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  1. Sheer eyecandy for me too Tom at his best .
  2. BoDuke'sGirl


    I just Love Tom's smile in this photo he is my favorite Dukeboy forever and always.
  3. BoDuke'sGirl


    Tom and John look sexy in this one with their chest hair showing and i also like the fact that they are hiding a chuckle about something.
  4. Roscoe. He's my favorite because he's funnier & his facial expressions
  5. John is a better character. He's always the Bo Duke
  6. I've always loved him since I was 16 when the Dukes started airing again. I always thought of in my mind giving him lots of big hugs and I still would
  7. I think season 6 is supposed to be released like late spring/early summer. I don't know about season 7
  8. I like Candi & Randi Brough who played those 2 girls in "Twin Trouble" & "Arrest Jesse Duke". They were cool blonde twins. I really wonder what they're up to these days
  9. That guy who played the Strange Visitor must of been a midget or really short.
  10. He sure definately is!! Seann is not. Bo does not have all that facial hair!
  11. Now he gets to see and be with Sorrell, Denver, Waylon and Nedra Volz forever. And little Flash too
  12. Who was Doc Petticord? All I know there's a Doc Appleby
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