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  1. yes....a guy named Chase is always trouble on a race track!
  2. well that was just the preliminaries...we'll have the main race next week! ( Hope to see you there! )
  3. I can sympathize with your uncle Rip.....I take 1.High blood pressure med. 2. cholesterol med 3. Gout med 4. stomach med ( Omeprazole) 5. allergy med ....I'm forgetting a few....there's 2-3 more! It sucks, so my heart goes for anybody on meds!
  4. I can't believe Hamlin didn't do any better than that! I did better than that in yesterday's Moonshine 400! ( Where were you guys?) I didn't win though because I was constantly behind Daisy......keepin' an eye on her tail! Also Uncle Jesse kept tryin' to knock me off the track......think he was protectin' daisy!
  5. In-laws can be a great stress to ANY marriage! ( Better stay in Hazzard!)
  6. Dune Buggy! ( you have those over there?)
  7. cry ( some of them bring tears to your eyes!)
  8. Well, you can do what I do for my arthritis in my spine. I take BC's! ( They're an all time NASCAR favorite you know! ) I feel for you Rog! I hope you get to feeling better. I can sympathize with you on that one! ( unfortunately!)
  9. no....I'm familiar with that one...... it was Luke saying, " I'm .....and this is Bugs Bunny! ( talking about Bo)
  10. Tom? My name's not Tom, my name's Roscoooo P. Col...oh! ohhhh!!! ( falling as she pushes the ladder he's standing on over!)
  11. Pirelli ( I used to work for them)
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