) drive on the correct side of the road ;).

The other signs I spotted were 'God Save The Queen', 'Speed Trap 1 Mile Ahead' and 'Speed Limit 155'. If anything, the last one would have been MPH, not km/h. The British have taught the metric system since I was at school (all those years ago :(). Produce, by law, must be sold in metric weights and measures (despite opposition from some areas - see Metric Martyrs). Initially old imperial quantities were converted directly eg. you couldn't buy a pint of milk, but you could buy 568ml. Then supermarkets realised that half a litre (500ml) looks nealy the same, so we got less for the same price. Despite this they still use miles, MPH and MPG when driving (when I first moved to Ireland all the distances were in kilometres, but the speed limits were in MPH - they have now changed the speed limits to km/h). Consequently, most kids now only understand the metric system, but as they say: "Give 'em and inch and they'll take 1.609 kilometres :)".

I assume they picked 155 MPH for the sign because it was just a 55 MPH sign with a '1' in front, but in Europe many of the (mainly) German car manufacturers have a 'gentlemen's agreement' to electronically limit the top speed of their cars to 155 MPH (250 km/h).

Enough metric/imperial trivia - back to the Dukes trivia:

Q. In 'Arrest Jesse Duke' the car strippers drove three jeeps, but what colors were they?:

A) Red, white, and blue

B) Red, green, and blue

C) Orange, yellow, and blue

D) Orange, green, and blue

E) Red, orange, and green

F) Red, orange, and yellow

G) Red, green, and yellow

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