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    They've got enough Dynamite in that thing to blow it higher than I am!
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    Full time MoonShiner/part time car salesman

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  1. Once people got used to seeing those 2, that was it! * I've been " Gone" for a while. This site won't let me sign in and then it does.....and then it doesn't....so if you don't see me for a while chances are I can't get on! I'm being profiled! Somebody must not like car dealing town drunks!
  2. I'm glad to hear he's doing better. keep us up on it!
  3. He did the same thing in the Moonshine 400! ( That race will be coming up soon!)
  4. Daisy Duke ( Remember when she decoyed Cletus by wearing that bikini ?)
  5. Don't know but I knew a guy who was head of another DOH group and he had talked to her and said she was wild. He even got embarassed when she talked about her husband...lol! She must've been a wild child in real life!
  6. REO Speedwago! ( my fav. group!)
  7. well...great minds ( and modest ones) think alike!
  8. You forget the Q..... liQuor ....moonshine! Sorrell and Jimmy were the best actors and between those two....it's a toss up!
  9. Red Nose ( drunk Reindeer? Hit grandma?)
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