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A Birthday Saal-ute to Meadowmufn!


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Sorry to hear you and the hubby are sick...definately not fun.

But at least the dog ain't sick...my Lilly got sick a couple of months ago from some bacteria and it was not good at all. So...guess it could be worse.

Hope you all get feeling better soon. Not fun being sick to begin with, be worse to be sick on Christmas and your birthday.

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Aw, shucks. Thanks everybody, especially Hoss for that banner. :) I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We had a great Christmas with my sister's family and I had a wonderful birthday. I've got the next week off to rest and recover and I'm hoping I go into the new year feeling better. Health and happiness to you all!

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10 hours ago, HossC said:


If we're going for other languages:

Breithlá sona duit, go maire tú an céad!

(one for MM's Celtic ancestors there)

For everyone not celebrating their birthday:

Nollaig shona dhuit!

I'm more Scottish (mostly from Ayrshire) than Irish and I only know a bit of Scottish Gaelic. "Ciamar a tha thu?" ;)  And I'm more British than Scottish and Irish put together. I have a tiny dash of Native American. Research suggests that one of my 5th great-grandmothers was Chickasaw.

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I'll tip a glass of Christmas buttermilk to that. Happy birthday MM. 

If it weren't for you, none of us would be here. Well, we'd be here on Earth but we wouldn't be here on the HazzardNet....and life on Earth without the HazzardNet would be pretty boring. 

Thanks so much for all you do MM. We love you and wish you the best birthday ever! 

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