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    They've got enough Dynamite in that thing to blow it higher than I am!
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  1. Hobie is always a good character! LOL! ( What a character! He's hilarious!)
  2. It sounded great! ( You might want to throw in a little bit about the up coming Moonshine 400....coming this summer! :) )
  3. bale....sometimes it's rolled sometimes it's baled. I've baled hay before....that's some hard work!
  4. oh...ok....around here, we call it booger....cute little booger. He picked his nose and got a booger.
  5. Hey, I have a question: What is a bugger?
  6. Four on the floor and lookin' for more! ( What luke said about driving ......Farmer Perkins' ( ?) truck. )
  7. OK guys....be ready for May 11 !! The DOHH!! ( Dukes Of Hazzard Holiday!) NOW......We need to come up with a plan of celebration, what to do, how to go about it, etc.
  8. Just because they don't say anything, doesn't mean a LOT of things you support, doesn't come with a Leftist idealogy under it! It shows how certain groups own EVERY thing and they're ALL connected! ( Juat look at the commercials they're putting out now!)
  9. +1 !! Same here! My mother had told me that when I was little but I never heard it from anyone else!
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