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Rosco or Enos??


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Hmmm, it's really kind of an unfair competition. Rosco was more of a major character than Enos was (Enos wasn't even included in the opening credits during the first season).

We love Rosco's laugh and it wouldn't be Dukes without Rosco and Boss cutting it up.

Now a more fair competition is saying like, Enos vs. Cletus or Rosco vs. Boss. Rosco and Boss were both the chief bad guys and Enos and Cletus were both the minor (but funny) dipsticks.

We would both take Rosco over Boss. He had that laugh and those "great utterances of Rosco P. Coltrane", but then Rosco was always funnier when he had Boss to play off of.

We'd take Enos over Cletus, mostly because he adds the romantic struggle with Daisy. But then Cletus was funnier in a lot of ways cuz he was dumb and cubby. Too cute! Enos was naive and honest while Cletus was just kinda dumb and caught in the middle cuz he wanted to be honest but he was also a Hogg.

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Rosco is my fav, and Enos is very close behind. the scene that will always remain in my heart is when they thaught the boys had drowned. When Rosco couldn't help enos 'cause he couldn't swim and Enos comming back up with their clothes in his hand and crying.

That will always stay with me. I wish I had a pic of that,but this one will have to do!


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I have to agree with Jamanda for the great summation of the two characters, specifically about the 'unfairness of the competition'. I have always been an Enos gal, so to me Enos is at the top of my list for a lot of reasons.

~I loved his laugh, that nervous sounding laugh just always made my day.

~'Possum on a Gumbush' is one of my favorite statements from the show by anyone.

~I liked how he stuck out as the honest one. He wouldn't lie to anyone, but seemed always to be stuck with that moral dilemma. Something that a lot of people can relate to in one way or another.

~He seemed to be more caring and likable to me than other characters, which made him a sort of underdog (and we underdogs gotta stick together. :D).

~While he was somewhat innocent, I don't think he was necessarily stupid or a 'dipstick'.

Of course, Rosco was funnier than Enos, and I loved Rosco's manner, it was just downright funny at times. The other thing I could appreciate about Rosco was when he was getting emotionally involved in something. He lost some of his silly demenour and could literally hit my emotional side.

I really do love both characters, but although I really am fond of Rosco's ability to make me laugh, that little girl in me says 'Enos is the greatest!!' So, I'm gonna be the one going out on a limb and cast my vote for Enos!

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Obviously they both have character traits that make them both lovable. Back in the days of the original series I liked Enos more because he was so pure and simplistic. I have high morals like Enos but I'm complicated so I was always drawn to his refreshing simplistic personality. And of course, when he got his own series he showed everybody how smart he really was. Rosco... now how can anybody not love him? I just can't decide. I guess I'll pick Enos since he was my favorite in the old days. (Uncle Jesse is my favorite now that I'm getting older) Questions like that are tough. It's like asking what do you like more, ice cream or pizza? I guess it depends on what kind of mood you're in at the time. RogerDuke. Possum on a gumbush, I'm gone.

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I can't believe I haven't chimed in on this question. Tho' I think my answer is pretty obvious....


Oh, no wait...heh heh.

Rosco. I love Enos to pieces, don't get me wrong, but if I had to choose one, it'd be Rosco.

Somebody mentioned in an earlier post about Enos's moral dilemma with being honest and having to adhere to Boss's wants and wishes sometimes, even if it meant having to arrest his friends. I think Rosco could've had his own moral dilemma with having once been honest and then going crooked, but the writers decided to whitewash Rosco's past and not go that route. Which is too bad, because it would've made for some good storylines without sacraficing anything of the Rosco we came to know and love.

Have I ever mentioned that it's reasons like that that I like fanfic? Khee!

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Ya know... This is an unfair argument and I demand a recount!

Oh wait, this ain't Florida.

As a loyal Strate supporter, my vote is Enos.

However, Rosco supposedly at one time was the greatest lawman in all of Georgia, before he went crooked. So you kind of have to say Rosco.

To me this is like the chicken and the egg argument. Either way you end up with no ducks...

In a way... Rosco had to come first and basically taught Enos how to be a lawman, and a side note of trivia for all you duke fans, Sonny was a student of James Best's at one time. So, with that being said, any Strate fan has to take off their officer's hat and bow down to Rosco, because without Rosco, there would be no Enos....

So Rosco wins...

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Rosco for sure for sure...Enos is okay, but sort of gets on my nerves sometimes...*can see people throwing rocks at me now* But I admit Sonny did a good job bringing Enos to life, he is a good actor. Like him in Forrest Gump, but on track. Rosco was crazier and funnier. Plus Rosco and my uncle are split images of each other, I think they're long lost brothers lol

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